Jesus Never Wants to Leave You, Don’t Ignore Him | Jesus Affirmations | God Message

I am always with

you my child today I want to hear from

you in your own words who I am to you to

the blind I am the light that brightens

their lives I am the one who renews and

guides each of their steps to the

Thirsty I am the spring of living water

that flows from the heavens I am the one

who quenches their thirst and gives

water to their thirsty Hearts to the

hungry I am the da bread I am the one

who uplifts their spirits to keep them

from faltering to the sick I am the

Healer of their ailments I am the

strength that sustains their Hope For

Life to the imprisoned I am freedom and

the one who breaks their chains I am the

one who forgives their sins and heals

their souls tell me dear one who am I to

you to the lonely I am the one who

listens attentively and patiently to

their cries I am the one who always has

words of comfort and and Solace for

their troubled hearts to the weary I am

the one who lightens the burden on their

shoulders I am the one who gives them

the strength to persevere in their

Journey To The Sinner I am the Savior

and the one who forgives all their

wrongdoings I am the one who restores

their being and offers them a fresh

start who am I to you Beloved the time

you dedicate to me each day is your

response do I hold the first place in

your life you are a good person and I

see how you treat your family and those

around you how you treat your neighbor

is how you treat me caring for them is

the greatest test of love you can give

me express your love for me with your

words let them return to you as

blessings and healing you will soon

emerge from this situation I am

strengthening your being removing your

anguish and fear healing your emotions

and filling you with calm peace and

Supernatural strength there will be no

more fear or confusion in your life

there is a truth that transcends time a

truth to which you must hold fast I do

not change I do not lie I am the same

yesterday today and forever I have told

you a thousand times that my love for

you is eternal because it is despite the

trials you’re facing I will never stop

loving you some do not understand that I

love them they have chosen to believe

the enemy’s lies and the world has drawn

them away from me

many will stumble upon the obstacles

they encounter but you are different you

are chosen I have given you gifts and

talents that you will use for the

benefit of your loved ones do not

abandon your faith do not stop believing

in my promises if you want to see

Miracles you must keep moving forward if

you want the walls around you to crumble

you must continue keep praying remain

steadfast in your faith I am giving you

Unbreakable able strength even when you

falter I will be there to lift you up my

grace and mercy are Eternal towards you

do not limit my power my love or my

forgiveness I know you love me and

believe in me I know you will not

Retreat when you stumble nothing will

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