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beloved child as I reflect on our shared

yesterdays I find myself standing

unwaveringly by your side today with an

eternal promise to be with you

henceforth enveloped in the warmth of my

cloak of

love you rest gently cradled in the

sanctuary of my hands a place where you

are profoundly cherished consider my

love not merely a sentiment but a

powerful Shield a pledge ensuring your

safety with a heart brimming with

tenderness and infinite patience I yearn

for the blossoming of your tender heart

towards me Let each word I share become

a fortress a source of strength that

sustains you through life’s inevitable

challenges the adversary well-versed in

the art of perseverance will undoubtedly

attempt to entangle your thoughts

diverting your gaze from your purpose

and the immeasurable worth you possess

their hope is for your soul to succumb

to sorrow and despair yet your

unwavering sincerity and belief serve

serve as an impenetrable shield against

their intentions rest assured dear one

in your battles you are far from alone

as a mighty giant I stand as your

Defender committed to leading you to

victory step forward with unwavering

faith for my hand is poised to uplift

you and my spirit is prepared to fill

you with the strength needed for your

journey your destiny extends Beyond

personal fulfillment it is a Divine call

to be a blessing Above All My Love For

You remains steadfast and unshakable

constant in moments of weariness I may

gently ask you to rest emphasizing the

indispensable value of your well-being

life’s mirriad distractions can be

overwhelming yet fear not for my Divine

hand will tenderly touch your shoulder a

gentle reminder to rest to pray and to

nourish yourself with my word with

heartfelt congrat congratulations and

blessings I acknowledge the time you

dedicate to our communion each day your

unwavering loyalty and resilient

attitude day are a source of constant

amazement you’ve learned to seek me with

confidence and your spirit filled with

gratitude serves as a Wellspring of

healing not just for your heart but for

your entire family as Jesus once said

come to me all you who are weary and

burdened and I will give you rest trust

in these words for in seeking me you

find and

Rejuvenation the path may be challenging

but armed with my love Victory is

assured the Lord is my shepherd I lack

nothing he makes me lie down in Green

Pastures he leads me beside Quiet Waters

the Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing

he makes me lie down in Green Pastures

he leads me beside Quiet Waters he

refreshes my

soul let these words guide you and in

times of rest prayer and nourishment may

you continue to walk confidently knowing

that my love for you surpasses all

understanding and with me by your side

you are fortified for the journey ahead

do not be disheartened by the opinions

of others for you are wise patient and

intelligent you know your path because

you trust me your heavenly father many

around you see you with Envy witnessing

the one unfolding in your life envious

souls seek ways to judge you by

appearances but I see your heart and I

know who you are you know that I love

you and if people invent falsehoods

against you to hurt you they will have

to contend with me fear not my child for

I did not forsake you in your dark

moments and I shall never do so now as I

witness your faithfulness and growth

you’ve made the wisest decision ENT

trusting me with your life and giving me

your heart along with your family I love

you all and you are secure and protected

here in my hands this week you will need

great courage to support your family and

you will succeed knock on every possible

door with all your might I’m arranging

everything the circumstances and the

people in their proper

places on this day while you listen to

me you will feel feel my power I am

assisting you and your victory has

already been won I shall deliver it into

your hand but I need your faith to be

rekindled you must continue to trust and

above all believe in yourself many have

insulted you with derogatory terms even

some from your own family have tried to

humiliate you realize that people attack

you not only out of hatred but also Envy

they perceive that spark in you

something truly special

but do not focus on holding grudges and

even more importantly do not contemplate

Revenge I am removing all worry from

your heart right now I am filling your

life with peace and joy I will heed your

prayer according to my will and in my

time I will grant you the good things

you ask of me I ask for your patience

for I will still move many mountains I

will remove those who could har har you

from your path I will bring new friends

even from afar who will appreciate you

treat you well and love

you I will completely transform your

life believe me I will do it you must be

ready to receive the Miracles I’m going

to perform in you and your

family you are a person who takes my

word seriously and that pleases

me continue to pray for the people you

love but also pray for those who are far


you your prayer reaches my throne and my

powerful hand moves in your favor you

will see many changes in your character

and you will feel even more driven to

strive for and achieve your dreams I am

pouring my love over your life and your


family live this day with tranquility

and listen to No One except me many will

come and try to divert you from your

path seeking to ens snare you in their

trouble and Rob you of your happiness do

not be discouraged or disheartened by

anyone my child I’m warning you so that

you may act wisely be very cautious of

those with ill intentions for they could

endanger your life it is true that I

will protect you but I respect your free

will if you do not include me in your

decisions and do not prioritize me the

enemy can distract you and steal some

blessings that are already within your

reach seek me each day come to my word

and remember that beautiful peace you

feel in your chest when my spirit speaks

to you come I will be waiting for you I

want you to hear for yourself about all

the plans I have for you and the

wonderful blessings I am preparing for

you while you listen to my words sorrow

will depart from your

soul I’m going to tell you some

important things you will understand why

just as I love you you must love your

family but you must also love yourself

and value yourself trust in me and allow

me to perform many miracles in your

life tell me that you will my child I do

not want you to go through those things

that hurt you and continue to cause you

pain it is time to heal those wounds

that still bleed in your soul arrange

this in paragraphs and remove


repetition my beloved Child leave the

past behind and keep keep only the

lessons you have learned so as not to

return to it have confidence in me from

this day forward I will lift you onto a

better path I will always be

present you can talk to me and tell me

whatever you want you can vent and cry

on my shoulder when you have no more

strength I do not want you to confide

your secrets in deceitful people who

claim to love you but will later betray

you and share your business with the

world I ask you my dear child to read my

word to learn more about me to seek my

presence and to rise and live out the

purpose for which I chose you my

presence will always be by your side

comforting You a New Life is ready to

embrace you a life filled with boundless

Joy those tears of sadness that once

clouded your eyes will become but

Distant Memories when tears do visit you

again know that there’ll be tears of

witnessing my unwavering commitment to

you your cheeks will glisten not with

sorrow but with radiant tears of

happiness do you believe in me here in

the Embrace of my arms make an effort

are you sure no harm shall befall you

now for those who dare to try they shall

face me I love you pause for a moment

before continuing on your path listen to

me for I love you deeply and it fills me

with immense joy to see the goodness you

bring into this world your dedication to

your family and our relationship does

not go

unnoticed I know I can rely on you you

will use the gifts I bestow upon you

with Grace you are not a pessimist you

do not defy me or stray when I guide

your way many in this world seek

happiness and success without realizing

the importance of introducing their

families their children their little

ones to me to guide them on the

righteous path

but you are not like

them my word resonates within your

home you’ve done an exceptional job and

you’ve given me the reverence I

deserve so always have faith that your

home is guarded by the angels of heaven

focus on what truly matters in your

family Harmony and love eternally

present in your work and all your

endeavors act with diligence and honesty

let no V words Escape your lips for they

wound the soul and strike without Mercy

you are filled with forgiveness and my

presence shall awaken you each day

aligning your emotions with

Grace just as the sun rises on schedu

your feelings shall flow into their

rightful places each in harmony your

days will be filled with Vigor

Tranquility enthusiasm joy and peace

this is more than a miracle it is the

reward that emanates from my throne for

those who genuinely seek

me I am not hidden nor am I difficult to

find many have their Vision clouded they

claim to seek me but find not yet when

the veil shrouding their eyes falls to

the ground they realize I have been

before them all along here I am now feel

my smile I take Delight in your life you

have brought me happiness I have no

grievances against you

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