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God says many people will skip me but I

know you

won’t you My Chosen One possess the

wisdom to orchestrate a symphony of

achievements that will resonate even

through the ears of your family’s

Legacy I guide you not just to save your

soul but to cleanse fill and fortify you


wisdom your life now paused on the brink

of a new dawn holds the potential to

transcend past mistakes

I extend my love Desiring to transform

your life into a testament of Victory

health and

prosperity fear not adverse situations

for I grant you strength unwavering

character and unshakable

Faith amid challenges maintain

unwavering faith for victory and peace

in your circumstances are within

reach embrace it for I endow you with a

strength and character to weather any

storm you my cherished one have opened

your heart to me and today the chains

break witness the Abundant provision and

prosperity that Grace your life fear not

for your life and your family’s life are

in my

hands the purest love awaits your

acceptance and as I cradle you in my

hands know that nothing adverse shall

befall you pay heed for you Traverse a

difficult time but it shall soon

wne your sorrow a fleeting visitor shall

yield to showers of

happiness in the darkest storms I carry

you in my arms a steadfast presence

awaiting your

tears release the emotions share your

feelings for I am attuned to your

heart remember this day marked by my

eternal love for you rise from the pit

of s sorrow as Joy Flags your

chest acknowledge you’re worthy of Love

blessings and the unbridled Joy bestowed

upon you you are my child deserving a

life illuminated by light wisdom and

abundance even in the throws of

struggles shortages and persecutions I

stand by you providing for your every

need accept this profound love for I am

holding you in my hand

watching over you with favoring

affection fear not for nothing

malevolent shall befall you your life

marked by a Divine Touch is undergoing a

transformation you sense the impending

goodness and In This Moment embrace the

love that transcends all

understanding your worthiness is beyond

measure and today I extend a miracle to

touch your lips with divine power

silence the words that harm your spirit

for you are chosen unlike

others recall the countless Miracles and

Declarations of love for they affirm

your unique position in my divine

plan a powerful healing awaits your soul

a fresh start for your heart and a

transformation of

character I see to renew your way of

thinking infusing peace and serenity

into your

spirit complete healing from head to toe

is Within


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