are you aware that God is working

tirelessly to reshape your life he is

gently nudging you towards

transformation guiding you along a path

of growth and

renewal and do you know what he is

asking for in

return just one

thing your

time yes your time that precious

commodity often squandered on the

trivial Pursuits and

distractions God is longing for your


attention for moments spent in his

presence communing with him listening to

his voice and surrendering to his

will he doesn’t demand elaborate

sacrifices or grand gestures

no he simply desires the gift of your

time those Quiet Moments of prayer

meditation and reflection that allow his

love to penetrate the depths of your

soul God yearns for a relationship with

you one built on intimacy and Trust he

wants to walk beside you to share in

your Joys and Sorrows to offer guidance

and comfort along the life’s

journey but he can only do so if you

make the conscious choice to priortize

him above all else so I request you dear

child of God take out some time in your

preu for

God set aside moments each day to seek

his face to pour out your hurt before

him and to soak in his

presence don’t underestimate the power

of spending time with God for it’s in

those Quiet Moments of communion that he

works miracles in your life transforming

your heart Renewing Your Mind and

equipping you to face whatever

challenges lie

ahead perhaps you are hesitant unsure of

how to begin start small a few minutes

in prayer each morning a moment of

gratitude before birth a quiet walk in

nature where you can Marvel at God’s

creation as you cultivate this habit of

spending time with God you will find

that your relationship with him deepens

and grows stronger with each passing

day and remember God is not concerned

with the quantity of the time you spend

with him but the quality of your

presence whether it’s minutes or

what matters is that you come to him

with an open heart ready to receive his

love and his

guidance so take a moment now to pause

to breathe and to listen for his voice

he’s speaking to you Whispering Words of

Love Grace and

Redemption all he asks is that you give

him your time so tell me the Leo I pray

that you do dear friend and I pray that

as you do so you will experience the

fullness of God’s presence and the

Abundant Life he has in store for you


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