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my beloved children come close and give heed to my words this day great change

is imminent the time I have foretold draws near for years my prophets have

said it is coming soon I know you have grown weary of

these promises wondering if this prophesied door will ever open but now my patient and steadfast

ones your faithfulness has been seen you have withstood the storms and onslaughts

of the enemy with Valor the hour has arrived for you to witness my mighty hand at work what I am about to do will

shake Nations and kingdoms but do not fear though systems of man falter and

strongholds crumble it is to set you free the world as you have known it will

be no more I have warned about the coming economic turmoil advising you to

prepare as best you can for some hard times are still ahead but remember this

promise I will never forsake you in your deepest trials my sustaining Grace will

be enough the present corrupt system which you have known since birth will be torn down you were born for such a time

as this long ago I deposited my overcoming strength within you for this battle truly these are unprecedented

days in history I Am The Great I Am maker of heaven and Earth and soon the

eyes of all humankind will behold my unmatched power and

Glory the time of birth pangs is here each contraction growing stronger and

closer together stay near to me abiding under my wing during this turbulent

transition despite the pain be filled with Supernatural peace and joy your final push will Usher in

Freedom like you’ve never known full restoration healing of wounds

a new life beyond what you dreamed possible if only you could see a glimpse

of all I have prepared for you for I am doing something completely new more

wonderful than your imagination can conceive I am about to shock and Amaze

the world those who have mocked and persecuted you who have arrogantly

opposed me who have poisoned my truth and misrepresented my character will

indeed reap the consequences of their deeds I have had enough their discipline

will be severe and perfectly just long have I extended Mercy yet still they

refuse to turn from their wickedness but concerning you my faithful one you have

endured fiery trials yet continued to Hope in me your reward is coming every

prayer every tear of intercession Every Act done in my name has been captured in my eternal Ledger the fullness of time

time for recompense draws near so brace yourself for surely I am doing something

in your day that you would not believe even if you were told as this glorious climax approaches

abide in me as I abide in you I will supply all needed strength for the birth

pangs fear not for all I have spoken will come to pass Terrors of night

plagues disasters and warfare shall not Prevail against you no weapon formed

against you will succeed and no lie raised against you will stand for you

are under the shadow of my wings during this turbulent transition War not against flesh and blood but pray

for your enemies be quick to forgive offenses even as I forgave you return evil with

good lies with truth spoken in love maintain integrity and Purity in all

your ways that your witness may be blameless before all people

the time is short now walk in wisdom toward Outsiders making the most of

every moment be filled with my spirit continually communing with me in

surrender and humility I will guide you each step of the journey if you yield to my

Whispers The Path is narrow but I open the way before you now keep your gaze

fixed on me alone not on the swirling storms around you though oceans rage

kingdoms tauter you will remain unshaken because I am your rock your Fortress and

high tower I am at work behind the scenes orchestrating events and aligning

Destinies you will notice signs of my presence even in midst of growing

chaos there will be visible tokens of my protection and provision when enemy forces

converge as Gideon needed fleece ask me for confirmations if you need re

Assurance along the way my messengers shall bring Scrolls from the throne room to comfort those

with wavering faith for I reward those who diligently seek me but even more

blessed are those who trust without seeing who hope against hope and believe the unbelievable cry out to me and I will

saturate your night Seasons with visions and dreams of things to come I will make known my plans to those devoted fully to

my purposes study the lives of my servant prophets that you may understand my unfolding

Revelations pray for Heavenly insight and wisdom which is more precious than fine gold worship me in abandonment and

awe leaving the future in my capable hands as you yield more control to me

truly I will Amaze you with wonders beyond comprehension I am calling you out of

the slumbering masses to awaken take up your armor and be revealed as my ambassadors in the Earth the age of

sitting passive is over I am igniting within you a holy fire an unquenchable

passion all creation is longing for my mature Sons and Daughters to come forth in power and glory colloring with me to

restore what was lost through ages of sin sickness tragedy and

death can you see this Vision the heavens standing open awaiting the completion of my work the universe

yearns to witness brilliantly radiant ones moving in unanimously under Heaven’s direction to reclaim territory

stolen by the enemy releasing captives from prisons of Despair healing the

Brokenhearted recovering sight to Blinded eyes proclaiming freedom to those oppressed wholeness and life

restored everywhere my faithful one set their feet as Moses could not cross into

promise alone neither can my body fulfill its ordained conquests separated from each other I am calling all

branches of my Ecclesia into Unity now to finish this epic race well together

no longer argue over doctrines or denominations for every part is needed and I myself ordain each one where the

enemy SWS Division and offense plant seeds of Peace compassionately care for the poor

widows weak and wounded Souls I send across your path pray for Wanderers

still lost outside the fold and remember those of my children trapped under harsh

taskmasters or suffering for their faith especially Comfort little ones missing

parents I see every precious face crying out to me not one is forgotten but soon

I will bring Divine Justice deliverance and restoration to all who believe in me

no situation is impossible for me therefore be strong now my Frontline

Warriors for you have not come this far by your own might it is my life force

energizing you for victory flowing through your innermost being is resurrection power this Mighty River of

my spirit shall increase rapidly from raindrops to waves covering the Nations do not doubt when you pass

through fire for I will be with you in the Flames after the shaking what remains of

man’s kingdoms versus my eternal Kingdom shall no longer compare for all the

world’s facade will be stripped away the loftiness of Nations brought low but my

holy mountains shall arise from ashes of former glory renewed awe of me shall

sweep across all peoples and compassion shall overflow society’s margins to

saturate the starving oppressed multitudes then my diverse body under a

unified leadership ship of Heaven’s command will Shepherd Humanity’s emotional physical and spiritual

recovery love and divine order shall form the foundation of civilization’s

rebuild and my renewed resurrected Community shall teach people the way back to my purpose for mankind even

face-to-face fellowship with me as my spirit hovers again over the hearts of

men creation will respond vibrantly to my gift of eternal life govern Gover in the

planet Barren lands shall yield Bountiful harvests deserts will drink

from oases Wilderness blossoms like Eden’s Garden wolves and Lambs side by side

Sons and Daughters prophesying as my word covers Earth as Waters cover the sea Glory upon Glory abounding forever

so stay strong stalwart beloved keep holding your head high as this Valley of decision culminates I will back up every

promise with signs and wonders in the heavens and earth until it is finished

carry fortitude unspeakable knowing you walk in sync with my destined will

though you feel pressed now for a short season soon rejoicing and celebrations will erupt worldwide the best and

Darkest Night looms ahead but my Everlasting day follows swiftly when

light penetrates the deepest Darkness hope shines brightest on Dawn’s hor

Horizon I am the bright and Morning Star arising in your hearts and mine eternal

Victory certain now so watch and pray as the hour passes to climatic

finish Rejoice then greatly my child though storms still rage and the darkest

night still approaches cleave fervently to this Vision I have spoken allow my fiery passion for

restoring my creation to overflow you your soul as I protect and Lead You

Through the final stages of the journey believe that all my promises are yes and

amen soon you will recognize my voice calling you higher never doubt that I am

able to preserve you completely blameless whole and Victorious unto that day of days when you are revealed in

glory with me my child I speak to you today to share my heart there is a

stubbornness that has taken root in many of my people a refusal to believe what I

am showing you this Grieves me deeply not because I need something from you

but because this unbelief and Disobedience hurt you my beloved I have

been calling you into a new season asking you to leave behind what is comfortable and

familiar I see the places in your life where you have negotiated with me trying

to convince yourself to stay in situations or relationship ships that are blocking my purposes for you but I

Am shifting the winds and realigning you for this next

chapter the friction you feel is my invitation out into deeper

waters just as I changed Saul’s name and identity on the Damascus Road I am

giving you a new name calling you out of hiding into courage and Clarity you are

having an salapa moment a shedding of dead weight so you can run unhindered

I know change can feel threatening but do not persecute the very thing that will set you free running from your

calling will only crush your spirit over time so examine your heart my child is

there any unbelief or fear holding you back from me I am ready to meet you in

unwavering faith my living presence is here to equip you each step of the way

but you must choose to shed the grave clothes of the former season

as it is written no one who puts their hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in My Kingdom keep your eyes

fixed on me the Pioneer and perfector of your faith the time for transition is

now because the Earth is groaning in birth pains hungry for the sons and daughters to

awaken there is an urgency stirring in the Unseen realm and the wise are responding in obedience and

Alignment I need my faithful Remnant to carry the light to release hope

everywhere they go you each have a vital role to play in this critical hour so tune your ears to

hear my voice above the noise and clutter vying for your attention my sheep know my voice and

will not follow another are you listening for me my words will lead you to life growth and deeper intimacy with

me if you let them take root in your soul choose today to hear and heed to

leave behind false Comforts and step into the destiny I have prepared for you since before time

began I see such potential in you a snapshot of my very image shining in the

world but you must break old agreements that undermine my best die to false

humility and willingness to settle for less I am leading you ever higher out of

limitations and into spiritual maturity as your mind is renewed you

will discern my desires for you desires not to restrict but to protect guide and

transform New Perspective changes everything the path requires courage and

grit that only I can provide self-effort will quickly burn out in the intensifying battles ahead

this goes beyond positive thinking or hoping for the best you must be rooted in me

alone I never expected you to navigate life independently so why do you keep trying

to walk this journey in your own strength take my hand and let me lead you on the ancient path learn from me

find rest for your soul in my presence together we will walk through every struggle grief or

Injustice I will show you where to bring my light and Truth to Bear the places of

deepest Darkness are opportunities for Rays of Hope to pierce through this is no time to retreat in

resignation or cynicism about the future my light in you is more powerful

than any Darkness but you must rise up in boldness and confidence that I am with

you for this next chapter new gifts and anointings will be revealed in those who

believe signs and wonders will follow you my very presence will overwhelm fear

in rooms as you enter them you will release creative miracles from your hands anchor yourself close to me so

Heavenly realities should your perception on Earth life and death are in the power of the tongue so use your

words wisely to prophesy life hope and breakthrough in alignment with my heart

speak Redemption into despair even when you cannot yet see an answer as you

bless you will be blessed open your hands freely with those I bring across

your path joyfully obey every subtle nudge of my spirit you will discover

Unexpected Grace as you pour yourself out with extravagant love my burden is

light when you allow me to Bear it with you above all know that you are so deeply loved and treasured my affection

for you is not fickle earning your place one moment and anxious the next I sing

over you I have planted eternity in you woven into the fabric of your being

because I crafted you for immortality I see your stunning Beauty your identity and belonging already

secure the opinions and performance traps that shackle many have no hold on

you you have nothing to prove only receive my love and gift it forward from

a place of rest if today you hear my voice come walk in tandem with me so I

may transform hardship into Joy there will be challenges that refine you but

together we will produce the Peaceable fruit of righteousness I am remaking the ruins

bringing water to Desert lands reconcil I ation is at hand as division crumbles

hope awakens where apathy once ruled light permeates and darkness fleas The

Lion and the lamb will lie down together as you walk with me fear gives way to

awe and wonder turmoil surrenders to outrageous peace flooding your soul

every place your feet tread will overflow with new life because my living water flows through

you beloved all of of creation is expectantly waiting as you are being

unveiled in brilliance and Splendor the radiant ones are appearing

and will soon shake the Earth with joy the time for hiding in the shadows is over Arise My Child clothe yourself in

Courage step boldly into your calling walk humbly in Holiness and Purity

beside me my loved one your journey stretches out before you into Uncharted

Territory as the path winds higher leave behind behind the baggage weighing you down I have seen the hidden tears the

secret doubts you Harbor bring them into my light and watch me transform them

into dancing where you have felt stuck I will give you wings I know the critical

voices Echo lies that you are not enough that something is wrong with you but the

truth is you are made in my image woven together with purpose and Beauty the

parts of you that feel awkward or broken have never lessened my extravagant love for you allow me to show you who you

really are allow my affection to heal your deepest hurts yes let my love

saturate the parched places so you overflow with joy that cannot be

contained The Joy I give is irrepressible defiant in the face of sorrow and despair not superficial

happiness that flickers out in the wind but profound Joy rising from our unbroken Unity

I am celebrating you singing Over You Feel My Delight as I Lift Every burden

off your shoulders now is the time for radical trust to step forward even when the way

seems unclear I am amplifying your courage so you can walk where others Fear To Tread

you will go without knowing beforehand because your steps are ordered by me I

will speak Direction when you need it I am investing upgraded wisdom and Strat iies so you can successfully navigate

the days ahead none of this journey needs to be walked in striving or hustling as the world does our

partnership thrives in the rhythm of Grace there are adventures in the Unseen realm awaiting you I have so much yet to

show you precious one you have only begun to taste the authority I am

entrusting to you I will push back Darkness display mercy and Empower

captives to be set free my very presence in you reveals my

manifold nature to the world around you my extravagant love will meet every

Outcast hungry Souls will be nourished where there has been lack and austerity

my abundance suddenly floods in above all remember you are loved with an

everlasting love my affection will never waver or evaporate it cannot be earned

or lost you are safe with me no amount of failure or imperfection changes how I

see you rest in my unconditional Grace knowing it carries you through

uncertainty you have full access to my power wisdom and resources no problem no

Injustice no stronghold can stand against the infusion of Heaven on Earth we will demonstrate beloved as you step

forward know that your identity is secure In My Embrace you not defined by past mistakes

or current struggles but by by the Limitless potential I see in you I am reshaping your narrative

turning every trial into a testimony of my faithfulness the world’s noise and Chaos

cannot drown out the Symphony of love and purpose I have composed for your life the journey ahead is bright with

promise you are equipped empowered and deeply loved rise up walk in confidence

and peace knowing that your every step is held within my unfailing love and S

Sovereign plan my beloved I know you have been walking through a Barren season crying

out how long O Lord but I tell you I have not forgotten you not for a moment

you are engraved on the palms of my hands I will bring you out of your Egypt

I will split the Red Sea before your feet I will feed you with Mana in the wilderness and cause water to flow from

the rock to quench your thirst have I not proved my my faithfulness to you a thousand times

over yet still your faith falters When Storms arise oh my precious child do you not

know have I not shown you that I am God Almighty the Lord of hosts who commands

the wind and waves there is nothing I cannot tame for your sake so lift up your eyes from the

churning chaos that surrounds you look unto me the author and finish of your

faith have I not spoken promises over you plans to prosper you and not to harm

you plans to give you hope and a future though the vision terries it will surely

come to pass the appointed time is at hand even now I am marshalling My Angel

armies on your behalf I am stirring the hearts of Earthly Kings and rulers tilting the

axis of governments and economic systems clearing obstacles from your path I am

orchestrating Divine connections and arranging surprise blessings to overtake you suddenly for the set time of favor

over your life has come the season of wilderness wanderings is ending your

Promised Land lies just ahead can you not discern the first faint rays of dawn

on the horizon heralding the sunrise of breakthrough if I swung wide the Gates

of Heaven to pour down Mana when you were were slaves in Egypt how much more will I open the floodgates of blessing

now that you are my Covenant child I tell you my Showers of Supernatural Supply will be more than you can contain

it will overtake you suddenly and overwhelm you the torrential downpour of my favor will make ezekiel’s vision of

river blessings look like a mere drizzle by comparison for I am taking you from

the Wilderness into the land of more than enough even as I dried up the Jordan River to Make Way for my children

long ago so I imp parting the Red Sea of lack before you now no longer will you

subsist on sparse Wilderness rations for I am ushering you into a land flowing

with milk and honey your very own promised Paradise of prosperity prepared

for you before the foundation of the world dare to enlarge the tense of your

expectation my child stretch your hopes wider to align with heavenly

reality for I am the god of abundance Jehovah Gyra your provider without limit

it has always been my good pleasure to give you the kingdom in all its fullness I’m holding nothing back my storehouses

stand open ask me for rain in due season and I will open the floodgates of Heaven

the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just and surely my righteous Ones Will thrive in these last days as never

ever before stay your mind on me through every tight place keep Covenant with me

in the wilderness and you will eat the fruit of the land in due season I am

weaning you from counterfeit affections so you will find your soul satisfaction in me alone your true provider for I am

bringing you out of the slavery of Egypt and into sunship you shall be to me a

treasured possession a royal priesthood a holy nation no longer will you cry for

you shall dine sumptuously every day at my table in the land I have sworn to give you so stir yourself beloved and

rekindle your spiritual fervor to align with this new era I am ushering you into

for I have appointed this season as a portal for massive Kingdom advance and you shall be among its Vanguard The

Battle Belongs to Me you need only stand watch and see my glorious Deliverance I

will clear the path before you and Lead You forth triumphantly into your inheritance for I am taking you higher

expanding your capacity to contain more of my glory power and provision than you

ever imagined get ready for sudden Ambush attacks of blessing and favor to

overtake you from all sides be on the lookout for divine connections Supernatural open doors and outrageous

outbreaks of Miracles catapulting you light years ahead Into Your Glory ious

Destiny for I am taking you further faster my child indeed signs wonders and

abundance are already gathering around you pregnant with promise and bearing

witness to this new era of exponential increase and outrageous blessing I am

birthing in you even now can you not discern it the long

night of weeping is giving way to Joy Victory is at the door now is not the

time to doubt or retreat in fear my beloved now is the time to rise up bold

as a lion in triumphant Faith throw off every hindrance and press forward into

all I have prepared for you so lift up your eyes stop rehearsing the sufferings of

the past or worrying about your present predicament cease striving and know that

I am God I will be exalted among all peoples and throughout all generations

ations I will make your righteousness shine like the dawn the justice of your

cause like the Noonday sun no weapon formed against you shall prosper every

tongue that rises against you I shall condemn there for anchor deep within

your inner being this immutable truth I am for you I am on your side I am

committed to your success and will give you victory in all things I will meet every every need and silence every

fear I am making a way for you where there seems no way and where storms rage

all around you will encounter only my perfect peace a supernatural rest and

quiet confidence that I am in full control on your behalf so Come Away With Me beloved

child into the secret place of communion where you will find shelter beneath my

protective Wings until all storms pass by abide in me knowing I am at work behind

the scenes preparing and positioning all you need for extravagant Victory provision and blessing in the next

chapter I have Supernatural surprises in store you’ve yet to imagine walk with me

in patient trust a little longer the Fulfillment of every promise is at hand

soon you will stand in awe at the Wonders I am performing in and through you in this new era of exponential

increase and explosive Kingdom expansion for I am taking you from the

backside of the desert to the Palace where dreams become reality suddenly every Valley shall be exalted

Every Mountain and Hill made low rough places will be plain crooked paths

straight my glory shall be revealed and All Flesh shall see it together can you

not perceive it Rising on the horizon even now my child the tides are turning the season of

transition is upon you this is not the end but only the beginning great Victory

and Vindication await you just ahead even as I rained down daily bread

from heaven for my people in The Exodus so will I reain down Supernatural

provision and outrageous favor until you overflow with more than enough in the coming days the appointed time of

release has come the season of hardship is ending your Wilderness wanderings are

coming to an end I am leading you out into a wealthy place of more than enough

so get ready for a tidal wave of blessings breakthroughs and Promises fulfilled after long delay indeed my

beloved child I am the god who acts who intervenes in your Affairs to prosper

you who speaks Thunder and parts the Raging Sea before you clearing a path for you to walk on dry ground through to

the other side your land of promise and Destiny that awaits you I will move

Heaven and Earth to bless you provide for you and Mark your life with favor because you are the apple of my eye

Graven on the palms of my hands I think thoughts of peace and not evil concerning your

future and I am causing all things every person system and Circumstance around

you to work together for your good according to my master plan of love and

Redemption so brace yourself beloved child to receive wave after wave of

blessings breakthroughs and divine favor in this new era being birthed in your

life for I am taking you deeper in closeness with me and taking you higher

into the Realms of Glory reserved for my children I have worlds to show you and

Realms of reality yet unseen by human eyes and I long for nothing more than to

share my secrets with with you to unfold the mysteries of my person and purposes to you who are most beloved to me for

truly I tell you I Has Not Seen Nor Ear heard all the good things I have prepared for you my precious one things

Beyond Your Wildest imaginations that I have laid up for you since before the foundation of the world even now they

are speeding toward you overtaking you suddenly so lift up your voice and sing joyful praise to me as we walk together

into the greatest future the bounds I am breaking open before you eyes have no precedent or

comparison forget the former things I am making All Things New in your life

starting today Divine connections outrageous blessings Supernatural

provision the coming tidal wave of breakthrough will utterly Astound you as

it catapults You by my hand into the sphere of Destiny I ordained for you long ago so rejoice my child Victory and

Vindication are yours this day my beloved child as you navigate the challenges and

triumphs ahead remember that one of the most profound ways to express your love

for me is through loving your neighbor in a world filled with division

fear and selfishness your light shines brightest when you extend

compassion understanding and kindness to those around you loving neighbor means

looking Beyond surface differences and recognizing the inherent worth and dignity in every person you

encounter it means treating others with respect even when their beliefs

backgrounds or choices differ from your own for I have created each individual

in my image and when you honor and value them you honor and value

me loving your neighbor requires more than mere sentiment it demands acction

it means being willing to step out of your comfort zone to meet the needs of others whether through a simple act of

kindness a listening ear or a helping hand it means standing up for justice

and speaking out against oppression even when it is uncomfortable or unpopular remember the parable of the

Good Samaritan who demonstrated True Love by Crossing cultural and religious boundaries to help a wounded stranger on

the side of the road he did not ask about the man’s background or beliefs he simply saw a

fellow human being in need and responded with compassion and generosity in the same way I call you to

be a Good Samaritan in your own sphere of influence look for opportunities to

serve to give and to love unconditionally when you encounter someone who is hurting lonely or in need

be the one who stops to offer comfort and support when you see Injustice or suffering be the one who takes a stand

and works for change loving your neighbor also means extending forgiveness and grace even

when it is difficult just as I have forgiven you I ask you to forgive others

not because they deserve it but because I have called you to a higher standard of

love when you choose to let go of bitterness and resentment you free yourself to experience the fullness of

my love and peace as you seek to love your neighbor remember that you are not alone my spirit empowers you with the

strength wisdom and compassion you need to love others well when you feel weak or inadequate

lean into my love and allow it to flow through you to those around you Beloved

the world is watching to see how you love your acts of kindness generosity

and compassion have the power to transform lives and point others to the reality of my love

as you walk in obedience to my command to love your neighbor you will experience the joy and fulfillment that

comes from aligning your heart with mine so go forth in love my child let your

light shine brightly in a world that desperately needs to see my love in action trust that as you pour yourself

out for others I will pour my blessings and favor into your life in Greater

measure than you can imagine remember there is no greater calling than to love

as I have loved you as you love your neighbor with the same extravagant unconditional love that I have lavished

upon you you will experience the true abundance and purpose for which you were created amen

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