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my beloved child as i gaze upon you from the heavens above my heart swells with

boundless love you are my masterpiece crafted with care and imbued with a

spark of my Divine Essence today I wish to speak to you about a simple yet

profound concept let’s break the ice in the beginning when I created the vast

expanse of the cosmos I spoke light into existence piercing through the darkness

just as that light shattered the primordial void so too must you break through the barriers that separate you

from those around you for in this tapestry of humanity I have woven threads of connection waiting for you to

unravel and intertwine them let’s break the ice is more than a mere phrase it is

a Divine invitation to thaw the Frozen Hearts and hesitant Souls that populate your Earthly Journey just as I breathed

life into the clay to form atom and fashioned Eve from his rib to be His

companion I have placed within you the power to breathe warmth into the coldest of interactions and to forge connections

that mirror the unity I desire for All My Children my child do you recall the

story of Noah after the great Deluge when the waters receded and the Earth

emerged a new I placed a rainbow in the sky a covenant of peace and a bridge between

Heaven and Earth this was my way of breaking the ice with Humanity of extending my hand in

reconciliation in your daily life you too are called to be that rainbow to

Arch over the chasms of misunderstanding and fear to be a sign of Hope and a harbinger of connection consider the

tale of Moses who stood before Pharaoh with a staff in hand he did not begin

with thunderous demands or Divine threats instead he performed a miracle

turning his St into a serpent this was his way of breaking the ice of capturing

attention and opening a dialogue you may not part Seas or turn rods into snakes but you carry miracles

in your words in your smile in the simple Act of extending

your hand in greeting and what of my son Jesus when

he walked among you he was the master of breaking the ice to the woman at the

well an out cast shunned by her community he asked for a drink in doing

so he shattered social barriers and paved the way for a conversation that

transformed her life to zakus the despised tax collector he called out

come down for I must stay at your house today with those words he melted the ice

of isolation and ushered in Repentance and joy my child when you break the ice

you am ulate the very essence of my nature for am I not the God who calls

out to Adam and Eve in the cool of the day seeking Fellowship am I not the one

who wrestled with Jacob through the night engaging in an intimate struggle that left him blessed in every

interaction in every tentative hello you have the opportunity to mirror

my Relentless pursuit of communion with my creation but breaking the ice is not always easy it requires courage

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