Jesus is asking for just a few seconds of your time, will you deny him? |God Message Today For You

my beloved children it is I your creator

and father who speaks to you now Forge a

profound bond with Jesus for in him lies

your strength and salvation to connect

with Jesus is to open your hearts to my

love and grace to surrender your fears

and doubts At His Feet you can connect

with Jesus through prayer speaking to

him as a friend and Confidant sharing

your Joys and struggles with him in

scripture you find evidence of Jesus’s

profound love for Sinners for he came

not for the righteous but for those in

need of redemption he reached out to the

outcasts the broken and the lost

offering them forgiveness and hope

through his teachings you discover the

depth of his love and compassion

inspiring you to extend the same Grace

to others when facing challenges lean on

your connection with Jesus in moments of

Doubt remember his promise to never

leave you nor forsake you through prayer

and meditation seek his guidance and

strength to overcome adversity hold fast

to his words finding comfort and

Assurance in the midst of Trials and

when you stumble trust in his grace

knowing that he is ever faithful to

forgive and restore you my dear children

as you journey through life cultivate a

deep and abiding connection with Jesus

through prayer scripture worship and

fellowship draw near to him and

experience the fullness of his love and


and in times of trouble cling to your

connection with him finding hope and

courage to face whatever may come your

way with Jesus by your side you can

overcome every Challenge and emerge

victorious in the end remember my

beloved children the depth of Jesus’s

love for you knows no bounds he

cherishes each and every one of you for

you are all precious in His sight his

love is like a beacon of light guiding

you through the darkest of nights and

Illuminating the path to Salvation trust

in his love for it is Everlasting and

unchanging a constant source of comfort

and strength in your journey through

life if you’re ready for divine

blessings today write Amen in the

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