JESUS: “I BEG FOR YOUR 50 SECONDS URGENTLY..” | God’s Message Today #god #Jesus | Lord Helps Ep~1465

are you among those

believers who feel bound under the

spiritual chains of some evil

forces if yes then this video will help

you because the prayer I’m about to

share with you is not only going to

break any kind of spiritual ties

bondages or

chains but it will also break the

generational curses

no Jesus can break every chain that

binds us that acts in our growth that

makes people hopeless helpless and

lost these blocking chains could be of

any type like any kind of bad addiction

evil words spoken against you or even

your mindset that resists you from

believe in the truth

if you will say these powerful words

with faith and prayer then every chain

will be broken in Jesus mighty

name so let us pray

now heavenly

father I come before you with a hurt

burdened by the weight of spiritual

chains and

bondages I confess that I have felt

trapped and helpless

under the influence of evil

forces but I know that you are the

ultimate source of freedom and

deliverance I believe in the power of

your son Jesus Christ to break every

chain that binds

us and to set us free from the bondage

of sin and

oppression Lord Jesus I acknowledge that

you have the author authority to break

every chain that holds us

captive your name is above every other

name and at the sound of your name every

knee shall bow and every tongue confess

that you are

Lord I claim this promise of freedom and

deliverance in your name Jesus I

renounce every generational curse that

has been passed down through my family

line and I Break Every Chain of

addiction pression and bondage that has

kept me

bound I declare that I’m no longer a

slave to fear but a child of God

Redeemed by the blood of Jesus

Christ I pray for the strength and

courage to resist the Temptations and

snares of the

enemy fill me with your Holy Spirit Lord

and Empower me to walk in victory over

sin and

darkness help me to stand firm in the

faith and to trust in your promises

knowing that you are always with me and

that nothing can separate me from your

love I thank you Lord for the freedom

and deliverance that you have provided

through your son Jesus

Christ I praise you for breaking every

chain and setting me free to live a life

of purpose and

fulfillment may your name be glorified

forever and ever in Jesus name I pray


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