Jesus: I am Very Angry It’s Your Last Chance, Don’t Skip… God Message For Me Today


my child as you continue on your journey

remember that the passage of time is not

to be feared or lamented it is merely a

vessel that transports you into the

Embrace of

Eternity embrace the gift of each day

for it is an opportunity to grow learn

and deepen your connection with the

Divine do not let the cares of the world

weigh heavily on your spirit instead

offer them to me

and I will bear the weight of your

worries trust in my guidance and

surrender your burdens allowing me to

lift them from your shoulders in this

Liberation you will find the freedom to

soar on the wings of Hope unencumbered

by the weight of Earthly

concerns your faith in me grants you the

strength to face every challenge with

unwavering courage as you strive for

eternal life know that I am the source

of all life and I Am The Giver of every

good gift gift Every Beat of your heart

Echoes the rhythm of my love and every

step you take is Guided by my Divine

wisdom embrace the truth that I am your

sustainer and provider I will grant you

all that you need to not just survive

but Thrive amidst the trials and

triumphs of mortal

Life Trust in my provision for I am the

Wellspring of abundance pouring forth

blessings upon you

stay steadfast in your devotion my child

and let the radiance of my love

illuminate your path in your unwavering

commitment to our relationship you will

find strength peace and the assurance

that I am always with you guiding you

every step of the

way I am here for you my beloved child

for you are precious to

me embrace the journey for it is in the

trials and triumphs of mortal life that

you will grow evolve and draw closer to

the Eternal Essence that resides within

you with love that knows no bounds Jesus


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