Jesus Christ Want You to Listen Says: Today will be a special day for you!

dear children let these words be a drop

of tenderness in your soul in this world

full of Trials remember that you are not

alone my love for you is as boundless as

the vast ocean even in the most

difficult moments when darkness seems to

envelop you remember the light of my

love your life is a unique creation and

your hearts are filled with meaning and

value I know your Joys and sorrows and

there is no limit to the Indulgence in

my love when you feel lost turn to me my

hand is always outstretched ready to

support you you do not have to earn my

love it is given to you simply because

you exist in my eyes you are perfect and

unique and I am ready to love you in

every circumstance even in your mistakes

and weaknesses you will find my grace as

a sure source of renewal and forgiveness

remember also the importance of loving

your neighbor the blessing of my love

abides in your fellowship with one

another be merciful patient and

compassionate together you can overcome

difficulties and your fellowship will be

a light in this world dear ones as we

continue this dialogue I want to remind

you of the greatness of the moment you

are in your journey is a journey to the

realization of the Divine love that I

bring to you in a world where time and

space are many remember that in my eyes

you are Eternal often there are trials

in life but even in difficult times

remember the light that shines within

you my love for you is the light that

cannot be swallowed up by darkness when

you feel tired or doubtful remember that

I am ready to carry your load and lift

you up like a lost sheep there is room

in your heart for me through prayer and

inner conversation you can feel my

closeness I am here to support you and

your aspirations your Joys and your

Sorrows believe in yourself as I believe

in you remember that you are part of a

human Community where each individual

ual has a unique role to play love and

support one another for in this Mutual

attention you will feel the power of my

love in a world where there is so much

Discord your ability to love will be the

light that penetrates the darkness my

precious children today I call you to

pay attention to the strength and wisdom

you gain as you go through your trials

in life in a world of change and

challenge remember that in every moment

of my love you are protected your

difficulties are only part of your

ascent and I am with you every step of

the way when your hearts are filled with

doubt turn to me in my love you will

find confidence and inspiration I see in

you the qualities that make you amazing

do not doubt your worth and uniqueness

you are part of a great creation and

your path is filled with opportunities

for growth and development my love for

you is not only a comfort and trouble

but also a strength to create you can

create Beauty and and goodness in this

world and I bless you on this path

remember your responsibility before your

neighbors before the world around you my

love contains wisdom that can guide you

in making wise decisions look around you

and see how many hearts are in need of

Love be the source of the love that I

bring to you show compassion and

understanding your actions and words

reflect my infinite love my dearly

chosen ones salvation comes to you

through thorns and joys

through trials and celebrations and in

each of these moments My Love is

constant your journey is a journey of

understanding and realizing my unlimited

Grace in your hearts I place a light

that awakens love and compassion within

you you may be facing challenges that

seem incompatible with her strength

however remember that nothing is

impossible in my love I am here to

support you in your endeavors in your

pursuit of goodness and Justice when

your hearts are filled with doubt allow

my love to lead you on the path of Truth

your life is an art created by your

decisions actions and love your

relationships with your neighbors are

the means of transformation and creation

be the embodiment of my love in this

world where it is so often needed Shine

Your Light Illuminating the darkness

around you and remember that none of

your steps Pass Me By I am always with

you giving you my love and blessing

trust my wisdom and patronage in your

aspirations and dreams you are my

beloved ones and my love for you is

Everlasting May the light of your path

shine Illuminating every step of your

life’s journey may your days be filled

with wisdom warmth and inspiration may

your heart be filled with love and

compassion and your arms reach out to

those who need your support may your

faith be favorable and your labors be

rewarded with the fruits of joy and

success May May each day bring new

opportunities for growth and

self-discovery may you find strength in

difficult moments and wisdom in decision

making may your days be filled with the

Light Of Hope and may your soul Blossom

like the most beautiful garden May the

love of God accompany you in every day

filling your life with meaning and

well-being we welcome you on this great

journey we all call life may the light

of God always illuminate your path

dispelling the the darkness of doubt and

shedding the light of Love on every step

of your journey you carry within you the

Priceless Gift of Life and we pray that

each day brings you blessing and

inspiration may your actions be filled

with kindness and your words with wisdom

in difficult moments may God’s hand be

there to support you reminding you that

you are not alone may your life be like

a wonderful garden where every

experience is like a flower that brings

Beauty and wonder May the flame of Hope

always burn in your heart and peace and

love in your soul we believe in you and

your ability to overcome challenges seek

truth and bring light to the World

Imagine how big and amazing your being

is in this vast Cosmos you are part of a

vast Symphony and every chord of your

life has its own meaning May the Divine

Light guide you like the light of a star

in a dark sky illuminating your path and

giving meaning to your wandering in this

wonderful journey of Life give yourself

permission to breathe in inspiration and

exhale doubt May every moment of your

being be filled with blessings May every

step lead to the discovery of New

Horizons and depths you are the creation

of a Divine master and your soul is like

a work of art filled with beauty and

inner light may God’s love be an

inexhaustible source of strength and

tenderness for you in moments of Doubt

allow yourself to feel the warmth of her

Embrace may your life blossom like a

magnificent Garden where each flower

represents your talents and

accomplishments serve the world with

love and compassion by being a light in

the darkness you are an amazing Soul

capable of great Deeds May every moment

of your life be a harmonious melody in

this eternal Symphony of being with love

and blessing Jesus Christ

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