Jesus Calls I A Surprise Message From God I God Message I GodlyMessagesToday

my beloved child I greet you today with

joy and peace that surpasses

understanding my heart sings over you

for I have handpicked this moment to

meet with you and impart blessing know

that you are loved with an everlasting

love my thoughts toward you are infinite

and my desire is to Lavish my goodness

upon your life even now I am preparing

surprises of provision healing Destiny

connections and long-awaited

breakthroughs gifts custom designed for

you I am a God who loves to give good

gifts to my children I’m not limited by

natural resources or hindered by human

limitations if I desire to bless you I

simply speak the word and miracles

materialize creation bows to my command

therefore lift your eyes beloved and

expect to encounter me in remarkable

ways in the days ahead I am sending

divinely ordained strangers across your

path who will Speak Life hope and the

secrets of my heart over you they will

impart key insights to launch you into

new Realms of influence and abundance do

not be wary of these encounters but

receive them as gifts from my hand some

I am sending to speak prophetically into

your life igniting faith for what I have

prepared others I am connecting you with

to be traveling Companions and

supporters as you walk in Destiny look

past surface appearances and discern the

Divine Purpose in each god-ordained

meeting for I am surrounding you with

those whose lives will interlock with

yours in Supernatural ways as you co-

labor to build my kingdom in the coming

days expect to find me waiting around

corners ready to surprise you with

blessings that leave you a struck and

speechless my face will be beaming with

delight as I overwhelm you with

expressions of my love and power for I

take great joy and astonishing my

children with gifts they never could

have orchestrated or acquired themselves

I long to display my grace and might on

your behalf therefore renew your mind to

perceive me not as a Stern distant deity

but as Aba your doting father the

limitations you accept in your thoughts

do not restrain me my capacity to bless

and surprise you is as expansive as my

love so enlarge your vision open your

heart to receive from my hand concede

that I am able to accomplish infinitely

more than you ask or imagine my son my

daughter I am opening Wells of Living

Water to satisfy and sustain you in

times of spiritual drought I am

revealing Treasures hidden in darkness

and riches stored in secret places

I am restoring what you had thought was

irretrievably lost and shattering cycles

of barrenness with sudden fruitfulness

such is the nature of your father God

come now let us walk together into the

glory of what I have prepared for you

the Earth is filled with my glory it

spills into your life through every

Divine appointment and Supernatural

surprise lift up your head beloved your

Redemption draws near the Lord of

breakthrough goes before you to lead you

into the abundance I have spoken my

precious child let us dig deeper why

does your loving father send Divine

surprises and unexpected blessings into

your life firstly surprising you brings

me great joy I Delight in astonishing

You by meeting needs in creative ways

you could never have imagined my heart

stirs to demonstrate Limitless power and

Grace toward my beloved Sons and

Daughters I enjoy elevating your

perspective to align with Heaven’s

unlimited view of your destiny and

potential when you w witness me move on

your behalf misconceptions of me as

distant or uncaring fade affection

increases as you gain glimpses of my

intimate involvement behind the scenes

of your life you begin to perceive my

Perpetual presence holding guiding and

speaking over you our relationship grows

more trusting and Rich also surprising

you is my reminder that I am intricately

involved in the details of your life I

am Emanuel god with you not only in

Grand moments but in the mundane my

Supernatural creativity is always at

work devising ways to show you favor no

matter how routine your day you are

never alone because I never leave your

side every surprise is a love token

expressing I see you I know you I am

here surprises also unlock incase during

seasons of adversity and lack they break

limitations and make a way when it seems

impossible when you focus on surrounding

storms rather than my power within you

surprise blessing direct your gaze back

to me they reorient perspective from the

problem to the promis maker who is

greater than every problem my surprises

remind you of my sovereignty over

chaotic times and circumstances I know

the way through the Wilderness I will

lead you through flood and fire

unaffected as long as we walk together

my plans for your good remain unchanged

by surrounding trouble let surprise

blessings ignite fresh faith in he who

does all things well there are also

times when hope deferred has made your

heart sick and discouraged dreams once

vibrant within you now feel extinguished

then I Rise to surprise you with long

awaited desires miraculously fulfilled

these displays of my extravagant

goodness revive weary Spirits when it

seems too late they Empower you to dream

again my darling one ultimately I

arrange surprises because I love to

bless my children it brings me joy to

prosper you unlock Destinies and make

all grace abound toward you my love

language is extravagant giftgiving

therefore receive my Surprises with

laughter and rejoicing not skepticism I

am a good father who Delights in your

Delight now is the time of my favor and

acceptance beloved child the appointed

hour of Destiny has arrived align your

steps into the flow of my spirit then

watch in awe as I meet you at every turn

with gifts breakthroughs and divine

surprises such over-the-top expressions

of my love await you the choices yours

will you receive for I am pouring out

streams of abundance until you stand

amazed at my majesty and power my

precious friend our time together

concludes but my spirit remains United

to yours please listen as I offer these

parting words as you walk this adventure

of life with me make praise your

continual posture when you worship

extravagantly you make room for me to

move extravagantly on your behalf let

Thanksgiving pave Pathways for surprises

to reach you the sounds of rejoicing

reverberate through Heaven’s Gate

cultivate childlike expectancy in your

heart set aside skepticism and doubt

believe my promises with wide-eyed

Wonder knowing nothing is beyond the

scope of my power with me all things are

possible this posture of Faith positions

you to receive the surprises I send

understand that my surprises have

perfect timing they are given not when

you demand but when you are ready to

Steward them well to my glory Glory walk

in patience trust my wisdom and

sovereignty that long awaited surprise

will arrive at just the right moment

until then keep dreaming big with me my

beloved look for me in unexpected faces

and unusual circumstances my creativity

and blessing you is boundless be open to

receive through unconventional means say

yes to new adventures I may lead you on

the Wind of my spirit blows wherever he

pleases yield to the unexpected and

abundant surprises await you most

importantly never let the busyness of

Life crowd out Stillness with me our

intimate friendship is Life’s greatest

gift all other surprises I send are but

glimpses of the fullness of joy found in

knowing me run into My Embrace let me

whisper my love this is life’s Supreme

surprise and Delight now go with deep

peace my friend my presence goes with

you allow me to shape every day with

Divine surprises please remember to like

and share this message till we meet

again again shalom

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