I’VE BEEN TRYING TO WARN YOU ABOUT THIS FOR A WHILE… god message, god message today

my beloved child walk with patience

everything I do has a reason in the

Supernatural realm where many things

happen beyond your perception my desire

is to protect you from all hidden

dangers so move forward when my voice

guides you for your path will be clear

and it will be easier for you to reach


destination today in your current

situation there is a pause in your

journey raise your arms in gratitude and

recall the times when you asked for

something and I granted it remember how

in your moments of distress I stood by

your side never leaving you let these

memories strengthen your faith because

just as I extended my hand to you before

I will do so again bring out all those

dreams and desires you have kept hidden

it is time to dust them off what you

could not achieve before you will now

accomplish with my blessing and

assistance it will be for the honor and

Glory of my Holy Name you now have the

strength you need to leave behind bad

habits no one has power over you greater

than mine no one can harm you reflect on

these words new important decisions will

come to your mind that you will have to

make sooner or later you will have to

distance yourself from situations that

make you feel unwell no longer accept

invitations to celebrations that lead

you to sin do not exchange your relation

relationship with me for a moment of

false happiness many who used to laugh

with you may now criticize you for

following me but do not feel bad you

have experienced true forgiveness and

although you are still facing

consequences it will all pass one day

you will testify to the powerful miracle

I performed in your life I do not forget

your family you have grown in me and I

have peace joy and salvation for those

you love fill your home with faith every

day when you wake up let your children

Hear lyrics of praise and notes of

worship be a testimony with your example

never speak ill of anyone just as I have

forgiven you forgive as well even though

it may be difficult you will be like a

tree planted by the streams of water

with strong and healthy Roots green

leaves and fine seeds that multiply and

grow sharing blessings in life with

those around you

you will not fear the heat you will

provide shade for the needy and comfort

for those weary of their sins in times

of drought you will not be anxious and

you will never cease to bear fruit I

will show you my favor and Grant you my

peace you will always have the

confidence to entrust all your Works

into my hands and all your plans will be

fulfilled you and your family will be

saved from the coming tribulation at all

times my angels will surround you to

protect you I will fill you with joy and

peace and you will have happiness for

all eternity always remain humble

preserve your meekness be patient and

tolerant do not be disturbed by those

who come to provoke you respond to no

one with shouts and do not submit to

violence I have given you a brave heart

but I also want you to act wisely if you

ever feel fear again trust and come seek

my faith face and I will help you I will

protect you from evil keep you safe and

guard your coming and going my hand will

be upon you in your home and when you

travel from now on always remember

before you rise that I am your God

leading you by your right hand and with

a Serene voice I tell you do not be

afraid I am with you I will always help

you I love you do not ever feel alone

and forgotten envious individuals may

come to remind you of your past mistakes

attempting to shame you by recalling

your sins but pay them no heed do not

let bitterness and sorrow take hold of

your life even if everyone abandons you

dedicate time to me every day and also

give your family quality time and

attention greet them every morning with

a smile and do not go to bed angry with

anyone do not judge or shout at anyone I

will give you the strength to seek me

first before making important decisions

do not try to resolve problems when you

are tired and do not bring your work

problems home a soft answer quiets anger

never respond with harsh words and never

react with violence do not raise your

hand against anyone truly I want to

bless you even more but I want your

daily attitude to reflect my power love

tenderness and Holiness I do not want

your home to be filled with impure words

not even in justest

guard what comes from your lips and let

each room be filled with an aroma of

cleanliness of spirit and heart a holy

Fountain you cannot bring forth pure

water and at the same time dirty water

with impurities from your soul may your

home be filled with the scent of peace

and spiritual Harmony I know you will

not be perfect but try you have nothing

to lose above all watch that my word

resounds in every corner of your home as

much as you praise let your walls

vibrate hang simple pictures with

strengthening words if you want to

please me let me see that this holy word

is transforming your being in your home

as your being changes you will rebuild

all those you love and they will be

motivated to open their hearts to me

they will finally see that I am a real

God and not just a mandatory weekly

tradition I am your omnipotent God I

want you to know that I have everlasting

Mercy for you I am here to protect and

shield those I love cradling you

tenderly in the palm of my hand when you

love me and listen to my voice it warms

my heart your understanding and

obedience bring us closer together your

life is undergoing a beautiful

transformation and your character is

growing stronger every day you are the

one who loves and Believes In Me and I

want you to remember that no matter what

challenges you face today I am with you

I will defend you against any

adversaries and Grant you Victory I will

restore everything that has been taken

from you I will multiply your gifts and

talents lifting you up in honor I will

clothe you in New garments and anoint

your head with holy oil you are changing

and your past wounds are

healing I cast your sins deep into the

sea and you should hold on to this hope

day and night you will hear my voice

voice as you leave your home and when

you return to your bed feel my presence

with you and you will find peace and

Solace when you seek me with your faith

I have countless blessings in store for

you this year so prepare yourself wisely

for it will come to pass in the name of

the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit I

speak to you with love caressing your

heart our morning prayers together are a

beautiful time these moments soar on

their wings to the high highest clouds I

hear all your requests and I will grant

you more than you ask for I will give

you Serenity security emotional strength

and wisdom you have honored Me by

believing in my promise and I will bless

you abundantly I will watch over your

entire family protecting them from harm

and attacks fear will not hold them back

for they have a true and marvelous

purpose in this world as you continue to

pray your faith will work wonders the

Gates of Heaven and open and my holy

spirit is always ready to guide and

comfort you never let life’s worry steal

your desire to seek me I don’t want you

to miss the many blessings that are on

their way now I want to hear from you

your voice tells me so much but in your

heart I see your Noble intentions

sometimes it may seem like my response

is delayed but I answer you at the

perfect time do not despair if your

desires are not immediately fulfilled do

not lose faith if you do not have the

solution in your hands yet share this

video with your contacts if you love

me to stay connected

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