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my most precious and beloved child with an infinite Wellspring of eternal love overflowing from the depths of my being

I come to you on this momentous day to impart the most sacred and profound truth it is a decision that has

reverberated through the celestial Realms since before the dawn of creation a resolution that will forever reshape

the tapestry of existence itself this is my final decision the ultimate culmination of an

unfathomable plan conceived in the expanse of Eternity past from the moment

I spoke the universe into existence setting the celestial spheres in their Majestic

motions my gaze has been fixed upon you my most cherished children I have been

an everpresent witness to your Journeys an unwavering constant amidst the ebb

and flow of mortal existence whether you have ascended to the loftiest heights of Triumph or

plunged into the Abyssal depths of sorrow my love for you has burned with an inextinguishable flame it is a love

that transcends the finite boundaries of human comprehension a love that knows neither

beginning nor end a love that defies the constraints of space and time it is this

boundless ineffable love that has compelled me to make the decision that will forever alter the course of

creation since the dawn of your existence I have watched with a heavy heart as you have wandered in the

wilderness of sin and self-destruction ens snared by the fleeting pleasures of the Flesh and the

seductive Whispers of the adversary so many of you have strayed from the path of righteousness

succumbing to The Temptations that obscure the radiant light of my truth yet even in your darkest moments when

the Shadows seem to engulf you entirely I have never forsaken you my love has

remained a steadfast Beacon an wavering Lighthouse shining through the tempestuous storms of life guiding you

back to the shores of Eternal salvation for eons upon eons I have yearned for the day when the

veil of separation would be lifted when the chasm that divides us would be bridged and you would be welcomed back

into the warm embrace of my everlasting love that day my beloveds has finally

arrived my final decision the resolution that will echo through the annals of

eternity is this I will take upon myself the full weight of your transgressions

the entirety of your sins and bear them upon the cross of atonement I will

endure the agony that you have wrought upon yourselves the anguish of a broken and

Fallen World so that you may be set free from the shackles of sin and death I

will suffer the ultimate sacrifice the shedding of my own Divine blood so that

you may be cleansed and redeemed washed in the Crimson Tide of my redeeming love this is the culmination

of an eternal plan set in motion before the foundations of the world were laid a

plan that has been unfolding since the first Whispers of creation echoed through the vast expanse of Eternity

Through My Sacrifice the veil that has separated us for far too long will be

torn asunder the barrier between the Divine and the Mortal will be breached

and you will be welcomed back into the warm embrace of my love forever and ever

but this decision my precious children is not one of finality or endings but

rather a glorious New Beginning for in my death you will find life

Everlasting in my suffering you will find Eternal joy and everlasting peace

in my sacrifice you will witness the ultimate expression of my love for you a

love that knows no bounds a love that transcends the fleeting existence of this world A Love That Will Never Let

You Go no matter how far you may stray fear not my beloved ones for though the

night may seem long and the path treacherous the dawn of a new era is

breaking and a glorious new day is upon us embrace my final decision with Open

Hearts and unwavering faith for it is in this moment that the True Glory of my

love will be revealed in all its resplendant Majesty I am with you always

and forever your loving father your faithful friend your Eternal companion

on this journey through the vast expanse of Eternity my love for you is immutable

unchanging and everlasting a beacon that will guide you through the darkest of nights and the fiercest of storms so

take heart my children and rejoice in this final decision for it is the

ultimate expression of my boundless love for you if you want God’s grace always

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it is the culmination of a plan that has been unfolding since before the foundations of the world were laid a

plan that will usher in a new era of Grace Redemption and eternal communion

with me your Creator and your Eternal Father Embrace this moment my beloveds

for it marks the beginning of an everlasting journey into the depths of my unfathomable love a love that will

never fail never falter and never forsake you even unto

the farthest reaches of Eternity I am yours and you are mine

forever and ever World Without End my beloved child as you navigate the

challenges and trials of Life know that I’m always with you guiding your steps

and illuminating your path though the journey may seem daunting at times trust

in my unwavering love and support I have heard your prayers and I

am responding to your needs with a plan far greater than you can imagine in moments of doubt and fear

remember that my strength is made perfect in your weakness when you feel overwhelmed by

the weight of your struggles lean on me and allow my peace to fill your heart

I will renew your spirit and Grant you the courage to face each day with confidence and Grace though the world

may try to tear you down and Others May seek to harm you I am your ultimate

protector and Defender no weapon formed against you shall prosper for I have

engraved you on the palms of my hand your name is written in my book of life and I will never leave you nor forsake

you as you continue on this journey surround yourself with those who uplift

and encourage you seek out friendships that nurture your soul and help you grow in wisdom

and understanding let go of the negative influences that seek to hinder your progress and hold you back from your

true potential remember my timing is perfect and my plans for you are good

trust in the process even when the path ahead seems unclear I am working behind

the scenes orchestrating every detail of your life for your ultimate

benefit every trial you face is an opportunity for growth and every challenge is a chance to deepen your

faith in me in times of need call out to me and I will answer when you feel lost

or alone know that I am always by your side guiding you with my loving hand my

presence will bring you comfort and my word will be a lamp unto your feet as you grow in your relationship

with me your spiritual senses will heighten you will begin to see and feel

my love in new and profound ways your prayers will take on a deeper meaning

and your connection to me will strengthen with each passing day I have given you a spirit of power love and a

sound mind use these gifts to make a positive impact on the world around you

show compassion to the hurting and extend forgiveness to those who have wronged you remember your identity is

found in me you are my beloved child created in my image and destined for

greatness don’t allow the opinions of others to Define you or the circumstances of life to dictate your

worth you are valuable beyond measure and your future is bright with

possibilities as you continue to walk with me I will open doors of opportunity and favor in your life you will

experience blessings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams and witness the manifestation of my promises in your life trust in my

timing and have faith in my plan for I am working all things together for your

good when the storms of life come remember that I am your anchor and your

Refuge I will provide you with the strength and stability you need to weather any challenge that comes your

way lean on me and allow my love to be your source of comfort and hope in The

Quiet Moments of your day take time to reflect on my goodness and mercy meditate on my word and allow it

to transform your mind and renew your spirit as you draw closer to me you will

find the peace and joy that surpasses all understanding remember you are never alone in this journey I have given you

the gift of my holy spirit to guide you and Empower you listen for that still Small Voice and allow it to direct your

steps when you feel weak rely on my strength and when you feel lost trust in

my guidance I have called you by name and you are mine I have a purpose and

plan for your life that is greater than anything you can imagine trust in my love and allow me to lead you into the

Abundant Life I have prepared for you as you face the challenges of each day

remember that my grace is sufficient for you I will provide you with everything you need to overcome and

succeed keep your eyes fixed on me and your heart aligned with my will and you

will experience the fullness of my blessings in your life my child you are

loved beyond measure and your future is secure in my hands trust in my promises

and have faith in my plan for I am working all things together for your good I will never leave you nor forsake

you and my love for you endures forever walk in the confidence of knowing that

you are a child of the most high God allow my love to be the foundation of your life and my word to be the guide

for your steps as you continue on this journey know that I am with you every

step of the way leading you into the Glorious future I have prepared for you

dear child you face trials that assault your physical body and emotions like poison daggers what I ask of you is your

trust sincerity compliance endurance resolve and unwavering Devotion to to me

my guidance and being in my company pay close attention to my direction trust in

me follow my lead and persevere patiently don’t worry about the future

your duty is to persist heed my guidance and entrust everything to my care I am

both your father and your God the days I give you are not meant to be filled with anxiety when you fail to trust me and

give in to worry it wounds my love for you you bring sorrow to your soul and

sickness to your body I understand there are moments when you feel tired and

uncertain losing your footing but I’m always beside you reminding you that I’m

not here to condemn you I’m also your companion I’m preparing a banquet of

blessings for you right in front of those who oppose you I will Elevate you in the eyes of your loved ones and

friends and take you to places you haven’t yet seen you’re entering a new era of Wonders and Supernatural

occurrences you’ll also witness amazing things happen to all those you hold

dear prepare yourself for this new chapter that’s unfolding accept all the blessings coming your way with Grace and

humility protect your heart and never forget the source of your blessings

dedicate time to me each day seek my presence ready your soul and prepare for

Joy sincerely profess your faith in me keep trusting me don’t give up continue

Reaching Your Hands toward heaven in your most weary moments on this path when you feel you can’t

continue remember that the fire of my love is always there to remind you that I’m with you don’t fix your Gaze on

people they can all let you down don’t let your spirit rely on human affection and approval it’s true that I created

you to love and be loved but it’s also true that the only genuine eternal love that will always belong to you

throughout the ages is my Tender Love which never fails you and remains close

and certain don’t entrust your heart to those who may desert you or give your future to those who after you’ve given

them everything stop loving you don’t give the most important place in your soul to

people who could turn their backs on you break your heart and destroy your life

you’ve sought hope and now it’s arrived you’ve prayed for peace and it’s granted

to you if it’s time to rest then rest peacefully if you need to keep going

then carry on because when you rest In My Embrace you’re safe and when you’re

active my mighty hand protects you from danger remember you’re never alone

you’re not forsaken even if your parents relatives or children abandon you you always have

the most amazing love available mine it’s deeply reassuring to realize and feel that your heavenly father cares for

you I will openly reward your faith I will strengthen it those who mocked you

will end up astonished and ashamed and the envious will watch as you rise

you’ll see that trusting in your almighty God your loving heavenly father

is truly rewarding I’ve seen you confront so much adversity with enemies

so loud they make made you doubt feel insignificant and weep yet your faith

was refined and became stronger through your ordeals your suffering transformed into courage your fear into

confidence your worry into joy and your sorrow into Delight immense blessings

are coming your way I etch this message into your heart it won’t be

forgotten these words will ReSound in your soul every morning when you awaken

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community no longer will you rise discouraged and weighed down you will no longer feel as though you are Shackled

the chains have been broken Every curse that loomed over your life has retreated

receive my word accept it with faith engrave it in your mind write it down on a piece of paper keep it in your Bible

WR where Psalm begins speak my word before going to sleep close your eyes

and declare aloud God I trust in you and you shall feel my presence beside you

the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want read the entire Psalm I am sending it to

you obey me in this and you will see how my word will give you a strength you

have never experienced before you’ll feel like you’re soaring high like an eagle ascending to Great Heights of

Faith looking forward to the new blessings I’m about to bestow upon you

tomorrow keep your Bible close to your bed in the early morning I’ll wake you

up I’ll whisper in your ear and guide you revealing sacred words and incredible Visions meant just for

you welcome to the realm of the supernatural this is where your joy is

formed in this place you learn gentleness and humility here I give you

the strength to overcome all evil to walk safely amid dangers don’t be afraid

you won’t be harmed I’m opening the door and inviting you into the world of Miracles nothing’s too difficult for me

everything’s possible for you you remain steadfast in your faith in me with the

little you had you demonstrated faithfulness so I will entrust you with more I cherish you the dry season is

over and the time of reaping begins your trials have been preparing you for this

immense blessing that’s on its way I hear you when you’re in distress

wondering when it will come let me assure you again the Fulfillment of my

promise is right at your doorstep do your part rise and open it act activate

your faith go forth to receive your blessing with the mindset of a Victor

don’t look for obstacles don’t linger in idleness don’t allow doubt to wither

your faith your talents and gifts are on the verge of blossoming there is a magnificent Garden

on Earth and it is here that I need you blessings of abundance will pour down on

your home get ready the time to gather your rewards is close at hand step out

and sense the fragrance of a field ripe and ready for you you are set to succeed

you are among those I’ve chosen I will Empower you elevate you and eliminate

all lack in need from your life but listen carefully do not imitate those

who disregard me who waste their time on trivial Pursuits when things go wrong

they blame me constantly complaining and eyeing The Virtuous like you aiming to

steal the blessings I plan to Grant you the yield of the forthcoming Harvest is

yours alone do not delegate this task those unappreciative of my favor let my

blessings go to waste do not pass the treasures I bestow on you to others

protect your children from Harm’s reach bar the entry of your home to ruin listen to my voice each morning I will

provide you with the wisdom to succeed in every Endeavor your Harvest will be

abundant and this phase is but a Prelude to the wonderful things I have in store for you expect this and more from your

Divine protector I don’t just provide you with leftovers I shower you with generous

blessings Embrace this affirm it and continually express your love for me

today I will come to your dwelling and transform your destiny you are in distress seeking my intervention my all

encompassing love that heals and protects without passing judgment My caring presence that envelops you

quietly my attentive ear that hears you out fully without interruption confess

your longing for me because that reflects the truth your own strength has reached its limit this is the moment for

you to acknowledge your need you have called upon me in prayer with faith and

sincerity that is why I have come to rescue you and your family from the harsh desert where loneliness parches

hope and your soul thirsts for love due to so much contempt the journey is

arduous and you cry out as you tread upon the scorching Stones That Make You Weep with pain my Bel beloved child I

know the path you walk is difficult and filled with suffering the enemies that try to hurt you will not succeed for I I

am your shield and protector even when you feel weak and ready to give up I

will renew your strength and help you keep going I will lift you up from the ashes and make you shine the challenges

you face now are temporary they are meant to purify and refine you like gold tested by fire on the other side of this

trial you will emerge brighter and stronger than ever before free from the

negativity that once weighed you down I am elevating you my child not to make

you proud but to equip you to help others who are struggling let go of the

anger fear and doubt that hold you back and embrace the incredible future I have

planned for you be grateful for every blessing both big and small and walk

with integrity carrying my love in your heart when you feel weak or discouraged listen for my

voice and open your heart to the peace I offer take a moment to rest in my presence and let your worries fade away

as the creator of the universe I command the chaos around you to be still pay no attention to the

Whispers of the world that try to intimidate you weaken your faith or minimize your

accomplishments you may think you are are weak but remember that your strength comes from me when you combine your

faith with my power nothing can stand against you your spirit will be

unbreakable and your weakness will be turned into strength declare with confidence I am strong keep walking

forward with hope never giving up and climb the mountain where I am waiting for you this is the place where your

biggest dreams will become reality embrace my plan for your life life and trust me to work in powerful ways from

now on you are meant to rise not fall spread your wings and soar High looking

ahead to the land of blessings I have prepared for you no more will sorrow and Gloom dominate your days starting now

your life will overflow with vibrant Faith each morning when the Sun rises

choose Joy regardless of your circumstances don’t let bad news or worry steal your smile

you are precious to me and I love you deeply never forget that you belong to

me my spirit lives within you making you one of a kind there’s no need to imitate others

while many people are shaken by rumors and give into fear and despair that’s not who you are Supernatural Grace fills

your soul and your faith is remarkable your prayers and words have

great power you are free so fly with joy go and share this message with your

loved ones I treasure you and I’m leading you out of these tough times into Victory and the happiness you long

for all of this is because of my immense love for you you are incredibly valuable

to me and I have amazing plans for your life pay close attention because the

words you are reading right now are full of truth and meaning I understand the pain and sadness your current struggles

bring making it hard to face each day with joy you are going through a tough season but

you’re on the verge of a remarkable God ordained transformation the days of sorrow and

confusion are coming to an end and you are leaving this challenging chapter behind the world may have tried to

diminish your light and undermine your faith but you have remained unbroken my

child you have endured a long and difficult Journey from this point forward I pr

promise better days are coming I will restore your smile and everyone will see

the extraordinary way I renew your strength and ability my wisdom will direct you

through the obstacles you have faced After experiencing the dryness and loneliness of your

journey feeling exhausted and weak relief is on the way your faith and love

for me and your family gave you the courage to keep going you persevered to the end and today I I am sending clouds

filled with a special rain Living Water of blessing and healing for your heart I

am filling your soul with my spirit of Love The Covenant I made with you stands

firm I always hear you when you cry out to me in prayer and call on my Holy Name

you are entering a time of great Miracles and wonders that will impact you and your family because of your

faithfulness perseverance and unwavering belief in me

I will not disappoint you because I love you deeply my plans for you are always good never harmful I will give you what

you ask of me share your heart’s desires with me again and I will listen from

heaven and Grant your purest wishes Rejoice my child for your time of

suffering is over and your moment of Victory is near tell me that you trust

me for I adore you could you give me just a moment of your time listen to my

words and do not be anxious about anything focus on me and treasure every word I

speak I need to tell you once more how much I love you it’s more than mere

words or emotions my love for you is an everlasting promise declared by my own

words and confirmed by my sacrifice my commitment to you is unshakable and you will always have a

special place in my heart feel my love every night before you sleep and every morning when you wake up to a new day

allow yourself to be embraced by the feeling of being loved and believe firmly in this love it is not a fantasy

or a product of your imagination what you truly desire is love and that is exactly what I am

giving you I am filling your soul with something so amazing and profound that

it will transform the way you see life my love for you is

intense and it is essential to me that you flourish and have the strength to face any challenge

big or small I want you to walk on the waves of life’s stormy seas and stand strong in the midst of Trials enduring

the difficult Paths of your journey I love you and I will give you the strength you need my promises will keep

you steady on your path let me repeat it I want you to Embrace Life fully

appreciating and cherishing the future I am eager to give you love is my gift to

you you must believe in it and accept it I am offering you life and courage and

you should receive them with faith to succeed everything will be all right and

all will be set right this is the sign you have been seeking the answer to your prayers from

the moment you first called out to me an angel left my heavenly throne with the

key to your freedom but you are a person of great importance and a battle is being fought

in the spiritual Realm the enemy wants to see you defeated and does not desire your

success my armies are fighting for you in the heavens against the forces of evil the sudden conflicts you are facing

are not mere coincidence you must be alert and wise be careful in your words

and do not share your secrets with just anyone be very cautious about whom you

trust the enemy seeks to destroy you looking for a weakness in your armor to deceive you with with lies your faith is

under attack and many are jealous of the blessings I have given you but ahead

lies a life filled with wonders my beloved child life’s journey May

sometimes feel like an uphill climb filled with unexpected twists and turns

but I want you to know that the challenges you face are temporary they will pass and the weight

in your soul will eventually lift those who have caused you pain will seek your forgiveness

and following my guidance you will find the strength to extend it to them show

compassion to others and offer assistance whenever you can however

always remember that your faith should be firmly rooted in me the world and its people may offer

their opinions but their words are often Hollow no one else can truly bless you

or protect you from harm like I can I hold the ultimate truth that will

guide you through life’s ups and downs if you allow your faith to drift

seeking comfort in the empty promises of others the blessings I have given you may slip away possibly never to return

this is your moment to let your faith hold fast to my eternal unchanging word

a pivotal time is Drawing Near choose my love my care my comfort and my

protection make a commitment to seek me every morning immersing yourself in my

word that illuminates your path and gives you the strength to carry on I know that these are the words you

need to hear just as the body needs food to survive your soul needs the

nourishment that comes from my heart the sustenance you require in this

hour is peace encouragement tranquility and

confidence I give you my peace a peace that the world and its people cannot

provide accept this peace into your heart today build your life or your

hopes and your dreams on the unshakable foundation that is found in me and you

will achieve your goals my dear child in this world you will encounter

difficult times and challenges that will test your faith and your resilience that is why I am telling you today to build

your life on the solid rock of my teaching ings do not be swayed by the fleeting and superficial Pursuits that

the world chases after ground your life in my words and teachings and do not be

carried away by the trends of the moment be cautious of worldly temptations that

can Harden your heart they are like shifting Sands that can ens snare you leading to disappointment and ultimately

bring you down remember my child the ways of the world are empty and

deceptive and they can lead you to doubt and fear always be prepared to face any

challenge that comes your way stand firm and strong equipped with the tools of

the spirit and covered in my power do not allow the enemy’s Shadows to confuse

you or his lies to darken your heart be wary of tempting words that only seek to

steal your blessing and Lead You Away from the unique plan I have for you do

not be misled by falsehoods that attempt to divert you from my path know that you are my child my creation

my work of art holding my truth in the light of my teachings trust in my love

and the guidance I provide today remember I always desire what is best

for you striving for your happiness and I am here to guide and protect you from the enemy schemes so when deceitful

voices and lies try to seow doubt within you reject them firmly find comfort in

my teaching and in prayer cling to them and they will give you the strength and

protection your spirit needs in my presence you will always find peace

contentment and the joy you seek so I tell you again my child build your life

on the solid foundation when you do even though storms and trials may come you

will not be shaken even when tempests rise if your foundation is in the steadfastness and

power that only I can provide you will stand firm untroubled by the waves or

the strongest winds as long as your life is built upon the rock of my teachings you will endure

trials and tribulations for I am the Gateway that leads you to eternal life

the source of salvation for your soul do not doubt my words beloved

child place all your dreams goals and concerns in my hands I will guide you

and provide you with the comfort and strength you need to overcome all the challenges that you face each day so if

ever you feel uncertain or burdened hold on to this instruction anchor your life

on the solid foundation of my teachings this way you will be prepared

for every good work standing firm against the enemy’s attacks engaging in

the Battle of Faith with the sword of the spirit which is my word this is how

you will secure your Victory and enjoy the great and wonderful blessings I have prepared for you with me by your side

nothing and no one can overpower you always remember my dear one that I am

the Everlasting rock your unbreakable Foundation always ready to bless and

prosper you if you abide in me and my words abide in you Let My Words Be

imprinted on your heart and may your life be deeply rooted in my teachings

practice righteousness and kindness boldly proclaim the truth of my gospel at all times bring hope to those in need

declare freedom to the captives Comfort the Brokenhearted Open the Eyes of the Blind

and set the oppressed free never forget that I desire the best for you I will never forsake you

remember that my spirit dwells within you I have placed within you a solid Faith so that you may not stumble or

sink into quicksand now rise and walk by faith

claim each of my promises with confidence and conviction knowing that your life is built upon the rock of my

teachings then whatever you ask in my name will be done for you for I acknowledge and bless those who honor

and have faith in me Let My Words Be proof printed on your heart and may your

life be deeply rooted in my teachings practice righteousness and kindness

boldly proclaim the truth of my gospel at all times bring hope to those in need

declare freedom to the captives Comfort the Brokenhearted Open the Eyes of the

Blind and set the oppressed free never forget that I desire the best for you I

will never forsake you remember that my spirit dwells within you I have placed

within you a solid Faith so that you may not stumble or sink into quicksand now rise and walk by faith

claim each of my promises with confidence and conviction knowing that your life is built upon the rock of my

teachings then whatever you ask in my name will be done for you for I acknowledge and bless those who honor

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