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God says the aim that you should strive

to achieve is not to let the negative

events that are occurring in your life

bring you down or prevent you from

living it is quite probable that things

will change for the better manner that

you will not anticipate in the near

future thus continue to battle hard and

maintain an optimistic attitude God is

of the opinion that if you give up today

you will eventually come to see that it

is okay to give up in the long run

please take the time to read this

message that God has sent you you should

not give up when things become difficult

at all times you should get back up and

continue moving forward God says in

order for you to understand that I truly

forgive you I need you to know that I

really forgive you it is important for

you to know that I have forgiven you

totally and I am looking forward to

getting to know you more and beginning a

friendship with you as a result of the

fact that I have a significant crush on

you I will always watch out for what is

best for you he writes adding I need you

to know that I truly forgive you you

have my eternal affection and I promise

that I will always think about what is

best for

you need you to know that I truly

forgive you if you want Miracles you

have to watch this video all the way

through to the end I am the event that

you have been anxiously waiting for a

situation you will soon be able to

obtain some facts that will provide you

with reassurance regarding the issue you

are now able to begin taking use of the

numerous advantages that have been

accumulated and are now prepared for

your use because God has promised that

he will never abandon you you should not

be concerned about acquiring additional

wealth rather than that you ought to be

pleased with what you have at the moment

all of this is due to the fact that God

has assured you that he will never leave

your side as a result of the fact that

God has assured you that he would never

abandon you this is the situation do not

wait be ready for it right away since

the moment has arrived for you to do it

you will not have to wait for an

excessive amount of time since the

things that you desire will begin to

occur rapidly throughout the course of

its existence this Enterprise has seen a

great deal of significant and remarkable

Transformations we are quite fortunate

to have access to such a wide variety of

choices more and more you need to put

your faith in God through the practice

of daily prayer you will be able to

recognize the blessings that God has

bestowed upon your life and Express

gratitude to him for them this

transformation will take place as a

direct result of your prayers in

addition to having been put to death on

a cross I have also been put through the

same difficulty that Christ did not I

but Christ resides inside me he is the

the reason I continue to live and keep

going regardless of the

circumstances we do not require or rely

on one another indeed it is due to the

fact that there is no purpose to

continue living in this world we should

not be concerned about our own

deaths I can live the life I do now in

the flesh because I trust the Son of God

who loved me and gave himself for me

take care not to be overly critical of

yourself or to get ahead of yourself

maintain your composure and acknowledge

my evaluation of the issue you have my

respect just keep in mind that

everything happens at the right moment I

beg you not to put yourself In Harm’s

Way by going ahead of schedule soon you

will begin living the life that you have

fantasized about ever since you were a

child and you already possess the right

to live it if you believe in God please

show your support by liking and sharing

this video because God P you to be one

you will be a blessing to a great number

of other people it is important to keep

in mind that God is something that is

worth clinging to therefore you should

not blame yourself for what is occurring

and you should calm down it is possible

to locate this song on the album titled

trust not only does the proverb serve a

purpose but it also makes perfect sense

during this time of year I know that

things will get better for you in the

future and I I appreciate you so much

you should learn to be thankful for

whatever comes your way by learning to

be thankful for what you have right now

the universe will give you the benefit

of meeting that one person who will

fulfill all of your hopes and dreams for

relationships with other people the

result will Amaze you this will be one

of the most amazing events of your life

the benefit you will receive is the

chance to meet that one person who will

fulfill all of your hopes and dreams for

relationships with other people

when things don’t go as planned let’s

not give up hope because God always has

the opportunity to make the last

movement we shouldn’t let failures get

us down because even if our adversary

makes some brilliant moves God still has

the greatest ones because he cares for

you more than anyone else could ever

hope to you may put your faith in God to

handle all of your concerns and worries

God is your defender in a manner that no

one else could ever aspire to be because

I am right here with you there is no

need for you to be concerned about

anything believe me even if it appears

like everything is going wrong there is

no reason for you to be afraid be

confident in yourself and know that the

challenges you’ve been facing recently

will soon be behind you in the near

future you will be able to acquire new

tools that will assist you in achieving

your objectives you will be presented

with opportunities and advantages that

you had not anticipated and all all of

these things will work together to make

the path that lies ahead of you more

transparent please refrain from worrying

about money since you will soon be

experiencing a great deal of success

stop worrying about money and have faith

that your guardian angel will continue

to watch out for your best interests it

is not a sign of weakness to ask for the

large things which is what God is

telling you in light of the

circumstances you are currently facing I

hope that the Lord would recompense you

in ways that are far above anything you

could have even possibly envisioned

being feasible considering the

circumstances at this very moment I

possess the ability to bring about the

unimaginable in your life despite the

challenges that life throws to us let us

not abandon our religious convictions

rather than that let us remain steadfast

in these principles and not deviate from

them securing the knowledge that the

strength of God will be sufficient to

carry us through any challenge that may


us according to the Lord I will bring

back everything you’ve lost you will

laugh out loud again learn to trust

others again and Feel Love Again always

keep in mind how vital it is to not only

wait for your time but also to Express

gratitude to God for his plan for your

life is always superior to any

difficulties that you encounter along

the path during our conversation I was

experiencing a great deal of anxiety and

my hands were shaking in spite of the

fact that I was in this situation I

continued to make an effort to get in

touch with you these actions were taken

to relieve you of the burden of relying

only on your own innate comprehension of

the circumstance these actions were

taken to liberate you from the necessity

of relying solely on your own cognitive

capabilities on the contrary the issue

is not with God but rather with the way

in which we have been instructed to view

ourselves in relation to other

individuals I am your career and when I

triumphantly return to Earth I will give

you a new start in life you have no

reason to be concerned about what will

take place in the future since God has

already made up his mind about what will

take place type if you believe dear

Lord you protect me from harm the henss

of appreciation

and the yells of relief that surround me

are from you my safe haven and the spot

where I can experience a sense of

security is you despite the fact that

things aren’t going the way she wants

them to she maintains a deep religious

belief in God she behaves as if all of

the things that she has been trying to

achieve have already been accomplished

for the time being God is making an

effort to remove all of the negative

aspects of your life that are causing

you pain

causing you to move more slowly or

preventing you from moving forward

entirely it is be of the elimination of

whatever is preventing you from moving

forward that he is doing so all in all

it appears like you will be able to make

significant Headway toward achieving

your objective consequently the Lord

will bestow a great deal of blessings

upon our

community as I prepare to go to sleep I

pray you Lord to provide peace to both

my body and my mindset my mind is always

racing with irrational ideas and fears

that have no basis in reality please put

an end to this listen carefully to what

I have to

say I would appreciate it if you could

put an end to my thoughts racing and

calm me down God says you will not be in

excruciating Agony or sing for an

extended period of time and you will

soon be able to get all that you require

maintain an upbeat and op optimistic

attitude God has brought you this far to

assist you in reaching your destination

you did not arrive here by chance he

will illuminate the path that leads to

Life Without End in the event that you

come to me in a time of need I will come

to your rescue and you will give me all


glory the same time as it will do all in

its power to ensure that you are in the

right place at the right time the

universe will also guide the events that

take place in your your life in this

manner when you realize that you are now

able to establish a connection with the

Divine you will also realize that people

will go out of their way to be kind to

you for you this is going to be a really

enjoyable experience if you have faith

in God type for

d at this very now you are witnessing

a wonderful plan for your

life as you watch it unfold it is coming

together in the most favorable

circumstances for you you are now able

to view a more comprehensive picture of

your life if you decide to hand up

control of your issues to the Lord he

will see to it that they are resolved

there is no way that the Lord would

allow the storms of life to afflict

those who are good God is going to walk

with you whenever you are in need of

someone to depend on and whenever your

heart is icking for company you are now

receiving a message from God that says

walk with God when your heart needs


according to the Bible if you make

building God’s kingdom and following his

righteousness your top objectives then

all of these other things will come to

you as a consequence of the efforts that

you put out this is because spreading

the kingdom of God and obeying his

righteousness are absolutely

incompatible with one another even while

our exterior selves are falling apart

our inner selves are constantly being

repaired and rebuilt this is done to

prevent us from feeling depressed and

Powerless instead of concentrating on

the things that are visible we are

concentrating on the things that are not

seen we are getting ready for an

unfathomable weight of grandeur that

will never

cease and this suffering is the light

and momentary pain that we are

experiencing this is because our

attention is being drawn to something

that is not visible to us type yes to

get this gift Jesus Christ Lord we have

traveled this far to pray to the one God

who is still active in the

cosmos thank you for being our God we

would want to express our thanks to you

for allowing us to make use of this

additional day we ask that you absolve

us of the wrongs that we have committed

right now you are being addressed by a

voice that comes from God thus you

should pay great attention to what he

has to say the message that God is

sending to you is that he will complete

what what he started in your life

because I instilled in you a fresh

determination to achieve success you

will ultimately end up stepping on my

body however in the end having to wait

will be well worth it the fact that I am

your God and that I am with you at this

very moment means that you do not have

any need to be afraid or

concerned in the Bible it is said that

the Lord will help you I will strengthen

you I will uphold you with the right

hand of my

righteousness the words of God are as

follows my love for you is greater than

everything including the difficulties

that you are

experiencing at this very now my love

for you is greater than everything else

that could ever be known I am currently

continuing to work on your narrative so

I ask that you kindly be patient and

allow me some time as he is really

concerned about your health and

happiness you should be completely

honest with him and allow him to manage

any issues that you might be

experiencing please spread the words by

sharing this video neither your own

comprehension nor your own judgment

should be relied upon you should instead

place all of your faith in the Lord and

not question the promises that he has

made if you take the time to show him

respect and gratitude in whatever you do

he will direct your activities in a

manner that is beneficial to you do

constantly remember that the Lord your

God is going ahead of you and will never

abandon you or forsake you therefore you

should constantly maintain your

confidence and strength and you should

not allow fear or disappointment to

Triumph ensure that you never lose your

bravery and strength you should not let

dread or disappointment triumph over you

because the Lord your God is going ahead

of you when compared to the first

months of the next months are

likely to be sign significantly more

favorable according to the word of God

the latter months of that year will

be far more favorable than the first two

months of that

year I will provide you with rewards

that are both financial and spiritual if

you put your faith in me my only request

is that there’s a period of growth that

you are going to go through that will

completely transform every aspect of

your day-to-day existence you will be

blessed in many different ways including


psychologically physically and

spiritually blessings for you you are

going to have a lot of wonderful things

happen to you and you are also going to

have a great deal of fresh and

fascinating discoveries and experiences

you have been giving out a great deal of

positive energy into the world and now

that energy is returning to you in a

manner that is times more beneficial

than it was on the previous

occasions this is due to the fact that

you have been engaging in this activity

for a considerable amount of time type

if you believe you should not allow

the words of other people to drag you

down rather you should concentrate on

lifting others up and Rising together

with them it is important to watch what

you say since all of your words will

eventually come true it is important for

everyone who is reading this to be aware

that the difficult period they are

currently experiencing is going to come

to an end and that they are getting

gifts from the universe that will make

their lives better in addition to money

from the cosmos these gifts also contain

wonderful energy and incredible

occurrences these gifts are being

bestowed upon you by the cosmos because

it desires for your life to be richer

and more fulfilling that is why

following the divine plan you may be

assured that your desires and

aspirations will be realized at the

precise moment in the midst of our

Ascent to the summit God instructs us to

constantly make sure to pause and

appreciate the Splendor that is all

around us to ensure that you are able to

be with the appropriate people and

engage in the right activities he will

ensure that you are in the right

location at the right time the fact that

God wants your praise indicates that you

ought to acknowledge that he is the one

who is responsible for all of the

wonderful things that take place in your

life because he will will organize you

in such a manner you will be at the

appropriate location at the appropriate

moment the Lord mentioned loving

yourself more by saying no to things

that leave you feeling drained and that

are a burden for you by saying no one

demonstrates true self-love rather than

saying yes in order to make other people

happy you are engaging in an honest Act

of self-love towards yourself false

self-love is demonstrated when one

responds with yes in order to make other

other people happy you may strengthen

your love for yourself by learning how

to say no always keep the channels of

communication open with God and pray

about anything if you want to have a

conversation with him say everything

both the positive and the negative

there’s power in prayer and God is

always listening to what people have to

say in order to demonstrate that things

are beginning to progress in the

direction that you want them to go this

is the proof that you have been waiting

for during the time when the Lord is

getting ready to bestow his gifts onto

you you have to be prepared for some

unexpected occurrences incredible news

and dramatic twists type yes to get this

blessing it is important to remember to

remain in the here and now to treat

yourself with kindness and to take pride

in the progress that you have achieved

in order to cope with the rapid passage

of time because of the work that God God

has done in you you are now aware that

this particular moment is of the utmost

significance to the purpose of your

existence you should be aware that the

finest experiences are only available to

you if you have the ability to travel

through time and find yourself in the

appropriate location at the appropriate

moment producing you ought to have more

trust in the concept that the spirit has

something wonderful in store for you

rather than the other way around if you

adhere to the guidelines and refrain

from attempting to alter the

circumstances on your own God will

always defend you at this point in time

the next year your Rivals will have

finally given up on the game which means

that you will no longer have to be

concerned about them to find out the

answer to the question that you have

been asking yourself you need to watch

this video all the way through to the

finish it is expected that at the same

time next year everything that was

intended to cause you pain will

transform form into something beneficial

to you you have to watch this video all

the way through to the conclusion if you

want to be successful in achieving your

objective now is the time to get ready

for an abundance of present this month

there is a possibility that these gifts

will include Financial breakthroughs

revive relationships and opportunities

that you never imagined were conceivable

remember to be patient and to make an

effort not to dwell on the negative

things that are taking place instead

direct your attention to the positive

things that are

happening as a result of your

unwithering commitment to demonstrating

kindness you will be rewarded in full

God instructs us not to become weary of

doing good things in addition to

constantly making an effort to look on

the bright side of things don’t forget

that I love you and that I will always

be here for you never forget that there

is always something incredible waiting

to be discovered just around the next

Bend I have always kept my promise to

help you but I have never said that your

life would be easy or that you would not

have problems remember that this world

is not the same as Heaven because of the

love that I have for

you I assure you that I will never leave

your side Heaven has reserved a certain

location for you where there will be no

more tears grief or wounds caused by

loss this spot is reserved only for you

never give up and always have courage

when you are going through a difficult

period keep in mind the lesson that this

book teaches you God is always there for

you even when it appears that things are

going poorly it’s critical to keep in

mind that despite our inability to see

him God is always there while

experiencing this kind of emotion is

common feeling isolated and uneasy all

the time is not according to the Bible

God is constantly present don’t worry or

be scared because the Lord your God is

with you and will never abandon you

trust yourself and your courage you

deserve more than this situations like

these might feel as though were merely

going through the motions and not

actually making any progress toward any

objectives however God desires for you

to participate in his purpose and plan

for your life which he wishes to

accomplish through you God has a unique

purpose and plan for every one of us we

must put our confidence in him and

follow his instructions if we are to

fulfill our part in his plan and purpose

the Lord

declares I know the plans that I have

for you plans to prosper you and not to

harm you plans to give you hope in a

future there are no restrictions on the

use of Grace and compassion since they

are unique to God God is always willing

to Pardon us and offer us a fresh start

regardless of our past transgressions or

the circumstan ances of our present

existence the Lord is merciful and

gracious he is slow to become angry and

the Heart of his righteousness is

overflowing with love furthermore he

won’t punish us for the wrongs we have

decided to commit likewise he won’t see

us as though our flaws validate the

reason for the greater affection of God

for people who fear Him is that the

heavens are so much higher than the

ground moreover as far as the East is

from the West so far as he removed our

sins from us even though it is only

natural for us to worry about the future

and whether or not we will have enough

money to get by God never stops

reminding us that he is the one who will

provide for us you thus have nothing to

worry about since God will take care of

all of your needs the Bible for the

Philippians contains an epistle written

by the Apostle Paul and address to the

Philippians according to what Paul said

and God will meet all your needs

according to the richness of his glory

in Christ

Jesus if you have a relationship with

God you are able to harness the power

that comes from that

relationship God is always there to give

us the bravery and fortitude we need to

face any difficulty even when we feel

helpless and unable to manage the

circumstance he is always there to

provide us with the obstacles we must


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