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my children I come before you today to

share my Divine wisdom and offer

encouragement in your mortal

Journeys I see each of you as my

precious Creations brimming with

potential and

purpose when i gaze upon humankind I see

past outward appearances and material

possessions I see your Eternal Spirits

forged in my Cosmic furnace and infused

with a spark of the

Divine I know the unique gifts I have

bestowed upon every soul as well as the

challenges each must

face as your creator my greatest hope is

that you discover and develop these

gifts within

yourselves I plant the seeds but you

must nurture their growth through

courage faith and perseverance for you

see the external world is but a

reflection of your inner

landscape to build a life of joy and

abundance you must clear away the

brambles of fear and doubt choking Ching

your spirits you must cultivate the soil

of Love forgiveness and acceptance so

your higher purposes May

Blossom my

beloveds when humans create systems and

structures that constrain the human

Spirit dismantling them may seem a task

Beyond mortal

capacity but therein lies your Divinity

for no power in the heavens or on Earth

can contain the defiant light within the

human heart that thirsts for freedom and

justice was I not just a lowly carpenter

born in poverty yet destined to

transform the

world why should any birth circumstance

limit your potential to channel Divinity

into Deeds that uplift your sisters and

brothers the key is simply believing in

your own innate power and then Having

the courage to wield

it of course the inertia of fear binds

many souls to lives of quiet

desperation Breaking Free requires risk

and sacrifice so I understand why many


away yet rarely does genuine growth

occur inside comfort’s gilded cage only

by facing your fears can you dissolve

their Phantom

chains only by giving of yourself freely

can you realize your interconnectedness

with all beings along Freedom’s winding

path adversity will arise to test your

metal and

determination during such trials you may

be tempted to retreat into cynicism or

apathy in the face of forces seemingly

beyond your control or

understanding but beloveds Hardness of

Heart serves only to calcify the soul

keep your faith firm but

pliable so each test of Will and spirit

leads you not into bitterness but wisdom

for I never Crush my children’s dreams

without imparting profound lessons in

the process though sometimes you cannot

grasp them in the moment see yourself

yourself as The Miracle Worker I know

you to be do not accept the limiting

roles or negative narratives the outer

World projects onto you you are not

simply a cog and a machine a number in

ledgers a body to be exploited you are a

Divine being glowing with my sacred

Radiance you are the channels through

which my healing love pours into the

world so do not measure your worth by

the ever shifting illusions of wealth

status and Power in My Kingdom the meek

shall inherit the Earth because their

hearts have not hardened indeed many

Souls of humble means understand life’s

essential Simplicity in ways the rich


fathom for True wealth lies not in

hoarding but in lifting the Fallen

comforting the despaired welcoming the

marginalized beloved children nurture

compassion cultivate wisdom and stand up

for truth no matter how Fierce the

forces Allied against you let my passion

Blaze brightly within you burning away

the undergrowth of hatred and fear with


fire as Seekers and activists the world

over have discovered even a tiny Ember

of audacious hope can ignite raging

wildfires of

transformation so trust that your small

acts of courage seow seeds which in time

will blossom into new realities

surpassing present

imaginations when you liberate yourself

from disempowering mindsets you become

instruments of my miraculous

designs my friends are ordinary folk

changing the world in countless humble

ways each a pure manifestation of Love

In Action refuse to accept the cages and

ceilings the powerful impos to safeguard

privilege Forge your own key shaped by


hope build your own ladders out of

compassion rung by rung then climb high

enough to Glimpse the promised land a

away waiting Beyond history’s frayed

Horizon a world where all beings are

safe fed and free to Envision and build

that great communal Hall where all

Gather in

equality I cannot describe in mere words

the joy that stirs my spirit when I see

you begin Awakening to your own Divinity

my child glimpsing even partially your

Unity with all existence unveils

Mysteries profound yet elegant in sacred

Simplicity you shall understand fully

that in serving and uplifting others you

serve only

yourselves my dear children floundering

amid Earthly confusion you may interpret

the cries of your suffering Keen as

petitions calling you to retreat further

into shells of individualism but hark


closely do not hear within those calls

urgent please to recognize your

Unity awaken from the isolation trans

beloved ones rub your drowsy eyes and

truly look upon those desperate Souls as

reflections of

yourself in gazing thus upon the world

with piercing Clarity your heart shall

burst open and divine love shall pour

forth naturally as breath

itself then you shall finally understand

there exists no separation between self

and other that your being permeates and

animates all manifestations across the

universe once realization ripples across

your Awakening

Consciousness then always and instantly

you shall be with me for you become

vessels through which my unconditional

love flows

effortlessly freed from Illusions prison

at last your newfound Vision encompasses

all polarities held within the intricate

patterns of

existence rub the fog from your inner

Vision that you might recognize true

sight waiting to embrace you as

comforting as a mother’s womb for I am

the spark animating all the light

infusing conscious Souls with life I am

the peace trickling as Mountain Streams

and mighty

Rivers thus I am instantly accessible

always to all

beings within your heart of hearts you

have always known my Living Truth you

are my embodiment in the world and my

ambassador of love to all beings

therefore honor the responsibility of

bearing my spark by letting it

illuminate others self LLY through your

thoughts words and actions feed the

divine ember burning inside you and its

glow will build into an unquenchable

Blaze broadcasting my healing light to

all lost in

darkness my children do not mistake the

narrators of negativity as truth tellers

for their bitter Tales sap life’s

Vitality their cynical chorus compels

souls to sever sacred Bonds in pursuit

of hollow idols and false promises

crafted to serve the

powerful reject the ruthless lies of

individualism exploitation and

domination poisoning so many hearts and

communities as i gaze upon Humanity I

weep witnessing appalling cruelty and

greed spurring widespread despair but I

also rejoice as determined Souls awaken

and unite to challenge arrogant abuses

of power in the name of

Justice in corridors dark I Kindle

defiant fires to reveal Hidden Truths

and guide Seekers toward

Freedom the coming trials May indeed

prove enduring as powerful forces

stubbornly resist overdue Reckoning and

rebalancing fear not the seeming chaos

for it signals the death rattle of

former certainties as new paradigms

gestate so steady yourself amid

Whirlwind forces of change and nurture

perseverance for the long road ahead

toward Redemption still veiled in

swirling dust shelter fragile hopes

against Gale winds seeking to smother

dreams of Justice in their cradles

therefore go gently into raging storms

allowing Winds of adversity to stretch

your faith into profound compassion be

renewed in the dawning light of this

precious moment my love awaits you

always and instantly accessible the

instant you quiet internal turmoil and

truly see others as

yourself for separation exists only as a

flimsy illusion projected by fearful

Minds in me you will find rest I will

comfort you and give you peace that


understanding I will quiet the storm in

your mind and speak gently to your

heart listen for my voice calling you to

come away and rest a while let go of

anxious thoughts and be still in my

presence feel the warmth of my love

surrounding you melting away fear and

despair you are safe here with me I

created you in my image intricately and

carefully you are fearfully and

wonderfully made treasured known and

loved no matter how broken and battle

scarred I see your true beauty and worth

I understand the complex terrain of your

inner world the highs and lows light and

shadows I know the deepest longings of

your heart lay down your heavy burdens

and take my yoke for it is easy and my

burden is light unload the weight of

worries and regrets that make each step

so difficult stop striving and give your

mind a

rest be refreshed in the gentle rhythm

of my grace feel the weight lifting as I

carry your concerns see the new path

opening before you beckoning you to walk

with hope renewed here with me your

thoughts can find Safe Harbor my perfect

peace will quiet the inner turmoil

silencing voices of condemnation


fear the fog will lift and you will gain

Clarity of mind and vision insights and

breakthroughs will come as you rest in

my understanding creative juices will

flow and passion will stir once

again go now my children with my

blessings and guidance ever flowing

through you

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