It’s greatest mistake to ignore me !|God Message Today For You|God helps|Jesus affirmation

my dear son as I behold your troubled

heart amidst the wrong turns you’ve

taken and the consequences you now face

please know that I stand by your side

holding your hand with love and

compassion even in your darkest moments

you might feel distant from me burdened

by your mistakes but there’s no distance

my love can’t Bridge no mistake too

great for my forgiveness my heart brims

with mercy and Grace for those who

sincerely repent

don’t let the weight of your sins

separate you from me approach me with

humility and Contrition and I’ll soothe

your troubled soul let me wipe away your

tears mend your wounds and revive your

hope remember you’re precious in my

sight and nothing can sever you from my

love trust me my son even when you’re

lost for I know the way back home don’t

fear surrendering completely to me for

in my hands you’ll find security and

shelter every step toward me will be met

with unconditional love no sin can

overshadow the vastness of my

forgiveness let me illuminate your path

even in the darkest nights pay no mind

to others judgments for I alone am the

true judge welcoming you with open arms

ready to forgive and restore allow my

love to rejuvenate you let me transform

your pain into joy and your weakness

into strength even in moments of

weakness I’m working for your good

shaping you in the likeness of my love

trust me for I have plans to prosper you

and not to harm you to give you a future

full of blessings keep seeking me with

all your heart and you’ll always find me

by your side guiding you with love and

care you’re never alone my son for I’m

the unfailing god the one who loves you

endlessly if you’re ready for divine

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