IT WILL BE SWIFT AND SUDDEN। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child come and listen to the words I

wish to speak over your

life I have seen the financial struggles

you face the lack you endure the

constant worry over making ends

meet my heart breaks because this is not

my desire for

you I created this world and all its

abundance for you to enjoy not to barely


by I am calling out to you now to impart

wisdom and strategy for the coming

days the coming year shall not be like

the last it will be a year of

Supernatural Supply ideas and creativity

flowing from my throne room to

you the blueprints for financial

increase are already being

released strategies to build wealth and

prosper my people are in

motion I am orchestrating a complete

turnaround in your finances the

rainclouds are a approaching even when

you cannot yet see them on the horizon

before the first drops arrive start

preparing the soil lay the groundwork

now through faith and obedience to

Steward what I am releasing formulate

your business plan open bank accounts

take steps in the natural realm to

position yourself for blessing my grace

is coming upon you to both imagine and

accomplish what I am birthing in your

spirit the ability to create Prosperity

comes from me alone never forget the

this truth it is not your striving but

my goodness making a way remain humble

through it all here is the strategy I am

imparting to you go to the oceans of

financial abundance I have created and

cast your nets I will fill them to

overflowing with provision ideas

contracts customers and more than you

need bring in the catch then distribute

the excess to fund my work for there are

so many struggling to make ends meet in

this world

I do not desire any of my children to

merely scrape by my plan since the

beginning has been for abundance more

than enough to bless Generations after

you so cast your nets boldly and believe

for the supernatural miraculous Supply

only I can bring others have labored and

you get to enter their reward the

spiritually wealthy who have gone before

you stewards of Heaven’s wealth their

prayers faith and Legacies are combining

with yours to call forth prosperity unpr

precedented on the earth thus far but

remember the source always exalt my name

through it all for financial increase

shall surely come to the righteous my

very words declare such Bountiful

promises ask and it will be given unto

you I shall open the windows of heaven

and pour out blessings without measure

you will lend to Nations and not borrow

the wealth of the wicked is laid up for

the just you shall be called the

repairer of broken walls and restorer of

streets to dwell in the Year of Jubilee

approaches debts cancelled slaves set

free property returned Kingdom

principles setting captives free from

poverty and

lack my passionate desire for you

realized at last here is my blueprint

for you to create wealth and

prosper first renew your mind from the

lies of the evil

one the enemy works over time to

sabotage my children from receiving

their full

inheritance he is the thief who comes to

steal kill and destroy but I have come

to give you life more

abundantly treat poverty thinking as

from the pit of Hell it does not

originate with me my nature is

extravagant lavish and overflowing

generosity second make friendship with

faithful abundance thinking

Believers surround yourself with those

who speak the language of abundance and

prosperity let their Big Dreams stir

Faith inside you catch the anointing on

their lives through Association for iron

sharpens iron you will rise together as


connect third ask largely of me expand

your vision of what is possible limiting

beliefs result in limited

resources but as you believe in my

boundless Supply you make room for

increase in your life Let Your Capacity

to receive grow I wish to blow your mind

with blessing without measure so make

room for the more I wish to give fourth


generously from whatever seed you hold

now sew into fertile Ministry ground as

I lead you understand the spiritual laws

of reciprocity and increase what you

make happen for others will come back to

you twice fold as you water others I

will water

you give and it shall be given back

shake the small thinking that holds you

back and fifth decree the promises of my

word over your finances

daily the power of life and death is in

the tongue release faith-filled words

for I watch over my word to perform it

speak only increase promotion

overflow call for the wealth of the

wicked laid up for you let your words

create a womb for me to birth Miracle

Supply within you I am causing Financial

Revolution to come to my righteous

children the generational curses of

poverty stop now the new year is your

year of Supernatural ideas contracts

property recovery and income from


sources mining the hidden riches I have

stored up just for you this is my heart

this is my plan plan for you to create

wealth and prosper but there are

practical steps you must

take firstly heed the call to wise

stewardship of thy

resources Master the art of allocation

setting aside portions for future needs

and for the growth of thy

wealth seek the counsel of The Prudent

If thy own understanding is limited

refrain from the Folly of living beyond

thy means scrutinize thy outlays with

the wisdom of Solomon and cast aside

that which does not serve thy needs if

necessary Embrace a simpler life dwell

within the bounds of what thou Hast

while keeping faith for the Lord’s

provision to

increase secondly make it thy solemn

quest to break free from the shackles of

debt enter into no Covenant with

creditors but rather establish a plan of


repayment sacrifice worldly Temptations

to achieve a state of financial

Liberation it is my desire for thee to

be unburdened by Earthly

chains thirdly labor diligently to

multiply thy streams of

sustenance extend thy hands to the

spindle and let thy hands hold the

distaff seek knowledge and wisdom in

diversifying thy means as one who plants

in many

fields explore avenues that yield fruit

even while sleepest using the tools of

the Modern Age to further thy

Prosperity transform thy god-given gifts

and talents into Ventures that bear

fruit whether through writings crafts or

thy skills

shared verily the ways to prosper in

thine own dwelling are numerous in this

time trust in my guidance for I shall

lead thee step by

step fourth nurture the seeds I have

given you to cultivate increase your

gifts talents education experience

personality invest in developing your

highest and best to serve others well

pull those seeds out of hibernation you

have left

languishing plant them in Fertile

opportunities I will bring across your

path and watch them grow into trees of

prosperity that keep making fruit year

after year you have so much untapped

potential with waiting to be awakened I

will awaken seeds long dormant together

we will see them flourish my child I

have appointed angels of breakthrough to

go before you this

year they carry keys to unlock promises

long delayed expect sudden blessings

chance encounters unexpected favor and

surprises no one saw coming these angels

know your story and the Injustice you

have faced they have been author

authorized to unleash breakthrough to

make up for lost time for the years the

Locust has eaten will be

restored expect acceleration at

last your financial future is forever

changed because of the finished work of


Cross what was purchased at Calvary is

yours by Covenant right healing

Deliverance prosperity and

inheritance you have legal access to the

riches of Heaven’s

resources sin sickness poverty and death

have no hold on you anymore walk free

from it

all none of this is ego-driven but

rather full recognition of who I created

you to be access these spiritual riches

through prayer and faith-filled

declaration call forth what already

legally Belongs to You possess your

possession let Kingdom wealth and

resources be made manifest in the

Earthly realm I am also assigning you

angels to bring wealth creating ideas

inventions property opportunities

Investments and businesses across your

path they carry Scrolls for you that

release access to the hidden resources

ordained just for

you I have supernaturally stored up

riches over the ages just for you to now

unlock receive open eyes to recognize

doors I am opening around you seize hold

of Kingdom keys to unlock the next level

there are assets properties Estates

Investments and blessing released at

Calvary that have your name on them as

you learn to spiritually access the

Eternal realm where these are safely

stored up you can transfer them into the

natural realm through Declarations of

Faith pull them out of heavenly places

by claiming what Jesus already paid for

be bold and persistent to receive I take

great Delight as you access more of your


inheritance for finan in the Kingdom

operate very differently from the world

system as you expand your perspective of

me the I Am the source of all worlds you

make room for so much more blessing to

come through you align with the

boundless creativity of my nature that

never runs dry expect new streams of

Revenue new contracts new customers and

New Opportunities flowing steadily like

a river for I am opening rivers in

desert wastelands right now

I alone can cause water to flow from a

rock watch me do the miraculous as you

stand in deeper

Faith the key is first seeking my

kingdom and my righteousness so pursue

Me Above any Earthly gain allow my

values to shape your inner life more

than money ever could serve my purposes

on the earth for that is your highest

call and as you do my sons and daughters

Watch How extravagantly I bless you

financially all my promises are yes and

amen for you to create wealth and

prosper this is my heart this is my

desire now you will see

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