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my child I know your mind is weary and

your spirit faint the burdens of this

world weigh heavy and thoughts of

Darkness creep in but take heart I Am

with You cast your cares upon me for I

love you with an everlasting

love in me you will find rest I will

comfort you and give you peace that

passes understanding I will quiet the

storm in your mind and speak gently to

your heart listen for my voice calling

you to come away and rest a while let go

of anxious thoughts and be still in my

presence feel the warmth of my love

surrounding you melting away fear and

despair you are safe here with me I

created you in my image intricately and

carefully you are fearfully and

wonderfully made treasured known and

loved no matter how broken and battle

scarred I see your true beauty and worth

I understand the complex terrain of your

inner world the highs and lows light and

shadows I know the deepest longings of

your heart lay down your heavy burdens

and take my yoke for it is easy and my

burden is light unload the weight of

worries and regrets that make each step

so difficult stop striving and give your

mind a rest be refreshed in the gentle

rhythm of my grace feel the weight

lifting as I carry your

concerns see the new path opening before

you beckoning you to walk with hope

renewed here with me your thoughts can

find Safe

Harbor my perfect peace will quiet the

inner turmoil silencing voices of

condemnation and

fear the fog will lift and you will gain

Clarity of mind and

vision insights and breakthroughs will

come as you rest in my understanding

creative juices will flow and passion

will stir once

again when anxiety grips your heart cry

out to me and I will answer I will be

your rock and refuge from the storms of

life I will give you wisdom for the

journey ahead take each step holding my

hand walk in trust not

fear look to me for Direction when the

way seems unclear I will light your path

and Lead You In Truth my sheep know my

voice learn to listen for my gentle

guidance amidst the clamor come walk

with me leave behind frenzied thoughts

and busyness let your mind be renewed in

this Sacred Space feel tension melting

away as you breathe in the sweet

fragrance of my

presence sit still as I wash my peace

through the corridors of your mind like

a gentle River be refreshed and re

restored here with me is where you

belong Our Hearts and Spirits are

intertwined you and I we are one I live

in you and you in

me this is where you find your truest

self I created you for fellowship with

me your ABA father I know your name and

your story I know your highs and lows

when you feel alone remember I am with


always listen closely and you will hear

me calling your name the darkness will

not Prevail Dawn will break and joy will

come in the morning Trust In This

Promise for I am

faithful I will never leave you nor

forsake you my plans for you are good

keep moving forward one step at a time

hold tightly to my hand through the

valleys look up and see my light guiding

you ever onward Speak Life hope and

Truth over your mind mind and heart

daily combat negative thoughts with my

word let it dwell richly in

you guard your mind from impure things

be transformed and renewed From the


Out put on the full armor of God each

new day release the need for control

into my hands relax in the knowledge

that I hold your mind and life

securely co-create with me as I unfold

my purposes move with the flow of my

spirit I will direct your steps

according to my timing and will seek me

first and all you need will be given

Come Away Now

beloved allow me to tend to your

weariness and soothe your

soul receive my love stronger and deeper

than the sea immerse yourself in my

healing presence listen for my voice of

Truth and Grace fear not for I am with

you I am I am your rock your Fortress

your strength set your mind and heart

fully on me together we will walk into

the dawning of a new

day my child when worries overwhelm come

sit at my feet tell me all that Grieves

you let my presence ease your mind feel

me taking your burdens and setting you

free know that I care deeply and desire

to help you through this Valley you need

only ask and I will impart strength stay

focused on me not the swirling storm

around you keep your eyes fixed on the

light not the encroaching

darkness my perfect love casts out all

fear I will be your shield and Shelter

From The

Tempest under the shadow of my wing you

can find

rest in times of mental fog and

confusion cry out to me for discernment

I will part The Mists and show you the

way forward one step at a

time when you feel lost in Shadows of

Doubt remember that I am the light of


world come close and let my illumination

guide your path when condemned by past

mistakes and regrets receive my

forgiveness aesh let my Mercy wash over

you and make you new the blood of Jesus

brings cleansing to mind body and soul

you have been redeemed restored and set

free forgive yourself as I have forgiven

you if voices of Shame and unworthiness

ReSound come listen to my voice of

affirming love drowning them out you are

my precious child I Delight in you

rejoice over you never doubt my full

acceptance boldly receive this free gift

of Grace when weariness weighs heavy

come away and rest let me carry your

burdens and concerns for a while unplug

and unwind in my

presence still your mind and open your

hands to receive refreshment from me let

my Living Water Revitalize your soul if

feeling alone or

afraid remember I am always near call on

me and I will answer my spirit will

comfort you and remind you of my

constant presence you have never walked

this road alone my love envelops you at

all times when energy and motivation lag

tap into my strength and joy I have

Living Waters that will invigorate your

mind body and spirit come drink deep and

be refreshed my power is made perfect in

weakness rely fully on me each day if

discouragement sets in lift your eyes to

me Let My Hope fill your heart and

lighten your perspective tomorrow comes

with new mercies and open doors take

things one day at a time keep moving

forward with your hand in mind when

mental chaos abounds take every thought

captive to my

truth refuse negative mindsets see

yourself and situations Through My Lens

of redemption combat lies with my Living

Word let my peace Rule and Reign if

depression drags you under cling to me

as your Lifeline let me carry you until

the darkness passes pour out your heart

to me and allow my comfort to flow in I

will never leave you in

despair my Healing Touch can restore joy

and wonder once more stay alert to the

enemy’s schemes use my armor daily

guard your mind from fiery darts of

accusation take refuge in me I will

deliver you from attacks and lift your

head our Victory is secure there will be

times when weariness sets in and your

steps begin to falter your pack may feel

too heavy kneel down and let me shoulder

the load for a stretch I do not intend

for you to carry more than you can bear

when you grow tired stop and rest in the

Refuge of my

presence as you wait on me strength will

rise up within you like Eagle wings let

my love fill you and overshadow all

fear take hold of my hand when the

terrain turns

rough even through the darkest Valley I

am with you ready to comfort and guide

you through to the other

side the caverns of trial can be fertile

ground for growth Treasures are found

along Steep and Stony

paths when you stumble and Veer off

course do not wallow in

regret get back up and

recalibrate learn from mistakes but do

not be defined by

them my Mercy is new every morning I

forgive restore and use all things for

good your failures do not change my love

for you well done beloved child you are


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