IT WAS NOT BY CHANCE THAT YOU WERE CHOSEN! god message, god message today

my beloved child I want you to know that

there’s no need for you to worry anymore

please don’t be discouraged or troubled

by anything that burdens your heart I

hear all your prayers every single one

of them and I am here always ready to

guide you through even the most

challenging moments of your life imagine

that from my Throne a mighty river flows

a river that carries away all your

troubles leaving your soul cleansed calm

and filled with peace I long for you to

be filled with faith hope and

Tranquility to be released from the

Relentless storms of thoughts that

batter the walls of your mind allow me

to enter the corners where painful

memories hide where sadness and pain

dwell I am your lord your savior and I

have forgiven your faults there’s no

need for you to torment yourself with

doubts and self-

accusations if you truly love me and

believe in me stop thinking that there’s

no solution to your problems I don’t

want you to live in tension and anguish

it’s not my desire for you to spend your

days with your head down lacking the

faith to raise your gaze to the heavens

I want you to be free from all worries

starting today yes I know that you live

in a world filled with pain but you were

chosen for these times you were born in

the right place and no matter how

difficult your life has been it’s all

all part of my divine plan it’s for this

very day that your faith will ignite and

because of what you’ve endured you’ll

have the humility to receive the

incredible wisdom and blessings that I’m

about to pour upon you your financial

problems will fade when you let go of

your attachment to material possessions

your family is more precious as is your

health and your

future also remember to love yourself

just as I love you with patience and

affection don’t demand Perfection from

yourself it only places obstacles in

your path leading to

confusion everyone makes mistakes but

you have me and I see how it pains you

when you go astray from my word when

your emotions lead you into actions

you’d rather not take but there is

forgiveness and Grace for your repentant

heart with each new day there’s a new

opportunity and fresh mercies that I

personally deliver to you each morning

I will come to you tap on your window

and awaken you I will bathe your face in

a gentle Ray of holy white light

revealing the boundless love I have for

you it’s time for you to truly believe

in me and cling to me you have a destiny

to fulfill a purpose to achieve dreams

to Chase and a family to support I only

ask for your respect and loyalty your

heart already belongs to me but I need

you to take your path to Freedom

seriously I didn’t give you life for you

to waste it to be tossed about by the

winds that crash against Violent Waves

don’t blindly trust false friends who

lift you up only to let you down when

you need them most they come and mock

the trials you face always blaming you

for everything and you start to believe

them that’s when your faith dims once

again don’t fear loneliness hold tight

to my love my affection offer me your

innocent Faith just like that of a child

and believe me when I tell you that I

genuinely love you a spiritual

Revolution is beginning amen if you want

others to receive the blessing that has

come into your hands you can share this

message with the people you love and

join my Army of good news and let’s

continue blessing the changes occurring

around you are for your ultimate good

prepare your heart and mind open the

doors of your home and let my presence

take its rightful place as you hear me

now know that your life is about to

change I understand your needs even

before you express them but I desire

your thoughts and desires to be clear be

certain of what you ask of me know your

wants and your destination if you seek

Victory it comes at a price true Faith

fervent prayer hard work and personal

sacrifice I will grant you success that

becomes an eternal blessing for your

family and for you I will not give you

anything that brings sadness or

separates you from me I do not want your

family to suffer due to your absence I

desire your success in the world and

your Shining Light in the streets but

when you return home Darkness should not

follow you forget not those you love do

not burden your life with strife and do

not sacrifice your health I always seek

what is best for you true peace peace

unwavering Faith a life of tranquility

and freedom from worldly concerns

Earthly possessions are fleeting you

brought nothing into this world and you

will take nothing with you but the love

and affection you sow in those who love

you the faith you share the help you

extend to those in need your unshakable

faith and loyalty these are the

treasures that will bring you a true

spiritual reward I will personally tell

you come beloved daugh

beloved Son you were faithful in the

Small Things a great blessing I have

prepared for you and one day I will

place a crown upon your head with my own

hands I have the power to change times

and Seasons to transform hearts and to

set everything in its place so that you

may enjoy my blessings and leave your

Sorrows behind I’m at your doorstep

calling out to you open up I wish to

dwell in your home and I desire your

entire family family to be filled with

my wondrous peace everything unjustly

taken from you will be returned

multiplied stand firm and do not accept

defeat life may have struck you people

may have betrayed you and they may wish

to see you fall but I your almighty God

am with you and I will not forsake you

by my grace my love and the strength I

have placed within your heart you will

rise you will stand tall like a

courageous woman Warrior those who seek

to trouble you to humiliate you and to

defeat you will be astounded when they

witness all that I will accomplish

through you with their eyes wide open

they will see as I lead you out of the

desert into fertile land where Miracles

flourish you have faced countless trials

but the day of your Prosperity has

arrived I will heal your ailments

deliver you from captivity and Grant you

glorious Freedom hold on on to hope as

if it were a precious treasure remain

rooted in my word for it is the most

valuable possession do not be swayed by

the empty murmurs of those who Envy you

when they see how I surround you with

blessings I will provide you with

honorable work food on your table

Abundant Health protection from Evil

faithful friendships and Harmony within

your family you will have marvelous

dreams and profound desires to live

persevere and Triumph always remember

this your age is of no consequence never

underestimate yourself do not use the

number of your years as an excuse I will

work great wonders in you because I love

you and nothing can thwart my plans you

have my unwavering support my love and

my faithfulness I desire your heart and

your loyalty prepare for a new

Supernatural life I love you for all

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