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my beloved child in me and only in me

can you find pure and indestructible

Love It Is This Love that Comforts and

heals you I am the one in this vast

universe who died and rose again solely

for your sake so that you may attain

salvation and eternal

happiness ask of me now my beloved for

this love to be granted to you forever

the miracle you await shall come to pass

the matter that troubles you shall find

resolution rest assured your prayer has

reached the celestial throne and your

answer will soon arrive however when you

receive it I implore you not to follow

in the footsteps of others who receive

what they ask for only to forget the one

who gave it to them instead I urge you

to glean wisdom from the situations you

have endured let these experiences touch

your heart and bring forth gratitude I

do not seek your material possessions

nor do I desire your offerings unless

they emanate from a sincere and grateful

Spirit it is through this spirit that

true blessings multiply in your life

when you receive an answer to your

prayer do not forget the God who saved

you do not believe that you have

achieved everything through your own

strength I must caution you for if you

do your blessings will gradually wither

away much like a flower without water

water your prayers with praise bring

Thanksgiving to my Altar and value and

appreciate everything you receive even

if it may seem

insignificant though I may not always

Grant you exactly what you ask for rest

assured that I always provide something

far greater as your father and Creator I

know what is best for you your family

your spiritual life and your heart if

you ask me for Prosperity I will cancel

your debts be grateful for you are

living in

Freedom perhaps your accounts May

currently hold no money but no one shall

come to your door seeking payment if you

ask me for abundance I will provide

honorable and dignified work for each

member of your household do not complain

for I am providing you with the means

and the opportunities to earn your bread

do not fear for I shall open doors for

you go to the place I send you for there

you shall prosper through your

dedication and honor I desire peace in

your home May the Miracles you witness

serve to Foster your spiritual growth do

not solely fixate on material

possessions above all maintain a sincere

attitude of gratitude within you this is

the first step towards a supernatural

life these Keys unlock the door to a

time of abundance

your devotion worship Thanksgiving Faith

commitment to bless those around you and

your desire to receive my word all of

these things please me persist in prayer

be eager to be an instrument of my grace

and strive to Build a Better World all

of these actions bring me great joy

listen once more to the words I have

spoken to you let them be etched into

the depths of your soul for you shall

need to remember them when tongues seek

to discourage and assail you know that I

am the one who heals you prospers you

and rescues your life from the depths of

Despair I cover you with my boundless

love and mercy I open the door to a

supernatural world and it is my will

that you receive the Miracles you

implore of me however I also command you

to cherish them your life and your

family are a Divine Testament to my love

take a moment to reflect on the places

times pains and sufferings from which I

have rescued you you were not born

surrounded by luxury but from the moment

you first beheld the light you became

one of my messengers a vessel of healing

in this

world beloved child let the Divine Light

That abides within you illuminate your

path for You Are Not Alone on this

journey I your God Stand By Your Side

unwavering and my commitment to support

and strengthen your faith every moment

open your heart to receive the infinite

blessings that the Universe has to offer

May the peace of the Divine fill your

being soothing your anxieties and

dispelling your

fears believe my cherished child in the

transformative power that lies within

you you possess the capacity to

accomplish great things to overcome

every obstacle and to realize true

happiness devotee time to prayer and

scripture for in doing so you allow my

word to guide your steps and illuminate

your thoughts with unwavering Faith you

shall realize your loftiest dreams and

leave an indelible Mark upon the world

beloved child I am filled with immense

joy to witness your remarkable progress

on this journey of Faith your unwavering

dedication and unwavering demonstration

of Faith resonate deeply Within Me

evoking a sense of profound pride May

these moments of spiritual growth and

transformation become a regular

occurrence elevating you to Heights


imagination may they permeate every

facet of your existence serving as a

testament to the transformative power of

maintaining an intimate relationship

with the Divine May the Divine Light

always be present in your life guiding

you towards Eternal happiness with

infinite love and eternal gratitude I

implore you my dear child to share this

message with others that they too may

experience the blessings of God’s word

oh my cherished child your presence in

this sacred moment fills my being with

profound gratitude it enables me to

Envision a future for you that is

radiant and resplendant forged upon the

unyielding Foundation of unwavering

Faith May the word spoken today resonate

deep within your being igniting the

flame of Hope and fueling an unshakable

conviction that nothing is impossible

for those who anchor themselves in the

Embrace of divine love as you tread upon

the path of Life remember that I Am with

You guiding each step you take I shall

illuminate your path shielding you from

The Perils that lurk in this troubled

world where uncertainty and shadows seek

to overshadow the light of faith yet

fear not for I shall be the Luminous

Beacon that dispels the darkness

revealing the inherent Beauty and

Splendor of

existence continue your journey beloved

one with unwavering confidence knowing

that you are a truly unique and

extraordinary being endowed with

unparalleled gifts and talents you

possess the potential to make a profound

impact on the world around you Embrace

these gifts for they are a divine refle

reflection of your purpose May the grace

and blessings of the Divine accompany

you always enveloping you in a cloak of

protection and

guidance as you navigate the challenges

that lie ahead may your heart remain

steadfast your spirit unwavering and

your faith

unshakable and in every step you take

may you feel my presence illuminating

your way and bestowing upon you the

strength to overcome all obstacles

my child I shall be your pillar of

support and a faithful companion in all


endeavors step by step we shall journey

together hand in hand in this journey

your eyes shall bear witness to

countless Miracles where the mistakes of

the past shall be rectified and those

who have felt offended shall forgive

your ways even your enemies shall

tremble before your presence the chains

that bind you shall be shattered and you

shall dwell in in a state of joy and

freedom every moment you spend in my

guidance shall be rewarded with peace my

purpose is to Shield you from evil

preventing you from descending into the

abyss of sin and death and keeping you

close to my Divine Light do not allow

the enemy to lead you astray Into

Darkness and delusion seek not solace in

Earthly places but find strength in my

word which empowers you to resist the

attacks that come your way

hold no grudges Harbor no anger or

resentment instead forgive those who

have caused you pain and pray for them

continuing your journey without

hesitation for blessings await you

remember what you receive comes through

Grace and Faith receive the blessings

and Gifts bestowed upon you with

gratitude and remain

steadfast seek me at the beginning of

each day and take your time to commune

with me call upon my name and I shall

answer with wisdom your Victory does not

depend on your own strength or cunning

but on my Divine strength and the

guidance of my Holy Spirit keep this

truth embedded in your heart and you

shall prosper and receive Abundant

Blessings do not waste your time

worrying about the threats that come

your way do not let them isolate you or

weaken your resolve know that the plans

of your enemies seek only to remove you

from my presence to make you feel lonely

and weak let them believe you are

unaware of their schemes be as gentle as

a lamb for I shall take care of what


deserve use my word as your shield and

sword treasure and hold fast to all that

I have spoken for my word imparts life

and wisdom guiding you through the

trials of Life do not hesitate for I am

with you my precious child recognizing

your resilience amidst difficult

circumstances your life your dreams your

finances and your family are all held

securely in my hands under my Divine

Providence you are my beloved child and

with you blessings shall abound entrust

your anxiety into my hands and I shall

alleviate it from the moment I heard

your voice I have answered your fervent

prayers I beseech you my beloved child

to join together in prayer strengthening

this moment of profound unity and

communion all I ask of you is your

undivided attention and focus during

this moment for the enemy shall rise up

in an attempt to undermine it but I

declare that all their tricks shall fail

together we shall overcome every Wicked

deed for the honor and Glory of my name



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