It came directly for you, faithful child! Message from God, message from God today !

my beloved children I come to you with a

sense of urgency and anticipation for a

momentous event is on the horizon as you

receive this message I implore you to

listen with Open Hearts and attentive

Minds The Divine Purpose behind this

communication is profound and it is with

great urgency that I call upon you to

heed its

significance keep this Revelation sacred

sharing it only among those who are

prepared to receive it and let your

prayers serve as a beacon of guidance

and protection behold the dawn of

miraculous occurrences draws near

heralding a season of divine

intervention in the lives of my beloved

children rest assured for I am steadfast

in my commitment to each of you ready to

pour out blessings beyond measure from

the smallest acts of grace to the

grandest displays of Providence prepare

your hearts to witness the wonders of my

love through unwavering faith and belief

in my omnipotent power you you shall be

positioned to receive these blessings in

abundance as I prepare you for the

transformative changes that lie ahead

reflect upon the trials and triumphs of

your journey thus far and you will find

evidence of my unwavering presence

amidst life’s storms even in the darkest

of times my light has guided your path

leading you towards growth and

preparation for the blessings Yet to

Come embrace the concept of trusting in

my divine plan recognizing the

limitations of human understanding

and surrendering to the wisdom of my

guidance in this surrender you will find

peace and Assurance knowing that my

plans for you are of goodness and hope

understand the necessity of spiritual

renunciation as you identify and release

the worldly distractions and sins that

hinder your connection with me let go of

Earthly desires and attachments turning

your gaze towards the Eternal Treasures

of spiritual growth and

Enlightenment if in this process of

Letting Go you will experience a

profound transformation as I provide

Divine assistance in overcoming

challenges and embarking upon a new and

enriching spiritual journey acknowledge

the weight of financial struggles and

concerns that burden your hearts and

know that I am attentive to your Needs

Trust in my intervention in financial

matters as I am the ultimate provider


sustainer embrace the importance of

faith in financial restoration as you

align your actions with my Divine timing

and provision seek practical guidance in

financial stewardship managing your

resources responsibly and embracing a

spirit of generosity and giving let the

wisdom of scripture guide your financial

decisions as you trust in my abundance

and provision Beyond human understanding

explore the fundamental aspect of

forgiveness as a Cornerstone of Faith


Healing understand the significance of

forgiveness in the context of Christian

life drawing strength from prayer and

seeking Divine guidance release the

chains of resentment and bitterness

embracing the freedom that comes from

extending Grace to

others as you Embark upon the Journey

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