IMPACTING! GOD WANTS TO REVEAL THIS TO YOU TODAY! god message | god message today | god says

sometimes God closes doors because it’s

time to move forward he knows you won’t

move unless your circumstances Force you

trust the transition God’s Got You amen

God will never L you empty he will

replace everything you lost if he asks

you to put something down it’s because

he wants you to pick up something bigger

God has taught me that I never need to

worry about tomorrow I survived

yesterday I am alive and dealing with

today with God’s help I can face

tomorrow and whatever may come my way

amen God has protected me more times

than I can count so I can only imagine

the times I’ve been rest rescued that I

don’t even know about thank you God for

always being there even when I don’t

know it amen thank you God for your

grace for your mercy for your

forgiveness for your protection for your

guidance for your friendship for your

peace for your unfailing love for being

my savior amen God says therefore do not

worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will

worry about itself each day has enough

trouble of its own God always has

something for you a key for every

problem a light for every shadow a

relief for every sorrow a plan for every

tomorrow God is down in front he is in

the tomorrows it is tomorrow that fills

men with Dread God is there already all

the tomorrows of our life have to pass

him before they can get to us

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