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Love Is The Answer not just a trit

saying but the very essence of my

teachings let love be your compass

guiding your actions and illuminating

your path faith is the bridge faith is

not blind belief but a bridge that

connects you to something greater than

yourself walk on it with trust and an

open heart hope is the anchor even in

stormy seas hold fast to hope it is the

anchor that keeps you grounded amidst


uncertainties forgive freely forgiveness

is not for the other person it’s for

your own

Liberation let go of resentment and find

peace within judge not we are all on a

journey instead of judging others offer

compassion and understanding seek truth

with humility approach truth with a

humble heart and an open mind be willing

to learn and grow

constantly serve with joy find joy in

serving others the greatest among you

will be the one who serves others with

humility let your light shine don’t hide

your gifts let your talents and

compassion shine through making a

positive impact on the world children of

God remember you are all children of God

loved and cherished equally treat one

another with respect and dignity turn

the other cheek don’t meet anger with

anger choose nonviolence and overcome

evil with good seek the lost sheep just

as I sought the lost sheep reach out to

those who feel forgotten or marginalized

let your words be seasoned choose your


carefully let your speech be kind

encouraging and filled with love seek

first the kingdom of God don’t let

Earthly possessions consume you focus on

spiritual growth and living a Purpose

Driven Life do not worry tomorrow will

take care of

itself trust in God’s Providence and

live fully in the present moment knock

and it shall be opened ask for guidance

and it will be given seek and you shall

find the least of these when you serve

the least of these you serve me show

compassion to those in need come unto me

when you are burdened come to me for

rest I offer Solace and strength to

weary Hearts repent and be baptized turn

away from sin and embrace a new life

repentance is a journey not a

destination the Kingdom of Heaven is

within you the Divine spark resides

within you seek God’s presence within

your own heart love your enemies this

may seem impossible but love conquers

all pray for those who hurt you and

break the cycle of hatred the two great

Commandments love God with all your

heart and love your neighbor as

yourself these two Commandments

Encompass all the law and the

prophets the Sabbath was made for man

rest is essential take time for

Rejuvenation and connect with your loved

ones let the little children come to me

embrace children with love and

innocence learn from their simple faith


openness the parable of the talents use

your god-given gifts to their full

potential don’t bury your talents in

fear the parable of the S be fertile

ground for the word of God listen

attentively and put teachings into

practice the parable of the lost coin

god rejoices when a lost soul is found

never give up on someone who has

strayed the parable of the good

Samaritan love knows no bounds help

those in need regardless of their

background the parable of the Prodigal

Son forgiveness awaits all who return

with a repentant heart the narrow gate

following the true path requires

sacrifice and

dedication don’t choose the easier wider

path many are called few are chosen many

hear the call but few choose to follow

it be committed to your faith and walk

the talk Render unto Caesar what is

Caesar ERS respect Earthly Authority

while honoring God’s laws a new

commandment love one another as I have

loved you this profound love is the

Hallmark of my

teachings the Fig Tree be fruitful in

your life produce good works that

benefit others and demonstrate your

faith The Widow’s might even small acts

of generosity can have a great

impact give what you can with a sincere

heart the parable of the workers in the

vineyard God’s reward is is not based on

comparison but on

faithfulness render to God what is God’s

dedicate your time talents and resources

to God’s service and to living a life

that reflects his

teachings beware of false prophets be

Discerning don’t be misled by those who

preach false doctrines or who exploit

others signs of the times be aware of

the world around you but don’t focus on


predictions live each day

Faithfully watch therefore stay vigilant

and prepared for your return live a life

worthy of God’s kingdom love covers a

multitude of sins let love be your


principle when you love deeply you can

forgive and build

Bridges where two or three are gathered

the power of community is strong find

strength and support in fellowship with


believers the greatest in the Kingdom of

Heaven humility is key true greatness

comes from serving others and putting

others before yourself

deny yourself and take up your cross

following me requires

sacrifice be willing to let go of

worldly desires and prioritize your

faith the power of prayer prayer is a

powerful tool for connecting with God

talk to him openly and honestly sharing

your Joys and

burdens the parable of the hidden

treasure seek the kingdom of God with

all your heart it’s a Priceless treasure

worth pursuing

relentlessly the parable of the Pearl

Merchant be willing to give up

everything for something even more

valuable a life centered on God and

guided by faith the power of faith faith

can move

mountains believe in the power of God

and the possibility of

Miracles the parable of the virgins


prepared live a life of constant

Readiness for God’s return with faith as

your lamp I am the way the truth and the

life I offer the path to Salvation the

embodiment of truth and the source of

eternal life

walk with me and follow my


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