heavenly father is saying to you

today my darling child I understand you

wonder why I permit suffering and sorrow

you doubt my love and you question my

methods you have the option though to

continue believing all that I have

promised you despite your waning Faith

you need me don’t think you can assist

yourself it is me who redeems and

restores The God Who cures you as me

acknowledge that I am present among you

thank you for everything I have

accomplished and everything I still have

to do I mean how much closer can I be

than living inside of you I still have

the ability to save people and I always

will you can rely on me to take care of

everything on your mine

particularly when a miracle seems to be

the only solution I am still enthrone

despite everything that is

shattered if you’re sitting in the dark

and experiencing

Agony possessed of a broken Spirit

devoid of Hope continue to approach my

seed of Grace and order to behold my

magnificence yours will be raised by my

spirit from the depths of Despair and

you will experience my abundant alls


Grace your heart and mind will be

soothed by my

Tranquility I have prepared my

deliverance and mercy for you you are in

my hands and I alone am able to restore

your Brokenness and failing

Health like this video if you follow

through in Jesus

the Lord claims by living in complete

dependence on me you will be able to

accomplish the winning version of life.

Victory is typically associated with

success in people’s minds slipping or

tripping but not creating errors in

judgment the people who are successful

in their own areas of expertise on the

other hand have a tend y to forget about

me and go their own way when you are

confronted with challenges and setbacks

when you are vulnerable and in need you

will learn to rely on

me true dependence does not consist of

only requesting that I bless whatever it

is that you have chosen to accomplish

you are coming to me with an open mind

and heart in inviting me to plant my

aspirations within you I am experiencing

this possibly I will instill a Dream


you I am experiencing this possibly I

will instill a Dream Within you that

seems to be well beyond your

capabilities you are well aware that you

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