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my beloved Child come closer and let us Converse do you sense the importance of

this moment be attentive for I wish to reveal Mysteries concerning your purpose

and relationships you have been questioning when promised blessings regarding

Partnerships will come to fruition I see your fatigue when prayers appear fruitless instead of Awakening long held

dreams you perceive delays where I am simply making preparations and positioning for for precisely the right

timing have faith in my Flawless Providence I am pleased by your patience

thus far but know that cultivating greater endurance will reap even greater

rewards than you can Envision the Shadows fading signal the

dawning of warmth and light those walking Faithfully before me will experience compounding

Revelation yet alongside joyful breakthrough ever lurks the adversary prowling with Beed fangs determined to

ravage and demolish the pristine future rapidly coming into view eyes blazing

with envious Fury behold long awaited prophecy being fulfilled after years of empty

Echoes he dispatches his villainous followers to prowl through the darkness On Assignment to terrorize newly

unlocked dreams though Brazen are their deceits and vicious their exploits I command

that these Confederates Retreat to the abyss I declared Divine reversal over

all curses summoned against your Bounty the Gates of Hell cannot Prevail where

Heaven’s angels are triumphant March forward behind Heavenly hosts blazing

Trails for my arrival come closer beloved do you sense Adventure Dawning

on the horizon of your story the hour has come to launch ships long anchored

safely in Harbor out into seas that Exhilarate the soul first consider what this Odyssey will require as it unfolds

holds unscripted navigating unpredictable Tides will test character and courage yet fear no Peril in my

company have we not walked hand in hand through storms before trekking Skyward

Into Thin Air can leave you breathless when the ascent seems too far too Swift

but Vigor flows from my heart to yours when yours grows faint we travel as partners never you

alone and in those moments when your feet stumble consider too that Adventures

launch not from timid Shores but Wild Waves that leave Hearts pounding Divine Destiny pulls you past

former fears yet Prudence also wins races so temper Zeal with wisdom

impatience courts danger hurtling yourself unmowed onto tempestuous Seas

my sovereign hand charts the course ahead shielding you from shipwreck on deceptive shs allow relationships to

Blossom gradually intention Al as increasing light illuminates the New

Path ahead step together in syn with my Tempo weight proceed in harmony with my

queue be still at times to nurture quiet fruition or to avoid passing

storms not all teach wisdom discern which waves offer valuable lessons and

which gently caress your safety rests not solely in your skill But ultimately in me you will

learn to rely on my guidance not fearful self-

protection Discovery requires time yet unfolds with Marvel I lead you on treasure hunts to unearth facets of

yourselves and each other glistening with sacred Brilliance too often buried or

disregarded yet there will also be less dazzling moments when abilities fall short and tempests toss

violently in those times cling closely together endure adversity without a

shred of condemnation know that Seasons always change just as

I work individually in each seeking one to transform shifting Sands into unshakable Bedrock so I tutor you side

by side to build relationship on an unbreakable Foundation take heart and

refuse doubts that cloud Clear Sight hold on to Hope while the sand stabilizes Focus not on irritants but on

my joy Calling You Higher and deeper within observe my movements how I

perfect the weak and stumbling I teach you laughter in the tempest’s midst to

dance though Thunder crashes and lightning crackles knowing secret Delight overwhelming the Gale we journey

together what my spirit unites no person can divide I have blessed this sacred

Covenant who now can revoke the Legacy I bequeath or halt Destiny sure approach

lift eyes beyond the swirling Squall behold break through unfolding Majestic

on the horizon painted with promise established long before this

day mine is the victory song already lifting the atmosphere though battles

still rage take courage beloved you were born to weather storms and Thrive I use

even conflicts to teach resilience through forgiveness yet refuse anxiety seeds

contaminating soil pure before me as I tailor each individual filling

empty spaces to shape solid stones from shifting Sands so I tutor you side by

side to construct relationship on unshakable Bedrock too strong to fracture under

duress cling not to Petty annoyances but to my joy Calling You Higher and deeper

within focus on my movements how I perfect the stumblers and strengthen the

weak I teach you laughter in the tempest’s midst to dance though Thunder

crashes and lightning crackles knowing secret Delight overwhelming the

Gale we journey together what my spirit unites no person

can divide lift eyes beyond the swirling Squall mine is the victory song already

lifting the atmosphere though battles still rage you were born to weather

storms and Thrive once more I wish to address love and Destiny entwining do

you sense doors unlocking as we meet precious insights awaiting Revelation then come near to receive

what I am disclosing to you I see the searching gaze behind eyes determined

not to weep bravely smiling though arms ache for embrace Dreams Deferred haunting long

after Starlight Fades into sorrow’s night I have heard the muffled cries

etched with my most cherished names take heart Brave One enduring

assaults The Siege will lift at dawn Destiny’s door

unbolts no damage lasts forever in my hands that hold the stars and steer the

seasons now Barren ground birs Bounty Rich Harvest bursting from the bed of

pain that cultivation prepared in time I make all things

beautiful beloved you have shouldered the battering alone for far far too long

the aimless wandering at times fickle Mercy yolked to Mortal clocks take

courage no longer will you bow to the harsh Taskmaster of human agendas dictating predestined

encounters the appointed hour arrives for divine Collision yes it comes suddenly without

heralding ACC claims subtly and gently as the falling snow that blank its tender shoots nourishing hidden growth

my finest gifts rare arrive on impatient demand but come mysteriously in the

fullness of opportune time poetic irony that Decades of tireless striving

surrender quickly to sighing relief at last

home that which desperate hunger fruitlessly chased is finally discovered delightedly already outstretched Within

Reach This unfolding will require unveiling vulnerabilities unhindered by The past’s Bitter betrayals

as I fill your empty spaces transforming shifting Sands into solid Stones I teach

you to journey together hand inand with me through storms into Joy lift eyes

Beyond swirling storms into Destiny’s unfolding magesty as my victory song

Echoes through raging battles you were born to weather storms and Thrive

beloved take courage don’t be afraid of repeating the painful events of the past

now as you stand on important ground seeing things in a new way you can truly

understand value as I see it through a perspective of love not through the harsh and scornful looks of

rejection risk greatly give freely love wholeheartedly without

restraint listen for me through the clamor beloved my wisdoms whisper Stills

turbulent surging Seas roiling chaos within and without I sustain you now as ever no power can

unwind my steadfast loving kindness for I have chosen you my precious my beloved

my cherished one you are seen no more despised but desired take courage go

boldly forth but gently aware that my blessing Bears no resemblance to this world’s fleeting Trinkets and tinsel

prone to tarnish as iron sharpens iron walk wisely in a paradox of courage

tempered with care not to wound the world abandons at first sigh bored by

the mundane yet true love cherishes For Better or Worse especially when worse

momentarily eclipses brighter Vistas all Adventure worth undertaking

Bears moments of mundane in between victory’s mountaintops pick your companions not

based on Charisma alone which Fades but character consistent through storms and

doldrums whether they are Guided by by Heaven or Hell influences this will affect their fate

even more than their positive qualities protect tender choots of intimacy breaking long frozen ground guard them

fiercely from Blight and disease waiting fangs Bared to infect Love’s perfect

gift shelter this plant only watered by me alive bypassing toxic streams

poisoning its delicate Constitution there will always be snakes hissing to shatter and destroy

but greater am I within you both to sustain and uplift even lifting beleaguered Wings when exhaustion across

the Stony way weighs heavy when weariness of Soul assails let this love nourish and revive until you mount up

again upon Carefree breezes soaring in passion and Delight true companionship

laughs and dreams together mutually invested through heaven and through hell celebrate every Milestone no matter how

small Mighty Oaks were once fragile saplings but given proper preparation

survived crushing weight in due season listen can you hear Destiny’s

Cadence quickening arise in faith shaking off grave clothes that cannot contain Awakening purpose take my hand

see I make all things beautiful in proper time and season do not fear your

sufficiency nor weekly second guess my fullness poured gladly into willing

ones simply say yes to callings once deemed impossible for nothing Delights a

Father’s Heart more than bequeathing Love’s Kingdom to Sons and Daughters knowing it is cherished even now I fill your cup

overflowing with honey from The Rock do not worry for provision or doubt Destiny’s blooming you’ll never outspend

what I’ve stored up through ages of time for worthy ones who walk the narrow Way

With Me For Better or Worse Faith moves mountains take the Shield against arrows

seeking to bully you into smallness again rise to take your place among the

table of royalty where you belong accept no less than my best and

watch what my glory unveils in you step by step season upon season if I spoke this love alive what

then could man say to diminish its reach and what if two so very loved

chose to walk in that truth without Retreat come close beloved one and hear

my heart I see you bowed low before me the

cares of Life weighing heavy despair nipping at your heels let my presence cover you like a

warm blanket find rest here now hear my gentle

whisper I fornew the very trials engulfing you the lack staring back from

Barren cupboards the bills stacked high on the counter each one stamped urgent

in bold red before they ever touched you I prepared the solution in my economy

there is no deficiency my storehouses overflow with plenty no need exists that I have not

already provided for your role is simply to access what I have laid up for you

since before time began the key turned in Faith’s Steady

Hand Faith seeks first my kingdom and all else flows effortlessly from that

fixed Point yet the frenzied pace of Life sweeps even the most devoted off

Solid Ground the current drags you under each crashing wave screaming survival above

the thunder in your ears but there is no lack precious one lift your eyes beyond

the swirling Waters and find my gaze steady and sure take my hand I will lead

you back to Still Waters and Green Pastures to the quiet place where you will find all you need for I did not

design you to operate in survival mode energy poured out on simply making it

through another anxiety-filled day trapped in that cycle forward progress halts there you limp along ever

at the edge of Crisis my whispered promises fading as the Roar of impossibility shouts

defeat here the enemy traps multitudes who never grasp the power that resides Within

yet I have called you to more you who profess my name who claim my death broke

Every curse why then do you limit the blessings you request your prayers Echo hesitation not

fitting for royalty my Throne Room Authority pulses through your veins so walk boldly up to

the throne of grace and expect lavish outpourings of abundance in response yes for you and through you to

bless me multitudes for such is my nature my beloved child you have direct

access to all of Heaven’s resources take my hand rise above the churning chaos Ascend the heights with

me from this Summit Vantage Point survey the vastness of my

supply all you see I have placed under your feet now speak forth what you desire redeeming creation rescuing

Beauty from ashes bringing order from chaos this honor belongs to the Sons and

Daughters of the most high The Waiting World groans in anticipation of your Awakening into the

fullness of your identity in me what limiting mindsets constrain you precious

one you were created in my image for Dominion not domination or depletion

Walk Tall through the uncertainty not in ego’s arrogance but humility’s bold partnership with

almighty God do not mistake the confidence I give for prideful

self-reliance no this holy boldness Springs from The Well of the Holy Spirit

who dwells in you whose Limitless power courses through your veins you have

dipped your toe into that vast Reservoir but oceans yet remain untapped it awaits

your deeper exploration launch out into the deep now

now is the time to unleash holy creativity to dream with me to dare to

ask me for the impossible have I grown weak test me beloved and Astound yourself for I take

Delight in surprises ask David the boy King raised up for my glory the world

called him least and limited but in his weakness my power Shone bright through him I toppled

Giants so silence the inner voices echoing worldly limitation

enough the mentality of lack pulls taut the cords binding you let my truth slice

through those strangling lies I lift you up cut your chains and

set you on high places with me here we will dream together as one mind one

heart no divide separating us our thoughts mingle and multiply and

synergies dance together nothing nothing is impossible for us now come walk with

me precious one let us stroll these high places and Survey your domain Yours by

Covenant right all creation stands ready to respond to your desire spoken in

faith and Authority in the mighty name which guarantees its manifestation this is the Legacy secured

for you receive it fully yes the world clamors loudly in opposition your senses

scream that this Transcendent realm cannot exist and yet the proof surrounds

you the stars that fill the night sky the beating of your heart consider the miracle you are my

impossible design called into being does anything lie beyond the reach of such a

Creator God then dare to take me at my word the question is never can I but

will you believe tune your ear to Heaven’s frequency that Limitless realm

where I transforms impossibility to reality in the blink of an eye then

speak it forth with bold expectancy here on Earth that statement of faith draws

heaven through the veil and plants my promise firmly in your soil there tend

it carefully water it with praise nurture it with declaration weed out

doubt before it chokes the tender Chute stand guard over what we have decreed together until you see the first green

tip Peak through the dirt this tenacious Faith pleases me greatly and sets all

Heaven’s Angels into action on your behalf soon you will behold the full fruit of your

expectancy come now beloved child enter my courts with praise and audacious

Faith Heaven stands ready to fulfill your Earthly petitions to pour out

blessings pressed down shaken together and overflowing into every corner of your

existence this this is but a small preview of eternity’s infinite Supply reserved for my cherished ones it is my

good pleasure to give you the fullness of the Kingdom only believe and receive all that I have for you whatever you ask

count it done in my son’s mighty name expect the impossible made manifest specially for you your latter days

glisten with my glory revealed it is my joy to share my abundance with you to

see my likeness awakened more and more come close my beloved the time has come to step boldly

into the adventures I have prepared for you I know the whispered longings within you to live out daring dreams to drink

deeply of life to reach Destiny’s dizzying Heights yet I sense

hesitation you peer over the edge of what is known and familiar withdrawn to

safer bounds by disappointments gravity like a shy cult potential swells but but

distrust keeps you pinned inside past your fences when your spirit yearns to gallop Wild and

Free beloved will you trust me watch what happens when you yield to my

beckoning again timidity and reluctance restrain you unnecessarily when I intend

only to delight and Inspire as the wind calls the eagle to soar I have embedded Vision in your

inner depths that demand Horizons far grander than status quo you were

engineered for adventure uniquely designed to thrive while courageously

charting unknown spheres brimming with new songs new Joy New Frontiers of

meaning and influence indeed you will require deep drafts of faith and tenacious commitment at times Uncharted

oceans swirl unpredictable and storms Ambush unannounced yet haven’t we walked

together through storms before consider the hardened hand earned by lessons past Venture free from

anxieties paralysis move forward bold yet tempered with wisdom both looking ahead yet

celebrating joys of the moment too March to the Cadence of my spirit neither

lagging reluctant nor bolting thoughtless you see I have masterfully designed an intentional sequence of mil

stones to enliven and free you I strategically embed touch points along

your journey to affirm I am the author of this adventure these signposts remind you not

to sequester hope in some distant Horizon when present Beauty abounds

Grace upon Grace builds foundations sturdy enough to uphold emerging purpose

character is honed as fortitude and wisdom acre what wondrous transformation takes

place within those daring to believe promises that overstep natural understanding as seeds cracking open

Earth give way to Tender choots yearning toward sunlight nurture awakens latent

gifts to flourish yes there are wounds and weariness haunting the hills behind you but consider the vistas now unveiled

before I am ripening the fruit of holy patience in you that empowers not just to endure storms but to thrive in awe

and wonder beholding glorious Majesty displayed through life’s tempestuous

unfolding inside vaults of challenging terrain lay the richest gems I specifically save for those who invest

sweat and Trust pursuing into these Realms are you willing will you lay

aside resignation ruled by lesser Adventures that no longer Captivate I am calling you higher deeper but you must

leave behind the baggage accumulated by Dusty former chapters that never defined

the iconic role I wrote for your story anyway no more fears now take courage as

a child walk walking with their father stop trembling and walk steady upright

aligned with Heaven’s purpose that cannot will not must not fail since I

ordained it before you arrived for too long you have struggled in vain

wandering the empty corridors of human understanding but now I call you forth into the light of divine

revelation I have laid a foundation of wisdom within you patiently waiting to be unveiled

the time has come to access these riches and apply Heavenly principles to your Earthly

Journey you need not strive or labor to apprehend my ways I offer wisdom freely

to all who seek me the complexity of Life often confounds my children

entangling them in futile efforts but my wisdom effortlessly cuts through

bringing Simplicity and peace the key to unlocking blessings in

your life is not Material gain or status but cultivating your inner world as you

nourish your spirit with my word Mysteries become clear and my intentions are revealed the outward blessings will

naturally follow as you blossom into your true identity in me look within and

discover the seeds of greatness I have planted tend them with care and patience

nurture them by communing with me daily I am always speaking guiding and comfor

com forting learn to tune your spiritual ears to the sound of my voice the

cacophony of the world tries to drown me out the clamor of anxiety and fear

self-effort and striving create static in your connection to me as you withdraw

into the quiet place of my presence Clarity comes my voice Echoes into the

deepest recesses of your being unlocking understanding and purpose do not discount the power of

wisdom do not relegate our friendship to religious Duty instead enter sacred

fellowship with your father where the sterile duty of ritual is swallowed up in loving

relationship I have so much to share with you so many hidden mysteries to disclose The Well of divine wisdom never

runs dry come and drink your fill the world is desperately hungry for Solutions only my wisdom can provide

position yourself as a conduit of Heaven’s answers to Earth dilemmas your influence will

expand but chase after me not the trappings of success pursue intimacy

over image the outward adornments of position serve my purposes not yours

remain rooted in secret communion with me and untainted by ego then the authority I vest will

remain pure and potent your desire for wisdom opens the portal for me to saturate your inner

being with Kingdom principles these operate independent of circumstance causing my truth to triumph

over apparent defeat hold fast to my words even when your reality seems to

contradict them lean hard into my wisdom which transcends human logic and

limitation the confusion of the world ens snares my children in a maze of

futility no matter which path is chosen anxiety and dissatisfaction remain I

offer you an elevated perspective an eagle’s eye view by which to navigate

decisions and make sense of mysteries the Strategic blueprints of Heaven translate chaos into order while

man’s Wisdom only generates more striving and complexity mine effortlessly unlocks Clarity and

simplicity the way of the transgressor is hard because it lies in direct opposition to my created order and

Rhythm when your ways align with mine ease and Grace manifests not because I

manipulate outcomes but because harmony with me is your natural state if you

will carve out time and space for wisdom’s embrace I will redeem your moments realigning realities not yet

visible as you entrust me with your finite resource of time I fill your

hands with the infinite bless so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love is s my path in

everywhere and attend the touch of your head I find the strength to rise a stand

through every trial every tear we’ve shed Your Love spin the shelter where I

find my B oh your love spin Myer life stor you see I’m thinking a

hul I need to be free so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love I SP my back in every

way with gratitude in my soul I’ll

sing for the love we share every

and blessings of Eternity I expand the capacity of your days through mysterious

interactions of my divine ordaining moments intertwine with Destiny time

merges with purpose and Mortal existence becomes the canvas on which Immortal

intentions unfold do not equivocate the pursuit of me with temporal ambition I am not

honored by half-hearted seeking or double-minded Allegiance the compartmentalization of

modern Consciousness robs intimacy of its potency by diffusing Focus the

diffused soul access is only diffuse blessing you can only serve one

master lesser affections must yield to First Love or rivalry will emerge the

purity of your passion is measured not just by persistence but preeminence who occupies the highest

throne in your kingdom all other suitors must take secondary seats or conflict

ensues lift me high above contenders through intentional elevation of our friendship

then uncommon blessing will emerge there are Realms of Glory your eyes have not yet seen Horizons of the

spirit still veiled vistas of authority and influence still mostly

unexplored but I am Awakening my child to Greater realities even as I draw you

deeper into my heart the approaching wave of my spirit will infiltrate all spheres of society

with radical revelation of my goodness no longer will strongholds of godlessness remain

unchallenged no longer will Darkness retain its grip on institutions and

structures no longer will Earthly wisdom Prevail in settings still obscured from the light of Eternity the knowledge of

my glory will permeate all high places and you my beloved will emerge from obscurity clothed with greater Authority

and anointing than you have thus far apprehended the assignments I am

preparing will require deep cleansing and equipping misconceptions of me Must Die

childish priorities must yield to mature purpose casual seeking must graduate to

wholehearted devotion for the assignments reserved for the End

Times Child are weighty indeed the institutions of man’s building must be

dismantled to their core in order for my kingdom to permeate deep systemwide

transformation must unfold it will be messy and chaotic as foundational mindsets shift structures

are rearranged leadership is transitioned but out of the rubble will emerge the first fruits of the age to

come but for now raise your head and welcome to the first day of your everything mine is the victory you will

flourish again take courage and confidence your moment is now my beloved

your journey stretches before you into Uncharted territories brimming with with Adventure as we walk together hand in

hand each step will reveal glimpses of my glory there will be trials that test

and storms that batter yet you will anchor firmly to the rock of


a [Music]



[Music] my faithfulness when weariness assails you

pauses to restore your soul drink deeply from streams of Living

Water that flow from my Throne I will spread a banquet table in the presence of anxiety and fear I will guide you

beside Still Waters and along righteous paths for the sake of my great name the

way before you wind upwards beckoning your Ascent to higher Realms in the spirit as you climb Earthly limitations

will fall away Heaven’s rarified air will awaken dreams and Visions once obscured

the Vista widens as you draw closer to my side the Panorama of my purpose unveiled in stages timed perfectly for

your transformation I have embedded touch points along the ascent to signify your

progress and spur you on these signposts remind you of my intentional design and

reliable nature none who earnestly seek me will be disappointed in their

Pursuit when perplexities arise whisper my name and confident

expectation watch as Mysteries unfold into Revelations that illuminate your next step my beloved walk with boldness

into the adventures I have prepared for you the pages of your story team with

Divine potential waiting to be unlocked write them well through courageous faith in me your faithful author and finisher

the greatest Joys still lie ahead along the highways of Holiness I pave before you let us travel them together into the

Heights and depths of all I have for you my treasured one

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