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my dearest most precious child it is with a heart overflowing with infinite

love yet weighed down by the profoundest sorrow that I come before you on this

day for in this moment I am acutely aware of the innumerable ways in which I

have failed you the countless instances where my actions or inactions have

caused you pain anguish and heartache I’m sorry these two simple words though

seeming small in their utterance carry within them a weight that is almost too

immense to bear for they represent the anguished Cry of a Father’s Heart torn

asunder by the realization of how deeply I have wounded the one I cherish above all else from the moment I breathed life

into your fragile form knitting you together with infinite care and boundless love within the sacred womb of

creation I have been an everpresent witness to the trials and tribulations that have marked your journey through

this Fallen World I have seen the tears that have streamed down your face each

glistening droplet a poignant reminder of the pain and sorrow that you have endured and in those darkest of moments

when the weight of the world seemed to crash down upon you when the shadows of Despair threatened to engulf you in

their suffocating Embrace I ache with the knowledge that I could have done more been more to

alleviate your suffering for though my love for you burns with an intensity that defies the very

boundaries of mortal comprehension a love that has existed from before the first Whispers of

creation echoed through the celestial Realms there have been times when I have

fallen short when my actions or lack thereof have compounded your anguish

rather than easing its burden I’m sorry these words echo through the hallowed

Halls of Eternity a plaintive chorus of remorse that reverberates through the very

fabric of creation itself for I am acutely aware of the wounds I have inflicted upon your tender

heart the scars that Mar your soul as a result of my failures as a father when

you cried out to me in your darkest hours beseeching me for Solace for

guidance for a respit from the Relentless onslaught of suffering that threatened to break your spirit there

were moments when my presence seemed seemed distant when the warmth of My Embrace seemed to elude your grasp and

for that my child I am truly and deeply sorry when the adversary that ancient

foe whose malice and hatred know no bounds hurled his fiery darts of Temptation and doubt seeking to ensnare

you in his Insidious Web of Lies and deception there were times when I did not Shield you as I should have when I

did not stand as an impregnable bullwark against the onslaught of his malice and for that I am sorry beyond

words when the cruelties and injustices of this Fallen World threatened to break your spirit to extinguish the sacred

flame of hope that burned within your heart there were moments when I did not intervene as swiftly or as decisively as

I could have when I allowed the darkness to linger longer than it should have and

for that I am sorry from the depths of my being I’m sorry these words are but a

pale reflection of the anguish that fills my heart for they can never truly convey the depths of my remorse the

profundity of my sorrow over the ways in which I have failed you my most precious

and beloved child yet even as these words pour forth from my lips I am

reminded of the boundless depths of my love for you a love that transcends the

finite boundaries of mortal existence a love that has burned eternal before the

foundations of the universe were laid it is a love that knows no bounds a love

that is infinite and everlasting A Love That Will Never falter or fade no matter

how Grievous my failures may seem for you my child are the object of my

infinite affection the reason for which I have set in motion the grand tapestry of creation itself the very purpose for

which I breathed life into the vast Cosmic expans expance so though I may

stumble and falter though my actions May at times fall short of the Perfection that befits my divine

nature I will never cease in my efforts to be the father you deserve the unwavering source of Love strength and

guidance that you so desperately need in this Fallen World I will pour out the boundless depths of my love upon you

enveloping you in the warmth of my eternal Embrace shielding you from the adversary’s malice and the world’s

cruelties I will be your rock your Fortress your strong tower in the midst

of the storm a constant and unwavering presence upon which you can always rely

and when the Shadows seem deepest when the darkness threatens to consume you in its suffocating grasp I will be the

light that guides your way the beacon that pierces the gloom and illuminates

the path before you for though I may stumble though I may

falter my love for you will never diminish and my commitment to your well-being will never waver I’m sorry

these words will forever be etched upon my heart a constant reminder of the Sacred trust I have been given and the

solemn Duty I bear to be the father you deserve the one who will never abandon you never forsake you no matter how

difficult the road may become but they will also serve as a rallying cry a

Clarion call to redouble my efforts to pour out the boundless depths of my love

upon you with a fervor and intensity that knows no bounds for you my beloved

child are worth every sacrifice every effort every ounce of my eternal

devotion so take heart and know that though I may falter though I may stumble

my love for you is immutable unchanging and everlasting I will never forsake you

never abandon you for you are the pearl of greatest Price the object of my

infinite affection and unwavering devotion and though the path ahead may

seem shrouded in darkness though the adversary’s malice May Loom like a menacing Spectre on the horizon I will

be with you always and forever your loving father your faithful friend your

Eternal companion on this journey through the vast expanse of Eternity I’m

sorry let these words be a reminder not of my failures but of my unending love

my unwavering commitment to be the father you deserve the source of strength comfort and guidance that you

so desperately need let them be a candle in the darkness a Beacon of Hope that shines through even the deepest night

reminding you that you are never alone never forsaken for I Am With You Always

unto the farthest reaches of Eternity I am yours and you are mine

forever and ever World Without End and no force in this universe or any other

can ever change that immutable truth so hold fast my child and know that though

the road may be difficult though the trials may seem insurmountable I will never leave your side for you are my

beloved my most precious treasure and I am your your Eternal Father your unwavering protector and

your constant source of Love strength and guidance I’m sorry for every tear

every heartache every moment of pain or sorrow but I will never stop striving to

be the father you deserve the one who will wipe away every tear heal every

wound and shelter you in the warmth of my Everlasting Love so Lean on Me My

Child and let my love be your strength your hope and your Eternal refuge for

though I may stumble my love for you will never fail I’m sorry my beloved but

I will never stop fighting for you never stop pouring out the boundless depths of

my affection upon you until the Shadows flee and the light of my love Reigns

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to join us as the cherish member of our community my cherished children listen

as I your Eternal Father speak to you from the boundless Realms of Heaven you

have called to me in your hours of need asking with Earnest Hearts when oh Lord when will the

shadows of our trials lift when will the cycles of Sorrow cease know that I who

sculpted the stars and painted the skies hear each whisper each silent plea that rises from the

depths of your souls understand this beloved I exist beyond the confines of your Earthly time

my presence transcends the cycle of days and nights seasons and Years yet in this

vast eternity I am ever attentive to The rhythms of your lives for I am not a

distant Observer I am deeply involved intimately engaged in every moment every

heartbeat of your existence in the fullness of time I chose to step

into your world embodying love and sacrifice to offer you a bridge across the chasm of sin and

despair this act of redemption intricately planned was a testament to

my perfect timing an alignment of heavenly Purpose with Earthly reality

the unfolding of your life each joy and challenge is not random or unattended in

your seasons of waiting and wondering remember that my ways are higher my

vision far-reaching I am acutely aware of the burdens you bear the legacy of

pain that Trails through generations the Relentless grip of illness the shadow of

scarcity yet in my Divine orchestration these two shall find their

end for I am the god of new beginnings the author of life’s turning

Pages as Dawn dispels night so will your Liberation arrive in my appointed

time in the Stillness of your waiting there is purpose it is a crucible for

growth an opportunity to forge a deeper Faith to draw nearer to My Heart In

These Quiet Moments I am shaping you fortifying your spirit preparing you for

the abundance that is Yet to Come As you stand at the cusp of change

know that I am aligning the elements in your favor my timing is not only about ceasing the

old but about initiating the new I am ready to unleash a wave of healing

prosperity and joy Upon Your Life Trust therefore in my impeccable timing

embrace the journey even amidst uncertainty cling to my promises for they are steadfast and true in due

season you will witness the manifestation of my plans for you plans of Hope and

flourishing know that as we journey together I am orchestrating events for your ultimate good my timing is not just

about ending cycles of hardship but also about heralding cycles of blessing I am

poised to bestow upon you a legacy of health wealth and generational favor as

you navigate the currents of time be assured of my unwavering guidance I Am

The God Who redeems time the one who intervenes divinely to alter the course of your story

I am the author of kios moments those appointed times when Heaven intersects earth when my purposes are unveiled in

your lives in moments when you feel overwhelmed by life’s battles remember

that I am ever presentent when the enemy’s flood Rises against you I will raise a standard declaring a halt to the

onslaught this is where afflictions end this is where new chapters begin I stand

as a Bull workk against the tides of adversity marking the moment of your deliverance as you Traverse this journey

hold fast to the knowledge that I Am with You guiding each step Illuminating

each path in the fullness of my perfect timing all things will come to fruition

aligning with my Divine will rest in this assurance my

children for my love and presence envelop you guiding you through the

corridors of time as you Journey Through the chapters of your life remember my

beloved that I am everpresent weaving your experiences with a wisdom

that is infinite and a love that is unending I understand the depths of your struggles and the heights of your dreams

my vision for you is one of wholeness peace and joy consider the natural world

I have created see how the seasons change seamlessly how the tide es and

flows with a rhythm all its own if you want God’s grace always upon you then

please consider to support our ministry by clicking thanks button in the same way the seasons of your life are under

my careful guidance there is a time for growth a time for rest a time for joy

and even a time for sorrow each season serves a unique purpose in shaping who you are and who you will become in the

times of waiting and uncertainty when you feel like you are walking through a long unending night trust that

I am with you I am the light that guides you through the darkness the Steady Hand

that holds you when you falter the challenges you face are not meant to break you but to build you to

strengthen your character and deepen your faith in your interactions with others in the love you give and receive

you see my hand at work relationships are not just social they are spiritual

connections through them I teach you about forgiveness patience and Selfless

Love as you walk through life you may encounter Crossroads moments of decision

that shape your destiny in these times seek my

guidance I will not make the choices for you for I have given you the gift of free will but I will guide you offer you

wisdom and provide signs along the way trust in my guidance and know that

whichever path you choose I am there with you your journey is not just about reaching a destination

it is about becoming more like me in the process it is about learning to love to

forgive to Hope and to trust every

experience every Challenge and every Joy is an opportunity to grow in virtue and

inspire spirit in moments when you feel alone when you question my presence know

that I am closer than you realize my presence is all around you in

the beauty of creation and in The Quiet Moments of reflection in your service to others in acts of kindness and

generosity you reflect my love you are my hands and feet in this world when you

reach out to the needy Comfort the Brokenhearted or stand up for justice

you are living out my purpose for you in these acts you find true fulfillment and

purpose as you grow older as you reflect on the life you have lived know that

each moment was a part of a greater plan the joys and the Sorrows the successes

and the failures all contributed to the person you are in every moment I was

there rejoicing with you in your triumphs and comforting you in your sorrows in your quest for meaning and

purpose turn to me I am the source of all wisdom and understanding in me you

will find the answers you seek the peace you long for I am the constant in an

everchanging world the solid rock on which you can stand know that your life

is a precious gift a journey to be cherished a story to be lived fully each

day is an opportunity to experience my love to grow in Grace and to make a

difference in the world my child I have seen your struggles and I know the

difficulties you face the Wilderness stretches before you vast and for boing

each day brings new trials financial troubles relationship issues health

problems the path seems endless but do not lose hope the Wilderness readies the

soil for growth trust in me through this season of testing focus on the work I am doing

within you even when you cannot yet see external change Prosperity requires

transformation as your mind aligns more with mine your actions will follow let

me renew your thoughts so you can discern my will allow me to shape your heart so my desires become yours then

you will Steward resources wisely when abundance flows your way the Wilderness

seems empty and Barren but growth happens underground in secret Roots

reach deep to Anchor You firmly in me even in this dry season my Living Water

nourishes you I am replacing scarcity with abundance lack with

prosperity keep walking the path your Promised Land lies ahead do not look to

others and become envious or compare yourself the journey I have for you is unique custom designed to help you

flourish my timing is perfect what I build slowly endures what I grow

gradually remains be content in each season not rushing ahead

impatiently enjoy the Journey’s progression stay rooted in this community where I have placed you soak

in the wisdom shared here which comes from above apply it diligently to your

life as iron sharpens iron you can sharpen each other

walking together towards maturity invest where I’m moving sew generously into

this fertile soil continually plant yourself under this nurturing covering

even when you feel stuck on the border of Promise trust that behind the scenes

I am at work breakthrough is coming resist doubt that Whispers lies trying to uproot you cling to my faithfulness I

complete every good work I begin none can stop my purposes unfolding in in you

the Earth Waits eagerly for the sons and daughters to be revealed those who will courageously carry my glory working

wonders that bear witness to my kingdom creation is expectant longing to see my

children walk fully in their identity and Authority You Were Made for More do

not settle for mediocrity when I have destined you for greatness the pain of this Wilderness is but a fleeting memory

compared to the Eternal weight of Glory soon to be revealed stay near to me my beloved and listen

for my voice directing your steps I am guiding you along the highways of Holiness towards breakthrough do not

detour onto side roads that lead nowhere keep your focus on me alone the

surrounding noise and distractions will try to compete for your attention but tune your ear to Heaven’s

frequency as you seek first my kingdom and righteousness I will add all else you need I bless those who honor me with

their first and best as you Faithfully Steward your time talents and

finances I multiply them so there is more than enough for every good work sew

abundantly into Kingdom soil and you will reap abundantly give and it shall be given

unto you pressed down shaken together and running over open the floodgates of

Heaven by opening your hands freely to those in need store up Eternal riches in

heaven as you generously share Earthly resources now I am calling you up higher

my child shake off disappointment discouragement and despair leave those

Graves closed behind discard every weight slowing you down I am reclothing you with strength joy and Authority I

Crown you with purpose and Destiny rise and shine for the glory of the Lord is

risen upon you bright hope infuses this new day the tests you have passed in the

fire have prepared you well you now recognize my wisdom not your

own this journey is transforming weakness into strength your struggles

develop perseverance and resilience character is forged in The Crucible skill is honed through practice

hardship Bears strength and fruitfulness these seemingly contrad ictory truths perplex the wise of this age but my ways

transcend human understanding stay near the stream of Living Water within you be constantly

nourished by my word and spirit pray without ceasing worship freely even when

you do not sense my presence know I am nearer than your breath holding you safe

in my hands I am always working to redeem each loss and disappointment

turning mourning into dancing trust my timing and purposes I use all

things for your good shaping you into a masterpiece the deeper The Roots the

higher the tree will grow a day is coming coming soon when I will release

Heaven’s Solutions into a suffering world the Harvest is plentiful and ready

arise my beloved for now is the time the travail of this season will fade into

distant memory as my glory is revealed Rivers of joy and Vindication will flow freely no longer will you labor in

obscurity and isolation lift up your eyes child and

believe even now Sprouts are breaking through the soil the first signs of

increase momentum is building as breakthrough Looms on the horizon you are crossing over into long-

awaited promise take heart and fear not great purpose and profound meaning undergird all you have endured my spirit

is hovering ready to Breathe new life step forward boldly your season of

birthing Awakening and fulfilling Destiny has come my child I have seen

the years you spent wandering this Earth unsure of who you were or where you

belonged I know you look back on that time as wasted devoid of purpose or meaning but I tell you not one moment

was lost every experience every person who crossed your path

every choice you made be it good or bad all of it has led you here to this

destined encounter with me for I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and end of

all things I stand outside of time ordaining each season appointing every

purpose under Heaven do you not know that I hold time within the palm of my hand with but a thought I can bend its

passage slowing days to years Excel ating moments into

eternity I set the rotation of Heaven’s constellations and command the tides EB and flow and so too I order the course

of your life according to my perfect plan trust in this my child though

Seasons may change and cycle spin round I have allotted you a space within

eternity you are no accident no happen stance creation before I looped Earth’s first

orbit or lit the infant Stars I saw you and Sanctified you as my own I

established the boundaries of your life when you would draw your first breath and when your eyes would finally close

in death and in between I have mapped each step of your journey every

Mountaintop and Valley all to shape your character and bring you closer to my

heart where you now stand at this Waypoint consider it a destination of my

own design a destined time and place yet yes you spent years enslaved by sin

Shackled by choices rooted in Reckless abandon I grieved to watch the child I

love wallow in the pigy of worldly Pursuits but even this too had a purpose

to expose the bankruptcy of temporal pleasures and create a hunger for that which truly

satisfies in your weakness did you not find my strength perfected when men

failed you was I not there by your side through every hardship heartache and

loss have I not carried you safely in my hands surely goodness and mercy have

chased you down all your days now look again at the years behind you were any

truly lost did not every joy and sorrow work in concert to shape your character

could any scar have been spared that now displays my healing no my child I have

redeemed every second granted you the enemy deceives when he Whisperers of

wasted time I do not deal in waste but in refinement trust that through it all

I have been crafting you into a vessel of honor and now at this destined hour I

bid you to walk in the wisdom and purpose I have prepared for you from the foundation of the world consider this

Junction in time a gift a chyros moment pregnant with Divine significance for

Beyond it lies A New Path a cycle of increase marked by my glory and manifest

station here I am ending the old season and initiating the new the Pains of

former lack and confusion will fade like shadows in Dawn’s light together we will

walk into the fullness of blessing I have reserved for you a series of sizes

orchestrated by my hand in the coming days you will meet divinely appointed

friends and co-laborers through them I will reveal Mysteries and bestow gifts

yoked with me no Pursuit shall overwhelm you no battle shall best

you Mountains will fall walls crumble and chains be loosed at merely a word

for the waiting is over and the wishing is passed this is the era of more than

enough when dreams long deferred will revive and flourish like well-watered Gardens Giants will fall before you

while multitudes gather under the shade of our partnership the knowledge of my glory shall cover the Earth through

you even as you walk in the fullness of your identity as my beloved one yeah my

child lift up your eyes and see I am doing a new thing calling forth rivers

in the Wasteland pathways through roaring Seas take hold of my outstretched hand set your gaze ahead

your future beckons more radiant and Limitless than your boldest imaginings I have prepared a banquet of

blessings beyond measure to Delight your soul come take your place beside me and

drink deeply from the cup of Destiny I have lovingly prepared for you the Wasted Years Gone Like Mist Before

Sunrise today eternity awaits all who walk with their father’s hand secure in

theirs you my beloved have always been mine now enter my joy to the full my

beloved child for too long you have felt unseen carrying rejection and wounds

from the past you have cried out to me in your distress sending up quick

desperate prayers hoping for Relief that did not come but no more today I declare

Freedom over your life freedom from the chains that have bound you I see you my

precious one every hidden tear every quiet disappointment I have watched them

all when you retreated in into the Shadows believing yourself invisible I

was there in your darkest moments you questioned if I saw if I cared but my

gaze never left you not for a second you are known you are seen you have never

been invisible to me I see the deepest longings of your heart longings for love

for purpose for belonging I see the giftings I have placed within you giftings to bless the

world around you I see all you are meant to be the calling I have for you and I

say to you now the time has come the waiting is over this is your moment can

you not perceive it even now my spirit is moving in and through you Awakening

and igniting the old is passing away behold I make all things new Divine

alignments are coming forth connections and open doors that will Propel you into your death Destiny the drought is ending

my child after the barren winter comes the spring new life is already bursting

forth have I not said you would be a well-watered garden streams of living water flowing from within even now that

water bubbles up rivers are converging around you rivers of opportunity favor

and blessing all of Heaven is aligning on your behalf this day marks a Turning

Point a seismic shift the dawn of a new day the past is behind you and before

you lies wide openen space filled with potential the boundaries are expanding

it is time to enlarge your vision dream bigger than you have allowed yourself to

dream partner with me now to create build

grow flourish unhindered and unrestrained

what I bir in you will have Kingdom impact do not discount this I will open

doors to strategic relationships and platforms even the painful rejection

you’ve endured will be redeemed for my glory watch and see what I will

do yes you have toiled long in obscurity and isolation but no more this season of

preparation was vital for what comes next you are now matured and refined a

sharp arrow my quiver I am taking you from the Shadows into the spotlight now

is the moment for bold faith I am expanding the territories and Tents of those who partner with my plans the old

restrictive mindsets and limited thinking must be surrendered as you yield to my leading each step I will

bring Clarity and vision you will see things you’ve not seen before discern

shifts in the spirit the path before you will illuminate walk in the confidence that I go before

you to make the Crooked places straight fear will seek to intrude attempting to

sabotage all I intend to do through you recognize its voice for the lie that it is and reject it swiftly you have

authority over every strategy of limitation the enemy would try to bring wield that Authority boldly move

forward in boldness not allowing yourself to be hemmed in by intimidation my angel arm march with you

you will not go unseen or unprotected into your destiny great excitement awaits as I lead you into new ventures

in the days ahead do not become preoccupied with how the details will

unfold simply remain yielded to my guidance trusting me each step

miraculous provision and blessing shall overtake you look not to your strength and resources certainly I will utilize

your gifts yet understand all all that transpires will be by my spirit in your

weakness my power is made perfect you will Marvel at all I accomplish through

your small offering as you step out in radical obedience and Faith an abundance

of divine connections resources promises and blessings shall manifest rapidly

sudden reversals of Fortune debt removals Financial releases promotions

Divine surprises this is just the beginning as you give generously of your

time talents and finances into my kingdom still more abundance will

overflow beyond your current capacity your Harvest will be accelerated

concentrated and exaggerated in its manifestation

indeed you will begin to manage responsibly all I entrust to you training is coming that will greatly

increase your Spiritual Authority as well as Marketplace influence you will learn to Steward with

Integrity operating in Kingdom principles of generosity and abundance the old mindsets of lack and

limitation false humility and fear must be shed fully take hold of my Bountiful

nature I call you upwards and outwards from environments misaligned for your

destiny there are connections collaborations and communal spaces I

will guide you into to shelter and covering will emerge as you step into this new season of abundance and

blessing remember to keep your focus on me your source and provider it’s easy to

get distracted by the Allure of success and material wealth but true fulfillment comes from walking closely with me stay

rooted in my word for it is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path

seek my guidance in all your decisions both big and small and and trust that I will direct your steps do not lean on

your own understanding but acknowledge me in all your ways and I will make your

paths straight As you continue to sew generously into my kingdom you will reap

a harvest of blessings beyond measure but remember true Prosperity is not just

about accumulating wealth for yourself it’s about being a conduit of my love and grace to those around you look for

opportunities to bless others to share what you have freely received for as you

give so shall you receive press down shaken together and running over my

blessings are not meant to be hoarded but to be shared with A Generous Heart

stay humble in the midst of your success knowing that it is by my grace alone

that you have come this far let gratitude overflow from your heart acknowledging my goodness and

faithfulness in every season of your life and when challenges inevitably arise as they surely will do not be

discouraged for I Am With You Always even to the End of the Age trust in my

unfailing love and strength and you will overcome every obstacle that stands in your way so step boldly into this new

season of abundance and blessing knowing that I Am with You guiding and

empowering you every step of the way the best is yet to come my beloved child

walk in faith and watch as I unfold my plans for your life beyond your wildest


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