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my precious

child I want you to know deep in your

soul that you are the one I have

chosen when life feels confusing and

your path is blocked at every

turn remember that it’s because I have

something far greater in store for

you you see when you are mine truly mine

I will sometimes put up roadblocks and

close doors that may seem

promising from your limited perspective

It won’t always make sense you’ll wonder

why relationships fizzle out

opportunities fall through and your

dreams seem to crumble before your eyes

but trust me when I say it’s because I

can see what you cannot I know the

innermost thoughts and intentions of

every person you encounter while they

may flash welcoming Smiles I perceive

what lies in their hearts and when

someone comes into your life to take

advantage of the gifts and blessings

I’ve placed within you or to steer you

away away from my perfect plan I will

not hesitate to remove them I will block

their influence so completely it will be

as if they never

existed You Are My Chosen and I will

jealously guard the sacred potential

I’ve placed within you others may try to

attach themselves to you to share in the

anointing I’ve given you but this is

your journey to walk with me alone I’m

Calling You Higher and the path won’t

always be lined with supporters and

admirers there will there will be times

when you feel isolated and

misunderstood but know that it’s in

those very moments I am refining you and

aligning you for the incredible future I

have in

store when you feel the sting of

rejection remember that my hand is upon

you sifting out anything that would

dilute your purpose or Lead You

astray as the chosen one you walk a road

that is Uniquely Yours don’t expect it

to look like anyone else’s Journey

I will often ask you to release what

seems good in order to step into what is

best I will close doors that appear

promising from the outside knowing they

would only lead you to

mediocrity my ways are higher and I can

see the hidden pitfalls that you cannot

the key is to fix your eyes on me not on

the circumstances that seem to block

your way when you make me your focus I

will fill you with a peace and joy that

defies understanding

you’ll begin to see challenges as

opportunities for me to show off my

power and provision in your life what

others meant for harm I will turn around

for your greatest good I’m not just

working for you I’m working in you so

let go of striving and rest in the

knowledge that I am at work even when

you can’t see it I am aligning the right

people the right doors and the right

opportunities to catapult you into your

destiny and as you release your grip and

trust my timing you’ll find that I will

do exceedingly abundantly above all you

can ask or

imagine remember you are my child

created for a purpose that only you can

fulfill so don’t let the enemy convince

you that blocked paths and closed doors

are signs of failure they are simply

evidence that you are mine and I am

jealously guarding your destiny stay

close to me listen for my voice and

trust that I I am leading you on the

most thrilling fulfilling adventure of

your life the best is truly Yet to Come

For My Chosen

One hold fast to your faith knowing that

I am working all things together for

your good and my glory you are loved you

are cherished and you are destined for

greatness keep walking with me even when

the path seems

unclear I promise I will make a way

where there seems to be no way

I will open doors that no man can shut I

will provide protect and promote you in

ways that will leave you in all of my

goodness so take heart my child you are

never alone and never without hope I am

your God and I will never leave you nor

forsake you the best is yet to come and

I can’t wait to show you all I have in

store trust me lean on me and watch me

blow your mind with my goodness your

destiny awaits My Chosen One my beloved

child I see you struggling trying to

make things work on your own you’ve been

putting in the effort pouring your heart

into relationships projects and goals

hoping that something will click but

time and time again you’ve been met with

disappointment and

frustration it’s not because you’re

doing something wrong or because you’re

not enough it’s because I have a

different plan for you you see you are

my chosen one I have called you

according to my purpose and that means

that everything you go through every

closed door every rejection every

failure is all part of my grand design

for your life it may not make sense to

you now but trust me when I say that

it’s all working together for your good

I know it’s hard to let go of the things

you’ve been holding on to whether it’s a

relationship ship that you thought would

last forever a dream that you’ve been

chasing for years an expectation that

you had for your life but sometimes I

need you to release those things so that

I can give you something

better it’s time to serve notice to the

enemy to all those things that have been

holding you back and keeping you from

your destiny it’s time to say this show


now no more carrying around the weight

of other people’s

opinions no more trying to fit into a

mold that wasn’t meant for you no more

settling for less than what I have in

store for

you I want you to make peace with your

past with all the things that have

happened to you that you didn’t

understand those moments of pain those

seasons of waiting those times when you

felt like you were all alone know that I

was with you through it all and I was

using those experiences to shape you

into the person I created you to be you

are not defined by your mistakes or your

failures you are defined by My Love For

You by The Calling that I have placed on

your life and when you walk in that

calling when you trust in my plan for

you that’s when you’ll see the beauty in


journey so don’t be afraid to let go of

the things that aren’t working don’t be

afraid to walk away from the situations

that are holding you back don’t be

afraid to pursue the dreams that I have

placed in your heart even if they seem


possible I am with you every step of the

way guiding you protecting you and

providing for you I will open doors that

no one can shut and I will close doors

that are not meant for you I will give

you the wisdom and the strength that you

need to navigate this life with Grace

and purpose and when you feel like you

can’t take another step when you feel

like you’re at the end of your rope

remember that my strength is made

perfect in your weakness

Lean on Me trust in me and watch as I do

exceedingly abundantly above all that

you could ask or

think I know that the road ahead may

seem uncertain and there will be times

when you feel like giving up but I want

you to know that I have a plan for you a

future filled with hope and

purpose I’ve created you for such a time

as this and I have equipped you with

everything you need to fulfill your your

destiny so don’t settle for a life of

mediocrity don’t settle for a life that

is less than what I have called you to

embrace the challenges embrace the

struggles because they are all part of

the journey that leads to your ultimate

purpose and when you reach the end of

that Journey when you stand before me

and look back on your life you’ll see

that every step every detour Every

Mountain and every Valley was all part

of my perfect plan for you you’ll see

the live that you touched the impact

that you made and the Legacy that you


behind so keep moving forward my child

keep trusting in me keep seeking my face

and keep holding on to the promises that

I have spoken over your life I am with

you always and I will never leave you or

forsake you remember you are my chosen

one called according to my purpose and I

have great things in store for you far

beyond what you could ever imagine or

dream Trust trust in me lean on me and

watch as I transform your life in ways

you never thought possible I love you

with an everlasting love and I am proud

of you keep shining your light in this

world keep spreading my love and my

truth and know that I am always with you

cheering you on every step of the way my

beloved child I see you going through

hardships and challenges facing setbacks

and disappointments that seem to keep

coming no matter how how hard you

try but I want you to know that every

single thing you face even the painful

and difficult things are all part of my

ultimate plan for your life walking with

me being chosen by me is not an easy

path you will have a cross to bear there

will be pain there will be tears there

will be times the enemy comes against

you with accusations and lies trying to

disqualify you but in the midst of it

all I am with you you I am for you and I

am working it all together for your

ultimate good I need you to trust me to

lean not on your own understanding but

to acknowledge me in all your ways I

need you to keep your eyes fixed on me

not on the temporary circumstances

around you because I am doing a new

thing I am making a way even when it

seems there is no way beloved I have

destined you for greatness I have called

you to to be a light in the darkness a

city on a hill that cannot be hidden

every challenge you face every obstacle

you overcome every furnace of Affliction

you walk through it’s all preparing you

strengthening you equipping you for the

weighty calling I have placed on your

life so do not be discouraged by the

battles do not be dismayed by the

setbacks do not be disillusioned by the

detours and delays

because I am in control I am the master

strategist and I make no mistakes every

know for me is a yes to something far

greater every closed door is a Divine

redirection every delay is a strategic

pause a chance for me to reposition you

keep walking with me keep trusting me

keep saying yes to my plans and purposes

even when you don’t understand

them because I am good I am faithful and

I I will complete the good work I have

begun in you I will bring you into your

Promised Land into the fullness of all I

have destined you for but it will be in

my perfect timing according to my

perfect ways so Rest in Me abide in me

allow me to be your strength your Shield

your very present help in times of

trouble I will never leave you nor

forsake you I will fight for you I will

make a way for you I will lead you into


for you are mine My Chosen One my

beloved child the one I died for and

nothing absolutely nothing can separate

you from my Fierce unrelenting

Unstoppable love so keep your head high

keep your faith strong keep moving

forward one step at a time I’ve got you

I’m for you and I will lead you into the

Glorious future I have prepared for you

since the foundations of the world trust

me beloved I will never fail you all

things every single thing is working

together for your good because you are

called you are

chosen my dear child I want you to know

that when you surrender your desires to

me when you seek to align your will with

mine above all else that’s when true

peace and purpose are found it’s not

always easy letting go of the things you

hold dear the dreams you’ve cherished

but trust that I I have a plan for you

that surpasses anything you could

imagine seeking my kingdom first making

me the top priority in your life is the

key to unlocking the Abundant Life I

have in store for you it’s about more

than just following rules or

principles it’s about a deep personal

relationship with

me when you make that your focus

everything else will fall into place in

ways you couldn’t orchestrate on your


I know the path of the chosen one can

feel isolating at times you may find

yourself spending many days and nights

alone misunderstood by those around you

people may gossip about you or spread

lies you’ll face seasons of deep

questioning crying out to me for answers

but know that in those moments I am with

you I see your tears and hear your

prayers my eyes and ears are everywhere

and nothing escapes my notice I perceive

the true intentions and motives behind

every interaction you have even when you

may be unaware I know when someone’s

smile or kind gesture masks ulterior

motives I’m always working behind the

scenes shielding you from what you don’t

need to be entangled with the enemy is

Crafty and patient constantly scheming

and waiting for opportune moments to ens

snare you but as my chosen child walking

closely with me and attuned to my spirit

I will always warn you of his

tactics whether through an inner

prompting or wise counsel from others

I’ll make sure you are not caught

unaware when the enemy does attack

intending to destroy you he will

ultimately fail I will cause him to

stumble and fall unable to harm you I am

your protector your everpresent

help there may be painful moments when

doors close and things you longed for

slip from your grasp but even in the

heartache know that I am working all

things together for your good I have a

Destiny for you that is greater than you

could ever

fathom every experience every trial

every season is shaping you for what’s

to come don’t despise the process even

when it’s uncomfortable the refinement

is necessary to prepare you for the

weighty calling I have placed on your

life most importantly know that you are

deeply loved my affection for you is not

not based on your performance or

Perfection but on the fact that you are

mine I created you I chose you and I

Delight in you you are precious in my

sight and I’m committed to seeing you

fulfill the potential I’ve placed within

you so keep seeking Me Above All Else

keep making me your top

priority in a world full of distractions

and Temptations Stay focused on my face

I will never lead you astray or abandon

you together we will embark on The

Greatest Adventure of your life one of

purpose impact and intimacy with me

there will be challenges along the way

moments that test your faith and stretch

you beyond what you feel capable of but

in those very moments I will be your

strength I will fill you with my power

and enable you to do things you never


possible I’m not finished with you yet

my child I’m just getting getting

started as you reflect on your journey

thus far both the Mountaintop

experiences and The Valleys know that

every step has been

purposeful I waste

nothing I will use the pain you’ve

experienced to birth compassion and

wisdom within you I will use the

victories you’ve celebrated to encourage

others on their own Journeys your story

is a testament to my faithfulness so

keep running the race set before you

with perseverance keep leaning into my

love and

grace keep seeking my face and listening

for my

voice I’m right here with you and I’m

not going

anywhere together we will accomplish

great things for my

kingdom my precious child I want you to

know that anything meant to be part of

your life anything destined to be

intertwined with your purpose will find

its way to you

no obstacle no challenge no force can

prevent what I have ordained for you

even if it seems lost or separated from

you for a time trust that I will bring

it back to

you for you are meant to fulfill the

plans I have for you when I declare that

all things will work together for your

good I mean it the very things that

pulled you apart the very struggles that

created distance I will use to bring you

closer to me and closer to your destiny

what the enemy intended to harm you I

will transform into something beautiful

something powerful for your

benefit never doubt that when you are My

Chosen One the schemes of the enemy will

always fall

short learn to thank me for the closed

doors as much as the open ones each no

is simply directing you toward the

better path I have prepared for

you every disappointment is a sign that

I have something greater in store

something that aligns perfectly with

your true

destiny for what I have designated for

you will always find you at the right

time and in the right place you are

precisely where you need to be my child

what I have for you is yours

alone so let your heart overflow with

joy knowing that you are mine and I am

yours you are blessed and highly favored

for those who have been touched by this

truth Proclaim it boldly

declare that you are blessed that you

are chosen every setback every rejection

every heartbreak it was all part of my

grand design to protect you and position

you for what I have

planned there was a time when you cried

tears of Despair over missed chances and


connections but now you see that those

were never meant for you I was

safeguarding you preparing you for the

incredible opportunities and

relationships I had in store one ones

that align with my kingdom and my

purposes for you I prevented those

relationships because I have a

God-fearing partner chosen just for you

I block those worldly opportunities

because I have Kingdom sized open doors

waiting for you to step

through everything you thought you

missed out on was simply me making room

for the extraordinary plans I have for

you never allow yourself to feel

inadequate or unprepared for what I have

called you to

do the enemy will always always try to

whisper lies telling you that you aren’t

smart enough that you need more

experience but trust my

workmanship I have already perfectly

equipped you for the purpose I have for

you don’t compare yourself to others or

try to swim in Lanes not meant for you

if you focus on what others have or what

they’re doing you’ll always feel like

you fall short you’ll start to doubt

your own abilities and question why

success seems to elude you

but my precious one it’s not that my

promises aren’t working for you it’s

that I am directing you away from what

was never meant for you toward the

destiny I have uniquely fashioned for

you you are my Chosen One my precious

child the plans I have for you are plans

to prosper you to give you hope and a

future they are plans uniquely tailored

to who I created you to be so trust the

process trust my timing and trust that I

am always working behind the scenes on


behalf as you stay faithful to me as you

keep your heart surrendered to my will

you will see the pieces fall into place

you will watch in awe as I weave

together every detour every delay every

disappointment into a life more

beautiful than you could have

imagined a life overflowing with purpose

joy and the kind of peace that can only

be found in me so my child don’t be

discouraged by the closed doors or the

unexpected twists in your story embrace

them as part of my perfect plan keep

your eyes fixed on me and trust that I

am leading you step by step into the

Glorious future I have prepared for you

you are chosen you are loved and you are

destined for greatness in me rest in

that truth today and let it fill you

with unshakable hope and unbreakable

faith I am with you I am for you and I

will never leave leave your side so keep

walking forward with confidence knowing

that the Best Is Yet To Come for You Are

My Chosen One and your story is far from

over amen

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