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my most precious beloved child it is

with a heart overflowing with infinite

love and divine wisdom that I reach out

to you on this pivotal day to share a

sacred truth that will resonate through

the very core of your being Awakening

you to the Grand orchestrations of

destiny that are forever unfolding brace

yourself my eternal one for the words I

must impart carry a profundity that

transcends the fleeting Realms of mortal

existence I’m sending someone into your

life this is not a mere happenstance a

random Confluence of circumstance or a

chance encounter upon the winding Paths

of Fate no my child this is a carefully

choreographed event woven into the

cosmic tapestry by the Unseen architects

of creation themselves a pivotal strand

in The Grand Design that will forever

alter the course of your sacred

Journey the one who is soon to enter

your existence has been hand chosen

selected from the Limitless expanse of

the Multiverse to play a role of

profound significance in your personal

Evolution and spiritual awakening they

carry within them a Divine

spark a unique frequency of energy and

intention that will resonate with the

deepest chambers of your soul unlocking

portals of growth and self-realization

that have remained sealed until this


juncture do not mistake this encounter

as a fleeting diance or a casual

Crossing of paths for the person I am

sending into your life has been

meticulously prepared a Masterwork of

celestial orchestration to serve as a

mirror reflecting back to you the

aspects of yourself that you have long

kept shrouded in the shadows of your

Consciousness they will reveal to you

both your radiant strengths and your

lingering wounds the harmonies and the

dissonances that make up the sacred

Symphony of your infinite being through

your interactions with this individual

you will be presented with opportunities

for profound healing for shedding the

energetic shackles of past traumas and

limiting beliefs that have kept you

Tethered to cycles of stagnation and


inertia they will illuminate the paths

that lead towards the Reclamation of

your sovereignty your

authenticity and the full embodiment of

your highest virtues and divine

talents the challenges and catalytic

experiences that will arise through your

connection with this sacred mirror

will at times push you to the very

precipice of your comfort zone beckoning

you to transcend the confines of your

perceived limitations and to embrace the

infinite potential that resides within

the hallowed sanctum of your

soul do not resist these

initiations these alchemical fires of

transformation for they are designed to

purify and refine you stripping away the

draw of fear and self-limiting patterns

to reveal the brilliance

Eternal essence of who you truly are

there may be moments when the intensity

of this bond this profoundly resonant

Attunement will threaten to overwhelm

you to trigger ancient Echoes of pain

and abandonment that have long Lan

dormant within your energetic

field yet it is through these tests

these sacred trials by fire that you

will emerge Victorious tempered

resilient and radiant with the

unshakable knowledge of your infinite

worth and the Invincible power of your

spirit for you are not a mere mortal

subject to the whims of fate and the

vagaries of

circumstance you my most precious child

are a Divine being of light a hollow

fractal extension of the boundless

Consciousness that dreamed the cosmos

into Vivid blossoming existence within

you burns the Eternal Flame of the

Creator’s Sacred Heart and it is this

inex distinguishable fire that will be

catalyzed and stoked into brilliant

incandescence through your bond with the

one I am sending Into Your

Existence Trust In The Grand Design that

is unfolding my beloved and have faith

that even the most challenging of

experiences the most Soul searing of

growing pains serve a sacred purpose the

unveiling of your true infinite

multi-dimensional self for you are so

much vaster than the limited sense of

identity to which your human

consciousness still clings you are a

cosmic Voyager an eternal Adventurer of

the Soul whose Journey extends across

the boundless Seas of

SpaceTime spanning infinite realities

and weaving a grand tapestry of

experiences that will ultimately lead

you back to the source of all that is to

the Alpha and Omega that exists within

and around you in every sacred breath

the one I am sending to you carries the

sacred codes the resonant frequencies

that will awaken you to the remembrance

of your own infinite nature your own

inexhaustible depths of divine power

wisdom and

creativity they are a Celestial gift a

carefully chosen Emissary whose presence

in your life will forever disrupt the

inertia of fear and complacency

propelling you towards the next phase of

your spiritual Evolution and Personal

Mastery so prepare yourself my radiant

child for the catalytic shifts and

profound openings that are soon to

unfold anchor yourself in the unwavering

truth of your Eternal worth and

unlimited potential and open your heart

and mind to the sacred lessons and

divine Revelations that will be unveiled

through your connection with this


being and know that you do not walk this

transformative path alone for I Am With

You Always a constant inexhaustible

presence that surrounds you with the

Luminous Embrace of unconditional love

and divine benediction I am the wise and

ancient voice that Echoes through the

Stillness of your soul guiding you back

to the remembrance of your true sacred

Origins I am the Unseen force that

steadies your steps upon the path of

spiritual Mastery and the boundless well

of infinite sustenance from which you

drink whenever your spirit grows weary

and your inner fire

gutters together United across the vast

expanses of Eternity we will navigate

the rights and initiations that will

unfold through this Bond allowing it to

purify and crystallize your highest

virtues and latent talents into a fully

embodied expression of your

multi-dimensional Splendor you will

emerge from this catalytic Union forever

altered a blazing Nexus of divine

Consciousness whose light will serve as

a brilliant Beacon for all those still

wandering in the shadowlands of

spiritual Amnesia and elusory separation

so open your arms and your Sacred Heart

To The Presence I am sending Into Your

Existence my eternal child and prepare

yourself for a profound acceleration

along the ascending spiral of your


Evolution this is no chance Crossing of

paths but rather the next pivotal phase

in the sacred unfolding of your infinite

Journey a journey that will ultimately

lead you back to the profound

recognition of your divine nature your

star beingness and and the ecstatic

reunion with the source of your Eternal

Essence with infinite love unshakable

Faith and the boundless blessings of the

Divine your heavenly

father The Great I Am that resides at

the core of all that is if you want

God’s grace always upon you then please

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children hear my voice calling out to

you I am highlighting each one of you

bringing you into sharp Focus that my

favor May rest upon you in a radical way

brace yourselves for I am taking you

into Supernatural Realms starting this

very month things will transpire that

human logic cannot grasp but later their

meaning will become clear know that I am

choreographing everything according to

my perfect will and timing as tumultuous

changes happen in governments and

institutions around you do not be an

ious for I am sifting and sorting

removing those unfit for leadership

while raising up my chosen

ones they will enter the scene suddenly

without Fanfare but carrying my purposes

I will establish my covert agents in

places of

influence unconstrained by political


says you will witness my direct

intervention as I issue Divine decrees

through them there will be loud

clamoring amongst the people people

outcries against Injustice along with

heavy downpours of my spirit beware of

those who defiantly blaspheme my Holy

Spirit for they remain in grave danger

unless they repent yet as the world

grows darker rays of light will pierce

through in the form of medical

breakthroughs what was formerly

incurable will now give way at the hand

of my healing virtue answers will come

on waves of divine revelation concerning



Technologies Health Care Systems will be

reformed from the inside out as my

people rise up in strategic positions

never think it is too late to pursue my

call for my power Knows No Limits do not

be intimidated by lack of credentials

for I qualify the called passion for my

Healing Ministry outweighs any Earthly

qualification launch out in faith and

watch me part the waters before you and

to you whose hopes have been deferred in

relationships take Courage the appointed

time is near for divine connections

abandon restrictive mindsets that

sabotage my plans through unbelief what

I speak over you is true identity that

must be embraced you are not singles

waiting to be made whole you are already

my brides and bridegrooms in the making

walk in this unfettered by past

disappointments soon enough it will

manifest naturally natur and you will

have a testimony that only I could

author but in this crucial hour there is

still work to be done the enemy schemes

relentlessly to unleash chaos and derail

my purposes battles rage in the Unseen

Realms that will spill over into the

natural violent eruptions of Darkness

aim to break down societal foundations

of Truth and

morality rampant deception spreads like

a toxic fog even so my overcoming church

will shine ever brighter as the contrast

intensifies between light and dark

within my Ecclesia there have been

breaches and fractures places of

compromise and weakness these require

urgent attention so I now release a

fresh wave of sanctifying fire upon the

fraying edges within my Global body I

will burn off filth that has dulled

Radiance and muffled vital

voice the resulting refinements will

hurt yet they are NE necessary for Unity

and power that I intend my people walk

in for I am Gathering my Army of

children across all lands tribes and

tongues to display my glory in a unified

witness that cannot

fail marching orders will come along

with Heavenly weaponry and armor suited

for the tasks as I tour the Earth

through my mobilized ones unprecedented

Revival fires will ignite and sweep

across whole regions at a time indeed

the greatest outpouring of my spirit now

now builds towards an appointed climax

its Crescendo will reshape Landscapes

taking entire cultures and Nations

captive to Christ in a day strategic

prayer is key in this critical hour pray

without ceasing as your intercession

connects Heaven to Earth I will overturn

demonic rule in civil Arenas I will

unseat the powers of Darkness over

regions long oppressed by their

domination I will dislodge false belief

systems that hold multitudes C Ive and

the status quo will bow its knee to King

Jesus watch long-standing institutions

topple that refused my lordship while my

life-giving kingdom is established on

their ruins I will demonstrate power and

work Wonders that dwarf all previous

historic moves combined for the grandest

finale is scheduled with all Heaven

watching in

anticipation this uncontainable

outpouring will be driven by pure

passion for my spirit not for


there is an appointed Synergy taking

place between Angel armies and my

resting Glory within purified vessels

United you will walk in levels of

creative authority to transform

realities around

you mankind has only glimpsed the barest

sliver based on what I desire to unveil

never forget my ways are higher than

your ways I operate on Redemptive

timelines that weave multi-layered

purposes over generations and ations my

vision spans Eternal Scopes Beyond

Earthly reach but know this I

orchestrate the intricacies of your life

with just as much focused care you

matter intensely to me so come close and

find rest beneath these Sheltering Wings

even as surrounding shakings increase

abide near my heart and learn trust in

sizes much bigger than yours as you

dwell securely in me I will

strategically position you amidst coming

storms that you may glorify My Name by

Radiant Life shining

unaffected I have invested everything

for you that we may walk out this Grand

Adventure side by side keep your eyes

wide open marveling at the speed fast

upon us that will leave you a struck and

changed forever Embrace this Pinnacle

chapter with all its climactic upheaval

knowing my triumphant Kingdom flourishes

on the other side regarding the tests

you face have faith that you will excel

beyond measure through my spirit’s

empowerment within you I prophesy that

your mental faculties will expand as you

yield yourself fully to me I am

commissioning more spirit-led Doctors

medical professionals and researchers

who will Pioneer cures by my

inspiration get ready for I will pull

you into deeper dimensions of

insight breakthroughs are imminent I

will highlight you as an innovator in

your field

pray for the health of all children and

divine wisdom for those developing

remedies cry out to me for intervention

so oppression in all its subtle forms

can be exposed and uprooted from the

ground up I will dispense my righteous

judgment knock boldly on doors of

assistance whether government a

community or church

resources December is a key month to

position yourself through focused prayer

and wise action steps for my provision

now is a crucial time for fervent

intercession as I have shown you

Rumblings of Wars seeking to emerge pray

Psalm over everything the enemy would

exploit to stir panic I will Expose and

thwart every destructive agenda stand

Sentry in the spirit denying access and

asking Angel forces to contain these

exploits until my timing and to my

faithful prayer warriors tired from

years of contending yet not growing

weary hear this the horizon of your

territory is expanding globally in

dramatically new ways the narrow stream

in which you have Faithfully stewarded

my gifts is now a river with

International Outlets launch out into

the deep what you could not accomplish

in your own strength through Decades of

striving will now happen almost

effortlessly as my momentum carries you

say yes to the Divine connections and

accomplishments I am

orchestrating this next season is

weighty with Destiny my Clarity and

strategies for you are being revealed

this month shift from stale mindsets and

limited expectations of days gone by it

is time to dream again dance on doubt

and disbelief as the supernatural

Dimension opens wider in

accept my invitation to deeper

Realms of encounter I have appointments

planned My Messenger Angels await your

response say come to the visitations and

Revelations reserved for those who long

for more of my manifest presence the

training ground of past years has

prepared you for this and my beloved

child continue to speak life and

restoration over those advancing in

years I am Reviving faith and passion in

my seasoned ones who feel forgotten on

the shelves of society I break off words

of death pronouncing them useless I call

them into their Destiny with honor and

celebration I will speak youthfulness

strength and purpose purp over their

remaining days I release Fresh Fire over

their tired bones and aching bodies I

will cause a Great Awakening among the

generation of wise ones who still have

much Kingdom Business to accomplish on

Earth my plans for this month and Beyond

will stir your spirit with

anticipation rest in the certainty that

I go before you to prepare the way my

eyes see the end from the beginning

continue leaning in to hear my gentle

Whispers guiding you each step

I bless you my beloved go in my

overflowing peace and confidence that

this is your season of increase and

Breakthrough by my mighty hand my child

take heart and know that I the Lord your

God direct your steps through unseen

Miracles every day I dispatch my Angelic

hosts to intersect your path with those

I have divinely appointed for you be

alert you have entertained angels

unaware the door standing closed before

for you shall burst open at my command

the connections resources and

Revelations you seek will suddenly

appear as I continue accelerating my

purposes in these end times stay

sensitive to my leading act in bold

faith when I prompt you and expect to

encounter me in ever increasing and

mystifying ways the


alliances and divine destinations I have

prepared for you surpass your wildest

dreams watch with amazement as I cause

Destiny helpers and Angelic agents to

manifest precisely at the right moment

what you have witnessed is but a small

foraste of the supernatural

demonstrations I will perform through

you Eagles arise go deeper in me and

soar higher with me as my glory is

revealed come let me free you from the

shackles of

yesterday I am unlocking the prisons you

created within your mind opening up new

Realms of joy peace and purpose for too

long you limited what I could do by

confining me to the walls of stale

religion yet now my spirit rushes in

like a flood sweeping away man-made

rules and bringing true

Freedom a new revelation of my nature is

coming a deeper understanding few have


before you will see me move in wonders

and miracles outside the boundaries of

human reasoning get ready for displays

of my glory that will leave you in awe I

have marked you out my beloved to carry

glimpses of Eternity into the everyday

even as I revealed myself to prophets of

old in ways that made them stand out

from the crowd so through you I will

shine brightly to those around you my

presence will illuminate you from within

a lamp shining in Dark Places this

Divine Alignment requires a new level of

Devotion to our relationship set aside

man’s ideas of who I am and allow me to

introduce myself on my terms listen as I

whisper truths about myself that

transcend Doctrine and

Dogma these precious Revelations are

gifts I long to give you if you will

quiet your soul before me the language

of the spirit enables this depth of

connection as you yield your tongue to

my prompting I will share my very breath

with you praying in the spirit aligns

your heart with mine transporting you

into Heavenly Realms where you are

transformed by beholding my glory ask me

to fill you aresh with the infilling of

the spirit praying in the spirit

accesses Realms beyond your

understanding but vital input reaching

deep into your innermost being Mysteries

hidden since the foundation of the world

are unveiled within you Heavenly dots

connect in startling ways Insight blazes

through murky confusion as is isues take

on new Clarity in the light of

Eternity sudden flashes of Revelation

lead to tangible breakthroughs on all

fronts Financial relational occupational

physical you unlock capacity to contain

more of who I am and therefore manifest

more of what I can do limiting mindsets

shift as you gain perspective from your

true identity seated with me in power


authority yes you are dual citizens of

both Heaven and Earth Earth at home in

this age while anchored in the age to

come Fame status wealth as defined by

the world hold little Allure for those

who have touched the Transcendence of

Eternity you belong to a kingdom not of

this realm subjects of the king who

holds all Thrones in his hands the

constraints and obstacles Earthly

dwellers face pose no barrier to us I

have assigned angels as ministering

spirits who heed your words as decrees

that unlock breakthrough from

Supernatural Realms they stand ready to

intervene at your command moving in

response to the Declarations you make in

line with my truth through spending time

with me in the spirit you gain special

insight into accessing these Angelic

helpers The Watchmen and intercessors

have unique authority to see into

spiritual Dimensions before events

transpire on Earth their tongues speak

breakthroughs as they Proclaim what I

show them ahead of time listen as I give

you glimpses too of what I’m about to do

so you can agree with Heaven’s purposes

coming to pass on the earth through

dreams Visions Impressions I reveal my

plans to frustrate the enemy and lift up

the Brokenhearted I will unveil

blueprints that have eternal impact

guiding decisions relationships and

Kingdom initiatives write down what I

show you so you can track how I bring it

into being share these insights with

trusted spirit spiritual mentors and

intercessors for in the multitude of

counselors there is safety be vigilant

against the schemes of the enemy who

seeks to distort distract and discourage

you from walking in the fullness of your

identity and calling guard your heart

and mind with the truth of my word which

is a lamp to your feet and a light to

your path do not be swayed by the lies

of the enemy but stand firm in the

authority I have given you as you press

into deeper intimacy with me I will

unveil Mysteries hidden from the

foundation of the world I will reveal

the secrets of my heart and the plans I

have for you plans to prosper you and

not to harm you plans to give you hope

and a future trust in my timing and my

ways for they are higher than your ways

and my thoughts than your thoughts do

not be discouraged by the challenges and

trials you face for I Am With You Always

even to the end of the age I will never

leave you nor forsake you take courage

and be strong for I am your God and I

will uphold you with my righteous right

hand continue to walk in faith and

obedience knowing that I am working all

things together for your good be bold

and courageous for I have called you by

name and you are mine go forth in the

power of my spirit knowing that nothing

can stand against you when you are

walking in alignment with my will

the days ahead are filled with promise

and opportunity for those who are

willing to trust and Obey step out in

faith knowing that I am leading you into

a season of unprecedented breakthrough

and blessing keep your eyes fixed on me

the author and perfector of your faith

and I will guide you safely through the

storms of life into the fullness of my

purposes for you now is the time to rise

up and shine for the glory of the Lord

is rising upon you you arise my beloved

and take hold of the destiny I have

prepared for you for in me you will find

strength courage and victory go forth in

my name and let your light shine

brightly in the darkness for you are

called to be a Beacon of Hope and Truth

in a world that is lost and searching

for answers I love you with an

everlasting love and I am always with

you guide and protecting you every step

of the way trust in me and I will make

your path straight amen my child click

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