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my precious child I come to you bearing a message filled with peace assurance and

Clarity even now I have sent an angel to watch over you as you sleep delivering

Words of Love written by my own hand let tonight be a refuge for your

weary Soul a chance to rest deeply knowing you are safely cradled in my

arms feel the gentle caress of memories dance across your dreams walk once more upon the path of

hope where sadness and fear cannot tread sing praises to me and declare your

unshakable faith as daylight Dawns any shadows will vanish replaced by courage

and confidence when you wake you will feel my affection in the sunrise kissing your

face bringing a smile I am always mindful of the desires of your heart constantly keeping

vigil rest in my tender Embrace throughout the night as you dream

for soon your eyes will behold the blessings I have prepared for you and those you love the days of tears are

ending today is a day of joy and salvation even the angels are

celebrating for you have surrendered your heart to me heeding my call as the

sun rises a new each day so too will your life the past is gone and your

future shines bright all that has been stolen will be restored hundredfold

for every act of kindness or care you selflessly performed for the poor and needy you will be rewarded

bountifully despite those who slander and attack your work will Thrive and

flourish for every hour spent serving me and others without thought of reward I

will lengthen your years and fill your spirit with renewed passion for living

these promises already gifts within the spiritual realm now await your claiming

from this day on dedicate your first waking moments to our communion then go

forth in faith to walk in the blessings prepared for you let no one bring you

shame I see those who rebel against the blood that redeemed them angrily watching as you prosper while they

listen for chances to accuse falsely unless they repent they have

chosen to stand as enemies keep your distance from those who harm with words gazes and actions

who destroy families while disguising wickedness as righteousness they paint sin brightly

and call it virtue twisting Doctrine to suit desires if you wish to hear my voice you

need only open the pages of my word reading with faith hope and unwavering

loyalty May Joy fill your heart and strength renew your spirit today you

have awakened to New Life no more restless nights or haunted dreams

henceforth your mind mind is free and peaceful sleep will refresh your soul the curses of enemies cannot touch you

and their traps will ens snare only themselves I vigilantly guard your every moment both rest and waking my angels

encircle you swords drawn in defense now you have power to tread on snakes and

scorpions rendered immune to their venom by my hand seek me in prayer and

scripture bowing at my feet to receive guidance faith and protection

daily those who oppose you will be humbled never daring to trouble you again learning that faith in me means

power honor integrity and Truth your example will lead many to take spiritual

life more seriously Walk Tall with eyes heavenward do not look back at those who

mocked safely held in my hands no stumbling blocks can trip your feet

pay no heed to threats or ridicule if heeded fear may find footing for real

harm later stand Confident untroubled by enemies their efforts against you will

encounter me instead cowardice exposed by Revealing Light have faith you have already

overcome live in peace not sparing thought for those blind to your

devotion cling to my love no evil can reach you here each day rise renewed in

joy and Trust resting every care upon me my angels will stay by your side never

will I Tire of lavishing you with love reminding you of my faithfulness nothing can separate you

from me not height nor depth nor angels nor demons nor any powers nothing in all

creation in my strength you will continue life’s journey receiving Every Blessing I pour upon you until you reach

the fullness of your destiny though concerns may come do not let them steal sleep or peace no

diagnosis no threat must instill dread your life and well-being are safe in my

hands your future assured yet do not let fear paralyze and prevent action hear now these promises

and take heart first spend time in my presence voicing every petition and worry I I

wish to cleanse forgive and lighten the unnecessary burdens of guilt and regret that hinder you I will Empower prosper

and multiply blessings to you each time we meet my help will bring success in

all your endeavors but stay focused on the tasks I appoint let nothing deter

you from my will do you not yet understand a single word of faith

unleashes immediate healing uplifting elevation Deliverance this is certain

truth decide now to wholly believe that my love can wholly transform you through

patient guidance and Commandments I turn tribulation into Joy

redeem loss restore and prosper my beloved yours is a destined

path though some prove ungrateful for Selfless Love I see all and record every

work on their behalf I am with you you have multitudinous support surrounding you

both seen and unseen Heaven’s armies stand ready to Grant Victory and clear the way every

day many pray for you speaking your name in my hearing yes for you I died and

rose again that you might have life Freedom salvation Redemption from sin

peace and happiness despite afflictions in this world I bless you all will be

well rest now and tomorrow rise renewed ENC Courage the sun will shine again the

Shadows shall not overcome it my child be still and know that I am God I will

be exalted among all peoples and Nations Glory and Honor are mine to

bestow you are precious chosen to carry my image I smile on you with delight

eager to Lavish you with excess of blessings meant to overtake you receive

Joy and rest my beloved I long to unveil the power embedded in my blood blessings

meant for your family though I could instantly bring change I cherish your

sincerity your true desire for growth I Delight seeing efforts made to claim the

victory already won promise you will believe my words

commit each morning to seek my face eyes open to the new wonders gradually Rising

ing to surround you the hour has come know me fully meet me with your whole

heart held out precious one I extend the offer of Total

Transformation through the name of Jesus every prayer will be answered your unbroken faith has captured my attention

I want to Lavish you with New Beginnings overflowing with joy these wait Within

Reach for all who choose steadfast trust hide my words in willing hearts and

patiently receive each blessing in its proper time as nine months must pass for a

child to be born and seeds require breaking open the ground before sprouting up in the same way your

blessings also have an appointed season of development for your good I see you

understand this truth do not lose hope but keep eyes fixed on the horizon

taking one day at a time Embrace change without

fear this path leads towards greater blessing still I yearn to surround you

with people and resources bringing increase nurturing your growth walk with me none can overpower or condemn no

accusation will stand for I defend you if only you could Glimpse the

Heavenly Warriors by your side see the light illuminating your way

the obstacles crumbling as you pass realize the cosmos itself moves to bless

you in dreams I reveal wonders glimpses of Heaven touching Earth my power can

shift worlds drawn by a faith unwavering in the face of Earthly chaos by love for

me that holds steady through the storms I admire such courageous Faith

this is why I answer when you call Daily I have new messages of Love waiting for

you constant in commitment amidst the changing tide of challenges My Love

Remains your Shield before tackling tasks a new first know you are loved yet I long to

actually hear you say Jesus I love you too in answer blessings Will Rain Down

Prosperity removal of Sorrows and discouragements blocking your path my

words bring healing sweeping aside Shadows of depression rebooting long

dormant dreams suddenly alive within you again I am remaking mindsets and

perspectives right now for some time I have directed your steps urging certain

decisions do not lose heart I supernaturally guide your path

straightening lifting you up through Divine discipline leading away from harmful

ties I will expose the truth of betrayal and uproot those toxic to your soul

from today I claim the highest place in your life no longer allow others

approval to dictate identity and Direction my grace is enough to

satisfy I will break the addictive draw of mistreatment opening your eyes to

understand you need no negative attachments in order to succeed and progress your strength will come from

within from the Wellspring of wisdom my poor you chose to cling to me despite

imperfections this sets you apart not condemned but given another chance now leave behind

those habits those damaging soul ties you will not miss them this day you are

being reborn a new I will fill your heart with tenderness rename you with a

secret identity for intimacy with me when Dawn illuminates the earth I will

call you by this new name your soul will leap to meet me as I draw you close

the seasons now change bringing with them blessing upon blessing if new

challenges arise along the way fear not for I will Empower you to overcome them

all you and your family are loved protected appointed for favor this year

declare bold faith in me last night as you lay wrestling memories for sleep I

saw and was glad warm to witness one of mine fighting to remember love lavished

blessed ings bestowed even in exhaustion I treasure that gratitude the

sanctuary made for me within your heart unwavering faith is no mere plaque

posted on a wall it is living fire purging poisons fortifying resolve to

defeat obstacles it Comforts in sorrow offers balm to the hurting spreads news

of redeeming love far and wide this Faith wields words that shape

worlds movements that topple evil Empires stand boldly armed for battle no

enemy will devour you anchor to my unending Love unaltered by mountaintops

dazzling in sunlight or valleys cloaked in Shadow times of joy and Times of

grief Still My Love Remains your companion through every age yes I desire

Your Love in return offer me your heart undivided fix eyes ahead on the path of obedience

leading to Blessings Without End you seek Solutions behold I have placed them

within reach you need strength my word supplies Living Waters you crave

breakthrough Faith unlocks Supernatural worlds awaiting exploration these wonders will impact

multitudes through You by staying true you and your family are safe in my hands

allow me to comfort you I see the tears and know the sorrow I will clothe you in

Joy wrap you securely in my warm embrace all bitterness melts away as I fill you

with the sweetness of affection I want you feeling better precious one today it

seems you need me more than ever yet I require nothing only this your trust

though hurts Run Deep take heart I bring healing balm I appreciate when you

include me speaking to me matters more than eloquence or length simply talk to

me from the heart bringing who you are that sincerity means everything nothing

else is required speaking Faith the size of that small seed can move mountains in the

throne room hopes are answered and destinies shaped it is from there I send peace to calm your mind and reveal the

depth of my love I understand your struggles and will respond according to

Divine will working in all things for your good so when waves of fear or

Affliction seek to overwhelm recall truth and boldly declare God is my

father my shepherd my guide and provider he always comes through for me even now

he prepares the rescue keep your feet firmly planted on this chosen path for you refusing

distraction focused on the destiny I direct another day May Dawn soon fill

with empty fantasies trying to divert your gaze but fill up on truth and stand

unshaken none can lead you astray for I have prepared you in advance for such a

time as this banish toxic thoughts and crushing doubts not only do I meet needs

I care deeply about your heart’s emotions too the world’s empty promises cannot compare with the spirit’s

Supernatural rest I freely provide I heard your cry for help met you in

worship when you called out in desperation my child fear not greater is

he that is within you we walk this life handin hand my beloved I have heard your

hearts cry for rescue even now relief rushes toward you stand ready arms open

wide to receive the joy of Miracles forged especially for this day truly

blessed Destiny awaits as favor builds upon favor along this path your faith carved out I applaud enduring dedication

fueling each right choice you are excelling through discipline stay this

course allowing holy truth to wholly transform mind will and emotions though

taxing to recalibrate Direction against surrounding Tides you persevered adjusting your sails to ride

Divine winds now propelling you I commend this change in Attitude as you

increasingly yield to my reshaping power remember I am ever present never far

always ready to guide support and Lead my affections for you cannot be measured

constant as Sunrise faithful as seasons in me find shelter strong to weather

Fierce as storms I am father friend closer than a brother your rock secure

when all else shaken today as always I walk beside you the blessings I pour out

on you surpass Earthly constraints how I love to overwhelm beloved ones with expressions of extravagant

love these living words hold within them essence of life Health Joy purpose

restored I am revealing the depths of my love extending help to lift burdens

weighing heavily wisdom I grant understanding distilled from

Heavenly Realms now fills your mind a new redeeming perceptions and aligning them to truth

I gift you patience in abundance fortitude for the trials ahead

Total Transformation has commenced my spirit envelopes you round about sealing

the work begun no more aimless wanderings no more slavery to sin that once pulled you far

from me freedom is yours as I strengthen your heart to shatter every chain to

rise above and soar upon wings of Holy Fire think now on Lovely things

dwell richly in Beauty and truth justice that sets captives free no immoral Veil will blind you

again to poison paths parading as pleasure what glorious Awakening awaits

as I open your eyes to Blessings surrounding you those who hurt you will also

understand forgiveness will heal relationships once broken redeem what

was lost such lavish Grace I pour out doors swing open favor spills forth as

provision flows steady for every need I make your life a new abundant

peace transcending past fears and anxious thoughts once tormenting nightmares fade in this

sanctuary of soul I create my blood bought you back from the brink no weapon

formed against you will prosper no curse uttered can alter your identity fixed

secure in me your lips mind will emotions now align purified by fire

consecrated to service this is the reward for all who boldly Herald Holiness repent of evil

seek me wholeheartedly to walk blameless in ways of Truth unload every weight

each night entrust to me Secret Sorrows sadness

frustration speak freely never fear I could be anger by honesty rather I

welcome you to confidently bear your soul to me as you pour out offerings of

authenticity find peace and Assurance renewed for each new Sunrise you will

wake filled with praise for miracle blessings that now surround you the impossible unfolds one day at a time for

those daring to believe anchored to Faith foundations unshaken by raging

storms Miracles Collide in those quick to Hope in my Compassionate Care and mighty Deliverance power lifting the

Fallen redeeming each child My Love Remains despite every sin

ever wooing The Wanderers back home to safety so repent run back into my

Embrace separating from corrupt Companions and the vices attempting to sabotage our

bond with faith Unleashed like dynamite my power obliterates chains rescues the

perishing rise tomorrow freed from shackles let your first thoughts swell up in worship

approach your kingdom assignments energized by inexhaustible strength from on high revive dreams long dormant take

up projects once abandoned unfinished believe and Achieve The Impossible through Christ who

strengthens you difficulty cannot deter the plans and purposes I have decreed for you

beloved you are uniquely equipped for such a time as this design to thrive

through turbulent times as you Feast on Heavenly Mana nourished Soul prospering

whatever may come before drifting off tonight simply say I do believe I place

my trust in you how I yearn to teach you rest to welcome you deeper still as a

little child safe in my heavenly father’s arms your faith purified emerges with simple sincere trust I drew

near walked by your side as your dearest companion know you need never Journey

alone for however long we can talk unload every hidden dream together

unlock the way toward realization has your heart not truly recognized me as ABA father tender

protector who will never leave orphaned abandoned without hope though right here all along when

life overwhelms it may seem I stand distant allowing in Affliction

unchecked but remember I cannot lie my every promise proves true each purpose

and plan for your life will ripen in its season without fail I drew so very close and crowned

you with my spirit confirmation of sunship down payment guaranteeing your

Eternal inheritance constantly that accuser hisses lies to shred confidence shroud

in Shadow dredge up defilements from the past to haunt you he means to mute your

testimony with soul crushing shame over sins long forgiven but you are new the old has

passed away forever more if only for a glimpse you could perceive your vital

place in My Kingdom understand even fractionally your immense value your beauty revealed

through my eyes alone it would take your breath away nevertheless sight unseen unwavering

Faith access strength enabling you to walk into your glorious

purpose a day awaits just over the horizon when perspective will transform

completely allowed at last to view the path behind led by steadfast trust

despite desperately wanting to quit countless times prior even so maturity emerges

Victorious through tenacious resilience trials have only deepened Roots even

while you grew from a child into Champion by my side fear holds No Dominion here a weak enemy is

effortlessly disempowered why should you stumble when I uphold you with my right hand to dwell

eternally welcomed as honored royalty you must reclaim innocent purity of motive and wholehearted

devotion one day I will Crown you a prince and have a seat ready for you in the heavens their Angelic armies

assigned as your Royal Guard will attend you never alone you are eternally enveloped in my highest love sheltered

close to my heart is your special place uniquely prepared for you from the beginning to the end in every season I

stand mighty to save none can oppose the most high and Prevail if you cry out for help in

desperation truly inviting my intervention and exposing your soul with transparency a miraculous transformation

will inevitably follow beautiful blossoms will emerge From the Ashes once the storm has passed

my darling you have chosen wisely to call on me in dire need yet our relationship should not rest solely on

crisis relief would you open your heart a new to intimacy each day allow me to

be your first priority Supreme in affection with thoughts centered on Christ your

joy offer the fullness of your passion and pursuit for anything less fails to

reveal the extent of my Splendor and power have you felt an absence sensed

something profound missing an emptiness yearning to be filled with my presence

then complete the work of surrender you have begun allowing me to enter to restore and Rain like never

before those causing harm will experience a change of heart toward you doors you thought shut will swing open

wide longing will be be fulfilled as isolation gives way to meaningful companionship in the Vibrant Community I

cultivate around you my words will manifest as true with promised changes

swiftly emerging fear no sudden catastrophe nor be dismayed by unjust

criticisms pay no mind to those attempting emotional sabotage through insults and

accusations I hold you securely from all such attacks guarded in the secret place

Place most high wake each morning in the shadow that shelters from

harm there declare aloud your settled trust and anchor every anxious thought to this

Foundation I abide safeguarded in my father’s tender care nothing touches me

but passes first through him now as you

reflect what words of mine have taken deepest root in you tonight what

promises or truths bring Comfort Right In This Moment speak them to me for even

as I wash over you with peace Beyond understanding I also Delight in fellowship with you my child pour out to

me the meditations of your heart I listen to each syllable with pleasure and joy you have spoken well continue

persevering greater realities await just over the horizon if only you believe

without wavering in the quiet sanctuary of your heart my child where Whispers of

Hope and Promises of a brighter tomorrow Echo I am there in this Sacred Space

know that I am everpresent guiding you with a love that transcends time and

Circumstance your journey thus far has been marked by moments of Triumph and trials each a testament to your

resilience and Faith as you navigate the complexities of life let your heart be anchored in

the truth of my word it is your compass your guiding star leading you through

the darkest nights and into the dawn of new beginnings in its Pages you will

find wisdom comfort and the strength to face whatever lies ahead I call you to a

life of purpose one that transcends the mundane Pursuits of the

world you are destined for greatness not as the world defines it but in the

humility of service the joy of

giving ier every moment every day for your love is s my

path and everywhere in The Tender Touch of your

hand I find the strength to rise and stand through every trial every tear

we’ve shed your love’s SP the shelter where on

my day oh your love’s been my aner life St

SE a thinking a Hulk I need to be free so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love I spit my back in every

way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song for the love we share every stast and

strong and the quiet strength of unwavering faith in serving others you serve me and

in lifting the burdens of your brothers and sisters you find the true essence of joy and

fulfillment do not be disheartened by those who do not understand your path or the calling I have placed upon your life

their words and doubts are but fleeting Shadows unable to dim the light of my presence in your life stand firm in your

convictions rooted in my love and let your actions speak of the hope and peace

that reside within you in moments of solitude when the noise of the world

Fades and you are left with the Stillness of your own thoughts listen for my

voice it is in these quiet hours that I speak most clearly offering guidance

reassurance and a glimpse of the divine plan unfolding in your life cherish

these moments for they are precious gifts opportunities to draw nearer to me

and to understand the depth of my love for you as you Journey forward know that

you do not walk alone my presence is a constant companion a source of strength and

comfort in times of uncertainty lean on me when the road is

rough and let my love be The Wind Beneath Your Wings lifting you above of

the trials and tribulations of this world your faith is a precious treasure

more valuable than gold or silver nurture it protect it and let it shine

brightly for all to see in your faith you will find the courage to face the unknown the

resilience to overcome adversity and the peace that surpasses all understanding

and so my child as you lay your head to rest tonight let your heart be filled with

gratitude for the blessings of this day and hope for the promise of

tomorrow sleep in peace knowing that my angels watch over you and awaken to a

new day filled with endless possibilities and the Assurance of my unfailing love rest now my beloved and

dream of the Wonders that await sleep in the Embrace of my love and rise to greet

a new day with joy and expectation for I Am With You Always even to the end of

time as Dawn breaks bringing forth the promise of a new day remember my child

that each Sunrise is a symbol of my unfailing faithfulness in the golden rays of morning see the reflection of my

love a constant reminder that no matter what yesterday held today is a fresh

start a new opportunity to live in the fullness of my grace

Embrace this day with a heart full of expectation the path before you may be

Uncharted but it is Rich with potential waiting for the imprint of your steps

you are equipped not just with talents and abilities but with a spirit of power

love and self-discipline use these gifts not just for your own fulfillment but as

instruments of my peace and love

a [Music]

a [Music]


the world as you step out into the world know that you carry with you the light

of my presence in a realm often clouded by doubt and fear be a Beacon of Hope

and Assurance show kindness where there is harshness offer compassion where

there is indifference and extend forgiveness where there is

bitterness in in doing so you become a living testimony of my love and grace to

those around you when faced with decisions big or

small come to me in prayer I am not a distant deity but a

loving father eager to provide guidance and wisdom in the quietness of your heart

present your concerns and desires and listen for my

response my answers may not always align with your expectations but trust that my

perspective is eternal my understanding infinite tonight as you close your eyes

and drift into sleep let your last thoughts be of my unfailing love and constant presence dream of the heights

you will soar and the depths you will explore secure in the knowledge that I Am with You guiding protecting and

loving you every step of the way sleep in peace my beloved child for tomorrow

is a new day filled with new mercies New Opportunities and the unwavering promise

of my NeverEnding love and grace rest in the assurance that no matter what tomorrow brings I am there

holding you in the palm of my hand forever and always

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