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my beloved child very soon you’re going to see how I your Lord powerfully bless

you and your family a time of Peace healing and wonderful blessings is on its way I see

how strong your faith is I’m listening to your prayers it truly touches my heart to see

how genuine and sincere you are your faith shines brightly you make it a

point to be in my presence every single day your spiritual life stands out you

remember me consistently unlike some who only seek me now and then and don’t

trust me with their life and plans I wish for you to be an example for your family and everyone you care

about show them through your good actions how to live let them see the good that comes

from your life as your faith grows so does your inner strength your thoughts

and your very Soul many blessings are await you but also great

responsibilities I shall place you in the Forefront so that many May witness

how I bless those who obey me those with Humble Hearts who are willing to await

my response without succumbing to anguish and impatience when things do not go

well beloved understand that your life your family and everything you do are

under my care many worry incessantly feeling as if they are constantly in

turmoil believing that these are desperate times yet all wonderful things are

within reach for those who love me follow my guidance and have faith in me

you stand among those who are steadfast in their faith for you doors are wide

open and a continual downpour of blessings and joy will shower upon you everywhere and

always stay alert for an outstanding opportunity is on its way to

you some turn away from the blessings I offer feeling they don’t deserve them in

your journey you’ll meet many who suffer shedding tears for they fail to see there’s someone who truly loves forgives

and Promises them a future free of Anguish and demise If Only They would shed their

doubts and allow me to drench their lives with my love yet yet as you grow

and become robust like a fruitful tree you’ll bear Abundant Blessings I’ve planned for

you I’ve promised extraordinary miracles for you and your family I cherish you

your prayers have been heard and answered get ready for a remarkable

Triumph you’ll cry tears of happiness for I will mend your sorrows and transform your life I am removing the

anguish that once consumed you very soon the things you believed

lost are being taken into account I recognize your courage and your decision to trust me wholeheartedly despite the

obstacles you have faced you may not understand them yet you have remained faithful never losing

your desire to continue believing you have reserved a special

place for me in your life and home teaching your family that they must seek me through faith and

perseverance you’re on the verge of overcoming all the negative forces that had pushed you back you once felt fear

but you dared to believe in my love and infinite grace you received my forgiveness and

clung to my promises that’s why I am removing all obstacles all your enemies all sickness

and from today I shall abundantly bless you I know you are

brave understanding well that you must rise in faith paying no heed to discouragement and doubt so that you may

see and receive all the blessings coming your way your prayers are powerful filled

with genuine Faith remember it’s not about how many words you use it’s your

faith that truly matters to me I will envelop your home with my

presence and your family will see for themselves eles the vastness of my power

they’ll witness the incredible things I will do in your life do you trust in me

I cherish you deeply you are forever mine you’ve come to me with your heart

openly and with trust know that my love for you is immense and I will never let you stumble

today I’m going to make you stronger instilling in you a resilient Spirit to

face challenges I want you to stand up and move forward

confidently aware that I am with you even when I seem invisible or

unfelt do not be afraid Proclaim yourself as strong and triumphant when life’s

trials make you feel weary My Divine Essence will rejuvenate you infusing you

with renewed Vigor granting you courage patience Insight peace and clear

thinking I’ll remind you of the precious promises I’ve placed within you so you can voice them out loud causing your

spiritual foes to scatter and keep away I speak to you as my beloved child

always feel deeply loved and surrounded by my arms yet I address these words to you as

one would speak to a warrior you are not a helpless loser or

a coward filled with fear the words I have spoken to you shall raise a shield around you

strengthening your arms to wield your sword granting you the skill to face the battle and emerge

Victorious the enemy always comes to frighten you with shouts and threats previously you remain seated in

a corner Paralyzed by fear and enslaved by Terror but everything changes from

today onwards you’re hearing me I’m speaking to you myself

after hearing these words you shall change once and for all obey me in this request I make of

you and see yourself as you truly are deeply loved and Incredibly Brave you do

not flee from your battles as others do you are strong and

different you walk steadfastly forward because you know that with my love and

power you need nothing else to conquer you need not wait for years months or

days to rise with faith and strive for your happiness today marks a significant day

take heed for what I say is true I am reaching out my hand for you

to grasp urging you to take firm steps forward with confidence knock on the doors of

opportunity for I shall open them wide enter with determination and

unwavering trust into the new realm of joy peace and prosperity that I am

bestowing upon you such is my decree and so it shall come to

pass before you were even born I had already planned your path in my care are

all your deep wishes and dreams that you’ve held in your heart forever I remember every prayer you’ve

whispered for your loved ones they’re all noted in my records nothing is

missed every moment has it it’s right time I long to shower you with blessings

to open doors that will make you wiser deepen your faith grow your humility and teach you patience you are precious to

me planted in good ground to thrive and bear good

fruit your guide to Blessings is in your own hands my words are powerful and holy

hold them close believe in them and keep them in your heart if your past is filled with

mistakes or losses if you’ve stumbled or lost things dear to you listen closely

and declare these words my past is behind me from now on

my life my family my future they’re all under your blessing don’t let embarrassment stop

you from speaking this truth openly eternal life is woven into my promises

to you incredible Heavenly events are in store when tough challenges appear a

holy phrase will give you the Insight needed to overcome and succeed dive into the Bible read it

eagerly for knowledge and personal growth as you read know that I’m with

you guiding you through each sentence helping you understand me

more never question the reliability of my love or fear punishment for your

errors I reside in your heart filled with blessings and chances for you

offering Grace and forgiveness Mighty strength and a clear mission for you and your loved

ones the days of worry are over I’ve removed threats from your life surrender

yourself entirely to me believe in me without reservation and I shall bestow

upon you abundant Joy I inscribed it sealed it even before your existence

none can harm you I will deliver you you from your troubles and provide the solutions you seek even

today witness today a supernatural Testament to the magnitude of my love

for you today is a momentous day replete with surprises and

blessings as you rise to face this new day remember that my joy shall be your

strength many beautiful things await you be grateful and continue to trust in me

don’t be overwhelmed by the difficulties you might face because you know of my love for you and that my blessing is

always with you you’ve consistently trusted in me confident in my ability to

help you in everything if you have faith it will happen you went through many challenges

last year but held on to my grace and came out stronger you planted seeds of kindness

Purity love Faith and commitment this year I assure you my

child you will see the fruits of your efforts everything will unfold at the

right time at the perfect moment allowing you to fully enjoy every second every experience and every

blessing I believe in you I understand your heart your wishes and your

aspirations I see your struggles and I’m with you fighting your battles every day

at night I give you the rest you need re enforcing your faith when a new day

begins I speak to your heart again assuring you that your life is in my hands and today can be yet another

wonderful day you are embraced by a real omnipotent and merciful god never

diminish the value you hold in my eyes you are exceedingly precious to me I

will watch over you wherever you go wherever you tread and if ever you

wander perilously away from my love I shall lovingly draw you back and enfold

you once more in my heart now having read and heard these

words Close Your Eyes For a Moment tell me how you feel what you need today allow me the

chance to demonstrate my wondrous love to you on this day ask whatever you wish

I long to converse with you and respond seek me in my word pray and align your

spirit with mine so that you may comprehend me fully I sought you out first I chose you

even before you knew me thus Finding Me is neither arduous nor impossible call

upon me and I shall hear cry out to me and I shall

answer but prepare yourself for my response for you shall be astonished by

all that I desire to accomplish within you revealing my will in its entirety

I shall bless you beyond your wildest imaginings but I implore you believe in

me and speak no ill of yourself nor ever belittle yourself

again my child I have chosen the perfect time and place for you even when you feel uncertain and question if you’re on

the right path life may bring struggles obstacles and pain but I ask for your faith and

trust amidst all these remember you’re never

alone I’ve always protected supported and guided you listen closely to my

words they’re for your good I want to improve your life and clear the obstacles from your

path if you ever feel lost just turn to me and I’ll guide you back stay away

from those who bring you down or fail to see your true value making you feel less than you are you don’t need such

negative ativity leave them behind and you’ll find peace for I will bring kind

and genuine people into your life get ready for a miracle that’s coming your way bringing

incredible blessings your determination and Faith each morning inspire me don’t

be overwhelmed by challenges you have a Heart Like Mine

eager to do good help others maintain unity and harmony and welcome my

blessings every new day your way of being is your worship

your praise you are a virtuous individual and your Deeds sing to me exalt me I wish to

open doors for others to witness Someone Like You possessing genuine faith and

love for me I greatly admire your ability to withstand contrary winds

responding not with hatred or resentment toward those false friends who hurt hurt you stole from you material possessions

but can never rob you of the most Essential Elements your faith your devotion your

determination to abide by my will whatever may come you are undeniably my

daughter my son the word I have sown in you has borne much fruit and you still

have many talents and gifts to reap you have a splendid future and rest assured

you have my support in every situation you may come to me with

confidence pouring out your soul before my altar in any need even in times of Doubt or if you

have made mistakes I shall remain faithful never forsaking you I shall surround you with my presence wherever

you may be and you shall know it your skin shall feel me your soul shall

receive the assurance that I am there with Legions ready and willing to Aid you to Grant you victory over those

cruel friends who seek to oppose you to Grant you healing and rid you of all

illness and even to empower you so that as you speak my word the forces of evil

shall be vanquished your life your family your health your finances all the

people under your roof shall be free and shall live in Victory your home shall be

filled with my glorious prensa and Supernatural Miracles shall occur every every day you shall be surrounded by

families of good people who shall also be blessed by this beautiful heart you

possess let me speak to your heart once again stay steady on your path Don’t

Drift back into doubt or disbelief keep seeking me praying learning growing and

let my Holy Spirit fill you each day with a sense of my care and affection embrace the peace I give you

which strengthens you my dear dear one my love for you is unwavering and constant even when you stumble or

falter it’s important I remind you of this especially when life’s troubles

Cloud your mind and you start questioning my care wondering if I’ve forgotten you you might have felt so

cherished in my love before that you doubt its permanence fearing I might be like others who promised love but left

when you needed the most don’t let others mislead you into thinking you’re to blame for

everything they might try to keep you chained with falsehoods aiming to rob

you of the bright future I’ve planned for you they might try to convince you of mistakes you haven’t made or make you

feel guilty for Imagined sins if you listen to them you’ll miss

out on the beautiful life we could share remember I’ve forgiven your missteps and freed you from guilt I’m a God of Mercy

compassion and pardon I recognize your true remorse My Sacrifice has made you

clean it’s time to leave the past behind and stop punishing yourself don’t let

anyone make you feel insignificant I am the one who sacrificed for you who bled for you so

you could walk with dignity you are not defined by others words you are who I declare you to be you must choose whom

to trust I say You are my beloved my Champion stand firm against those who

judge you you were created to win battles and achieve victories not to pick up the breadcrumbs of Happiness

left by your enemies I have given you victory over sin sickness poverty and

scarcity rise and shine speak my word with faith I love you I love you you are my

child I am not sending you punishments nor do I hold a whip in hand to to strike you every time you

fail those who think so have Twisted Minds the enemy has contaminated their

hearts and destroyed their lives fear not grow not

weary I am with you to lift you up receive today the new Mercy I have for

you it is your gift your endowment the source of your blessing I shall bring

Unity to your family healing to your mind and body peace to your heart I love

you my dear child hesitate not for you are deeply cherished you know it well I remain

faithful observing your endeavors and your desire to surrender to my will and execute tasks with

Excellence I witness your unwavering belief your faith continuing to

strengthen though you may not perceive all my responses your loyalty does not not Wayne I liken you to my Faithful

Servants akin to those initial Souls filled with my spirit enduring

thefts persecutions incarcerations and torments yet remaining unbroken you

resemble them you have witnessed my glory in your own life experiencing my

presence as the way the truth and your life you acknowledge the reality of

Miracles recognizing Supernatural occurrences in Celestial

Realms where Fierce battles which we shall jointly fight and overcome unfold

ensuring you receive even greater blessings I will always be there for you

even when you stumble I’ll give you extra strength to face challenges without being

overwhelmed for every challenge I allow I’ll provide a way out if I lead you on

a path I’ll also show you the way back when you feel astray

remember these words deep in your heart I won’t turn you away when you fail nor

will I end you for your errors I see your effort to avoid living in sin just

as you’ve turned away from wrong and sought forgiveness I will give you the

resilience seen in my apostles who experienced my glory firsthand and bear witness to my

presence I see you understand my blessing is upon you

aiming to achieve great things together your age doesn’t Define you with a

spirit Forever Young your Solid Faith and Readiness to rise at my call will

bring Triumph you will open doors and break through obstacles you’re my cherished

child gifted with Divine strength not for boasting or claiming profit status

as I humble the self-important but you are called for something unique I urge

you to rise be confident come join me in a new chapter of Wonders do you trust in

me I know you felt discouraged even spoken out of hurt not truly reflecting

your beliefs emotions got the better of you leading to mistakes you thought

you’d lost me but I’ve never left you you placed your trust in unreliable

sources succumbed to misleading feelings and found yourself let down by

untruthful people feeling isolated nevertheless I am still here

waiting for you though many deny and refuse to acknowledge it my love surpasses all

understanding it cannot be broken it is pure endless and perfect I call to you

by day by night in your dreams in every moment echoing through the wind

resonating in The Whispers of the Waves today you shall understand

I exist I am real and I shall reiterate it countless times each day to silence

the voices of deception I love you and I shall continue to do so would you have me

Express these sentiments again tomorrow right here as your ears absorb these

words saturating your spirit with my presence in the crystal clear waters that cleanse your

soul do you seek a genuine embrace come now I long to envelop you

sincerely demonstrating my unwavering commitment to loving you despite all I know you need me your emotions

your needs are transparent with me you can achieve all apart from me your soul

shall wither I listen I respond I desire to help you overcome scarcity to conquer

illness do you understand now tell me do you believe I I love you such love overwhelms me to

silence these words of affection flow effortlessly from my lips a river of

Living Waters coursing through your being bestowing the happiness you crave my beloved

child I watch over you all day long taking joy in your efforts your strong

chase after your dreams and your fights to keep going it fills me with happiness to see

your faith Shone in your eyes even when surprises come your way or

troubles pop up you hold on to your faith tightly you’re not overwhelmed by

worry instead you move ahead as if nothing can bother you should your surroundings start to

fall apart you use your faith like a protective barrier which makes me very

happy when you face opposition your faith is what you lean on again standing

Brave and certain that nothing can defeat you because I am by your side I

love being part of your daily life from the moment you wake up even if you think

your home is simple and modest I see the greatness of your faith and the size of your

heart one day I’ll let you see how my presence fills your home with countless

Angels around you’ll get to see the immense blessings I give when you come to me

willingly responding with true love to the care I give you holding on to me with the pure trust and honesty of a

child when I declare my love you believe with all your heart requiring no proof

to feel secure in my affection you believe in me without seeing and for

that you are blessed for your humility your fervent desire to love me and your

family you are pleasing to me in the abundance of Good Deeds you Endeavor

blessing shall abound your destiny rest within my

grasp today I have heard your supplication and could not remain silent

I have come forth to profess my love for you soon you shall emerge from this

plight I am fortifying your heart dispelling your anxiety and fear and

nurturing your emotions I imbue you with Serenity peace and Supernatural strength so that fear

and confusion may find no Haven in your life cling to the Eternal Truth for I am

immutable and truthful my love for you endures unwavering despite any

circumstance you face many May struggle to comprehend opting instead to fixate on falsehoods

they have chosen to believe yet in the face of obstacles you shall not falter Retreat

or Reland maintain your faith in my promises for I

shall never forsake you even when others might give up when faced with tough

times you my child will keep going strong and

steady if you long to see amazing things happen to watch barriers fall and chains

break keep praying trusting pushing forward and holding on for I give you

steadfast strength and belief if you ever feel down or if things don’t go as planted I’ll be right

there to lift you up offering my kidness and never ending

Mercy don’t ever doubt how much I love and forgive you for I have known and

chosen you from the very start knowing full well the hurdles you’d face trust

in my affection for you have faith in my presence and seek me without

wavering don’t be swayed by negativity or the deceptions and threats from those

against you because if you truly trust in my love there will be no room for

fear in your heart be confident that I will shower

you with wonderful blessings this year Proclaim your trust in me for my timing

is impeccable pay close attention for I’m ready to speak to you I hear your

prayers and I’m not ignoring or postponing them if my answers seem to T

it’s because I’m preparing something even better for you you will receive more than you requested along with the

wisdom to appreciate and protect your blessings your long awaited dreams shall

soon materialize be prepared for vast blessings and opportunities lie ahead

shed those who hinder your progress who incessantly criticize and scheme to cause you harm seek companions who

uplift and guide you toward betterment call upon me in your darkest

hour and I shall answer these words shall resonate within you imparting strength and encouragement

I’ve written my rules in your heart giving you Direction and comfort don’t be scared of anyone trying to hurt you

because I will keep you safe keep your heart good don’t hold on to anger or

speak ill of others your understanding and insight are growing letting you feel

my love directly your name and prayers are recorded in my book be strong Brave and

Trust in my perfect timing listen carefully stand up and move forward

because I ask you to don’t be afraid you are my child and you will not be harmed

I’ve given you the strength and might this month you will see amazing things happen if you follow my words and

Trust in their power if you listen to me today your heart will stay

open your honest and humble belief has always been your gift to me don’t let

Hard Times Lead You astray rely on me and I will rescue you

I’m with you always today you’ll find that waiting for me was worthwhile and your faith has

truly grown you’ve transformed from a small seed into a strong tree that stands firm

Against the Wind even those who doubted you will be impressed and your critics

will be surprised welcome them still abundance will come to you and you’ll have plenty

to share with others trust this completely




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