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take courage beloved you were born to

weather storms and Thrive once more I

wish to address love and Destiny

entwining do you sense doors unlocking

as we meet precious insights awaiting

Revelation then come near to receive

what I am disclosing to you I see the

searching gaze behind eyes determined

not to weep bravely smiling though arms

ache for

embrace Dreams Deferred haunting long

after Starlight Fades into sorrow’s

night I have heard the muffled cries

etched with my most cherished names my

precious one I see the longing that

fills your heart the dreams and desires

that stir your soul I know the vision I

have placed within you the promise of

something greater hovering just beyond

your grasp even now I am moving on your

behalf the wheels are in motion behind

the scenes as I prepare an abundance of

blessings to pour upon your life the

shift you have been praying for is

coming into alignment can you not

perceive it in the spirit the atmosphere

is charged with breakthrough and

destiny pay attention and you will

notice my fingerprints upon the

happenings around you yes a mighty

outpouring is imminent even now I am

rousing gifts within you that have laid

dormant for too long gifts to inspire

your community stir hope in the

downtrodden and release captives from

oppressions grip for I Has Not Seen Nor

Ear heard all the wondrous works I have

in store for you my

beloved Come Away With Me a while into

the secret place and let us Fellowship

together be still and know that I am God

for I desire truth within your inward

Parts wisdom in your inmost being not

for vain Glory but for selfless service

not for accolades of men but for Eternal


for wide and Untamed is the path of

selfish ambition and many Stampede

towards it Hollow Promises of prestige

but small is the gate and narrow is the

way leading to Abundant Life a life laid

down for others born again to turn

Hearts back to me will you choose then

the surrender that leads to

exaltation the way of humility rather

than Pride if you desire greatness in My

Kingdom kneel low before your Brothers

feet and wash them with compassion heal

their wounds with kindness carry their

burdens with love feed those who hunger

free those held captive stand up for the

oppressed give voice to the

voiceless and if you yourself should

stumble under judgment’s crushing weight

repent and return quickly to the fold

for there awaits abundant grace tender

mercy and redemption’s Open Arms did I

not not teach that a thousand may fall

at your side , at your right hand

yet no evil Will Conquer you nor any

plague come near your dwelling then why

do you fear failure when I am ever by

your side my passionate child take

confidence that your mistakes do not

define you for my strength is made

perfect in

weakness see every shortcoming as an

opportunity to make my forgiveness shine

all the brighter let weakness draw you

into deeper trust allow insufficiency to

magnify my

sufficiency then take my outstretched

hand ready to be raised upon Eagle wings

from Glory unto glory be anxious for

nothing as you step out in faith

believing my promises over fears

taunting lies take charge over your mind

bringing each wandering thought captive

in obedience to my truth yield imagined

outcomes into my capable hands

exchanging un certainty for faith and

trust my plans stand

irrevocable undeterred by raging storms

or contrary schemes of men what I have

purposed I will perform what I have

spoken shall come to pass not one of my

promises will fall void but will

accomplish all it is sent out to do

therefore lift your gaze Beyond present

circumstances which are subject to

change look instead to me the same

yesterday today and

forever be


immovable always abounding in my work

even when the results seem fruitless for

your labor in the Lord is never in vain

so liberally then into every Kingdom

Endeavor I set before you scatter seeds

of faith and righteousness from a

bountiful hand not weighed down by doubt


calculation for the size of your Harvest

depends not on what you can give but on

how fully you trust the inexhaustible

source of Supply he who Waters will

himself be watered in turn by rivers of

Living Water and eternal riches Beyond

Your Wildest Dreams await those who

invest generously into that which

endures so hold each Earthly possession

Loosely determine that moth and rust

will not corrode your true inheritance

instead fix your eyes on the Unseen

World where reward WS await

unparalleled store up Treasures in

Heaven that no Thief can steal for where

your treasure is there your heart will

be also and a heart aligned with my

kingdom reaps bountifully not just in

this age but the age to come

imperishable you sow imperishable you

shall reap yes a Reckoning hastens where

all works will be made

manifest exposed by Fire’s purifying

Flame and you will rejoice to see every

labor born of my spirit abide and bring

Everlasting glory to

me while all self-seeking all vain

ambition turn to Ash and fleeting

rewards Fade to nothingness so abide in

the vine beloved one that you may bear

lasting fruit nurture intimacy with Me

Above All Else communing in my presence

night and day for apart from me you can

accomplish nothing of worth but in the

center of my will is abundant provision

joy unspeakable purpose and productivity

that will remain stay near the Heart of

Jesus Take Shelter Beneath My Wing be

known as one who pursues my desires

rather than selfish gain one whose

purified heart flows from a whole and


devotion then watch as I trouble Waters

once turbulent with promise reverse

barrenness to overflow and decorate you

in Beauty for my glory

indeed I will yet cause streams to run

through desert places as signs and

wonders testify to my faithfulness no

longer will you be termed forsaken but

delighted in desired one sought after

and City no longer deserted I will turn

your mourn into gladness anoint you

fresh with the oil of Joy instead of

grief never again will slander or

contempt be heard among you as I restore

judges as at first and counselors as

long ago instead of Shame you will have

double rejoicing that lasts forever for

I love Justice and hate plunder I will

Faithfully reward you with peace and

prosperity come then as my beloved and

partake joyfully of these promises a

banqueting table laid out just for you I

will abundantly bless all the work of

your hands and satisfy your soul in

drought so you are like a well-watered g

Garden like a spring whose Waters never

fail those from you will rebuild ancient

ruins raise foundations laid ages long

you will be called repairer of Broken

Walls restorer of livable streets your

light will rise in darkness your night

glow bright as Noonday I will always

guide you provide for you and renew your

strength you will Thrive like a

well-rooted tree planted by Living

Waters ever raining down blessings of

nourishment that all may find healing in

its shade so lift up your head beloved

child remove grief’s morning Garb and

clothe yourself in glorious Splendor fit

for royalty drink deeply from Wells of

Salvation as the lowly are lifted high

for now you walk in my redeeming light

and sin’s Gloom flees away the long

night has passed awake awake clothe

yourself in strength now now as I raise

up kings and queens across this realm

arise Shine for the glory of Yahweh

arises upon you in Radiance and

Brilliance for all eyes to see time for

extravagant restoration by The One

enthroned Forever stand up have courage

keep eyes fixed above do not waver or

lose heart do not doubt or grow weary

resounding promise Echoes through

Heaven’s portal get ready and Brace your

self as outpourings flood parched ground

The Best Is Yet To Come my precious

child as you turn your heart towards me

know that I am here to envelop you in an

Embrace of divine love and comfort you

are a treasure to me lovingly crafted in

my image destined for a deep and

intimate friendship with your maker in

your presence joy and peace fill my

heart your soul beautiful and cherished

is a source of great Delight in the

Heavenly Realms feel the Jubilation that

Echoes through the heavens as the

Angelic hosts celebrate each step you

take towards me your affection or your

companionship your unconditional love

bring me profound pleasure your words

like a soothing balm have the power to

heal and refresh to bring light into the

darkest corners know that your whispered

prayers the soft utterance of I love you

father father are like the sweetest

perfume to me Rising above the clamor of

the world they are a fragrant incense

pure and pleasing cutting through the

chaos and reaching my heart and in that

sacred moment I hold you close

Whispering back I love you my child so

very much in this Divine exchange feel

my enduring love and grace enveloping

you a testament to the unbreakable Bond

we share

beloved I crafted your frame to house

desires for purpose and Destiny far

exceeding this fleeting world’s empty

promises caught between two Realms you

Glimpse faint Shadows of the greater

realities I intend for you to grasp but

child you were designed for so much more

to explore exhilarating Heights and

fathomless depths of our love

relationship this alone fully satisfies

soul longings for significance set aside

frenetic striving for

self-sufficiency cease building towers

of human achievement destined to crumble

instead yield your dreams into my hands

as an offering of worship surrendering

outcomes and a claim for when you

entrust yourself fully to my sovereign

plan abandoned to my purpose I Covenant

this promise you will complete the works

I prepared for you long before this

world’s Foundation no striving no tears

just Joy joy and Shalom permeating all

you undertake at my prompting for I

desire you to increasingly view Earthly

happenings through the lens of

Eternity this lifts eyes from the

natural to perceive the supernatural

possibilities poised to emerge Mysteries

once perplexing give way to Adventure as

you learn to partner with my unseen hand

orchestrating people and

events expansive life awaits those

yielding to my lordship aware that I

oversee all detail TS take each step

with attentive trust even when the way

seems unclear initially my spirit lives

in you to guide your every move Great

Expectations lie ahead grounded in my

great love and as you yield to my great

purpose at work in you arise then

beloved and Shine the fullness of time

is at hand these words punctuated for

clarity bring out the richness and depth

of the passage each phrase carries

profound meaning and serves as a

reminder of the Divine love and guidance

available to the reader arise then

beloved and Shine for the fullness of

time is at

hand the dawn breaks upon the Horizon of

your life Illuminating Pathways of

purpose and Destiny embrace the call to

greatness that resonates within your

soul for you are chosen

beloved and empowered by the hand of the

almighty as you step forward in faith

know that I am with you always guiding

your steps and Illuminating the path

before you trust in my provision for I

am the source of all abundance and The

Giver of every good gift open your heart

to receive the blessings that I have

prepared for you for they are abundant

beyond measure do not be discouraged by

the challenges that lie ahead for I have

equipped you with strength and

resilience to overcome every obstacle

Lean on Me in times of trouble and I

will carry you through the storm take

courage for I have conquered the world

and in me you have

Victory continue to seek me with all

your heart and I will reveal my plans

and purposes for your life walk in

obedience to my word and you will

experience the fullness of joy that

comes from living in alignment with my

will trust in my timing for I make all

things Beautiful In My Time remain

steadfast in your faith knowing that I

am faithful to fulfill every promise I

have spoken over your life your future

is secure in my hands and nothing can

separate you from my love so rise up

beloved and walk boldly into the destiny

that awaits you for I Am With You

Always even to the end of the age these

words punctuated for clarity continue to

inspire and uplift reminding the reader

of the Divine guidance and Assurance

available in every step of their Journey

amen my beloved Child come closer and

let us Converse do you sense the

importance of this moment be attentive

for I wish to reveal Mysteries

concerning your purpose and

relationships you have been questioning

when promised blessings regarding

partnership will come to fruition I see

your fatigue when prayers appear

fruitless instead of

Awakening old dreams you perceive

delays where I am simply making

preparations and positioning for

precisely the right timing have faith in

my Flawless Providence I am pleased by

your patience thus far but know that

cultivating greater endurance will reap

even greater rewards than you can

Envision the Shadows fading signal the

dawning of warmth and light those

walking Faithfully before me will

experience compounding

Revelation yet alongside joyful

breakthrough ever lurks the adversary

prowling with Beed fangs determined to

ravage and demolish the pristine future

rapidly coming into view eyes blazing

with envious Fury behold long-awaited

prophecy being fulfilled after years of

empty Echoes he dispatches his

villainous followers to prowl through

the darkness On Assignment to terrorize

newly un un locked dreams though Brazen

are their deceits and vicious their

exploits I command that these

Confederates Retreat to the abyss I

declare Divine reversal over all curses

summoned against your Bounty the Gates

of Hell cannot Prevail where Heaven’s

angels are triumphant March forward

behind Heavenly hosts blazing Trails for

my arrival come closer beloved do you

sense Adventure Dawning on the horizon

of your story the hour has come to

launch ships long anchored safely in

Harbor out into seas that Exhilarate the

soul first consider what this Odyssey

will require as it unfolds holding

unscripted navigating unpredictable

Tides will test character and courage

yet fear no Peril in my company have we

not walked handin hand through storms

before trekking Skyward Into Thin Air it

can leave you breathless when the ascent

seems too far too Swift but vigor flows

from my heart to yours when yours grows

faint we travel as partners never you

alone and in those moments when your

feet stumble consider too that

Adventures launch not from timid Shores

but Wild Waves that leave Hearts

pounding Divine Destiny pulls you past

former fears yet Prudence also wins

races so temperal with wisdom impatience

courts danger hurtling yourself unored

onto tempestuous seed

my sovereign hand charts the course

ahead shielding you from shipwreck on

deceptive Shores allow relationships to

Blossom gradually

intentionally as increasing light

illuminates the New Path ahead step

together in syn with my Tempo be still

at times to nurture quiet fruition or to

avoid passing storms not all teach

wisdom discern which waves offer

valuable lessons and which gently caress

your safety rest not solely in your

skill But ultimately in me you will

learn to rely on my guidance not fearful


protection Discovery requires time yet

unfolds with

Marvel I lead you on treasure hunts to

Unearthed facets of yourselves and each

other glistening with sacred Brilliance

too often buried or

disregarded yet there will also be less

dazzling moments when abilities fall

short and tempests toss violently in

those times cling closely together

endure adversity without a shred of

condemnation know that Seasons always

change just as I work individually in

each seeking one to transform shifting

Sands into unshakable Bedrock so I tutor

you side by side to build relationship

on an unbreakable Foundation take heart

and refuse doubts that cloud Clear Sight

hold on to Hope while the sand

stabilizes Focus not on irritant but on

my joy Calling You Higher and deeper

within observe my movements how I

perfect the weak and stumbling I teach

you laughter in the tempest’s midst to

dance though Thunder crashes and

lightning crackles knowing secret

Delight overwhelming the Gale we journey

together what my spirit unites no person

can divide I have blessed this sacred

Covenant who now can revoke the Legacy I

bequeath or Destiny’s sure approach lift

eyes beyond the swirling Squall behold

breakthrough unfolding Majesty on the

horizon painted with promise established

long before this day mine is the victory

song already lifting the

atmosphere though battles still rage if

you want God’s grace always upon you

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