I’M HERE TO HELP YOU | Message from God

at this moment I speak to you from the

depths of my heart for you are and

always will be loved listen to me

carefully from the depths of your being

for these words are meant for you with

much love and care I ask you for just a

precious moment of your attention to

hear my voice I am the guardian of

promises and my words have a profound

purpose I will share with you something

of Greater importance than anything else

occupying your thoughts stay with me a

little longer and open your heart allow

me to alleviate the pain Weighing on

your soul and dispel the negative

thoughts that trouble you so much come

trust me with your heart let me love you

every tear you shed is known to me and

every sigh that escapes your lips is

felt in my heart you are not alone my

child for I am your rock your shelter in

life storms trust in me and you will

find the peace you seek the hope that

will sustain you through the toughest

days I promise you that even in the

moments that make you sad I will be with

you you lighting your path with the

light of my love no matter how dark the

tunnel you’re going through know that

the dawn is coming bringing with it new

opportunities new blessings that await

you I embrace you now and offer Serenity

and peace like no other I am here to

uplift you to bring a smile to your face

every morning know that I love you truly

and deeply I want you to not only know

and believe but feel this Sacred Love

within you so that you may find

happiness again my child understand that

despite the difficulties you face I am

always with you when you feel lost and

directionless remember that I am your

guide even in the darkest moments I am

there lighting your path with the flame

of Hope fear not for the storm may Roar

but the sun always shines behind the

clouds today I want you to rise up lift

your head and move forward with courage

for it is in challenges that you find

the opportunity to grow and Thrive do

not shrink in the face of adversity but

confront it with unwavering Faith

sometimes it may seem like you are alone

in this world but I want you to know

that you will never be forsaken I am by

your side holding your hand every step

of the way trust in me and let me guide

you to the path of Truth and fulfillment

for I have marvelous plans reserved for

you plans that surpass any human

imagination believe in yourself for I

believe in in you with all my heart my

child you are safe in my sheltered and

protected hands place your trust in me

completely my arms are always open to

you I listen attentively to your cries

and prayers as I embrace them each new

day open your eyes take a deep breath

and feel my encompassing presence you

know that I am here to listen and answer

all the requests you have brought to me

when you pray for your family it brings

me joy for it is of great significance I

ask with all my love that you do not let

your focus stray to trivial matters

matters that go against your principles

when you feel lost seek solace in me

find a way when you feel overwhelmed and

surrounded by conflicts I am your

solution I do not want anxiety to

enslave you or unfounded fears to

consume you allow me to be your guide

your compass in the darkness showing you

the way to truth and inner peace trust

in me even when you do not understand my

plans for every trial is a step towards

your transformation and spiritual

elevation when you feel weak remember

that in your weakness lies my strength I

am your sustenance your safe Refuge your

unshakable rock surrender yourself to me

with all your heart and I will lift you

up with wings like eagles renewing your

strength so that you can soar above the

adversities of life even in moments of

greatest despair never lose

faith for it is faith that will sustain

you when all else seems to fail trust in

me even when you do not understand my

plans for what appears to be an obstacle

now may be a disguised blessing that

will lead you to a glorious Destiny do

not compare yourself to others for each

journey is unique and special instead

embrace your uniqueness and embrace the

path I have chosen for you for I have

great plans for your life plans that

will take you to Heights you never

imagined reaching trust in me and

surrender yourself to my care for I know

what is best for you remember the

Wonders I have already done for you I

saved you from the clutches of death

rescued you from adversaries and

extended my hand to deliver you from

danger even in the most terrible moments

when all seemed lost I returned with my

powerful word performing Miracles Beyond

imagination there are many wonders I can

perform for you have faith in me allow

me to continue to to help you know my

child that I see your tears and hear

your prayers for the protection of those

you love often you pray for others but

rarely ask for anything for yourself

your attitude of worship and gratitude

is deeply valued I want your faith to

remain unwavering for I will fulfill all

the promises I make to you when

obstacles try to block your path do not

be discouraged for I hold your destiny

in my hands you will achieve all your

goals you will fulfill the dreams Within

your heart nothing and no one can steal

your blessing except your faith loyalty


sincerity even when you do not make

requests know that I will bestow upon

you blessings greater and more wonderful

than you can imagine seek me every

morning as you open your eyes let

gratitude be the first words on your

lips do not let negativity overshadow

the light that illuminates your days I

want the opportunities I bring to open

up for your life I see that sometimes

you can’t sleep tossing and turning in

bed worried about things that are

already in my hands when anxiety knocks

at your door be strong when fear screams

in your ears speak to it and say Alo

that there is no room for it in your

heart for you have decided to trust in

your best friend your God and Lord I

want you to transfer all that weight you

carry on your shoulders about the future

know that it’s not just life that I have

reserved for you you will see wonders


you also cannot lower your gaze or be

distracted by your worries and thoughts

I promise to perform the miracle you

asked for my doors are always open to

you you will be able to enjoy my peace

live your life fully and be happy I

promise you that amidst your struggles I

will remind you with my soothing voice

that my hand is upon your shoulder and

that against all attacks I will give you

the strength to resist tell me that you

believe in me and obey

me if I have persuaded you to return to

my word fill yourself with my promises

and believe in me in the difficult

moments you will encounter on your

journey even when your strength seems to

fail due to waiting too long remain calm

speak to your heart and say that there

is nothing to fear for the control of

your life your dreams and your destiny

are in the hands of your loving father

think of the situations that seemed

impossible to resolve and yet you man

managed to overcome them since the day

you surrendered control of your life

into my hands you have not lost a single

battle therefore rest your heart and

continue to

trust I know it can sometimes be

difficult just to rest and not lose

Faith especially when everything seems

to be going wrong in difficult times my

child do not listen to the voices of the

enemy do not accept the threats of fear

and insecurity keep walking and trusting

in my promises you are deeply loved by

me keep walking in faith for victory is

certain and fill your heart with joy

what I have prepared for you is greater

than you can imagine always remember I

am always here ready to listen to you to

support you to love you beyond all


amen if you believe in these words leave

your Amen in the


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