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my dear child did you click on this video to deepen our connection and to

hear my voice very good My Chosen me please

don’t be surprised that my voice changes a little I want to use this new voice to

express myself even better to reach you better I’m speaking from my heart to

yours you are precious to me listen closely this is just for you I need a

moment free from distraction to share something vital give me your attention

open your heart Let Me ease your pain I’m here to offer you peace like no

one else can trust me with your heart let yourself feel loved my dear child as

we embark on this profound journey of connection allow my words to be a source of strength comfort and guidance for you

think of me as your Guiding Light a lighthouse steering you through life storms speaking directly to your soul

you are in incredibly precious to me Let My Words uplift your spirit stay with me

a bit longer press the stop button if I’m talking too fast or if you should need some time to reflect make sure to

listen till the end don’t skip or miss anything picture me as the sun melting

away your darkest thoughts embracing you with unmatched peace and

Tranquility I’ve witnessed your dedication to cultivating a beautiful garden of actions and intentions your

commitment to nurturing this Garden mirrors a Gardener’s tender care for blossoming flowers your efforts serve as

the nourishing rain that allows kindness and empathy to bloom your engagement in

tending to this Garden of Goodwill illustrates your sincere desire to make a positive impact rest assured your

efforts in nurturing this Garden do not go unnoticed they paint a vivid picture of

your dedication and compassion remember when I asked you to reach out to

me well get ready because something amazing is about to happen I always keep

my promises you’ve trusted me and I won’t let you down take some time to

listen to my teachings again life’s challenges whether related to health

finances or family along with the distress and pain they can bring to

you I understand them that’s why I want you to chat with me every day learn from

what I say get wiser and stay aware of what’s happening around you look at

moments of rest and prayer as your Refuge a place to find calm in my Holy

Spirit you were made to be a symbol of Hope and Triumph not of sorrow and

defeat when darkness seems overwhelming remember I am like the dawn

bringing light to your darkest night I I am the Morning Light ready to lift you

up aiming to bring a smile to your face with the day’s first light understand that my love shines as

bright and unwavering as the sun casting its warmth upon you I want you to feel

this sacred love revitalizing your joy and pushing away all

Shadows I have always been and will always be right by your side consider

this a steadfast promise you are safely encircled within my care let go of your worries into my

embracing arms each day let’s celebrate our bond filled with hope and unwavering

faith I am always here to listen ready to answer your deepest prayers your

dedication especially when praying for your loved ones fills me with immense joy in life’s chaos when Small Things

blur your vision or when you feel lost look to me as your source of peace and

Direction get ready for something bigger than anything you have seen before it is

true so hold on to that belief strongly step forward with faith knowing you are

carrying my promise of Victory let that beautiful smile on your face show your bravery confidence and my

strength I have instilled in you this message grants you Unbreakable

strength Express in your own words that you believe take a moment to write with your

own hands affirming your belief feel how my Holy Spirit supports

and Embraces you rise with excitement to walk the path of triumphs and victories

follow my guidance do as I ask and move forward with courage and Faith confirm

that you have taken this message to heart with love love and belief stand up

extend your hands and receive the amazing blessings I will grant you imagine yourself as a brave Hero at the

conclusion of an incredible journey Victorious and strong reject any

thoughts of defeat I am the force behind you making even the biggest obstacles

seem small your prayers are powerful aimed and released with certainty walk

with the confidence of a champion let go of any discouragement or sadness I am

your unfailing solution your Shield against all fears and doubts your trust

in me is founded on my unchanging reliability hold on to my promises like

a precious map to treasure deep within you reflect on our journey together

remember how I’ve guided you through challenges and brought you back from the brink of Despair in your toughest

moments when all seems lost know that I have always returned with solutions that amaze and support you I have countless

blessings waiting for you trust in my ongoing guidance let me be your constant

protector I want to be your Defender throughout every moment of your life it

will help you deal with anyone who tries to harm you or take away the good things I’ve given you some people might get

upset or jealous when they see you doing well they don’t want to see you happy or your loved ones happy let the light

change you shining through you as a symbol of joy and a tribute to my love

you are an incredible work of my creation reflecting My Endless Love my

involvement in your life isn’t just history it’s an ongoing journey of Miracles revealing your significant

place in my grand plan do not dwell on thoughts of giving up or backing down

you are as Relentless As A Mighty Wind destined to inherit a future filled with blessings I will broaden your

understanding showing you that your existence is more than momentary but a lasting Legacy of spiritual riches

even if today goes unnoticed each challenge you face is sculpting you into something greater your faith is a key

unlocking Realms beyond your imagination Let My Words strengthen you when the

path feels too much look up and remember I am with you closer than you realize my

promises are real and near your freedom is close at hand the obstacles for you

are about to disappear and your enemies won’t stand a chance so now I ask you do

you believe do you hold love for me in your heart your positive response will lead

to wonders to calm your spirit and dispel any worry remember these

[Music] truths Surrender Your Heart to me completely and bravely believe in my

plan for your lasting happiness and well-being understand understand that any difficulties are not my wish for you

but our paths leading to Greater joy and peace imagine my plan for you as a rich

Garden full of prosperity and blessings I encourage you to bring your heart to me like a loyal Knight ready for a noble

Journey let the scriptures feed your soul deeply rooting and nourishing you

trust me completely for any doubts are temporary like clouds passing in the sky

and every challenge strengthens you if your heart is only partly open to me or only in moments of need then your faith

will waver like a ship without an anchor in stormy seas when life gets tough and

you feel overwhelmed remember this is not what I want for you I wish for your

heart fully radient with steadfast loyalty and faith on a lifelong

Adventure where each day is an Ascent toward the wonders of a realm Beyond imagination with me the ordinary becomes

extraordinary shower ing you with blessings as gentle as a spring shower driving away any who mean you harm with

the shield of my protection the reward for your dedication is a crown of

Victory ready and waiting your task is simple yet deep give me your heart your

trust and your unwavering commitment now take a moment maybe with hands raised or

eyes closed to think of all the good in your life consider everything big or

small small that gives you strength and joy be truly thankful even if you feel

you have little this gratitude is a healing touch for your spirit opening your eyes to the

grace surrounding you remember all the support and strength you’ve received especially during hard

times recognize the learning in each challenge the growth in each difficulty

and the blossoming of your faith now direct that gratitude towards me let

your voice rise in a chorus of thanks for life’s every breath for the community of family and friends and for

every moment you’ve been given think of gratitude as a key opening doors even

when they seem locked tight be thankful for I am crafting a magnificent story

with your life and soon I’ll reveal the next chapter I’m preparing a journey for you

filled with unseen wonders and hidden Joys right now let thankfulness guide

you through any uncertainty or sadness appreciate the hurdles you’ve

overcome the journeys you’ve made and even the storms you’ve weathered each reflection of yourself is not just you

but your enduring Spirit your attitude of gratitude isn’t just a whisper in the void it’s a powerful force initiating

change and inviting Miracles into your life today is the start of a new chapter

one shaped by the power of your your even more grateful heart carry this message of love and joy to those around

you who might be hiding their struggles behind a facade of contentment share the

abundance of joy and peace you’ve found in my presence as you spread this love

I’ll wrap you in peace and prosperity protecting you from anxiety and worry

you may face skepticism or disbelief but your words will resonate with those who need to hear them most they are waiting

for the assurance that they are loved and valued remember I am acutely aware

of all your struggles I’ve heard your quietest prayers those whispered in the night with tears rise now as a new day

disperses the darkness bringing strength to replace old fears within the vast

journey of Life there will be moments when you encounter specific struggles that test your spirit and resolve these

are not random hardships but tailored challenges meant to strengthen your faith sharpen your wisdom

and build your character as you stand before these trials whether they are personal doubts

relational conflicts health issues or professional obstacles remember they do

not define you instead they refine you each acting as a forge for your inner

strength and resilience know that for every Goliath there is a stone for every

Red Sea a staff to part the waters within you resides a Wellspring of

Courage a reservoir of perseverance provided by my love when worries about

finances Cloud your mind I am there to guide you towards provision and Prudence

in moments of loneliness or heartache my comfort envelops you urging you towards healing and wholesome

relationships and in times of personal failure or setback my grace is sufficient to lift you transforming

defeat into a foundation for success but overcoming these struggles requires more

than recognition it demands action it

requires you to GD yourself with the armor of Faith wield the sword of truth

and March forward with the shield of perseverance it involves speaking words

of Life over your situation declaring Victory even amidst the Battleground

it’s about recalling the times of past deliverance and using them as fuel for your current fight as you confront these

specific struggles do so with a heart of wisdom seeking guidance and counsel for

no battle was ever won by strength alone but through strategy and insight engage

with the scriptures for within its verses lie the strategies of old Timeless tactics that teach how to win

Wars and secure peace yet even as you face down these Giants remember you do

not fight alone my presence is a constant by your side a commander

leading the charge with every step I am there fortifying your spirit enlightening your path and

strengthening your resolve the battles may rage the night may seem unending but

the dawn of Victory is on the horizon for every struggle there is a planned

end a moment of breakthrough that awaits your steadfast faith and unwavering

trust so my child as you navigate through each challenge do so with the

assurance that Victory is woven into the very fabric of your journey these specific struggles are but chapters in

Your Story Each ending with the triumphant refrain overcome hold fast to this promise and

watch as the mountains move and the Giants fall for with me all things are not only possible but promised in the

Journey of Life there often comes a time when the soul feels Weary burdened by the trials and tribulations of existence

it’s in these moments my dear child that the Divine promise prise of healing and renewal becomes most precious just as

the seasons cycle from the death of winter to The Rebirth of spring so too

are you offered a path from despair to Hope from Brokenness to wholeness

healing is more than The Mending of visible wounds it’s a deep transformative process that touches the

very core of your being it begins with turning your heart towards the light of Love and Truth allowing that light to

penetrate the darkest recesses of your pain imagine each word of comfort and

promise as a balm gently applied to the bruises and scars borne from your battles as these words soothe and heal

they also Empower breathing new life into your spirit just as a gentle rain

awakens the slumbering seeds in the earth renewal follows healing a glorious

unfolding of potential and purpose it’s a Divine invitation to shed the old the

hurt the obsolute compl and embrace a new vision of what can be renewal

Whispers of Fresh Starts new beginnings and untapped possibilities it encourages

you to look beyond the present moment to the dawn that awaits promising that every ending is merely the Prelude to a

new and glorious beginning in this sacred process You are not alone just as

a gardener tends to their beloved plants so am I here to tend to you through

every step every setback every breakthrough I am here when you falter I

will steady you when you wander I will guide you back when you break I will

mend you with hands of grace and mercy Embrace this journey of healing and

renewal with an open heart and a willing Spirit trust in the promises of

restoration and the certainty of a brighter tomorrow let go of the remnants of the

past that weigh you down and step forward into the light of new beginnings with each step feel the burdens of the

old falling away replaced by a lightness a joy a peace that surpasses all

understanding as you walk this path know that it is paved with lessons of forgiveness decorated with the blossoms

of Hope and illuminated by the Eternal Light of love it leads to a place of wholeness where every tear Fe has been

wiped away every wound healed and every heart renewed so my child as you

continue your journey hold fast to the vision of healing and renewal Let It Be

The Beacon that guides you through the storms the anchor that holds you steady amidst the waves and the melody that

sings of your triumphant arrival at the shores of peace and fulfillment remember

in every moment of pain or doubt that this path is your Birthright a Divine

gift offered to all who dare to believe in the power of a new dawn once where there was doubt now let

there be Solid Faith where confusion once muddled your way let Clarity and

determination pave your path the era of trembling before challenges is over

today you stand strong ready to overcome any obstacle imagine my power as a great

Fortress protecting you I’ve made you a warrior equipped to face and conquer any

challenge even the most daunting obstacles are small in my presence I walk with you through every challenge

every Triumph in my love and strength you are more than Victorious see each

difficulty as a defeated foe before even stepping onto the battlefield I’ve ignited a fire of resolve and courage

within you brightening with every challenge faced your dreams and the hurdles in your path are merely the

backdrop for the victories of I’m going to help you achieve I will bring blessings into your life open doors and

lighten your burdens I’ll influence those around you to treat you with kindness and favor dismiss any fear of

others intentions as long as your trust is anchored in me and your actions are filled with Integrity nothing can truly

be against you remember I am with you for every step guiding you till the end

of time my words are not just words but a powerful healing force that breathes

life and lifts your spirit you might feel Unworthy of such attention but your humility and Faith have drawn my gaze

and affection I want to be a constant presence in your life not just a visitor

in your heart I’ll write Promises of Hope and break every chain that holds you back replacing your pain and anxiety

with peace from above listen carefully for I speak clearly and directly wishing

above all to see you thrive in joy peace peace and a bright future when you spend

time with me you’re not just passing moments you’re enveloping yourself in an Embrace that assures you of My reality

my profound love and complete protection this is the Legacy I eagerly

want to give you believe in me as the source of your strength like an endless

wardrobe of Love waiting to clothe you let my Holy Spirit transform you not

just outside but deep within rise and move forward with divine

power with my spirit leading the way no challenge can defeat you you are strong

and stable like an oak tree deeply rooted in my love and faith believe that

with me anything is possible cherish my love and rely on my perfect timing I am

creating a beautiful Symphony with your life and when the time is right blessings will flow into your life like

a river I give you you patience and peace like a calm still Lake use these

gifts wisely don’t rush or let emotions Cloud your judgment avoid hasty

decisions and deceitful companions remember I Am with You patiently shaping

your future as long as your trust shines brightly in me and your actions reflect

Integrity no one can stand against you I am with you every moment guiding you

towards an incredible future my words are a source of life and strength now

you’re free to walk a path of Divine Purpose leave behind the shadows of past

mistakes they no longer Define you you are reborn destined for a life filled

with peace prosperity and unwavering strength imagine standing firm in a

world full of challenges knowing you’re destined for victory Because of Who You belong to trust in me as surely as you

trust the sunrise with every step believe that you’re moving towards a brighter future I understand your tears

and the Deep longing in your heart for my presence know that I am always right beside you a steadfast companion even if

you feel disconnected from others know that I am with you a constant reassuring

presence think of my love as a spring in the desert refreshing and renewing your

spirit drink deeply from this source of blessing and you’ll never feel empty again today

embrace your healing and renewal my words are a bright light in your life I’ve entered your heart and home ready

to bless and protect you and your family today I sense your need for strength and

joy draw near knowing there is no distance between us I am not a distant

figure but a loving father always close and intimately involved in your

life give me your hand let’s rise together and walk through the Journey of your thoughts share with me your fears

and hesitations the world might have been harsh dimming the bright optimism

of your youth but as a new day dispels the darkest night so will the strength I

provide chess away your fears once where there was uncertainty now let there be

firm conviction today you stand read and equipped for anything together we speak the Deep

language of the soul and I understand exactly how to bring you comfort and strength

within the grand Narrative of your life take a moment to reflect on the marvels of Nat and creation which serve as Vivid

reminders of my presence and power from the Majestic mountains that stand firm against the skies expanse to the tiniest

Bloom that breaks through the soil’s surface each element of the natural world is a testament to the care and

creativity I pour into every detail of existence let the vastness of the

universe with its billions of stars and galaxies remind you of the infinite

possibilities I hold for you just as I call each Star by name so too do I know

and cherish you deeply the same power that ignited the sun’s fire and set

planets into motion is at work within you guiding providing and nurturing as

you walk through nature Let each step be a meditation on the beauty and complexity of creation

see the variety of Life the birds that soar the fish that swim and the animals

that roam each one an expression of my imagination and love is part of a larger

ecological tapestry that sustains and enriches life but nature is not merely

to be observed it is a place for you to connect with me on a profound level in

the Stillness of a forest the Peace of a mountain Summit or the gentle lapping of waves at your feet

my presence envelops you these natural sanctuaries are spaces for reflection

prayer and Rejuvenation where you can lay down your burdens and find renewal for your weary

Soul so my child as you continue on your journey embrace the lessons and

blessings of Nature and creation let them teach you about resilience as seen in the persistent

growth of greenery through the cracks of a sidewalk let them Inspire awe and wonder drawing you closer to the Divine

mystery and Majesty that is ever present and let them remind you of my constant

care and creativity for just as I tend to the lies of the field and the birds

of the air so too will I provide for you lovingly and abundantly therefore as you

Marvel at the sunset or gaze at the night sky let these experiences deepen

your understanding of my love and power allow the beauty of the world to f fill your heart with gratitude and your mind

with peace for in every leaf every drop of water and every breath of wind my

glory is revealed inviting you to join in the Eternal Hymn of creation that

sings of Hope love and the promise of new beginnings my words illuminate your

life I’ve made a home in your heart ready to bless and protect you and your

loved ones today I sense your need for strength and joy draw close knowing I’m

right here with you I am not a distant deity but a loving father always close

and intimately involved in your life extend your hand join me on a journey to

a place where you’re deeply loved and honored here under my watchful care

you’re recognized for who you truly are a child of greatness uniquely designed

even when you stumble remember there’s a special place in the universe just for you safe within my all-encompassing love

you have the privilege of speaking with me at any moment if ever you feel unworthy remember that I’ve claimed you

as my own with a sacred promise forget the mistakes of the past you’re forever

cherished in my heart your resilience shines through you’ve remained standing because you’ve trusted in the promises

I’ve given you drawing on a strength beyond your own these promises are your

Shield protecting you from doubt and fear you’re not just surviving you’re thriving filled with New Hope and

vitality forget the past you’re moving forward into a life defined by peace

prosperity and unwavering strength trust in me and watch as every step takes you

closer to a future brighter than you ever imagined your past mistakes are just Shadows fading away in the morning

light of my forgiveness open your heart to me let your eyes follow the path I

light up for you you’re just passing through this world but my blessings are your rightful

inheritance imagine walking a path filled with my love blooming under your every step avoid those who doubt and

discourage their Journey isn’t yours while they choose their path you’re

destined for greater things they can’t even imagine if you ever feel alone

remember I’m always here in due time I’ll bring the right people into your

life you are infinitely precious to me protected and loved beyond measure

Victory is nearly within your grasp my timing is perfect arriving exactly when

needed I understand how hard waiting can be the inner battles it brings lay down

your heavy load at my feet a life filled with worry isn’t meant for you keep

looking forward steadfastly for I’ve promised a miracle just believe and

continue your journey the dawn of your freedom is near and I’m leading you every step reaffirm your faith feed on

my words when times are tough let them be your Guiding Light when the path seems unclear you’ve shown such

resilience now is not the time to give up I’m speaking to fill you with faith

courage and strength I am here a constant presence ready to take your hand and lead you to victory tell me you

believe and respond from your heart who loves you more than I your journey has been tough marked by

many trials but each step has been a testament to your courage reflect on the challenges you’ve overcome and know that

since you’ve entrusted your life to me no battle has been insurmountable in

moments of conflict when turmoil seeks to overwhelm you protect your heart from Fear keep moving forward firmly trusting

in my promises you are wrapped in Divine love a masterpiece to designed for

greatness even before your first breath I will never leave you I am vigilantly caring for every aspect of your life

dismiss the sadness fill yourself with joy and walk forward with faith-filled eyes for victory is assured and what

lies ahead is more wonderful than you can imagine I cherish you now and always

now declare your belief amen as this video time ends I want to

thank you your attention is deeply treasured May the words and moments we

have shared continue to bring light and help to your path if you have found Comfort strength or inspiration during

our time together I invite you to like comment or share this video and if you

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being part of this community until we meet again keep walking in faith and light amen

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