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God promises you that you will get a

surprise blessing soon he has heard your

prayers please watch this video till the

end to get more surprises from God today

God is telling you that before this

month ends you will be amazed by how

much wealth health and happiness you

will have if you believe in God show it

by liking this video you are meant to be

happy healthy and successful again these

amazing things will not come from your

own work but from God’s love for you if

you trust in God type

God’s kindness will make you feel

inspired always remember that God does

not ignore your tears prayers or pain he

sees hears and will help you I say that

until you are fully blessed heaven will

not stop working in the name of Jesus I

order all the problems in your life life

to go away you are starting a new time

in your life with freedom wealth luck

and strength so get ready to accept

these blessings in the name of Jesus

amen God says today that he will change

your pain into power and your challenges


chances God reminds you to keep in mind

that he is always with you to protect

and support you he will deal with your

enemies and make you very success

uccessful if you stay loyal to him do

not worry when times are hard God will

answer your prayers and your tears will

turn into tears of joy if you believe in

God type

now is the time for you to recover

from all the difficulties and losses you

have faced I am here to give you back

everything that the enemy has taken from

you God says I bless you and keep you

close to my heart I I smile at you and

show you kindness I lift you up and give

you peace let me be your source of

strength and comfort when You Face

trouble in your life do not lose hope

God Is by your side have faith in his

promises and he will make everything

good for you understand that the most

important relationship you can have is

with Jesus Christ he can heal your

broken heart and calm your deepest

wounds when God decides to bless you

everything will go your way no matter

what others try to do be thankful for

what you have now and be ready for the

blessings that God has for you by God’s

grace you will get even more God tells

you not to worry bring your needs to him

by praying and saying thank you remember

His blessings this opens the door to

heaven and brings more miracles into

your life through his grace look forward

to the wonderful plans God has for your

life it could be a big change a happy

marriage or a huge one every bad

situation will change and God will bless

you and heal your hurts a new Chance is

coming soon no one can stop it because

God is with you I say that all bad

influences are broken your health will

get better and your money will grow this

week when we have only God left we find

surprises that can change our lives

forever this is your time to come back

strong everything that was taken from

you will be given back get ready for

more blessings than ever before God says

I am here to make your life better I

bring blessings to you and your family

and friends I take away your pain even

when times are hard God will lead and

help you to beat big

challenges get ready for more money

Better Health and stronger

relationships trust God completely and

see amazing miracles happen in your life

God says I will end every bad cycle in

your life a new time of Freedom wealth

and happiness is coming no matter what

you suffered or doubted before I am here

to bless heal and help you even your

enemies can’t stop me start to pray and

see victory in your life

God is breaking every bad cycle that has

stopped your growth through prayer you

will find the right places people and

chances a new Chance is coming to your

life soon no one can stop it because God

is with you your future will be full of

good things progress and Improvement God

will make your health relationships and

money better Jesus says trust that I

will make you new and give you blessings

more more than you can imagine the

angels are sending you a message your

waight is over and this week you will

see something very wonderful in your

life if you have serious health problems

trust that God’s holy and Precious Blood

will heal you completely the angels have

given you this message for a big reason

if you are reading this it’s a sign that

you will avoid a big problem get ready

for surprise blessings lots of love love

and many good things coming your way God

will take away your pain worries and

problems he will give you good health

happiness and peace let us pray dear God

please take away all fear and worry make

those who are tired of holding on

stronger show them a sign that you are

still with them as Jesus said anyone who

listens to my teachings and follows them

is smart like a person who builds a

house on a strong base your tears will

soon turn into tears of joy your pain

will be changed by healing your

struggles will lead to Blessings if you

needed this message type

my dear child I have a great plan

for your life that will make you happy

satisfied and perfect nothing bad that

happens to you today in any area of your

life will work out out in jesus’ name

you will have a lot of love money and

health in your life and your heart will

be very joyful if you believe this

message type

April is a month full of good

things gifts and chances for you

whatever you want whether it’s a good

job a lot of money your dream car or

true love you will get it Jesus wants

you to trust that he will make you new

and give you more gifts than you can

imagine my dear child if you watch this

video Until the End you and your family

will have health happiness money and

peace that last forever if you have

money problems don’t worry you are meant

to have a lot of money money will come

to you easily without working too hard

God is talking to you today and he says

that next week will be full of amazing

and wonderful gifts that will change

your life if you believe like this video

you will have more chances and God will

heal your body mind and

relationships if you trust in God type

God promises you that for every bad

thing that happened to you he has a gift

that will change your life your heart

will be full of joy love and happiness

you will laugh and hear good news if you

believe type

as a child of God you are from a

royal family and you will get his

kingdom this month God is ready to do

amazing things in your life good changes

and miraculous gifts are coming soon

something wonderful is going to happen

to you your future will be full of good

things growth and Improvement God will

make your health relationships and money

better if you trust trust this type

the angels have a message for you in

the next hours be ready to get great

gifts from God you will get love money

and good health you will soon have $

million in your bank account you will

not know where it came from are you

excited no matter what problems you have

think of the story of David and Goliath

David was not afraid of Goliath because

he trusted God God was stronger than

Goliath tomorrow morning look at your

phone you will get some very good news

you will be very happy don’t worry about

anything God will make everything better

for you he will help you with your

health your friends and your money he

will give you what you need I pray that

this week will be great for you God will

heal you give you more and make you

happy God will open new doors for you

God loves you very much he has a message

for you today he wants to give you hope

love and amazing Miracles listen to him

carefully he can change your life God

promises you that this week will be

amazing he will do wonderful things for

you he will change your life for the

better if you believe this like this

video this week you will be success

uccessful God will give you new chances

gifts friends ideas healing and favor

this will be a week of growth and

Improvement for you trust him and accept

his blessings in jesus’ name amen God’s

Messengers have something to tell you

get ready for God’s Great presence in

the next hours he will give you money

health and love you will have millon

ion Dollar in your bank soon you will

not know how it got there are you happy

it does not matter what troubles you

have remember David and Goliath David

did not fear Goliath because he believed

in God God was more powerful than

Goliath check your phone tomorrow

morning you will hear some very nice

news you will smile a lot do not be

afraid of anything God will fix

everything for you he will take care of

your health your money and your friends

he will give you what you want I hope

this week will be awesome for you God

will make you healthy rich and joyful

God will show you new ways God cares for

you a lot he has something to say to you

today he wants to make you hopeful

loving and amazed pay attention to him

he can make your life better God say

this week will be wonderful he will do

amazing things for you he will make your

life happier if you trust this press

like on this video this week you will do

well God will send you new opportunities

gifts friends ideas healing and favor

this will be a week of getting better

and moving forward for you believe in

him and receive his gifts in Jesus name

amen God has a message for you today he

knows what he is asking you to do is

hard but he loves you he has a plan for

your life and it has many good things in

it so don’t stop trying even if it is

painful know that God wants to give you

good things in every part of your life

both in your soul and in your money may

God be good to you all type yes if you

agree don’t forget to like comment and


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