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my cherished child let go of those

worries that haunt you the anxieties

that weigh heavily on your

heart do not sacrifice Your Peace by

constantly churning these thoughts

burdening yourself with worry as you

Ponder the

future instead of enduring restless

nights hand over your concerns to me and

allow yourself the peace to sleep

soundly let go of anything that stops

you in trust I want to bring calm to

your life understand how special you are


me today I’m speaking straight to you

asking you to give your life to me your

struggles your burdens I don’t want you

to be held back by those tricky feelings

that drain your

energy don’t let anxiety tie you

down trust this heavenly father who

cares for you and always wants what’s

best for

you now listen carefully having faith

and trusting in me isn’t about

pretending to be okay while hurting

inside I don’t want you to live a double

life where you seem happy on the outside

helping others but inside when you’re

alone fear takes over haunted by past

struggles that knocked you

down dear one there are things that

knock at your door eager to come in if

you let them in they quickly fill your

mind with noise worry and feeling

lost but listen this is true for

everyone no matter where you come from

your family or what hurt you

faced I’ll make you wiser smarter give

you bravery and carefulness you’ll learn

to watch your words calm your fears and

learn to

wait the change is already started

getting you ready to step forward

happily toward a fresh

start I urge you listen to these words

again remember them and keep them in

your heart by Nightfall may you sleep

peacefully and without

worry I want you to read Psalm aloud

repeatedly saying it slowly letter by

letter word by word

feel how as you say the Lord is my

shepherd Divine peace surrounds you and

your heart becomes

calm now close your eyes and give thanks

for your life for your family be

grateful for the love I give

you I am always with you supporting you

and protecting you from hidden dangers

faith is about getting back up brushing

yourself off and moving forward chasing

the dreams and goals I’ve given you even

when you feel weak uncertain or burdened

by your past

stay strong in tough times confidently

bringing your worries to me admitting

when you’re feeling too much seeking the

strength to keep

going having faith means you’ve given

your life to me waiting with confidence

for the blessings I’ve promised knowing

that you and your loved ones are

protected by my power no matter where


are my dear child you have been aware of

my presence for a long time but now I

want you to feel it even more

deeply keep moving forward Champion for

the there is still much for you to

achieve you are meant to reach your

goals victorious in my Holy

Name with one hand you will receive the

blessings I give you and with the other

you will help those who are in

need I want you to experience firsthand

that your heavenly father is real all

powerful and supreme your life and the

future of your family are safe in my

hands just as you’ve trusted me up to

this point I encourage you to keep going

on your journey sometimes walking

sometimes running but always with

confidence and without

falling I am with you through every

challenge I will not abandon you or

become angry when you stumble and become

affected by the world’s chaos I know you

will rise

again you have stayed strong for so long

and if I see your faith wavering I will

reach out and lift you up once

more as you bless others I will bless

you abundantly start by helping your

family then reach out to all who

genuinely seek your assistance along


Journey do not be afraid for you will

have everything you need poverty will no

longer affect you leave behind the

struggles of the past your needs sorrows

and frustrations are now in the

past today I speak directly to your

heart because I want to see you thrive

and succeed not following false beliefs

born from distorted

thoughts my words to you are honest even

if they may be hard to accept at times

because I will always tell you the truth

I hope you understand and and do not

become like those confused Souls who

only want to hear comforting

words no one can take away what belongs

to you rightfully but always remember to

hold on to honesty and faithfulness

which have brought you this far you are

not meant to deceive or betray leave

such actions to those who choose

dishonesty I am your genuine guide

unlike false leaders who offer help only

in your darkest moments and then leave

you in your time of need I am not like

those who deceive I have no motive to


understand that I speak to you with love

and seek what is best for

you I have given you the sword of my

truth rise up and fight for I have

blessed you with my Holy Spirit no one

can oppose you everything will be all

right take my hand I am here to lift you

out of your troubles you may have felt

trapped like there was no way out but I

promise you my child this is just the

start of an amazing change in your life

give me your hand now and I will rescue

you from all the struggles you

face my child as I stood by my servants

in the past so shall I stand by you I

have called you to serve me this

time I have raised you up therefore do

not chase after fame or wealth for I am

the one who provides for

you remember this the door you’ve been

knocking on is about to open wide

prepare to enter a world beyond the

ordinary do not fear be brave do not let

the lies or hostility of others bring

you you down stay strong in your faith

and I will lift you up above those who

stand against

you they will be ashamed but you will

walk with me into beautiful places where

I will lead you beside calm streams of

water I will heal you I will help you

forget these painful experiences they

will not happen again let go of these

burdens you don’t need

them if you release these burdens you

won’t have to suffer anymore because I

am holding you close and I will won’t

let you carry this heavy load alone any

longer I am giving you the strength to

begin a new I am opening a wide door to

incredible opportunities much greater

than anything you have lost Don’t Be

Afraid take my hand and Rise leave the

past behind for it’s time for you to

Triumph I have prepared amazing

blessings for

you I am your God and I know exactly

what you need that’s why I am taking

charge to solve every problem myself

your time of rescue has

come in this new day I will Amaze you I

will bring you new Tidings you are about

to receive the answer to your

prayers it’s time to step away and let

go of all the sadness that toxic

relationships have caused in your soul

free yourself from guilt from memories

that haunt you and from everything that

makes your heart

ache I long to see you happy and

flourishing today I am giving you a new

beginning fresh hope a path full of

Joy I promise you my child things will

change I will mend your hurting heart

and care for you with great

love you do not need to resort to

falsehoods or exaggerations to gain

attention tell me do you love me with

all your heart and will you continue to

trust in me as you have done

before my dear child as you journey

through today remember that you are

meant for greatness in this world don’t

doubt yourself because of your age or

worries about the future

you are my creation made to mirror my

image with a special purpose that only

you can fulfill your life has a sacred

meaning a mission that belongs to you

alone whenever you feel tired or

disheartened hold on to these words and

say them with

confidence I will fill you with strength

and Lead You towards the remarkable life

of blessings and greatness meant for you

keep pushing forward even when things

seem tough and circumstances are

challenging I am always here with you

cheering you on and giving you the power


need I am prepared to reward your

efforts and commitment in ways beyond

your imagination your greatest wishes

will be fulfilled and the doors that

seem shut will open wide for

you thank you my beloved child for

listening to these words now move

forward confidently do not fear what

lies ahead or lose heart for I am

working on your

behalf even when the journey feels

difficult and the destination far away

remember that my grace and power are

greater than any obstacle you

face keep moving forward with faith and

determination my dear child and never

forget that you are deeply loved and

Incredibly precious to me amen

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