IGNORING ME CLOSES HEAVEN’S DOOR → God’s Message for You | God Inspiration Today

my child listen to this with all your

heart I have come to bless you do not

make the mistake of leaving it in the

middle I want you to know with absolute

certainty I will always help you no

matter the circumstances you face or the

challenges that arise my presence is

constant and my assistance

unwavering my love for you is steadfast

and eternal and my desire is for you to

live a life filled with purpose peace


joy life can sometimes feel overwhelming

with its many trials and

uncertainties but remember am here

guiding you every step of the way you

are never alone even in your darkest

moments when the weight of the world

feels too heavy turn to me cast all your

burdens upon me for I care for you

deeply my strength is made per perfect

in your weakness and through me you can

find the courage to face any

adversity trust in my

promises throughout the ages I have been

a refugee for those who seek me in The

Quiet Moments of your life when you feel

the most vulnerable my voice will

whisper words of comfort and

Assurance do not let fear or doubt

overshadow my presence I am your rock

your Fortress and your your

deliverer in me you will find the safety

and support you need whenever you are in

need ask and it will be given to you

seek and you will find knock and the

door will be open to you my help is

always available and I am eager to

provide for your

needs sometimes my answers may come in

unexpected ways or at times you do not

anticipate but trust that my timing and

methods are perfect I see the bigger

picture and I know what is best for you

remember that my help is not just for

moments of Crisis I am with you in every

aspect of your life from the mundane to


extraordinary when you seek guidance in

your decisions when you long for peace

in your relationships or when you need

strength to pursue your dreams I am

here my wisdom is available to you and

my spirit resides within you offer bring

insights and

inspiration lean on me and you will find

Clarity and

Direction share this with all your

friends so that my love can reach

everyone in your times of joy and

success I am there rejoicing with

you celebrate your victories knowing

that my blessings have helped pave your

way in times of sorrow and loss I am

there holding you close providing Sol

and healing allow yourself to feel my

comforting presence and know that you

are never abandoned in your

pain you may encounter moments where my

help seems distant or my presence hard

to discern during these times your faith

may be tested and you might feel tempted

to rely solely on your own understanding

remember even when you cannot see or

feel me I am still at work in your life

trust in my faith

my ways are higher than your ways and my

thoughts are higher than your

thoughts be patient and steadfast for I

am weaving a beautiful tapestry from the

threads of your

experiences my help often comes through

the people around you friends family

mentors and even strangers can be

instruments of my love and

assistance be open to receiving help

from others and do not hesitate to ask

for support in the same way be willing

to be my hands and feet offering help

and kindness to those in need through

acts of service and compassion my love

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