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Jesus Oh cherished one how my heart

swells with love for you my precious

child let your soul lean upon me finding

solace in the Embrace of my eternal arms

trust me completely dear one and let

your faith in my boundless abilities be

unwavering in your moments of weakness

fear not to depend on me for it brings

me joy to be your steadfast support

throughout your Earthly journey I shall

teach you the art of entrusting your

heart and mind to me entirely for in

placing your faith in me your Wellspring

of strength remains steadfast never

wavering banish the shadows of fear with

the radiant light of faith my beloved

for in your deepest despair I unfold you

in my boundless love and mercy within

the folds of My Embrace you shall

forever feel rejuvenated for through me

you perceive the depths of my enduring

love within your heart my gifts to you

are tokens of My Affection dear one

bestowed upon you with unchanging

adoration though flaws and missteps may

Mark your journey my love for you

remains constant unwavering in its

devotion above all else know that you

are my cherished one adorned with the

crown of paradise and enveloped in

Eternal Beauty be mindful my beloved

that amidst the trivialities of Life

your focus May waver but I implore you

to remain Vigilant ever in communion

with me through prayer as you surrender

your thoughts and decisions unto me you

shall find Liberation from trivial

concerns beholding the Splendor of


truths in my presence you shall find

renewed Vigor for in me you shall

eternally remain youthful Untouched by

the passage of time remember my child

that it is I who fashioned you and In

Due Time You Shall Behold my glorious

countenance in the realm of Eternal

Beauty until that sacred moment arrives

I shall mold your very being guiding you

towards the Fulfillment of your Divine

Purpose fear not for I have been with

you since before the dawn of time

knitting you together with tender care

your life is a tapestry woven with my

love and I shall never forsake you trust

in my promise dear one for I shall be

your constant companion through every

trial and Triumph worry not about the

uncertainties of the future for in your

trust lies the key to overcoming fear

let not anxiety Cloud your heart but

rather rejoice in the Assurance of my

steadfast Presence by your side be ever

thankful my beloved for in gratitude

lies the seeds of boundless Joy let your

heart overflow with Thanksgiving

recounting the countless blessings I

have bestowed upon you share the tales

of answered prayers with others that

they too may find solace in my enduring

love rest assured my child that I am

intimately acquainted with every trial

and tribulation you face each tear you

shed is precious to me collected and

cherished in my bottle trust in my

Divine wisdom for my plans transcend

human understanding unfolding with

purpose and

Grace oh how I cherish you my beloved

child may your faith in me be unwavering

and may the light of my love guide you

through every step of your journey



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