If you stop, evil wins | Message from God | The Blessed Message

listen to me my beloved Surrender Your

Heart to these words in this moment of

silence let my message be your soul


now I deeply desire for you to have

peace and to lift the weight off your

shoulders that has been making you tired

and demotivated with certain situations

in your life pay attention what I have

to say here begins right now I come

before you to dispel your doubts to

speak directly to your heart you know of

my existence my unwavering Pres Presence

by your side you do not need further

proof I will provide signs not only for

your belief but also to show the

powerful force that is with you to the

people around you you have endured

moments of Darkness I know my child but

know that I am always by your side You

are not alone you never have been your

fears and worries are understood by me

and I am here to ease the burden you

carry allow me to enter your life with

all my light and love

banishing the Shadows that try to

obscure your

path remember my words come to me all

you who are weary and burdened and I

will give you rest Matthew

these words are not just an

invitation but a promise of comfort and

renewal just as a Shepherd cares for his

sheep I care for you my beloved child do

not fear the difficulties you encounter

along the way for I Am by your side

strengthen ing you with my loving

presence in the midst of life’s

uncertainties I understand that you may

feel anxious and worried about the

future however I want you to trust in me

for I know the plans I have for you

plans for peace and not for harm to give

you a future and a hope Just Like an

Eagle cares for its chicks I lift you up

with my powerful Wings empowering you to

soar beyond your limits don’t settle for

mediocrity for you are destined for

greatness I will turn your weaknesses

into into strengths and your struggles

into triumphs on this day and those to

come I assure you that your family will

be blessed with abundance a time of

Plenty will meet your present Needs

Trust in my promises for they will come

to fruition for those who wait with

faith and patience I am fully aware of

your needs and what will benefit you and

your family my plans for you are Mighty

do not be intimidated by the challenges

you face now accept the words I convey

to you and refrain from reacting with

negativity or anger in the face of

Trials trust in me for I am taking care

of every aspect of Your Life Begin each

day with gratitude even before you rise

before stepping out into the world even

if your spirit feels weary if confusion

in your mind leads you to doubt or not

understand close your

eyes silent

gratitude be thankful for the gift of

life for the freedom to speak with me

even if it’s just for a small moment of

faith I ask that you listen to this

message and hold it in your heart in

prayer and share it with love appreciate

those around you despite their

imperfections they hold love for you in

their hearts be grateful for your

ability to think to receive and

understand these words for you have the

power to shift your perspective each

morning as the new day Dawns focus on

the positive the pure the kind in all

situations even amidst turbulence seek

the light the glimmer of hope I remember

the intense battles you faced not only

have they tested you but they’ve also

strengthened you I know there was pain

challenges but here you are with courage

and Faith having faced many difficulties

yet seeking my Guidance the obstacles

you’ve encountered were not in vain they

were crucial in shaping your character

strengthening your faith and preparing

you for the Abundant Blessings waiting

to unfold in your life you are entering

a period of joy and fulfillment the

difficulties and trials of the past have

empowered you for this moment of growth

and happiness your unwavering faith has

been the key to unlocking doors of

opportunities and Grace now you stand at

the threshold of a realm of abundance

where your dreams will begin to

materialize in this new chapter you will

realize that your experiences have

endowed you with wisdom empathy and

resilience these attributes will be

valuable in facing new challenges and

embracing the opportunities that come

your way I ask again that as you start

each day take a moment to close your

eyes and Express gratitude for all the

joyful and challenging things you’ve

already been through this practice of

gratitude in all circumstances will

gradually transform your heart elevating

it to a spiritual realm beyond the

ordinary you will have a very deep and

Powerful wisdom if you ever encounter

obstacles conflicts or feel that your

adversaries temporarily Triumph do not

misinterpret my actions do not succumb

to fear or anger do not Harbor any

resentment towards yourself if someone

has made you believe otherwise seek the

truth from the one who deceived you you

have not examined my words I am the

almighty God loving you with infinite

love I will strengthen you in times of

weakness lifting your spirit so you can

face any challenge with courage and

determination do not allow doubt and

fear to dominate your heart for I am

here to show you the true source of

power within you you are not chosen to

be a defeated one but rather to be a

Victor I invite you to seek me for a

deeper understanding in the world no

love is as pure and profound as mine

even if at times you may not understand

or reject it know that you are deeply

loved I am here with open arms ready to

embrace the heart that struggles dreams

and sometimes cries your intentions are

genuine and and I desire to bless you as

your family seeks I will not let you

fall into temptation the blessings I

offer are meant to be shared not hoarded

know that the love I have for you is

deeper than any ocean nothing in this

world can separate you from the

unconditional love I have for you even

in moments of pain and suffering I am by

your side holding your hand and wiping

your tears do not block your own

blessings I am the source of abundance

generosity and provision I will multiply

what I give you ensuring that nothing is

lacking I am decreeing that you will be

ready to face any daily challenges feed

your spirit with faith hope and

love these words I dedicate to you with

unconditional love keep them in your

soul and in your thoughts and they will

lead you to victory remember my words

for I the Lord your God will hold your

right hand saying to you fear not

I will help you Isaiah

I am your faithful helper always

ready to reach out to you when you need

it most trust in me and place your

concerns in my hands for I am caring for

you with all my love and power I know

you have been seeking me I know your

prayers and requests and I will help you

I am turning all sadness into Joy

despair into hope and I will reveal your

true purpose do not let criticism or

discouragement steer you away from the

path I am preparing for you proceed with

determination I am by your side at all

times my strength and love transcend any

judgment or negative comment you may

encounter seek within yourself the

unconditional love I have for you and

you will find a peace that surpasses all

understanding be aware that the

adversary will constantly try to seow

doubts and fear in your heart but do not

fear for I have equipped you with the

sword of the spirit

which is my word to face adverse attacks

and wage the Noble Battle of Faith keep

your heart and mind anchored in my word

so as not to be distracted by the enemy

remain steadfast in my truth and you

will find guidance and wisdom to

overcome any obstacle in this world

living here does not mean absence of

difficulties but even amidst trials know

that my presence love and power surpass

any challenge you may face therefore my

child fully trust in my words stand firm

in my promise I will lead you to true

happiness where there is no room for

fear or anxiety as your father I am

working in your favor pouring Grace and

blessings upon your life if you follow

my will you will witness my powerful

intervention Miracles are waiting for

you for I bless you with all the

blessings you truly deserve wonders are

about to happen in your life amen if you

believe in these words leave your Amen

in the comments


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