after the next minutes you will yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you today my beloved child today I encourage

you to be Brave and Bold do not be afraid or waver doors are

opening for you opportunities from the Divine trust me completely and I will

bless you more than you can fathom I will bless you when you get up

guide you on your way and Lead You carefully so you arrive

safely I will bless your work enhance your intelligence put a Godly smile on

your face and many opportunities will appear for you my love for you is genuine

Everlasting pure and heartfelt I want the very best for you

you might be hesitant now because you’ve been let down down before which damaged your faith made you

feel unworthy and crushed your spirit but now tell me write down or

shout if you can who sacrificed their life for you who Whispers Comfort during

your trials who stands and battles on your

behalf who gently kisses your forehead lifting you up

who fills your heart with the Deep Joy you feel today let me ask you again Who Bore the

cross and sacrificed their life for you say it loud It’s you God I know

you’re not embarrassed about me true many may pray and plead for you but only

I have the power to Grant you lasting happiness so don’t look for blessings in

the wrong places don’t give your heart to empty promises of

Love don’t share your deepest secrets with untrustworthy

friends I love and bless you not because you are perfect but because of my deep

love for you my divine plan and my steadfast commitment to you like and

share the video if you have trust in the words of the god subscribe to the

channel if you love Jesus I’m really touched and impressed by how you pray

and thank me for everything what a joy and pleasure it is

to have you my child who prioritizes me and is proud to love

me your bravery and attitude are worthy of an everlasting

reward but for now as you live on earth call out to me and I’ll

respond feel free to ask anything you desire for I’m eager to bless you

abundantly enabling you to wake up each day with Assurance knowing I’m with you

I’ve chosen and summoned You by my grace to achieve the purpose I set for you before the world was

made just like the sun ascends in its Grandeur so will your future Ascend and

you’ll realize your most cherished dreams believe in it for it’s truly

possible your age or Perfection is isn’t what I’m looking for to bless you I’ve

bestowed upon you my spirit of power and love empowering You To Boldly share all

I’ve accomplished in your life silence is not an option for you as

you spread this message expect my blessings I’ve endowed you with a spirit

of power love and self-control you are saved by me there’s no room for fear or

hesitation don’t hide way overwhelmed by thoughts of defeat by your

adversaries stand up courageously confront your challenges and face

forthcoming obstacles with faith and resolve by embracing this Victor’s

mindset your conflicts will crumble those causing you distress will exit

your life and your financial circumstances will transform await with faith and new New

Era of Freedom plenty Divine provision and miraculous

abundance type if you believe in Jesus it’s through Hearts like yours

that I reveal my might here’s a profound truth I only

request A Bit of Faith from you even if it’s as Tiny as a mustard

seed don’t let doubt and negativity invade your thoughts heart or actions

and particularly avoid such negativity in your home encourage your household to uplift

one another not to bring each other down with pessimistic words or defeat this

talk that can erode their faith and happiness each night I want you to pray

Ponder and recall these words I’ve implanted in you feel the emotion engulf you as you

close your eyes Hearing in your heart this Genuine Voice addressing you with

affection when morning Dawns and your eyes open you’ll awaken with a zest for

Life brimming with excitement your spirit fortified and your whole self

thankful for the Marvels I’ll bring into your day I repeat do it tonight let your

mind Ponder every word you have heard and let your lips whisper beloved God I

believe in you I await your blessing cry do not hold P back your tears for your

heart overflows with so many agitated emotions transformed into

waves cry you and I both know it there are so many storms in your mind

and your soul is weary you do not have to hide what you feel from me you can speak to me

truthfully for I prefer sincerity your tears touch me deeply

washing over me as you call out stirring my heart type Amen in the name of Jesus

You Weep from Deep anguish when words fail to capture the turmoil inside you

when life’s upheavals overwhelm you you cry at the brink of your endurance

confronting insurmountable barriers feeling defeated unable to move forward

you bow down burdened by a sense of failure yet this isn’t the end

it’s a moment to realize that only with my Aid can you navigate the challenges that lie before you now is the time for

your Liberation you no longer need to Bear such scorn or

contempt if you hold in your heart the belief that the king of Heaven endured

immense suffering for you that I laid down my life on a cross so you could

truly experience life then embrace the courage I bestow upon you now

experience this healing and empowerment surged through You by my strength today

I grant you the fortitude and vigor to stand up and step away from all that

brings you pain and sorrow proceeded with Assurance into your day I fill you today with peace and

strength no one can steal this Joy from you I will be here by your side if you

wish to talk to me to ask how you have fared or if you want to return to my

arms and cry come and cry I will receive you

embrace you with all my affection you requested a response and here it is I

will bless you do not fear face with faith whatever

comes tell me you believe in me keep fighting until the end for in my love

and forgiveness you will always always find comfort and strength it is my will that you

persevere it is my desire that you confront your adversaries type yes if you are ready

for the blessings that you are about to receive and if you believe in Christianity kindly show your support

for our community by contributing super thanks from $ to

$ do not remain confined to your room weeping over your failures or recalling

all the words and insults that have wounded you indeed many people with malicious

intentions crossed your path they were instruments of pain and sorrow used

against you by the enemy you know I’ve chosen you for a reason you’re set apart

having witnessed Miracles firsthand and I’ve repeatedly assured you of my love

hoping it resonates with you now it’s crucial for you to understand that

it’s no longer time to entertain falsehoods or endure the attacks from

adversaries believe in the truth of my words and the Marvels I’ve enacted in

your life which you’ve seen with your very eyes my assistance and deliverance thus

far are rooted in my deep love for you you are invaluable to me if others fail to see your worth or

significance lean on my promise and Trust wholeheartedly that you are precious in my

eyes the depth of your value and my love for you are

immeasurable your heart will sense this truth and tears May flow as you

recognize the numerous times I’ve reached out to you caring protecting and

loving you my commitment to guide support and cherish you remain St

steadfast trust me completely knowing that my love endures regardless of

circumstances anticipate days filled with blessings prayerful communion and

the Harvest of your faith and perseverance a time will come when Joy

will replace your tears and laughter will Echo your Delight but for now firmly believe in my

promises you must mustn’t waver when you encounter a hurdle type I embrace my power to affirm

stand strong against it and as it collapses the heavens will part

showering you with copious blessings Time Marches On Life progresses every

Sunrise brings a new chance fresh joy and novel challenges to tackle with the

Vigor granted by the sacred scripture affirming my constant presence beside

you through dark nights and radiant days through tempests and gentle drizzles a

season of blessings is on the horizon because your sacred God proclaims it to

be blessed is to savor the happiness from on high to Relish in the Heavenly

sustenance that satiates and completes you being blessed means confronting each

trial with the conviction that you will prevail it’s about dedicating Your Existence to

The God Who delivered you sharing with those less fortunate enduring rebuff and

hostility for Christ’s sake blessing is Joy it is maintaining

faith and peace amid hardship and grief in deep sorrow it’s about raising your head and

smiling as though you gaze upon the Sovereign who oversees and steers your

path being blessed is finding satisfaction in your daily sustenance and placing your

trust in your Celestial Shepherd I will fulfill your heart’s

desires and your family’s needs I will bestow upon you the insight

to fortify your spirit daily to be a devoted follower in every aspect of my

teachings be assured days filled with blessings are nearing and they will

surely arrive affirm your belief in me for you are already aware that the firm promise

of your omnipotent father will invariably come to pass pay attention to what’s in front of

you it’s not a hurdle not a hardship not a clash and it won’t beat

you I’m infusing you with my extraordinary strength stand up proceed and with The

Bravery in might I I bestow upon you you’ll overcome adversaries and scale

barriers commit to me that you’ll do this type I’m abundant to affirm hear me

again no Grim news will overpower you a doctor’s diagnosis won’t bring you down

any risk of Rifts in your family won’t Rob your joy you might feel overwhelmed thinking

the challenges ahead will best you that negative words from others will break

you that you can’t bounce back and Happiness Is Out Of

Reach yet I’ve LED you here to hear my words assuring you that I’m looking out

for you and everything affecting you is significant to me I notice how many daunting situations

Loom over you as if they sense you’re on the verge of receiving a significant

blessing it’s no accident they arise to trust trouble and worry you just when

you’re close to realizing your dreams if your foes think they’re

formidable don’t fear you’re mightier they aim to intimidate you but

you’ll stay composed they won’t anticipate the astounding turnaround you’re about to

unveil I’ve granted you the authority to make the forces of Darkness influencing

those aiming to harm you listen to you don’t feel isolated or unprotected

it’s time to refresh your thinking and feed your soul mind and spirit with my

teachings and directives I’ve repeatedly encouraged you to be brave and strong the adversary

is testing you with its onslaughts probing your resilience no challenge you face

regardless of its size can overpower you I am the mighty one beside you you

dwell in my refuge and under my care I’ve cleansed you with my blood and

endowed you with my Holy Spirit like and share the video if you

have trust in the words of the god subscribe to the channel if you love

Jesus I your God am immensely powerful omnipotent and you are my child made in

my image and likeness this is wonderful news that should fill

your being in your words with praise you’ve faced many hardships and the

enemy tried to pull you down at every turn placing people in your path to

discourage you those who belittled mocked and doubted your faith but don’t worry for no one and

nothing can dominate you as I am your Shield your Defender your healer and

your source of power I will lay my powerful hand on your life healing every hurt and sad

memory in your heart you stayed true even in tough times the enemy tried to create conflict

in your family at work and in your home but you kept

going stay strong I know these challenges are complex and hard often

leaving scars that upset your feelings weaken your thoughts and diminish your

energy to continue so today I am here to repair what’s broken in your

life you must keep moving forward stay determined and stand

firm the enemy has tried many times to stop you but if you’re still standing

it’s because my grace strengthens you everything you’re going through and

all you’ve endured isn’t the end of your story my dear child

you won’t lose this fight and when others think it’s your end I will intervene with my powerful hand and my

angels proclaiming get up your prayers have been

answered and your life will change I must caution you many do not believe

even witnessing Miracles daily they still doubt my existence my love my

power yet you are not among them you shall continue to believe to fear

not one day all will witness the change in your life and comprehend the

magnitude of your God therefore fix your attention on me

on my words and believe in my promises type to show your belief in

Jesus do not place your trust in fallible individuals nor in trust your

future in life to those who Proclaim love but cannot sustain

it your heart belongs to me you’ve already given it to me love me Above All Else your life your

loved ones and your future hold more significance than wealth belongings

career or recognition don’t fear losing material

things instead value what truly matters love and pursue me wholeheartedly for I

am your sustainer ready to provide all you require this year I will shower you

with authentic blessings opening numerous paths and laying out favorable chances before

you stay true to my path to receive a downpour of

blessings be mindful of your environment understanding that even adverse situations can lead to

beneficial outcomes don’t lose hope when you encounter seemingly insurmountable

challenges I have hidden prosperity and blessings within each difficulty and

frustration be prudent With the blessings I grant you seek guidance in

my teachings to nurture the skills and talents I have endowed you with today resist the Allure of material

gains the pursuit of fame or the burden of debt for mere

show concentrate on what’s genuinely important aim for spiritual growth

commit to learning from my teachings for I plan to unveil remarkable wonders in

your health and family life this year do not delay for I grant you the strength

and intelligence to resolve various situations today Place me first and I shall not

only assist you but Prosper you showering upon you blessings far more

precious than gold I make you stronger though numerous situations

arise your faith in me renders you courageous type to manifest miracles

in your life do not fear your afflictions confront your struggles and

battles fixing your gaze upon my promises and words I have never forsaken you in

moments of weakness never abandoned you I have alleviated your anguish and

filled you with joy if you diligently seek me every day

shutting yourself away in prayerful communion with me surrendering your heart in Sublime praises and supreme

adoration I shall hear you and Elevate you to Greater Heights I know all that

befalls you I empathize with your emotions when you entrust your life to me recounting your experiences and

future plans there is Jubilation in heaven and I dispatch thousands of angels to guard

you your problems I shall resolve not by your strength or knowledge but by my

spirit and power you will overcome all challenges because I support those I cherish and

bless those brave enough to trust in me however ever those who cling to

negativity who doubt my truths who dismiss my words and scoff at

the love I extend though I yearn to heal and rescue them those who lack The

Bravery to trust in a tangible God will miss out on the blessings I’ve reserved

for the faithful and diligent seekers in your times of Despair when you lay your

pleas before me you will soon see your Liberation fortified and elevated by my

affection and might love and pursue me bow down in my

presence cling to your faith Proclaim your commitment for I understand your

innermost thoughts and emotions I possess the responses to your

inquiries the resolutions to your dilemas shortly all will be granted to

you I will whisper to your heart and you will listen deeply within your

being let go of your tears your anxiety and restlessness will fade

away do you trust in me your belief is what empowers and upholds

you Faith planted in your mind’s soil provide solidity and steadiness to your

feelings type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to

receive and if you believe in Christianity kindly show your support for our

community by contributing super thanks from $ to $ your faith shall work miracles

Vanquish adversaries surmount obstacles and Forge New

Paths your faith in me in my shed blood in my eternal Covenant in my written

word through your faith nothing shall topple you no one shall rob you of it

all always ask me with confidence in your prayers and I shall grant you all you

need I shall remove from your life whatever hinders or causes

stumbling I desire for you and your family to be liberated from all anxiety

and fear I wish for you to always Place unwavering trust with all your heart

that I am the one who heals provides sustains guards and watches over you I’m

setting up some big opportunities for you it’s important for you to keep

learning from me so you can recognize when your blessings are coming don’t overlook the little things

I provide because even the smallest can grow with my touch and they

will you’ll be surprised by many great things I have planned for

you I want to Delight you and see you joyful when you th

it brings me happiness I love seeing your eyes light up with joy you mean the world to me

more valuable than the rarest Treasures my wish is for you to live fully and

achieve all that you dream of will you trust in me and your heart

will always belong to me will you agree to this no one can stop my blessings on you

I’m watching over you I’ve given you my shield and my angels

are there to keep you safe from harm your future is in my care I am your

powerful and loving God I adore you with a love that lasts

forever offering patience and care as I make sure my plans for you take

shape promise to trust me and don’t get down over rumors or what others say

their words will just blow away when tomorrow comes you’ll stand up

leaving their induced sadness behind depression won’t grip you because my

love will uplift you open your heart wide to me and stop listening to those who mean you harm

trying to steer your life their way hear me say I cherish you in so many

ways be brave and confident not swayed by what people think or say

before you worry about hurtful comments remember I see the real you type if

you believe in Jesus I recognize your kindness and I have a meaningful role

for you to play your family and true friends love you they’ll stand by you in

everything use your time to seek me to serve me to spend time with those you

love do not take away qual quality time from your family to give it to those who

will trample on it those who attack you think that no one protects you and they let their

words harm you but do not allow it do not give room to slander and lies you

will receive strength to focus on my teachings to do things for your growth

to use your energies to bring joy to those you love many people have been with you

through thick and thin you can also lend a hand to those in dire

need I intend to use you to bring blessings across your city setting you

as a beacon of fairness and integrity you’ll guide others to follow

my path that’s why I’m lifting you up giving you encouragement and strength so

you can be a source of blessings through you I’ll perform

wonders commit to me that you’ll face your fears and stand

undaunted maintain your trust in me don’t lose heart keep lifting your hands to the

heavens especially when weariness hits hard during your journey when pressing forward seems

impossible remember the warmth of my love reassures you of my constant

presence don’t Focus too much on people they might let you down

your soul shouldn’t rely on others affection or approval type Amen in the name of Jesus

yes I made you to love and be loved but remember the only true Everlasting Love

you’ll always have is mine unfailing close and

secure do not give your heart to those who may abandon you nor give your future

to those who after giving them everything stop loving you do not give first place in your soul

to people who may turn their backs on you hurt your heart and ruin your life

you asked for Hope and it has arrived You Prayed For Peace here it

is if you are ready to rest then rest if you’re tasks continue persist

for when you sleep in my arms you are safe and when you walk my powerful hand

will protect you from the world remind yourself that you’re not alone you’re not

orphaned even if your father mother family or children leave and abandon you

the most beautiful and precious of all affections mine is always available to

you it’s truly heartwarming to sense and acknowledge your heavenly father’s care

for you I understand that these are the words you need to

hear humans need more than just food to live they need every word that flows

from my heart right now you need peace encouragement calm and

confidence I gift you my peace a peace that neither the world or people can

give you a peace that only I can provide accept this peace into your

heart to day you will flourish I affirm

this it’s my desire for every good thing you receive to grow and be

blessed Believe In This Promise without any doubt don’t use past failures or

imperfections as excuses like and share the video if you

have trust in the words of the god subscribe to the channel if you love

Jesus if you’re going to trust in me with all your heart trust in my ability to

forgive as well to experience full blessings turn away from the accuser

ignore any accusations criticisms or negative talk don’t let Envy’s words occupy your

mind and spoil your future instead of being overwhelmed with

fear and worry imagine feeling my hand warmly on your heart filling up with

happiness peace hope faith and Assurance I’m going to bring joy into your life

and put songs of praise on your lips your life is about to change your

blessings are coming straight from Heaven expect abundance in your home and

get ready to be freed from the chains of debt and past Financial

mistakes it might look like you’re in a tough spot now but hold on to my

words look around with eyes full of Faith pay attention to the new chances

and people I bring into your path appreciation and treating well those you meet along your way as they’re sent by

me be friendly and considerate show respect to everyone because I plan to

bless you and work through you in ways Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in challenging times you’ll Stand

Tall you’ll be a beacon in the dark empowered by me live as a testament to

my love and power you’re going to see for yourself I’m sharing something

special with you the message you’re reading or listening to I’ve shared with many of my

children but not all of them take it to heart some turn away coming up with all

sorts of reasons type I embrace my power to a

firm they’d rather listen to those who don’t want the best for them who want

them stuck in sadness wrongdoing hurt and grief they ignore the good things I

promise my words my assurances but I care for you even more deeply it’s

better for you to trust me because if you doubt you might miss out on the good things I’m ready to give you but I’ve

seen how you’re different you’ve shown me time and again you believe in me and

my love for you is immense accept my blessing

now you won’t be missing anything I give you my word I’ll look

after you I’m fully aware of what you’re going through and what you

need don’t worry about your current troubles just close your eyes and think

of what I’ve told you your mind and heart will find peace

and calm there are many doors around you that will be opened go forth and knock

on those doors with determination and resolve I command you to do so and as

you do do not fear I will put the words you need to speak on your

lips make the decision today and Advance on your path do not remain stagnant out

of fear when you rise and walk the windows of the heavens will open for

you I will pour abundant and true blessings upon you with them you will

gather provision abundantly type I’m abundant to affirm

you will be free from creditors and debts you will have even more than you expect to share to give to bless to S

you will continue to reap and S thus it shall be from this day forward every day

every month and every year therefore read and listen to these words again

until you clearly understand me you must do as I command nourish

yourself with my written word and Advance forward it is time for you to awaken for

your faith to ignite to accelerate the plan I have had for you for a long

time let go of past faith failures and feelings of guilt choose to stand firm

to battle each day and ignore the negative talk and assaults from

others forgive in advance leave the past behind and

progress my words will protect you your faith will serve as your

weapon I’ll support you in navigating the challenges ahead commit to

enduring I provide you the vigor to contend again I affirm I am your guide your

provider I’m aware of your needs and will supply your deficiencies and even

more profess with your voice and whole heart that you’ll keep

fighting living and believing keep moving forward don’t

halt I’m Your Divine parent your God your Redeemer

I understand your heart and see beyond your troubles type yes if you are ready

for the blessings that you are about to receive and if you believe in Christianity kindly show your support

for our community by contributing super thanks from $ to

$ you’ve faced difficulties and harbored regrets feeling overwhelmed and

defeated at times yet you’re also aware of my deep love for you

you can’t stay down your purpose and calling are to rise the enemy has tried to shake you

but I’ve decreed that your faith and courage will not fail you will

rise I will transform your life and character but you must accept the

changes do not compare yourself to anyone I’ve made you different stronger

braver wiser and more intelligent ENT I’m placing valuable Tools in your hands

to shatter obstacles Blaze New Paths and remove hindrances with the power of my

word and your faith accept today what I tell you you

are in a new land of Supernatural blessing don’t let your emotions or

feelings take control respond with joy and trust in me I’ve empowered you with my Holy

Spirit to keep keep trusting and aiding others yes some may disappoint you accept your

help then turn away badmouth you and betray you but don’t be scared or upset you’re

following my example I too have aided and loved many

and yet some have let me down however I will never cease to bless

in love your fortitude inspiration peace sustenance

safeguarding life and Redemption com solely from me type to manifest

miracles in your life let’s move forward together you and

me I cherish you deeply and look forward to meeting you again tomorrow when I

assure you that all will be well trust in my words dwelling on

concerns you’ve entrusted to me will only only Tire you out you’ve reached out your hand to

me now let me guide you to a place of peace and abundance I wish for you to want for

nothing to be filled with my love and gentleness do not fear any challenges

ahead you’ll stand strong and I’ll be right beside you holding you

close I understand you felt weak and that’s why I’m connected with your heart

now spend a moment with me concentrate on what truly matters your family your

spiritual growth enriching your life with my teachings praying performing

kind acts and extending forgiveness even if others wrong you

respond with kindness and immense love just as I sacrifice myself for my

children be ready to go all out out so your family can know me be blessed and

live freely stay alert witness incredible

Miracles and believe in my promise nothing is too hard for

me I cherish Your Love tell me you love me it brings me joy to hear it from you

take care of yourself type I claim it if you receive this declaration type yes if

you’re ready and share this video with five people who trust God comment Jesus

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this like this video And subscribe to the channel if you believe in God type I

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$ God bless you my child type amen

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