the time has come to pay full attention

the moment that all of us messengers of

God Faithful followers of Jesus have

been anxiously awaiting is fast

approaching yes the signs of the times

are unmistakable and everything

indicates that the Rapture the Glorious

meeting with the Lord in the air could

happen at any moment do you feel it the

growing urgency in your hearts the

feeling that every breath every

heartbeat could be the last before for

God’s long- awaited

call God said the time has come for us

to leave behind all the distractions and

trivialities of this world because

glorious eternity with Christ is

literally knocking at our door in God’s

message we have been continually warned

about the day when the Lord will return

to seek those who are

his this day unexpected and decisive is

approaching with the speed of lightning

that through the skies on a stormy night

God in his infinite wisdom has not given

us to know the exact time but he has

revealed to us the signs and marks that

precede this crucial

moment every sign we have seen around us

is not merely a coincidence or the work

of men but a clear indication of the

proximity of the Rapture look at the

signs of the times the wars that are

multiplying the plague that are ravaging

entire nations and the hearts of men

which are becoming colder and colder

towards their

neighbors these are not just random

events they are the hand of God warning

us calling us to

repentance comment with faith God I

recognize the signs of your times as the

world is in chaos I see many who are

turning away from the truth indulging in

doctrines of Deceit and worldly Comforts

neglecting the imminence of Christ’s

return let’s not be like those who

ignore the warnings who live as if this

Earth were Eternal the Lord calls us to

be vigilant with our lamps burning

waiting for the bridegroom who could

cross the Threshold at any moment the

Apostle Paul warns us with powerful

words the day of the Lord will come like

a thief in the night in this context

there is no room for complacency or

procrastin ation who of us can really

say that we are ready to be lifted up

into heaven to meet the Lord in the air

and be with him forever declare Lord

prepare my heart for your glorious

return the call to repentance has never

been more urgent than now God’s goodness

leads us to repentance for he wants none

of us to perish but all to come to the

knowledge of the truth this is the time

to examine Our lives our thoughts and

actions and turn completely to God with

pure hearts and Clean Hands we can no

longer afford to live in spiritual

complacency every day that passes is an

opportunity for God to strengthen us in

our faith and cleanse us of our

iniquities as the prophet said we must

purify ourselves just as he is pure

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