” IF YOU ARE A SINNER; YOU WILL SKIP ME.. “- JESUS God’s Message Now Lord Helps

God says in the sacred words of

Proverbs I love those who love me and

those who seek me

diligently and find

me this isn’t just about being an early

riser at

church it’s about the depth of our

Pursuit the earnestness of our quest for

the divine

imagine a Seeker perhaps like you and me

embarking on a journey not quite sure

what they are searching

for they may come seeking Earthly riches

only to discover a treasure beyond

measure an encounter with the

almighty that transforms their very

being or perhaps they arrive as Skeptics

armed with doubts and question

ations only to depart with a faith

stronger than steel forged in the fire

of divine


today dear child of God I urge you seek

God before it’s too

late seek truth seek hope in the midst


despar seek with a diligence that knows

no no bounds for in seeking we

find but how do we embark on this sacred

Quest firstly we must make a

choice a choice to seek God with all our

heart all our soul and all our

strength it begins with a decision a

commitment to pursue the Divine with

unwavering determination

no longer can we afford to be

double-minded Torn Between the aure of

this world and the call of our

creator so let us cast aside The Pride

that Insidious barrier that separates us

from God’s grace and approach the throne

with humility and


secondly we must confront the Shadows

that l in our

HS and

repent for we are all sinners but we

have a way to come closer to God only


repentance it is not easy to face our

mistakes but it’s necessary if we want

to grow

spiritually and remember dear

child repentance isn’t just about saying

sorry it’s about turning away from our

sins and turning towards God it’s a

conscious decision to change our ways

and live according to his

will when we repent we acknowledge our

Falls and seek forgiveness from

God and he in his infinite Mercy

forgives us and welcome us back into his

loving arms

so let us not grow weary in our Quest

let us not lose hurt when the road grows

long and the way seems dark for in

seeking God we find purpose we find

meaning we find the very essence of life

itself may you be encouraged dear

Seeker to press on in your journey for

the one who seeks

diligently will surely find and the

rewards of that search are beyond

measure God bless you type aen to claim

your blessings

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