I’AM SORY YOU ARE TOO BUSY FROM ME! | God Message Today For You | God helps| Jesus affirmation

dear children of humanity I beseech you

to lend me your ears as my voice

transcends the cacophony of the world

Let My Words touch the depths of your

souls and ignite a fervent flame of

Truth and authenticity within you today

I bring forth a profound dilemma a

choice that will shape your destiny

confront this Choice resist the Allure

of Temptation and turn away from the

fleeting Promises of power and wealth do

not allow yourselves to be ens snared by

the shackles of falsehood and

selfishness instead let your souls

Ascend towards the heavens of Truth and

compassion the path to Greatness lies

before you demanding courage and resolve

though Steep and arduous it is the sole

route to fulfillment and

Enlightenment fear not your shadows for

only by Illuminating them can you bask

in True Light I implore you to embrace

your authenticity and live with fervor

and purpose reject mediocrity and

complacency let your voices ReSound with

truth in every deed every gesture be the

architects of your Destinies The

Artisans of a better world deep within

you lies boundless power a Divine spark

yearning for awakening do not let it wne

amidst the darkness of Conformity and

apathy let it shine brightly guiding you

along the path to Greatness resist the

hollow Promises of malevolence and the

deceitful shortcuts leading only to ruin

instead choose the path of kindness and

empathy of boundless love and

understanding through these virtues

alone can you find peace and fulfillment

the choice is yours beloved children

do not be swept away by the currents of

superficiality and indifference rise

with strength and determination

embracing your inherent Divinity let

your lives be a symphony of Love and

Hope amidst the chaos I watch over you

with boundless love hoping you find your

way home do not falter do not yield in

the face of adversity believe in

yourselves and your capacity to reshape

the world open your hearts to the call

of your souls let passion and purpose

guide your journey to

self-realization the choice rests in

your hands my cherished children will

you walk the path of light or succumb to

the snares of deception I implore you to

choose truth compassion and Redemption

May the strength of my love illuminate

your path

always if you are ready to receive the

Divine blessings reserved for you today

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