I Wish I Could Tell Every Christian This BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

there’s a widespread lie that Satan

tells people under about their

Christian walk many have fallen for this

trick costing them their Eternal rewards

I’ve seen the devil slightly get into

people’s hearts over the years by making

them think they have plenty of time to

follow God later in life but I think

this is a total lie why first the devil

doesn’t control how long anyone lives

second we were made to serve and honor

God with our lives ask yourself now what

are you living for Eternal things God or

just this world like nothing else

matters some say they’ll enjoy their s

and s then get right with God in their

s or s but are you sure about that no

one is guaranteed tomorrow that’s

exactly the LIE the devil wants you to

believe young people die just like old

people do healthy and sick people die no

one is promised tomorrow right now

wherever you are is the time to get

right with the Lord on a bus listening

to me you can still make things right

with God this second no need to wait for

church or a pastor God hears you right

now right here talk to your father how

much time do you have left on Earth

today is when you should get serious

about God because reaching old age isn’t

certain for for anyone I often hear I’ll

serve God better when I’m older I’ll do

this and that this is how the devil

tricks people’s hearts to pull them from

God life is so uncertain your plans

won’t always happen think of the rich

fool who planned for old age retirement

even his

k but God ripped up those plans

listen God doesn’t follow our schedule

we follow his in Luke to we are

told this Parable the ground of a

certain rich man yielded an abundant

Harvest he thought to himself what shall

I do I have no place to store my crops

then he said this is what I’ll do I will

tear down my Barns and build bigger ones

and there I will store my Surplus grain

and I’ll say to myself you have plenty

of grain laid up for many years take

life easy eat drink and be marry but God

said to him you fool this very night

your life will be demanded from you then

who will get what you have prepared for

yourself this is how it will be with

whoever stores up things for themselves

but is not rich toward God no heads up

no advanced notice so let me ask you are

you being foolish pushing God aside for

sin’s temporary Thrills for money that’s

what God God calls foolish working hard

to get rich doesn’t mean you’ll live

long and being poor doesn’t mean you’ll

die sooner it’s funny to me when people

chase short-lived things thinking it

will make them live longer your lifespan

isn’t decided by your bank account as

the Bible says life isn’t measured by

how much you own but by fulfilling your

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