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my cherished child hear my voice as it

echoes through the expanse of creation

reaching out to you in a symphony of

eternal love and wisdom you my beloved

stand at the threshold of a new dawn a

horizon where the past’s shadows and the

future’s light mingle in a dance of

possibilities let me your Eternal

Guardian your architect of Hope guide

you through this journey remember the

bygone days

rich in lessons and trials are but

Whispers of what was they do not dictate

The Melody of your tomorrows in your

darkest hours when despair seems to grip

your soul remember my promise to you you

have entrusted me with your faith a

sacred bond that ties your heart to mine

in this trust find Solace for I am with

you an unyielding Pillar of Strength and

love en vision my child the Wonders that

await you your devotion a testament to

your belief in my boundless power is

known to me in return I have absolved

you of past

transgressions casting them into the

abyss freeing you from the shackles of

regret the errors of yesterday are no

more they shall not cast a shadow upon

you again I feel your pain your struggle

with memories of a Time long gone

through my ultimate sacrifice you have

been purified reborn into a life of

renewed purpose and light let your mind

be a fertile ground for my Divine words

and through you may Words of Life hope

and comfort flow into the world fix your

gaze upon my teachings my promises and

wander not into the shadows of

Despair each new day is a testament to

your resilience a chance to fortify your

spirit with my

teachings distance yourself from those

who dim your light who Cloud your path

with doubt and

sorrow I have envisioned for you a

future vibrant with peace and blessings

Untouched by the remnants of grief Crown

me in your heart let my wisdom guide

your every step and you shall know true

freedom and boundless Grace feel my

presence enveloping you a protective

Embrace against the trials of life when

sorrow threatens to overwhelm call upon

me I am here a constant Refuge a

Wellspring of comfort and strength

dismiss the lies that seek to undermine

your peace and remember the magnitude of

my sacrifice for you the shadows of your

past hold no power over you your story

is one of renewal and resilience a

testament to the unbreakable bond


us as the dawn Heralds New

Beginnings so does My Love Open the

doors to a a realm of Endless

Possibilities in my light find Clarity

and purpose and let the peace I offer

soothe your every worry walk with me my

child through Paths of mercy and

compassion in our journey discover the

depths of my unwavering love a love that

transcends all barriers of time and

space with each step lighten your heart

and let your spirit shine with the

radiance of our communion

in the Stillness of your soul listen for

my voice a gentle whisper guiding you

through life’s tumult share with me your

innermost thoughts and in this Divine

communion find the assurance that you

are never alone my guidance is a beacon

illuminating your path as you venture

into the world carry this truth within

you you are infinitely cherished a

precious jewel in the tapestry of

creation the challenges you face are

fleeting your true Essence bathed in my

light remains pure and whole move

forward with confidence and Faith

embracing the journey that lies ahead I

am here to transform your life to bestow

upon you the gift of eternal life and


strength you have faced trials with

courage rising from adversity with

renewed Vigor my power which conquered

death now resides within you embrace the

path of blessings I have laid before you

for nothing shall impede your

progress walk in faith and I shall open

your eyes to Divine wisdom clearing

obstacles from your path restoring that

which was lost do not falter in the face

of adversity or foes my desires for you

are of prosperity and Triumph over

trials the choice is yours to trust in

me completely to heed my guidance in

your faith find victory you are my

precious child destined for blessings

trust in me and let me lead you through

this season of hardship and Triumph

dismiss the fears that arise from

threats and challenges I am ever present

never forsaking you especially in the

tempests of life my plans for you

surpass all understanding reaching into

the Realms of

Eternity follow me with unwavering faith

and you shall find peace and prosperity

beyond measure

even in the darkest

circumstances view them through the lens

of Faith and

Hope and know that with me nothing is

insurmountable seek my presence at the

dawn of each day through every Challenge

and in the quiet of night bow in prayer

and know that the heavens Revere your


worship as you step out in faith

entrusting your loved ones to my care

know that I hear your prayers and

respond with with Divine protection and

provision thus my child as you Journey

forth embrace the truth of my

Everlasting Love and guidance your path

is illuminated with my light leading to

a future of fulfillment and unending

grace even should those nearest and

dearest to you fail you I love you with

an everlasting love that surpasses any

human love and I will never fail you

your family your future your health and

well being are all held securely in my


hands cherish value and protect each

blessing I have so graciously bestowed

do not take a single one for granted do

not underestimate what I can do with

open and yielded vessels if you remain

faithful in even the smallest matters

cherishing the gifts I have already

granted then my word promises your

blessings will increase and multiply

exponentially I feel such great

compassion for you when I behold your

suffering I am moved with tenderness by

the cries of your sincere heart turned

fully toward me I desire to shower you

with blessings simply because of who I

am not because you have earned any

reward tell me now that you will open

your arms wide to receive each and every

gift I pour out upon you promise me you

will cherish these blessings given with

Divine love remember always that during

your darkest saddest moments on this

Earth I cradle you gently securely in

the palm of my hand I cover you

completely with my holy mantle of Grace

and perfect peace I cherish you my


child and love you with my perfect

NeverEnding Love You Belong To

Me small one I chose you and set my seal

upon you even before your birth I

fashioned you with a resilient spirit

and a heart of flesh able to withstand

so much hardship and Scorn once more you

shall prove yourself Brave and true you

will emerge from this troubling

situation totally unscathed by the

enemy’s vicious attacks I bestow upon

you my perfect peace which surpasses all

understanding you shall not stumble or

falter in your steps from of old it was

ordained to be thus and throughout


unchanging it shall remain you are

destined to be counted among those who

finally Triumph through me not those who

succumb to defeat you will finish the

course and cross the finish line still


strong I will furnish you with all the

strength wisdom and resources you need

to conquer the wonderful Promised Land

set before you fix your eyes on the

goals ahead persevere and endure though

the journey stretches long and wearisome

relent not in running the race with

patient endurance for the prize waiting

at Journey’s End will prove far worth

any trials along the way remember always

that I know the plans I have for you

beautiful child of mine plans to give

you real hope a future and a new

beginning my plans for you brim with

life and peace not sorrow or

destruction as the enemy deceitfully

Whispers In Your Ear when he condemns

and accuses you day and

night speak my word aloud to drown out

his vicious lies declare boldly that no

weapon formed against you can or will

prosper The only voice you need heed is

mine I will gently lead those who have a


yielded trusting heart my plans for you

are for a hope-filled future never one

filled with harm when depression or

anxiety threaten to overwhelm and drag

you down cling tightly to my hand in

childlike Faith allow me to lift you up

and lead you to Still Waters of

refreshment and Lush Green Pastures

where your soul may feed and grow strong

the shepherd always knows best which

winding paths will lead his little lamb

safely home again trust in me

wholeheartedly my precious child even

when the way grows dark and you can

barely see two steps ahead keep

following me in unwavering faith and and

confidence even when you cannot

understand my mysterious ways or fathom

the reasons behind each Bend and turn in

the road lean your full weight upon my

steady arm and drink deeply from The

Well of Salvation I offer freely I will

supply you with my living water in the

parched desert places nourishing and

Reviving your thirsty Soul take my yoke

upon you now for my ways are gentle

humble and lowly walk in step with me

and I will impart true rest and renewal

to your weary mind heart and spirit

though the storms of life rage fiercely

all around I will be your shelter and

hiding place from the Wind and Rain

Nestle closer beneath my protective

Wings until the turbulence passes by the

darkness of night never lasts forever

Joy comes in the morning light a day is

coming soon when I will wipe away every

tear from your eyes I will banish all

sorrow pain and death to the shadow

Realms of

forgetfulness the new heavens and earth

I am preparing especially for you will

know no trace of sin or suffering you

need only endure patiently a little

while longer fix your eyes expectantly

on the sunrise soon to come when night

shall be no more the radiant light of my

glory will illuminate each new day and

you will live openly in my presence

never again will you need to seek me in

vain for you will see me face to face in

all my Splendor and fullness no eye has

glimpsed nor human heart conceived all

the Wonders I have ready to unveil

before your a struck gaze you are my

heart’s treasure the apple of my eye I

love you with a love that spans the

farthest Horizons of Eternity not even

death can separate us you are mine and

I’m yours forever so take courage

beloved one I know the person person I

created you to be I am able to do super

abundantly more than you dare ask or

imagine never for a moment doubt my

steadfast unfailing love for you the

enemy will try his best to make you

question my promises but you must choose

to stand firm upon my word as your only


Foundation hold fast to what you know in

your spirit to be true Victory is

assured for those who persevere and keep

trusting keep hoping keep believing in

me until the end my my grace will

sustain you through every Valley and

Dark Night of the soul the light of my

presence will lead you safely along my

chosen path for your life my beloved

child I know your innermost thoughts

every secret pain each hidden wound of

the heart I long to bind up your

Brokenness heal all your hurts with my

balm of Gilead wipe away your every tear

I am able to restore all the enemy has

stolen from You Mend all that lies

shattered in pieces before me simply

come to me weary and heavy laden open

your heart fully to receive my cleansing

love and I will turn your mourning into

dancing your weeping into joyful

laughter welling up from deep within I

know the desires I have kindled within

you do not despair over failed dreams

and disappointed hopes with me nothing

is impossible no word of mine will ever

return void or

unfulfilled lean confidently on the

strength of my promises allow me to

quiet the Restless anxieties of your

mind cease from your own fruitless

striving and works be still in my

presence wait patiently on me trusting

in my perfect timing and Sovereign plan

I take great Delight in you I will

rejoice over you with gladness renew you

in my love exalt over you with loud

singing and as on a day of Festival you

only need to remain open and willing for

me to refashion you according to my


design allow me to shape your character

after the pattern of my son permit me

full access to every weak and broken

Place do not pull away when my cleansing

fire draws near to test and purify your

heart’s true motives and desires the

trials you face have not come to defeat

you but rather to refine you as silver

is purified as gold is tested for its

Purity my Grace will be sufficient for

for every challenge you encounter in

your weakness you shall find my strength

perfected even if you stumble and fall

time and again my merciful hand is

outstretched toward you I will pick you

back up restore and heal you I am able

to redeem every past mistake or failure

and repurpose it for your future growth

and good only call upon my name and

humble repentant trust and obedience

take shelter once more beneath my Mighty

Wings have I not commanded you to be

strong and courageous I will make you to

stand firm as an oak of righteousness a

royal crown in my hand none will prevail

against you all the days of your life

therefore Be not Afraid or dismayed for

I am with you wherever you go I will

break tear down overthrow every

stronghold of the enemy in your life I

will make all things new a mighty river

flows within you rivers of Living Water

are springing up and Welling over into

Abundant Life you are becoming a

well-watered garden even in the midst of

the desert

Wilderness you shall be like a tree

planted by fresh streams with leaves

Evergreen bearing fruit in every season

your roots will grow deep and strong

when the Searing Wind Blows you will not

faint or be troubled you shall stand

unmoved anchored securely in the

unshakable truth of who you are in me my

beloved child you are the head and not

the tail you will finish your course and

cross the finish line still standing

firm take courage lift up your head

Redemption draws nearer with every

rising and setting of the sun your

breakthrough is imminent rescue is on

its way I will lead you on the path of

life where my joy is complete and my

Pleasures forever more you shall walk in

victory triumphing over every obstacle

and hindrance that seeks to thwart your

progress my spirit within you is greater

than any Force arrayed against you with

my power you are more than a conqueror

do not look back at the past with regret

or shame for I have washed you clean and

made you

whole your identity is found in me

alone and I have declared you righteous

and blameless in my sight embrace the

freedom I have secured for you and live

boldly in the truth of your Redemption

as you Journey onward keep your eyes

fixed on me the author and perfector of

your faith in my presence there is

fullness of joy and at my right hand

Pleasures forever more await you trust

in my unfailing love and you will find

Refuge from the storms of life be still

and know that I am God Sovereign over

all things though the Earth May tremble

and the mountains

shake my steadfast love for for you will

never waver I am your everpresent help

in times of trouble your rock and

Fortress in whom you can always find

security when doubts assail you and

fears threaten to overwhelm turn your

gaze to me and let my peace flood your

soul I have not given you a spirit of

fear but of power love and a sound mind

stand firm in this truth and let your

heart be steadfast trusting in my

promises you are a vessel of my grace

called to shine as a Beacon of Hope in a

world filled with Darkness let your

light shine brightly before others that

they may see your good deeds and glorify

me your heavenly father walk in love and

humility extending Grace and compassion

to all you encounter remember that I am

always with you guiding and empowering

you to fulfill your

purpose nothing can separate you from my

love which is stronger than death and

more enduring than time self rest in the

Assurance of my presence and you will

find strength for the journey

ahead continue to seek me earnestly

through prayer and meditation on my

word let my truth dwell richly in your

heart transforming your thoughts and

Renewing Your Mind as you abide in me

you will bear much fruit and your life

will be a testimony to my goodness and

faithfulness do not grow weary in doing

good for in due season you you will reap

a harvest of blessings if you do not

give up trust in my timing for I make

all things Beautiful In My Time keep

sowing seeds of kindness love and

generosity and you will reap a harvest

of abundance beyond measure above all

cling to hope for I Am The Anchor of

your soul steadfast and sure no matter

what trials may come your way remember

that I am working all things together

for your good look forward with

anticipation to the Glorious future I

have prepared for you where every tear

will be wiped away and joy will reign

forever more so take heart my beloved

child and press on toward the prize of

the high calling that awaits you with me

by your side you are more than equipped

to face whatever lies ahead trust in my

unfailing love and you will walk in

Victory all the days of your life your

loving father amen men if you want God’s

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