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beloved child you opened the door for me

and I have entered your home I will stay

here blessing and protecting your family

and I will bless you even more than you

can imagine today I sense a hint of

sadness in you I see your downcast face

and I realize you need strength to

continue on your journey with enthusiasm

come with confidence there’s no need to

go through your days without motivation

or hope after all I am your father and I

do not reside in a distant place where

you cannot reach my affection I am here

by your side where I have always been

though you sometimes forget give me your

hand and now rise I want us to walk for

a while along the pathways of your

thoughts and tell me what do you fear

why do you no longer wish to live why do

you want to discard your destiny it’s

true the world can be cruel when you

were a child your eyes were curious full

of hope for the best in life

you offered your pure smile and

friendship to those you called friends

but lies and betrayals later annihilated

your hope extinguished your laughter and

shattered your desire to live your love

darkened and you stopped trusting and

believing in me but believe me now I

understand you and I know you as well as

I know the sky just as I call each Star

by its name I know every burden in your

life every wound even your smallest pain

you speak the same language language and

I know exactly what will comfort you

give me your hand and as we walk I want

to tell you about a place where you are

deeply loved where you wear Royal

garments where your name is known

appreciated and admired in that place a

loving gaze rests upon you every minute

of your life day and night like a hungry

little bird your soul is nourished there

you are who you truly are the child of

the almighty created in the image and

likeness of the creator of the universe

do not forget even if you stumble in the

most beautiful place in the entire

universe you have your own place just

for you and from here nothing and no one

will ever remove you that place is yes

deep within my heart where you are

protected you have every right as my

child to come and talk to me every

morning even if you feel unworthy do not

be deceived by lies with my blood I have

bought your life scratch away your past

with it once more I repeat from here no

one will ever pull you out nothing will

ever remove you and no one will ever

separate you from my heart you will

always be the same to me my little one

my beloved child you have not been

defeated you keep fighting and you

remain alive you are still standing

because you chose to believe in what I

promised you that fills you with Divine

and Supernatural strength that nothing

can overcome nothing can defeat you

remember these words well and keep

resisting the Relentless attacks of the

enemy trying to make you abandon all

your dreams but it won’t succeed you

belong to me I protect you with my

mighty hand and I defend you with my

shining sword your Victory will always

be in my word look at yourself in the

mirror of my powerful promises and be

sure that for me you are greatly

esteemed and valued the greatest battle

is against your own emotions which

sometimes confusedly lead you to think

and feel things that are not true and if

not careful can bring you down do not be

guided by your feelings do not think

that you are defeated by the problems

you see do not be filled with fear over

bad news or situations that seem

negative for I always have control over

your life I transform all things for the

good of those I love and you are among

the chosen ones with my blood I have

washed you with my spirit I have filled

you I’ve given you the power to be

victorious in all things hold on to me

me with your sincere heart take refuge

in my my love always and in this moment

as you receive my word be assured that

even your own mistakes will be turned to

your benefit you will suffer no more

your family will be well and as the days

go by you will continue to see how you

progress toward those dreams you have

longed for at some point you may feel

tired that’s normal when problems are so

dark that they blind your eyes and you

can’t see where you’re going perhaps you

feel defeated defeated but this is not

true I lead you by the hand even in the

darkness do not fear my child your

father who loves you will never abandon

you tell me now that you believe in me

and that in my arms you feel safe I am

the only holy and Supernatural remedy

for all your ills I am your God your

healer the one who opens doors and

clears your path I am your provider your

protector and in my hands I hold your

life and your future your family and you

are covered by the mantle of my love and

today you are feeling my presence in a

real and Powerful way you you’ve been

waiting for me to speak to you and

you’ve come with a humble and grateful

heart ready to listen receive these

words and treasure them let them fill

your mind and cast out all that

attention that caused you suffering

before today you walk with confidence

and even if you can’t see me with your

natural eyes you can feel me you can

believe in me you can trust in the

Miracles and wonders I can perform in

your life and your family’s life give me

your hand and let me guide you patiently

and gently along the path of love where

my will Reigns the storms quiet down and

the Seas calm when they hear my voice

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