I WILL TEST YOU BEFORE I BLESS YOU | God Says | God Message Now Today | God Helps

my beloved child before I shower you with the blessings promotions and breakthroughs I have in store for you

know that I will first test you as your loving father I desire to

see you grow and mature in your faith I want to strengthen your character and deepen your trust in me just as a loving

parent teaches their child valuable lessons and skills before entrusting them with more freedom and privileges I

too will guide you through tests and challenges is designed to refine you and make you ready for the incredible plans

I have for your life my precious child I know that the

idea of being tested can be intimidating or even frightening but I want to assure you that my purpose in allowing these

trials Is Not to cause you pain or hardship rather it is to prepare you for

the greater responsibilities that come with the Abundant Blessings I long to bestow upon

you you see my child I have an incredible Destiny and future

planned for you I have amazing opportunities platforms and spheres of influence that

I want to entrust to you but before I can promote you to these higher levels I need to ensure

that you are ready and equipped to handle the weight of responsibility that comes with them these tests may come in

many different forms they may be Financial challenges that stretch your faith and teach you to depend on me as

your provider provider they may be relational conflicts that require you to exercise

forgiveness patience and unconditional love they may be opportunities to serve

and give sacrificially even when it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient but know this my child

every test and challenge I allow in your life has a specific purpose it is not random or

meaningless it is a carefully crafted tool in my hands designed to shape you

into the person I created you to be and prepare you for the incredible future I

have planned for you as you face these tests it is

essential that you keep your eyes fixed on me and trust in my goodness and

faithfulness remember that I will never give you more than you can handle and I will always provide a way

of Escape or endurance Corinthians

lean into my strength and draw from my wisdom and

Grace when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged remember that I am with you

always and I am using these challenges to produce in you a greater Measure of

Faith perseverance and Christlike character James

as you pass each test best and overcome each challenge you are proving

yourself faithful and trustworthy with the smaller responsibilities I have given you and as

you demonstrate your faithfulness in the little things I am able to entrust you with greater

things remember I am your loving father and I’m committed to your growth and

success I’m not trying to harm you or hold you back but rather to prepare you

and position you for the incredible future I have planned for you so keep your eyes fixed on me and trust in my

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