I will never leave you, that’s a testament to a blind dog best friend

A guide dog has become a blind dog’s best friend with the sole purpose of defending him from other dogs and, also, helping him walk the paths of life. This story of loyalty comes to us from the hand of Amos and his partner Toby; some furry ones who have become inseparable, even though they didn’t have a good start together.

The puppies live with animal activist and shelter worker, Jess Martin.


The young woman met Amos, a blind puppy from birth, at her workplace and, after seeing how much the furry one was doing with the search for a family, she decided to become his protector. Jess adopted Amos but she was not alone at home, as she already had a border collie named Toby as a pet.

The 27-year-old didn’t quite know how it would all turn out, but it broke her heart to see Amos’s needs and how he was completely ignored by the families arriving at the shelter.

The affair was quite a test for Toby, but after some setbacks, coexistence has borne fruit.

“Toby is very independent and likes his own space, so we were a little worried about how he would accept Amos. At first, Toby growled at him a few times and then ignored him. Amos came from a kennel, so he doesn’t know how to socialize with other dogs. After a couple of days, I saw that Amos couldn’t find his water bowl and Toby pushed him and helped him out,” Jess explained.

It seems that that moment sensitized Toby, because the little dog understood that the new boy at home needed some help. Plus, it would be the first of many moments in which he would come to his rescue.

“When we were out walking, Amos was very scared, especially by the noises, and Toby quickly realized he needed help, so whenever Amos stopped, Toby would lay down next to him until he was ready,” Jess explained.

Amos is an introverted little dog who gets scared when other furry dogs approach him, so he doesn’t really have many friends. But yes, Toby plays the best role of caregiver and has become a kind of guide dog.

“But Toby is always there to protect him, we call him his bodyguard,” the woman commented.

Although the fact that they got along was something that Jess wanted with all her strength, the truth is that for her the bond was almost unlikely but the sadness of Amos in the shelter led her to take a risk.

And boy, has that risk been worth it, because the puppy awakened Toby’s sweeter side and now the two of them make an excellent team.

If Amos can’t find something, Toby is there to guide him. In the same way, if the furry friend gets lost in an unknown place or strays a little from the trail, his brother and guide knows how to guide him back.

These friends are also all models.

Toby usually uses his touch to communicate with Amos, so it’s not uncommon to see them close together.

Although there are times when the guide dog has no choice but to bark loudly to prevent his patient from getting lost on the way or exposing himself in any way.

These beautiful friends love to pose and that is why they already have their own profile on Instagram.

There is no doubt that Jess chose the best when taking Amos home and embarking on the adventure of starting over in raising and adapting a furry dog, especially in the case of a dog with special needs.

Her charitable spirit drove her to do so and her love for furry animals keeps her afloat, helping four-legged friends inside and outside the shelter.

True friendships arise from the most diverse characters and Amos and Toby are a clear example. Congratulations to these inseparable companions.

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