I Will Never Forsake You | God Message Today | God Message For You Today | Gods Message Now

my beloved child I your Eternal Shepherd have woven days of unparalleled blessing

into the fabric of your existence as you kneel in prayer the

seeds of your unwavering faith and Relentless determination are flourishing

promising to bear fruit that will drench your soul in tears of happiness and echo through the corridors of time with

laughter of Joy yet on this sacred Journey you must

anchor your heart in the belief that no challenge is insurmountable when faced with mountains

of adversity stand firm with a resolve that is steadfast and

unshakable as you command these mountains to move the celestial Realms shall align unleashing a downpour of

divine provision that will satiate your deepest longings and elevate your spirit

to new heights The Horizon beckons each day unfurling like the Petals of a new

Bloom under the golden rays of dawn Whispering the promise of new beginnings

opportunities ripe for the taking and challenges that will test the metal of your

soul but fear not for you are not alone in this journey clad in the armor of

Faith you march forward fortified by the holy word with the assurance that I your

Almighty protector am ever present my presence is a beacon in the

darkest of nights a comforting shade in the blaze of noon a steady hand amidst

the fiercest storms and a gentle caress in the soothing

rains behold the days of divine favor are upon you as declared by your

Sovereign Lord to be blessed is to bask in the joy that Cascades from the heavens a Divine provision that

nourishes your soul and completes your being it is it is to stride into every

battle armed with the knowledge that Victory is assured for you are a child of the most

high blessedness is the act of offering your life as a Living Sacrifice to the

one who has secured your Redemption it involves extending a hand of generosity to those in need braving

rejection and enduring persecution for the sake of the

Gospel to be blessed is to dwell in a state of joy to Harbor Faith as your

anchor and to experience peace that transcends understanding even amidst the

tempests of life and the shadows of Despair in this sacred dialogue I call

upon you to embrace the fullness of these blessings to live out your days with a heart overflowing with gratitude

and to walk in the Assurance of my unfailing love and infinite

Mercy the path before you is illuminated with the light of my presence walk in in

it and you shall find rest for your soul and joy [Music]

unspeakable behold the essence of blessing is not merely in the material or the scene but in the lifting of your

gaze towards the heavens and in the curve of a smile that blooms on your

lips as if your very eyes are locked with the benevolent gaze of the king Who

ceaselessly Watches Over You guiding your steps blessing my child

is found in the Simplicity of being content with your daily bread in the quiet trust you place in Me Your Divine

Shepherd who promises to provide not just for your bodily needs but for the deeper Cravings of your soul the

well-being of your family and the wisdom you seek to nurture your

spirit this wisdom enables you to grow flourish each day under my guidance and

to be a faithful servant living out the commands of my word with joy and

dedication I declare unto you days rich with blessing are not merely approaching

they are almost upon us let your heart Echo with belief in this Truth for you

are well acquainted with the reality that the word of your omnipotent father never falls to the ground

unfulfilled bring me all your burdens do not let the weight of these worries bend your back any longer behold the season

for your peace and rest has dawned you pour out yourself for others exhausting

your reserves yet today I have drawn near to uplift you to cradle you in my

arms to offer you Solace and to envelop you in the boundless expanse of my love

I declare unto you days brimming with blessings are on the cusp of Dawn and

such blessings shall indeed manifest affirm your belief in this Truth for you

are well aware that the mighty word of your omnipotent father never fails to materialize approach me with all your

burdens let not the weight of these concerns rest upon your shoulders alone

the moment for your peace and Rejuvenation has arrived you expend your

energies caring for others draining yourself but today I have come to unfold

You In My Embrace to offer you rest bite and to envelop you in my unfathomable

love do not forget to cherish your own being as well it is imperative that you

dedicate time to seek me through prayer to attune your ears to my voice and to

absorb my Divine insights heed my word and my promises for I have devised a plan destined to

revolutionize your life and that of your families it is not my desire for you to

tread further along a path marked by a wearied soul a troubled heart and an

encumbered mind you were not created to endure a lifetime of incessant needs and

conflicts I have liberated and saved you so that you may forever Stand Tall free

from the shackles of defeat or humiliation at the hands of your

adversaries into you I have breathed an immeasurable worth and dignity this is my solemn promise to you

now I urge you to embrace my truth with open arms I am setting before you

numerous Pathways to Embark Upon A New Journey leaving the shadows of past errors far behind concentrate on your

loved ones on prayer and on Steward in the Abundant Blessings that are poised

to flood into your life imagine Awakening each day liberated from the grips of fear or

anxiety your heart brimming with bravery and joy initiate this transformation today

lift your voice in gratitude and and Proclaim with unwavering Faith thank you my God for gifting me yet another day of

life feel the Divine strength that encases you from head to toe observe as your thoughts and

emotions find equilibrium and my words firmly implant within your Consciousness

you will retain all that I have imparted to you and it will arm you to face the challenges that today may bring

recognize and embrace my love for you accept my peace navigate your life with a Resolute heart

and find solace in my support let not the sorrowful Whispers of your pillow at night convince you

that love has forsaken you dismiss such thoughts for right at this moment you

are enveloped in the tenderness of my Divine embrace the agony you endure is

not a marker of your demise nor a testament to failure surrender to me your pain and

find solace in my presence should tears wish to flow let them Cascade freely I

long to share in every tear to be with you in your moments of Sorrow standing by your side I empathize deeply with

your suffering and it Grieves me too yet know this we are united in this trial

and as the dawn breaks with the son of Faith illuminating your mourning the warmth of my love your heavenly Father’s

Love Will will still be right there beside you you will come to realize that

even in the deepest darkness when Solitude seems most unbearable I never

leave your side I am here to offer Comfort to imbue you with strength and

to reaffirm how immensely precious you are to me ask yourself what force on Earth or

in the heavens can ever detach you from My Embrace hear it directly from me let

this truth truth sink into the very core of your being no anguish no persecution

doubts nor trials have the power to sever you from my steadfast Eternal

boundless and sincere love I impart this to you so that you

might always bear in mind that regardless of your shortcomings and errors my love for you stands

unshakable I do not falter I do not deceive nor do I embellish if if I have professed my love

for you a million times over it is because my love for you is beyond

measure Beyond Time infinitely vast and

unfailing remember my child as it is written in Romans

for I am convinced that neither death nor life neither angels nor demons

neither the present nor the future nor any powers neither height nor depth nor

anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our

lord let this be a testament to the enduring nature of my love for you a

love that transcends all barriers a Beacon of Hope and a source of strength no matter the

circumstances the moment has arrived for you to fully embrace the depths of my love discarding every ounce of doubt

that Shadows your heart let your faith be unyielding Akin into a sturdy

sailboat that bravely traverses through stormy seas and fierce winds you are destined neither to sink

nor to be lost in the abyss nor to stumble in your journey trust in my words grasp the

magnitude of this truth it is time to stand firm in faith to rise from despair

to walk in unwavering confidence my hand has showered numerous blessings upon you each a testament to

my unfailing Providence offer me your heart with the utmost trust and never

allow your faith to be shaken I assure you I will never forsake you Proclaim

your belief in me experience the warmth of my constant presence allow this assurance to guide

you as it is affirmed in Hebrews I will never leave you nor forsake

you thus with such a promise let your heart be fortified I call upon you to

stand strong amidst The Tempest secure in the knowledge that your anchor is

cast in the Bedrock of my love and faithfulness your path is illuminated by

the light of my word a beacon that guides you through the darkest nights and the fiercest

storms Embrace this journey with me knowing that my love envelops you like a

shield protecting and guiding you towards a destiny filled with hope and abundance with each step you take

remember my promises are true and my love is ceaseless let your heart be filled with

the peace that comes from knowing you are never alone for I Am with You guiding your steps lifting you above the

tumult of the waves and leading you to shores of peace and prosperity trust in me with all your

heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways submit to me and I will make your path straight As

proclaimed in Proverbs d this is the faith I call you to a

faith that sees beyond the visible that reaches into the very heart of the Divine where my love for you is endless

and my commitment to your well-being is unwavering I’m ever presentes eagerly

awaiting your conversations with me your mind brims with ambitions and

well-laid plans you embody diligence and responsibility Harbor no fear for your

path is aligned with Triumph entrust in me without reservation seek my presence daily and

attentively embrace the wisdom my words impart my desire is for you to tread

confidently to Anchor your dreams in the unshakable foundation of the Rock and to

lay down the roots of your family’s future in alignment with my will and

guidance I am certain you grasp the essence of my message my request is simple direct your

focus towards what truly matters and ensuring your precious time and energies are not wasted on ephemeral Pursuits and

trivial distractions your relationship with me is Paramount let us remain inseparably

connected I await those Quiet Moments of your attentive listening for it is in

those silences that our deepest exchanges unfold your growth and fortification

fill me with immense Joy especially as I observe the dreams you chase and the

dedication you pour into them my intent is to shower you with blessings so

profound that doubt finds no foothold for you have been precisely placed in

this moment perfectly prepared for the openings I am about to reveal to you

proceed approach each opportunity with courage should you face obstacles keep

your vision clear and focused for it is through these challenges that I orchestrate blessings in disguise

a realm of blessings beckons the courageous the ones who recognize their

value who reject the Echoes of negativity and the discourse of failure or

Surrender Embrace this journey with the assurance that you are not alone each step you take is a step closer to the

fruition of your dreams under my watchful eye and with my guiding

hand the adversities you encounter are not roadblocks but Stepping Stones

meticulously placed by me to elevate you to Greater Heights in the face of

difficulty remember that resilience and Faith open the gates to Untold blessings

stand firm in your worth undeterred by fear or discouragement for in my promise

lies your Victory and fulfillment I have intricately woven you into existence infused life within your

very being and graced you with a splendid Dominion yet should you find yourself retreating

in hesitation Shackled by doubts of my assurances or swayed by the errant

counsel of those who do not know me we stand at a Crossroads for your growth

and flourishing and unwavering faith in me is essential you must anchor your

belief in the truth that I Harbor an unfathomable love for you that my presence is a steadfast reality and that

it is within my greatest desires to nurture and shower blessings upon

you your existence your Prosperity rest securely within my omnipotent hands

trust in this without reservation affirm your faith in me step into the sanctity of My Embrace allow my

touch to mend your heart and pacify your spirit as Dawn breaks my intention is to erase the

remnants of nocturnal Sorrows to infuse your being with a joy that radiates as

you venture into the daylight you have spent countless hours in the Silence of the night wrestling with

concerns that stretch beyond your reach let me be your ally grant me the

privilege to fortify our bond to enrich this Divine companionship while I value your

reverence I yearn for your trust to see me not only as your God but also as your

Confidant share with me your burdens I am everpresent to listen your

confessions are safe with me shielded from every ear I promise forgiveness and to hurl

your transgressions into the abyss as I have proclaimed your previous SS are not for

me to brandish I choose not to dwell on what lies behind us thus I invite you to

dedicate moments each day for our dialogue I will attentively absorb your words consider your please and commence

the orchestration of my responses faith is all that is required of you along with a measure of patience

for the realization of my vows will encounter no delay the blessings you seek the answers

you yearn for will assuredly find their way to you in due course I urge you to

embrace Tranquility In This Moment positioning yourself in Readiness for the influx of blessings poised on the

horizon sustenance Serenity robust Health spiritual wealth extraordinary

prosperity familial Harmony restoration within your

household forgiveness and tender affection both for you and those dear to

your heart as Dawn breaks ushering in the gift of a new day let your heart swell

with appreciation for this blessing this privilege you’ve been granted consider those in the throws of

hardship who equally yearn for my intervention I am appointing you as my

emiss AR to embody my love and disseminate the essence and Splendor of my Divine scheme witness the expansion

of your joy and the fortification of your Vigor as you cultivate a demeanor of worship and

thankfulness my deepest desire is for your happiness in this assertion there

is no falsehood yet the onus is yours to Accord me the reverence I am due in your

life to heed my guidance and to earnestly seek my presence [Music]

it is my joy to shower you with blessings and envelop you in my love regardless of the complexities

encircling your circumstances in moments of Despair find

Solace beneath the shelter of my wings when anxiety besieges you find comfort

upon my shoulder and unburden your soul entrust me with all your fears and

apprehensions for my grace and mercy know no bounds let this assurance fill

you my Readiness to bestow upon you and your loved ones a life marked by peace

health spiritual growth and abundance is unwavering start each day with a heart

brimming with gratitude recognizing the sheer Beauty and opportunity each morning

brings your role as a beacon of my love in the lives of those enduring suffering

is critical through you the radiance of my love and the Grandeur of my intentions will be manifested tested as

you Embrace a lifestyle of gratitude and praise you’ll find your happiness augmented and your resilience

strengthened remember my desire for your joy is unfeigned rooted in the very

essence of my being however your fulfillment and the realization of these

blessings hinge upon your willingness to prioritize me in your life to adhere to

my teachings and to pursue me with Zeal I Revel in the opportunity to bless

and cherish you even amidst the trials you may face when the weight of the world feels unbearable Retreat to The

Refuge provided by My Embrace share your concerns with me and let my boundless

grace and mercy carry you through my love for you is profound and

unwavering and it is because of this deep affection that I am committed to supporting you you are cherished deeply

by me my child and there should never be any room for doubt regarding this

truth you have opened your heart wide to me embraced my Essence with all your

might and your devotion fills me with immense Joy it is for this very reason

that you are entitled to approach me boldly with confidence communicate with

me openly with Clarity and devoid of any apprehension understand that you are

worthy of guidance and correction when necessary I have brought you into existence having chosen you even before

you took your first breath in this world I am intimately familiar with

every aspect of your being your battles your strengths your aspirations and your

vulnerabilities when you falter and fall know that it does not provoke my wrath

never hesitate to seek my presence even when burdened with guilt

where else shall you turn to those who profess their regard and affection for you only to betray my teachings and

speak negatively of you behind your back the sanctuary you yearn for a Haven

of friendship understanding and boundless love can only be found in my

presence I’m here not to judge harshly but to offer refuge and redemption in my

eyes you are more than your mistakes you are are a beloved creation deserving of

Grace and a fresh start let my love be the foundation on which you rebuild and renew your

spirit together we will navigate the complexities of Life drawing strength

from our unbreakable Bond remember my arms are always open

ready to offer Comfort guidance and the unconditional love that you seek come to

me and let us walk this journey together enveloped in the light of my love and

the promise of a future filled with hope and fulfillment my Pursuit is not to catalog

your errors for I am already acquainted with each one it is not my desire to

witness your faltering only to turn away in disdain rather in moments when you find

yourself drifting my spirit embarks on a journey to find

you as you want wander away from my embrace it is I who Venture forth to

meet you to gently guide you back to the sanctuary of Peace within this Haven flows the river

of Serenity from which you may quench your thirst with its revitalizing Waters

this is the earnest plea I extend to you once more never allow the shadow of your most challenging trials to make you

forget the depth of my love for you my affection coupled with my

omnipotence stands ready to extricate you from the depths of despondency to infuse your being with a

renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment and to rekindle The Bravery and zest for life that seemed beyond your grasp my

deepest wish is for you to trust in me to immerse yourself in the realization that you are profoundly loved and

safeguarded for this is the Eternal truth unchanging across the

ages let this assurance be your strong hold reminiscent of the promises found

within the scriptures such as Isaiah which proclaims when you pass through the

waters I will be with you and when you pass through the rivers they will not sweep over

you this passage is a testament to the steadfast nature of my love and

protection over your life my presence is a constant unwavering Force designed to

guide you through every trial and trib tribulation offering a Wellspring of Hope and renewal when despair seems to

have the upper hand Embrace this truth with all your heart knowing that my love

is a beacon that shines brightly guiding you back to me time and time again in me

you will find the Solace and strength necessary to face whatever lies ahead assured of my eternal love and

commitment to your well-being this is the promise I make to you a pledge of an

everlasting love that seeks your highest good now and forever more rest assured I

am vigilantly overseeing the well-being of your family continue to lift them up in prayer for they rest securely within

my providential care your prayers serve as a powerful conduit through which I am

actively intervening in their lives addressing even those concerns that remain invisible to your eyes do not

halt yourself supplications their need for your spiritual intercession is profound know that I accompany each of

them as they step out from the safety of your home safeguarding them from harm

and enveloping them in my protection Embrace Tranquility my dear child for I am orchestrating the unity

and peace of your household the distress and sorrow that weigh upon you are on

the verge of transformation together you and your family will experience a deepening

Bond I am in the process of distancing those who sow Discord and ill will from

your midst however it is imperative that you extend forgiveness and show compassion

towards each of them refrain from engaging with their antagonism and you will witness a cessation of their

disruptive actions let this assurance inspire you blessed are the peacemakers for they

shall Shall be Called children of God Matthew as you embody peace and forgiveness

you become a reflection of my kingdom on Earth influencing not only your family but also those around you your restraint

and love in the face of provocation are powerful testimonies of your faith and trust in my

will therefore persist in prayer remain steadfast in love and continue to Foster

forgiveness in doing so you align with my purposes becoming a vessel through which my grace

and healing can flow into the lives of your loved ones and even your adversaries the unity and Harmony you

long for within your home are being woven together by my hand stand firm in this faith and

prepare to witness the beautiful unfolding of my plan for you and your family you were brought into existence

with a Divine Purpose to embody and disseminate my love to be a beacon of my

kindness and Illumination in the world it is through the living testimony

of your life that many within your circle especially your family will

undergo transformation they will observe the Serenity and profound change in you and

start to question the source of your peace and Newfound demeanor it is in these moments of

curiosity and wonder that you must attribute the transformation to your faith in me me asserting that just as I

have reshaped your life I hold the capacity to transform the lives of each

member of your family as well continue to intercede for them in prayer my beloved

child while it may seem beyond your ability to alter certain circumstances or to be perpetually by the sight of

your children and those dear to you remember my reach knows no bounds I will

intervene on your behalf and theirs because of my boundless love for every soul upon this Earth and my Tender Care

extends to all those you hold dear your role in this Divine partnership is

simple yet profound commit to prayer relinquish all forms of resentment malicious talk envy

and bitterness place your unwavering trust in me live with the assurance that I

oversee all and that my timing is impeccable Surrender Your worries to me

and you shall witness remarkable transformations in your surroundings if doubts ever Cloud your

mind about my ability to reach someone within your home cling to Faith for my

power Knows No Limits I’m capable of altering their mindset reshaping their character and

softening their hearts be patient for soon you will bear witness to the

evidence of my transformative power remember with man this is is impossible

but With God all things are possible let this assurance fortify your faith and guide your

actions as you walk in obedience and submission to my will you pave the way

for miracles to unfold not only in your life but in the lives of those around

you stand firm in this belief and ready your heart for the wondrous works I am

about to perform in your midst brace yourself for what I am about to unveil

will surpass your wildest expectations the magnitude of the opportunity I am presenting before you

is bound to leave you in awe maintain your faith exhibit dedication and

approach every deed with wisdom and foresight prepare yourself for the

Divine blueprint I have meticulously crafted for you and your loved ones is about to manifest as a deluge of

extraordinary blessings you have been seeking a sign a definitive nudge towards making

decisions that have preoccupied your thoughts incessantly consider this your unequivocal

guidance it’s time to confront the fears that have ens snared you for far too long holding you captive in a state of

discontent you can no longer endure your aspirations are Grand your yearnings

profound yet you found yourself immobilized by The Dread of potential failure

now beckons the moment for you to grasp my hand and Ascend the landscape of your life is set

for a remarkable transformation The Familiar terrains of yester years will no longer confine you fear not cling to

my support and engage in fervent prayer before each pivotal Choice my presence

will envelop you both by day and By Night guiding the unfolding of events in

alignment with my Celestial scheme turn to the scriptures and commune with

me in heartfelt prayer for it is through these sacred texts that I will affirm

the veracity of my promises to you far from Mere illusion though Heaven and Earth may

vanish my words will stand unalterable and eternal I will navigate you leading you

directly to the juncture of your breakthrough to the very spot where you will thrive

unboundedly I will make evident the location of the extraordinary Gateway I

am flinging wide open for you from this day forth anticipate a profound

metamorphosis within your life as my plans for you come to fruition embrace the gift I am extending to you you are

on the verge of entering a realm that marks the beginning of all your dreams and Ambitions taking shape in this new

phase you will cross paths with Souls whose Journeys mirror your own

whose thoughts resonate with the Echoes of your aspirations together you will craft a

tapestry of blessings and wonders for the scope of what I have in store for you is beyond your wildest

imaginations the magnitude of the blessings awaiting you in your journey forward is

unfathomable henceforth approach every individual with kindness and

empathy you are destined to meet people of virtue and extra orinary character

Souls who will Captivate and inspire you help will arrive from quarters you least

expect remain Vigilant with your senses finely tuned so that when the moment

arrives and the door to new possibilities opens wide you will not be ens snared in Trivial Pursuits or

meaningless distractions you are familiar with my Essence further explanations are

unnecessary my message to you is unambiguous and its truth truth resonates within you you

know with certainty that I will direct your footsteps and remain by your side

through every season of Life place your trust in me for my love

for you is boundless today I aim to show you the depth of your significance to me I am

the guardian of your heart the provider of Tranquility to your mind and the purifier of your

thoughts I offer the suance for which your soul deeply yearns in moments of upheaval know that

I am steadfastly by your side believe in the Assurance I bring this message is a

treasure meant just for you every blessing you receive flows from my grace

and with me as your constant companion each new day unfolds as an opportunity

for unexpected joys and divine interventions I am here to empower you

to be your Beacon of Hope in the darkest nights and through the most challenging

trials those times that seem endless and obstacles that appear

insurmountable I am the foundation of your strength the gentle whisper that

resonates within your heart illuminating your path when Shadows cast their

Gloom every morning I paint your world with vibrant Hues wrapping you in layers

of love and tenderness endowing you with wisdom and instilling humility

empowering you to take bold steps forward I nurture your faith urging you

to ascend to new Summits of spiritual fulfillment and personal growth in moments of Despair I am Swift

to your side providing a steadfast pillar of support and the comfort you desperately

seek when adversities Loom large intent on causing you harm or dragging you into

the depths of discouragement I intervene with Divine Authority repelling these forces before

they can ever touch you I erect a shield around you one that no foe can

breach my Legion of guardian angels encircles you a Vigilant guard ensuring

your well-being and serenity I implore you wander not from

My Embrace but rather strive to draw ever closer with each passing day my

desire is to Lavish upon you an even greater measure of My Affection my love

for you knows no bounds and is eternal unfading Through the Ages this unbreakable Bond we share is

your greatest Assurance against the trials of life in my presence you will find an

inexhaustable source of courage and peace let this truth anchor your soul

you are cherished valued and protected beyond measure my commitment to your prosperity and happiness is

unwavering Embrace this Assurance knowing that with me you are invincible

against the darkness together we will journey through every storm with my love

as your Guiding Light and my strength as your shield in every waking moment I

bestow upon you my wisdom closely guiding each situation that unfolds in

your daily life thus as the day gives way T night and the moon takes its place

in the sky I gather all your concerns turns and burdens into my omnipotent hands one by one I promise to address

them for there is nothing beyond our reach when we Face challenges together

my love for you is the foundation of my commitment to alleviate your worries it

is out of this profound love that I assure you of my forgiveness should there have been

moments when you felt distant or if doubts about my presence clouded your heart know that I forgive your

hesitation and every misstep along the way my ultimate wish is to Breathe new life

into your being to catalyze a transformation within you that enables you to walk in step with me fully

embracing the life I have envisioned for you I admire your dedication to those you hold dear yet I urge you to lift

them up in your prayers as well rest assured I extend my Vigilant watch over

you and your loved ones at all times through every Journey you undertake under the Brilliance of day and through

the Shadows Of Night across paths blessed and even those misguided continue to pray maintain your

trust in me and let not anxiety overwhelm you I pledge to safeguard them

harboring the same desire to welcome them back into my Embrace should they stray in search of New

Horizons my gaze upon them is filled with the same merciful forgiveness I

offered to you have you forgotten or perhaps it momentarily escaped your memory the

reason behind My Sacrifice inuring the agony of the Cross where my blood was

spilled on that Grievous day was to envelop you and your loved ones in my boundless

Mercy my desire is for you to approach my throne with confidence at any time

the Gateway is perpetually open my ear is inclined towards you and my promises

stand ready to manifest in your life nurturing your faith and yielding a

harvest that paves the way to a more fulfilling existence let me affirm once again for

the sake of absolute Clarity your unwavering faith and trust in me are what I

seek there’s no need for prolonged contemplation should you face any challenge simply come before me ENT

trust me with your concerns and that is sufficient I will heed your call and and

my word alive and Powerful will manifest its truth in your

life this same word that you engage with daily through reading listening and

Earnest reflection carries beautiful promises that echo in your thoughts amidst trials when you feel assailed

wounded or diminished by the words or actions of others my commitment to never leave you

forsaken has been unequivocally stated I will never leave you nor forsake you I

have reassured you time and again that your life along with your families is securely held within my hands and no one

can remove you from my care my love’s magnitude has been revealed through

innumerable gestures the moment for doubt has passed you and your family hold

immeasurable value in my eyes do not lose heart or refrain from praying this

message comes comes in response to your plea for a sign and here it stands

should you require further Assurance know that I am ever willing to communicate with you awaken your senses

ready your heart for I find joy in communicating with you and yearn to

continually reveal the depths of my love I am ever attentive to your voice never

growing weary of hearing your petitions yet I urge you to persist in prayer to never regarded as a fruitless

Endeavor exercise patience and allow me the grace to work intricately in your life promising to deliver beyond your

expectations when the moment for my answer arrives my response will not

t do not lose heart in your period of waiting engage in

introspection consider how you have cultivated and fortified your faith it has grown more resilient and

unwavering you find yourself s less daunted by challenges and less consumed by fear in the face of

conflict you are walking my path and this is commendable in those trying times when

you felt a drift you did not Veer off course or wander down convoluted and

hazardous byways rather you clung steadfastly to my love

and this brings me immense Joy take comfort in the assurance that I am always attuned to your prayers commit to

answering them your Journey of Faith demonstrates a remarkable transformation you’ve learned to stand

firm drawing closer to me with each step this steadfastness is a testament to the

strength of our bond a bond that will never be broken I celebrate your

devotion and the progress you’ve made on this spiritual Voyage your trust in me

even amidst uncertainty is a profound act of worship that does not go

unnoticed be assured your Fidelity and perseverance have fortified your spirit

preparing you for the blessings and answers that are on their way rest in the knowledge that I Am with You guiding

loving and responding to your every need anticipate my arrival with a promise of

the finest Solutions amidst your journey there will be those who aim to diminish your spirit

yet I urge you to exercise discernment in the voices you entertain a multitude will cloak their

skepticism in pleasantries and feigned camaraderie yet you must no longer squander moments on insincere

connections that risk leading you off course sowing seeds of discontent in your

heart they observe the special care I bestow upon you fueled by jealousy as

they witness your Prosperity despite imperfections their desire is to usurp

the blessings already in your your possession extend forgiveness and offer prayers for these

detractors but firmly secure the entryways to your soul against their

intrusions without vigilance they aspire to dismantle the unity of your family

and the sanctuary of your home the root of their actions is Envy for rather than

dedicating themselves to seeking me they squander their Essence in time in vain attempts to detract from your joy fear

not my gaze encompasses all and as you remain intertwined with me a Divine

alert will resonate within your heart as caution against looming

perils anchor your belief steadfastly in my teachings heed my voice when it

Whispers guidance to you cherish the profound messages I share with you

holding them close as precious jewels the awaited moment is on the

horizon you and your loved ones are on the cusp of embracing profound Joy your

commitment to prayer and your earnest search for my presence have not gone unnoticed they fill me with immense

Delight approach me with your heart wide open rest assured I will grant you the

space to express yourself without interruption I am fully attuned to your

voice and as a testament to my attentive presence I affirm that my will is

unfolding precisely as you have petitioned the individual you hold dear

and for whom you’ve fervently prayed is under my care their heart gently being stirred and softened by my

touch a season of peace and joy is on the horizon for you yet I ask for your

patience a while longer resist the urge to succumb to despair Channel your

thoughts and energies towards the positive outcomes that lie ahead your ability to Love Remains

intact and the essence of love has not eluded your grasp the fullness of love

you seek will find its way back into your life emptiness has no place in your

heart as my spirit dwells within you replenishing your soul sorrow has lost

its grip on you for my love brings Solace your mind is freed from the

chains of the past embraced by my love that sets you free in this period of waiting let your

heart be filled with the assurance of my promises love in its purest form is

making its Journey back to you remember love never fails and my love for you is

the epitome of this enduring truth allow this assurance to heal and prepare you

for the forthcoming blessings your heart once burdened will

soon dance to the rhythm of renewed hope and boundless Joy trust in my timing for

it is perfect and know that I am meticulously crafting the Fulfillment of your prayers your faithfulness and trust

in me during this waiting season are precious and they pave the way for the beautiful manifestation of my will in

your life my beloved child the sense of loneliness that has enveloped you

wrapping its cold desolate fingers around your heart is but a fleeting shadow on the Journey of your

life let your heart be light for this Shadow will dissipate this very

day today marks a pivotal moment a Divine turning point where you will fling wide the doors of your existence

to the radiant light of my word and in doing so my salvation powerful and

unfailing will Cascade into every corner of your life it will touch transform and

transmute every fragment of your being and your surroundings the barren lands within you will Bloom and where there

was emptiness fullness of Joy will flourish I do not wish for you to wander

any longer in the Maze of recurring troubles battling the same Giants that drain your Spirit In My Embrace you will

find peace that surpasses understanding joy that bubbles up from an eternal Source healing that mends the deepest

wounds and Harmony that binds your home in love’s unbreakable

cords you are not just permitted but entitled to these divine blessings they

are your inheritance as my child therefore I urge you anchor yourself

steadfastly in my word cling to your belief in me with unwavering faith and

guard your soul against the tide of disbelief that seeks to pull you into its depths through distractions and the

noise of the world be Discerning in your companionships on this Voyage of Life

The Company You Keep can illuminate your path or lead you into storms fear not

for I am eternally by your side a constant presence of comfort and protection however you must exercise

wisdom in opening your heart lest you allow the seeds of Doubt to be sown by false

friends such individuals though they may not intend harm often become the

architects of our doubts rather than bolstering your spirit and encouraging your growth they may knowingly or

unknowingly invite To Tread upon paths fraught with uncertainty and devoid of

my light in every moment seek those who uplift you who speak life into your

dreams and who stand by you in faith and love these are the companions who

reflect my heart to you encouraging you to rise higher to lean more deeply into

your faith and to walk in the fullness of the joy and peace I have promised you

remember my child You are not alone in the vastness of my love you will find

the most faithful friend teacher and guide together let us Journey towards

the dawn of a new day in your life filled with the Light Of Hope the warmth

of my unfailing love and the promise of a future where loneliness is but a

distant memory remember I am the way that you should follow let there be no hesitation

in your steps in me you will find the resolution solution to the Myriad

challenges you face for in my hands I cradle the key to life

itself venturing into the unknown without my guidance is akin to wandering in a labyrinth with no exit in sight it

is in seeking me wholeheartedly with a soul washed in sincerity that you will

embrace my boundless love and the multitude of blessings that I eagerly await to bestow upon you declare your

Readiness to receive and in resp response I will envelop your soul in a

mantle of peace and hope infusing your very essence with joy and unwavering

confidence I’m here to empower you with strength and to inspire perseverance

within your spirit today I pronounce a special benediction over you my daughter

my son grasp this blessing with both hands lifted in faith and draped in the

humility of a heart that knows its maker except this gift without reservations

allowing no Shadow of Doubt to Cloud your acceptance I am speaking to the core of your spirit issuing a Divine

invitation for your sorrow to melt away and for your anxiety to cease there is no need to conceal your

emotions from me I am your Sanctuary when the clamor of the world

plants seeds of fear causing your heart to quiver it is a sign for you to seek

the Solace of my presence dedicate a moment in solitude for prayer immerse

yourself in the depth of my word and momentarily lay aside the burdens of Earthly

existence in doing so you will be enveloped in my Divine love experiencing

it in a way that transcends the natural and touches the supernatural I assure

you My Embrace is a fortress of comfort and my love is a beacon in the darkness

let the warmth of my presence dissolve your fears and allow the light of my love to guide

you back to a place of Serenity remember you are never alone

for I Am with You Whispering peace to your soul guiding you back to a place of

light and love trust in me for my love is unfailing and my arms are always open to

receive you let today be a testament to the transformative power of

divine love in your life my dearest child let me envelop you in the warmth

of my eternal love a love that knows no bounds and ceaselessly showers you with

Grace it is my deepest desire to continually remind you of the immense

love I Harbor for you recalling those precious moments when I in my infinite

Mercy responded to your prayers surpassing even your wildest

expectations you were astonished by the abundance of blessings bestowed upon you a tangible manifestation of my love

designed to fortify your belief and dissolve your doubts if you steadfastly cling to my

word persisting in prayer with a heart open and expectant both by day and by

night you will witness the unfolding of Miracles doors previously unseen will

swing wide open before you insurmountable problems will unravel and those who stand against you will retreat

in defeat your sorrow will be swept away leaving in its place a tapestry of joy

and transformation for I promise you a future replete with hope and prosperity

surpassing any you could imagine even as the ground beneath you seems to tremble even when you witness

the disheartenment of those around you as they relinquish their dreams and faith I call upon you to stand firm in

my word never let the flame of belief flicker or fade regard less of the

storms you may face I implore you to trust in me during times of abundance

and more so when you navigate through tempests this message Springs from the

very essence of my being a solemn vow meant to be etched upon your heart a

constant reminder that I am with you at every moment of every day in the midst

of life’s downpours amid the chill of Trials remember that you reside Under

The Canopy of my protection and care today I set forth a Divine

intention to paint a smile upon your face to chase away the clouds of Gloom

and to instill within your heart a joy so profound so enduring that it becomes

unassailable Embrace this message my child for it is imbued with the essence of my love for you a love that seeks to

elevate to heal and to transform carry it with you as a Beacon of Hope a reminder of my unwavering

presence in your life and let it be the source of strength that guides you through every season every challenge

with me your joy will be complete your spirit uplifted and your path

illuminated by the light of my unfailing love I am the essence of your Awakening

and the Very breath of your life consider me not only as the path you are destined to walk the journey you are to

Embark upon and the portal to your Eternal salvation but also as your closest Confidant your

unwavering companion your Sovereign God and your nurturing Shepherd in my

presence you shall find no want I urge you to embrace this truth with all your

heart understand that my grip on your hand has never loosened I have never strayed from your side nor have I

forsaken you I have steadfastly honored my vow to you upholding my sacred pledge

the mantle now passes to you exercise unwavering Faith entrust your entire

being to me summon courage and hold your head Aloft it is imperative that you

step out of the Shadows of grief this instant know that I am here to Aid you

to offer Solace to your spirit and to mend every fracture in your soul recognize that in the thickest of

battles you were never left to defend for yourself do not entertain the notion

even fleetingly that my love could ever be withdrawn from you such a day will

never Dawn although the burdens you bear seem insurmountable my love for you remains

boundless and my hand remains steadfastly in yours you have voiced feelings of desperation a weariness so

profound that it clouds your vision of Escape allow me to illuminate your

understanding perhaps your search has been misplaced for the Gateway has always stood before you

unchanging I am your direction your Beacon of Hope your portal to truth the

very Road upon which you must journey I am the architect of your future and the

custodian of your life should you choose to believe through the storm of your tribulations

and turn to me you will navigate through your trials on my timetable and

according to my perfect plan trust that I will guide you to the threshold of Deliverance handin hand if

your endurance is Fray and you find yourself teetering on the brink of Despair I will replenish your patience

fortify your will and bestow upon you my Transcendent peace resist the urge to

surrender when you are tantalizingly close to realizing the aspirations and destinations you yearn

for the time has come to believe with unshakable conviction and to recognize

that in me lies every solution every piece of guidance and every measure of support you could possibly require my

dear child heed this gentle admonition refrain from plunging headlong into

decisions without seeking my guidance for in doing so you risk undoing the progress you’ve painstakingly

achieved the journey you Embark upon can swiftly Veer off course should you

choose choose a path not ordained by me remember you are engaged in no race nor

do you owe explanations of your faith to anyone your steadfast belief has already

been made evident to me and that is all that truly matters therefore I urge you

to proceed with deliberation and Grace embracing each step with a sense of security and wisdom that comes from

walking in alignment with my will it is through such mishet and thoughtful progress that you will

ultimately arrive at the threshold of your blessings and abundance as you stand upon the Hallowed

Ground of your Promised Land let the memory of these words be a beacon to your soul do not surrender to despair or

allow hope to slip through your fingers maintain your faith in me for it

is through this unwavering trust that you will navigate the complexities of your journey know that my love for you

is boundless and unfailing it is a constant Guiding Light

in the darkness a source of strength when you feel weak and a Wellspring of Hope when discouragement seeks to take

hold you are cherished beyond measure and in every moment of uncertainty my

presence is a promise of guidance and protection so my beloved Let Your Heart

Take courage as you continue on your path trust in my timing and my plans for

you for they are always for your good in this Divine Assurance find your

peace and your purpose let this be your Solace and your strength I love you now

and forever


amen [Music]

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