I Will Never Forsake You | God Message For You Today | God’s Guidance

Precious Child today I beckon you to

Halt momentarily and give Earnest

attention to this message for victory is

what I promise you please afford me a

sliver of your invaluable time as I have

a matter of great consequence to share

allow the essence of my speech to deeply

Infuse your essence free from any

distractions the communication I have

for you today is Paramount

stay with me a bit more and unveil your

deepest sentiments to me I wish to

penetrate the very core of your essence

softly removing any distress or

Melancholy That clouds your thoughts I

wrap you in my Limitless affection

bestowing upon you a Serenity that

exceeds all

comprehension approach closer commit

your heart to my keeping and allow my

love to fully encase you be certain of

my unwavering Fidelity to my pledges my

clasp is a Haven for finding relief and

recuperation in my vicinity you will

muster the fortitude to confront the

adversities of life and The Bravery to

follow your Ambitions my role is to

navigate enhance and brighten your

journey with sagacity and

lucidity stay attentive to the very end

and prime your hearts to receive the

fortunes this message holds I understand

that life might seem insurmountable at

moments but I assure you that all will

be well no matter the challenges

everything is within my power and

victory is yours to claim do not succumb

to fear these words are meant to bolster

your belief I extend to you love

Redemption Grace and pardon it’s

important for you to realize that I bear

the weight of your predicaments having

triumphed over the trials of this world

and within you I’ve kindled a flame that

will Thrive and prosper every word I

impart is akin to a Cornerstone

reinforcing Your Existence offering

refuge and instilling serenity and

safeguard for your household do not

allow fear or discouragement to take

hold nor stand still the en of your soul

desires your downfall yet you must

confront this challenge standing firm

against the encroaching Darkness thereby

unlocking withheld blessings I’ve

listened to your

supplications and despite the dark

Forces attempts to diminish you your

unwavering prayers have continued fueled

by faith now I implore you to keep

steadfast persist in your endeavors

awaken early and so diligently do not

lose Heart by the downfall of others for

in the appointed time a plentiful

Harvest awaits cherish this message

especially when Spirits are low revisit

it delve into your Bible feed your

spirit with Psalms and Proverbs and

reflect on the lives of the faithful

those who despite their

imperfections accomplished great feats

overcame adversaries and stood

unyielding through trials as they faced

adversity so too must you do not yield

to foes or those disrupting your peace

counter them in my sacred name

persevering to the last reject emotional

chaos distancing yourself from those who

injure you despite your unwavering

support they have no claim over your

future or dignity stand firm valuing

your inherent worth and safeguarding

your loved ones from harm and spite

regardless of detractors those quick to

judge offer no support in times of

struggle hence heed my counsel and

strive for your Liberation do not

entrust your hopes to the fallible many

vow undying affection only to vanish at

the first sign of trouble stealing your

happiness and optimism should you seek

clarity shun violence for your Offspring

sake flee from malevolence and fear not

for I will supply your needs avoid those

intent on hindering your Ascent for I

have liberated you to brighten your

tomorrows don’t ignore the young ones

they’re vulnerable to harm if not guided

and cared for your family’s children

might fall prey to the world’s dangers

without your support at home home a new

generation of courageous Fighters is

emerging ready to stand up and share the

amazing things they’ll experience it’s

my hope to generously bless them

encouraging them to seriously pursue

their spiritual growth education and

purpose I’ll shower you all with my

spirit giving some the ability to dream

dreams and others to see Visions they’ll

carry messages that Inspire future

generations and perform acts of healing

and comfort for those in need show them

love and teach them that straying Into

Darkness leads nowhere good I am

reaching out to connect deeply with you

offering a fresh perspective let go of

negative thinking stop putting yourself

down and avoid holding grudges in tough

times choose forgiveness over resentment

and avoid spreading

negativity I wish for your heart to be

free and filled with love feeling my

presence constantly this strength will

help you resist negative

influences steer clear of those stuck in

negativity your heart is renewed with my

word and your mind cleansed by my truth

I want you to live freely but the choice

is yours follow my guidance for Endless

blessings believe in this truth it’s

real your life is changing for the

better hold on to my words feel

Victorious even in doubt and remember

you’re loved by a great God recall your

past victories they show you can

overcome again with even greater reason

you’re equipped to face battles with my

spirit and word don’t let despair dim

your vision a fire with within urges you

to fight for your dreams and loved ones

you’re never alone or unloved despite

feelings of Ison or abandoned men don’t

be dished by conflict or pain trust in

me for comfort and healing bring me your

hurts and let me soothe them you’re

valued and protected by my love destined

for continuous victories at Day end come

to me for renewal and celebration of

your triumphs no matter where you are in

life my love is eternal I’m here to

support and bless you shielding your

family with my love and providing

abundantly don’t fear temporary setbacks

they’re part of a greater plan for

blessing stay strong in faith ignoring

critics focus on managing the blessings

I have for you I am your loving father

greeting you each morning feel my

presence and love today let your tears

cleanse away despair stand celebrate

your Victory and look forward to

achieving even more because you’ve

committed to my will you’re enveloped in

love Unstoppable and filled with courage

your history doesn’t Define you your

heart and willingness to seek me today

do believe and let go of burdens that

hold you back I want you to turn things

around and never look back I’m here to

help lift you up and guide you towards a

better path where you’ll find Freedom

and light I’m waiting to welcome you

with open arms ready to forgive your

mistakes and give you a fresh start I

want you to live surrounded by love

regain your health and strength and find

stability in your life for the years to

come I’ll bless you more than ever so

remember this moment as the start of

something new you’re about to begin a

life filled with Miracles all thanks to

my guidance and protection new dreams

and opportunities are waiting for you

and I’m still working in your life

shaping you and your family for the

better soon everyone will notice the

positive changes and miracles happening

around you it’s time for a change not

just for you but also for your home with

me nothing is impossible change how you

think and believe people who make

mistakes can change for the better

including their character and future

outlook from tomorrow you’ll wake up

thinking positively remembering past

successes and leaving behind failures

you’ll be more patient and kind

avoiding negative words or actions that

hurt your loved ones joy and Harmony

will return to your home and happiness

will Bloom I’m boosting your faith to

overcome any health issues and

encouraging you to listen to doctors

I’ll work the Miracles you need in my

timing keep Faith listen to my words and

share them with others as you help

others you’ll see my power work in your

life Welcome to a new spiritual level

filled with wonders you’ve never seen

your family and you will experience

provision and abundance like never

before without any lack or sickness

remember your devotion and commitment to

following me are crucial act with

kindness seek fairness and approach me

humbly I’m waiting for your return ready

to show you you things you’ve never

imagined these words are not just your

imagination they’re a confirmation and a

miracle themselves know that you are

loved and valued immensely by me your

past and any current sadness will fade

away if you believe in my power to

perform Miracles give me your worries

and dreams and I’ll take care of them

when life gets tough remember that I’m

always here to relieve your stress

and bring peace to your heart don’t see

me as distant you’re very important to

me when you’re outside remember that the

Sun and clouds are there for you showing

how much you mean to me even when life

seems tough or pointless know that

there’s always a way forward with me by

your side bring me your doubts and rest

in my comfort my love will heal your

sadness and anxiety clearing your vision

for a future filled with peace and

Harmony the challenges you face will

strengthen your faith and help you

understand my real Limitless power

through My Sacrifice I’ve secured your

Eternal salvation and equipped you for a

blessed life nothing can stop you from

achieving the destiny I prepared for

you I’m calling on you to have faith and

look forward with hope

sometimes you might feel guilty about

past mistakes but remember you’ve

already asked for forgiveness and I’ve

forgiven you completely if you mess up

again don’t worry I’m here to stand up

for you get ready for some amazing

things to happen that you’ll see for

yourself people will notice and might

even get a bit scared because it’ll be

clear I’m on your side don’t don’t be

scared of anyone who tries to bring you

down with old mistakes or tries to speak

badly about you ignore those who gossip

and cause trouble keep your heart clean

from all the negativity others might try

to bring into your life inside you

there’s a fountain of Good Feelings from

my spirit ready to bless and cheer up

others especially those you care about

those who are sad or in need of a

miracle if you listen to what I say

you’ll find peace inside to overcome any

challenge my words will make you strong

against any trouble and will be like a

sharp sword against your enemies trust

me even when it’s dark around you

because I’m always right there with you

giving you the strength to keep going I

admire how strong and faithful you are

even when things get tough

your determination is inspiring you’ve

faced lots of Hard Times without giving

up your faith lifts you up to a place

higher than you might realize have faith

be at peace and start each day with

courage I’ve taken away your sadness and

promise that everything you do will

succeed write down I believe what I have

planned for you can’t be ruined by

anyone be brave and imagine a future

full of blessings you won’t have to deal

with crisis or lack don’t get tired or

worry let go of Despair and rest easy

because I’m looking after you like a

Shepherd looks after his sheep these

words I’m sending you are precious keep

them close to your heart if you’re

feeling tired come to me for rest if

you’re overwhelmed stop trying to hand

handle everything on your own pray and

I’ll fill you with the strength you need

then you’ll stand ready to face anything

evil protected and unharmed by it every

morning the sunrise will remind you of

my presence don’t go back to your old

mistakes or let those who hurt you

before do it again keep moving towards

your dreams with me by your side you’ll

achieve them when you face obstacles

just ask for a miracle and I’ll be there

to help your past mistakes will be fixed

and those you’ve wronged will forgive

you your path will become clear and your

enemies won’t stand a chance for every

tough time you faced you’ll find peace

and prosperity I’m here to protect you

from evil and keep you from falling back

into bad habits my light keeps you safe

from being led astray don’t seek revenge

instead find strength in my words which

are there to help you stay strong

forgive those who hurt you and pray for

them keep going because there are

blessings ahead remember everything good

comes from staying faithful and having

faith I’ll surround you with gifts so be

thankful and stay true seek me every

morning and take your time making


call out to me and I’ll respond with

wisdom your success comes from my power

not your own efforts keep this truth in

your heart and you’ll Thrive with

blessings don’t waste time worrying

about those who wish you harm your

enemies only want to make you feel alone

and away from my support ignore their

plans and stay kind I’ll take care of

them don’t let them bring you down use

my word words as your protection and

guide keep everything I’ve said in your

heart and use it from now on my words

give life and wisdom helping you through

tough times trust that I’ll always be

with you don’t be scared because you’re

my special kid I’ve given you the

strength and power to do amazing things

just listen to what I say and believe it

with all your heart my words will light

up your way and make things better for

you if you hear me today don’t ignore me

your honest and simple trust in me means

a lot don’t let Hard Times turn you away

from doing what’s right trust me and

I’ll be there to help you out I’ve never

left your side and never will you’ll see

that waiting for me to act is always

worth it your faith even if it was small

at first has grown big big and strong

even those who doubted you or said mean

things will be surprised by how well

you’re doing don’t shut them out instead

use your success to help and share with

others that’s my promise to

you believe with all your heart and

you’ll feel my love wrapping around you

and your family right now the things I

tell you are meant to make you feel

confident and hopeful I’ve taken away

your sadness and am fixing whatever’s

hurting you I’m filling your head with

happy and peaceful thoughts lifting you

out of your troubles you’re like royalty

in the spiritual World sitting next to

me blessed with so much but you’ve got

to really believe it I’ve picked you up

with my strong hand and you’ve got my

power inside you you’re not trapped by

anything anymore more you’re free so

live like it when you pray feel the

Boost I’m giving you start to see the

good in situations that used to bother

you you’ll be full of joy because you’re

living by faith not dragged down by the

bad stuff you see knowing I’m with you

will give you the courage to keep going

wake up every day ready to live right

and be a faith hero for your family

don’t go back to feeling like a failure

just because others expect that what I’m

telling you is powerful it refreshes you

every day you’ll be excited as you

remember and talk about my promises I’m

looking after you so even when things

get tough know that everything will turn

out even better than you think you’re in

charge of how you feel you can speak

positivity instead of complaining the

passion in inside you is strong enough

to turn any challenge into dust so stand

up feel my hug and listen to my

comforting words again don’t be afraid

I’m right here with you offering comfort

and peace my love has got you covered

you don’t have to be scared of anyone

compare their power to mine I’m your

heavenly dad who’s promised so much to

you who will you trust those who doubt


or me who wants to fill you with love

and kindness choose who you’ll listen to

the naysayers or me promising peace and

love keep feeding on my words they’re

like a protective shield leading you to

a bright future great things your dreams

coming true and the happiness you want

are all just ahead don’t look back at

past mistakes look forward to the great

future I’ve got ready for you I’ve

always loved you even when you thought

about giving up I never wanted you to

get stuck in past mistakes some people

might have told you I’ve given up on you

making you feel unworthy but I’ve always

been trying to bring you back even when

things got really tough I was there to

save you that tough time will pass and

my love will make everything better

remember how good it felt to come back

to me since then you’ve been living with

so much thankfulness no matter what

comes at you sadness depression you’ve

got my NeverEnding love trust me I won’t

ever let go of you no one can hurt you

now tell me you believe in me and focus

on the peace I’m giving you feel my

spirit inside you because I love

everything about you even if you feel

far from me remember my love is real and

forever if you’ve wandered off lost and

without peace my heart is still open for

you waiting for you to come back to the

real life only I can give even if you

strayed far I’m always here to welcome

you back forgive you and show you a life

filled with peace joy and purpose think

about where you’re headed choosing wrong

leads to hurt but I want you to have a

life full of happiness love and and hope

I’m ready to break those chains holding

you back and heal your broken Spirit

remember you’re my beloved child made

for something special in this world

Listen to Me In The Quiet Moments my

words are like a light guiding your way

accept my love and forgiveness freely

given no matter your mistakes you can

always come back to me for a fresh start

in me you’ll will find peace the world

can’t give my love and grace are all you

need trust in me and I’ll Transform your

life choose to live in my way and I’ll

show you how wonderful life can be I’m

the one in charge of everything and I’m

asking you to keep believing and to be

patient help is on the way and so is a

solution to your problems remember I’ve

got a special plan just for you one

that’s all about giving you hope and a

bright future a future where sadness

gets swapped out for constant

Joy let’s take a moment to reflect on

the story of Hannah imagine being In Her

Shoes misunderstood by those around her

facing mockery for her unwavering

devotion and prayers yet Hannah’s Faith

was was unshakable she didn’t let the

disbelief or ridicule of others deter

her belief this is the kind of

resilience and faith I urge you to

embody when you find yourself against

the odds when your beliefs seem to

isolate you or when your journey is

misunderstood hold fast remember the

path I’ve laid out for you might appear

unconventional and difficult to grasp

for some but my primary goal is your

ultimate peace and joy I’m here to

transform your difficult moments into

periods of blessing to turn your sorrow

into joy and to ensure that your needs

are not just met but exceeded so dear

friend I invite you to continue on this

journey of Faith with

determination don’t let any obstacle or

person discourage you bring your needs

your gratitude and your dreams to me

place your trust in my hands and watch

as I make the desires of your heart come

to fruition I promise to illuminate your

path to lead you to true happiness and

to reveal the liberating truth trust in

my promise and together we will navigate

towards Victory peace profound happiness

and prosperity know that you are never

alone I am with you every step of the

way and now a special invitation for you

if this message has touched your heart

if you’re seeking more stories of Faith

resilience and transformation like

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count keep going with faith and patience

Don’t Stop Believing live the way I’ve

shown you and you’ll see the amazing

things I can do in your life get ready

for miracles because I’m blessing you

with every good thing from heaven and

making sure you’re free healthy and

doing well in jesus’ name


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