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my dear child I want to speak directly to your heart to connect with you on a

deep and emotional level I know life can be overwhelming at times but I want you

to know that everything will turn out well no matter how daunting the situation may seem it is within my grasp

and I will grant you Victory please do not be filled with fear I’m sending you these words to

strengthen your faith I offer you love salvation Grace and forgiveness I also want you to know that

I take responsibility for your troubles I have already overcome this world’s afflictions and I have ignited a spark

of life within your heart which will grow and flourish each word I speak to you is

like a foundation stone fortifying your life providing shelter and bringing

peace and protection to your family don’t be afraid or disheartened but don’t don’t remain idle either your

Soul’s adversary seeks your defeat but you must rise to the occasion stand up

to the battle the forces of Darkness will flee and blessings that have been withheld

will be released I have heard your prayers and though the forces of Darkness may try to

steal from you you have not given up and you have continued to pray with

faith now I urge you not to falter keep tilling the soil rise early and SE

do not be discouraged by the sight of others faltering and abandoning their faith persist in your efforts for in my

perfect time you will witness a Bountiful Harvest treasure this message when you

feel downtrodden listen to it again open your Bible nourish your soul with Psalms

and Proverbs and study the lives of my servants The Heroes of Faith [Music]

they were imperfect yet they silenced Lions defeated armies and remained

steadfast just as they endured pain and suffering so must you do not surrender

to your adversaries or those who seek to disrupt your familial

Harmony confront them in my holy name and fight until the end do not submit to

emotional turmoil distance yourself from those who harm you with their words and

actions while you committed to supporting them through thick and thin they have no right to rob you of your

future or trample your integrity Stand Tall you possess great worth and

precious dignity protect your loved ones and avoid violence and malevolence

regardless of what others may say those who criticize you do not lend

a hand during your time of conflict so Heed These words and fight for your

freedom Freedom do not place your hopes in people who may fail you many promise

eternal love but flee When Storms approach stealing your joy and hope if

you seek Clarity depart from violence for the sake of your children Escape wickedness and fear not for I will

provide all that you need do not follow those who seek to clip your wings preventing you from

soaring I have rescued you to brighten your future he Feld your soul with my

love and I will pour peace into your heart and anoint you with Supernatural

joy in times of pain the world’s winds bring pessimism and Whisper negative

thoughts in your ears regardless of what happens hold on to the security my words provide fear

not do not faint be strong and courageous for I Am with You await me at

dawn come into my presence when you receive the first rays of the new day the Brilliance you see is my love

announcing the wondrous and Supernatural things I wish to can and shall accomplish in your

life dedicate your faith to me weary though it may be kneel bringing all your

conflicts and problems anxiety and frustration to my feet today I have spoken to you with

tenderness revealing what resides in my heart you have chosen to listen

obey me and journey towards your future with faith and determination I tell you and you must

believe it you shall prosper despite the current circumstances and the obstacles you see all will turn out well I shall

overthrow your enemies and you shall Raise Your Hands In Praise thank you for your blessings tell

your family that it is indeed worth hearing believing and obeying your heavenly father’s word I love you

pay attention I have an Urgent Message for your heart I truly love you you mean

so much to me even if you distance yourself I continue to love you I will

seek you wherever you are rescuing you from the deepest pit I want you to feel

my affection there are no words in the universe that can adequately describe

this holy beautiful Eternal emotion I feel for you holy beautiful this is

Eternal emotion is so tender for you I will never abandon you because you are

essential to me there is no reason for me to break my eternal commitment to hold you in my

hands I await you every day early in my presence you will find the strength and

comfort you need to face the challenges on your path no matter how enormous the mountain

may appear I am here to help you conquer it I shall Elevate you to the highest

spirit spiritual level strengthening your spirit I want you to understand

something this is the message I wish to convey to you today do not compare my

love to anyone else’s or doubt your own worth due to the challenges you face today do not discard my word because of

your failures do not underestimate my blessings do not cast my forgiveness

aside I remain the same and I shall continue to love and strengthen you I

repeat I will never fail you I have the right to establish a covenant with you

and this Covenant is already written I grant you salvation and you are an heir to

blessings that Empower you with peace patience and love I will open your eyes to see beyond

the contempt and you will praise me when you comprehend how great and

wonderful your future is your happiness begins here and now today you are filled

with unwavering strength Mighty power I ignite in your heart a purpose for

living a light to illuminate your path the motivation to keep fighting without

giving up the desire to help serve and bless those around

you allow me to guide you and provide you with wisdom every step of the

way trust that I will never leave you alone I will always be by your side to hold

your hand and lift you up when you feel weak I am your omnipotent God and today

I command the Seas and storms to obey you as well I grant you authority to

tread upon serpents and scorpions and nothing shall harm you watch as your

enemies fall to the left and right all who rise against you shall be ashamed and

defeated please do not tell me that you feel insignificant ific I do not want you to belittle yourself or deny this

beautiful blessing you say you love me and have faith Pro it in this manner

receive these words and believe them confront your conflicts and problems prepare to

overcome today I surround you with my love fill you with my power on this day

I reaffirm my Covenant I shall always be by your side I love you and I will never

abandon you dare to write these three words in your own hand I believe it I

have blessed you and I have done it you have asked for health and happiness for your family I want to prosper you in all

things just as your soul and heart seek me and grow in my love I tell you I

bless you you respond with my blessing today accept the new life I offer you

enough of endless struggles of of enslaving sadness I am giving you a new heart one

that should be filled only with joy and my Living Word there is no room for

discouragement or fear I am assisting you in enjoying my blessings growing

stronger wiser and more prudent every day do not let other people’s problems

drag you down do not participate in malicious gossip or associate with those

who plot harm against the innocent trust me you can confide in me with all your

feelings I am your father and I am here with you to listen without judgment or

criticism no one loves you better than I do making you feel my great

unconditional and unparalleled love which gives you the strength to move

forward and find true happiness my love is a safe Refuge where

you will find peace and Tranquility I am your protector your

guide your Confidant I know that doubt and negative emotions can sometimes invade your mind

causing you to feel insecure but know that I am here to help you overcome any emotional

challenge be vigilant do not become accustomed to living from one problem to

the next no matter how small they may seem in matters that only grow larger

and never get resolved if you truly believe in my word here is what you must do when a problem

arises confront it speak my promises aloud cry out to me and I will

answer I tell you today that these problems and situations shall be resolved persist in your faith move

forward resist your enemy and they will withdraw from you but do not Slumber

danger lurks pray memorize my word and let Let It Be etched in your soul word by word

tell your family that I want to bless them too pray for them ask them to remember me in these

days so many voices clamor for people’s attention but those who know me

recognize my voice when I speak they hear my messages and understand them I desire these words to

be heard by all in your home do not let the rebellion of some in your family or

their disbelief discourage you persevere do your part

pray love them treat them with patience and dignity I will touch their hearts one by

one and they will open their lives to me seeking a fresh

opportunity do not neglect the little ones the enemy seeks to hurt their Tender Hearts if you do not provide them

with guidance and Care the children in your family may fall into the traps of this world in your home a new generation

of faithful Warriors is rising brave souls who will boldly Proclaim my wonders in the times to

come it is my will to bless them abundantly urging them to take their spiritual growth education and purpose

seriously I will pour out my Holy Spirit upon you all some will dream dreams others will

see Visions they will be bearers of messages that will edify new

generations I will bestow power Miracles and wonders upon them and they will be

instruments of healing and Solace for the helpless show them my love tell them

that anyone who walks the paths of wickedness and lives lost in Twisted mazes I am touching your heart I want to

speak to your heart today in a way that connects us intimately I’m here to help transform

your way of thinking start starting right now let go of those negative thoughts

that weigh you down do not belittle yourself and refrain from harboring ill

feelings towards others when you encounter stressful situations don’t let

your thoughts create distressing narratives instead choose to forgive

offenses and resist spreading slander with your words I desire a pure and liberated

heart to fill with my love so that your spirit can feel my presence day and night no matter the

circumstances you’ll find that this makes you stronger and more resistant to

evil influences avoid associating with those who dwell in emotional

Darkness your heart has been renewed and I have inscribed my holy word upon your

soul cleanse your mind with the living water that flows from my my Throne of

Holiness it is my will for you to live in complete freedom but remember the

choice is yours listen to my messages and Obey them for I want to shower you with

Abundant Blessings please believe in and live by this truth it is not a fantasy your life

is already changing I am working miracles in your family hold these words close to your

heart and accept my blessing raise your arms as a symbol of Victory

even when you feel disheartened or lack the desire to fight or when it seems like your enemies have the upper

hand regardless of your emotions do as I say Lift Your Arms now and remember that

you are victorious by faith you are a beloved child of the almighty God who loves you

immensely covering you with Grace and surrounding you with Mercy

recall the significant triumphs of your past the moments when you faced seemingly unbeatable foes fought with

all your might and emerged Victorious you know what it means to

struggle grow weary fall and come to my presence to find

strength you know what it means to rise and Triumph again you’ve tasted victory

before and now with even more reason you will conquer all your battles

today you hold in your hands the sword of my Holy Spirit and the sacred word I am planting in your heart you’ve never

been a coward let me touch your heart and dispel the discouragement clouding

your vision a flame Burns within your soul urging you to keep fighting for

your dreams and for the people you love who surround you remember you are not alone you are

loved and valued push aside those painful thoughts that try to convince

you that nobody cares for you and that I have abandoned you you know deep down

that this isn’t true accept my words and my warm comforting Embrace right now do not lose

heart or be discouraged by conflicts or suffering no matter what comes your

way have faith surrender your pain to me and let me provide you with

Solace if you need to cry I’m here to listen pour out your feelings now and share your experiences with

me give me once and for all those feelings of failure and defeat today I

am by your side every morning every afternoon and every night to offer you

comfort and support to let you know how highly you are valued my love envelops you and my

mighty hand will shield you today you rise from Victory to Victory fath facing enemy armies

overcoming walls of conflict and defeating the forces of evil all while trusting in this word that grants you

great strength at the end of your day come to me on your knees entrust your fears and

weaknesses to me once again I am ready to heal you with my holy love I will

mend all the wounds inflicted by the world I will also help you raise your

arms in a sign of Victory we will celebrate your triumphs together with a

crown of life and I will prepare you for the journey ahead when you feel like you’ve reached

the summit of the mountain I will be there to celebrate with you and share in

your happiness no matter where you are in life remember that my love for you is

eternal and I will always be ready to support you in whatever you

need I have many blessings for you and I will find new ways to encourage you to

keep fighting pay no heed to the complaints of negative people they have lost hope

because they believe the world is getting worse but for you and your family I will protect you under my

mantle of love I will surround you with abundance and provision health and protection do

not fear if you face material losses or obstacles that hinder your happiness

remember that they are temporary everything happens for a reason I

lovingly care for those I love and every problem you face will be transformed

into a blessing I will remove from your life those who associate with evil and seek

to ruin your future and they do not understand what awaits them they think

they have more power than your heavenly father who loves you deeply stay firm in your faith do not be

swayed by criticism or attacks focus and prepare to manage all the blessings I have for you I am your true

father I love you and I meet you every morning when the Sun rises I am your

almighty God these words are touching your heart feel me today bow your head

in reverence in my presence be still and wait close your eyes my love touches

your soul my love moves your heart do not suppress your tears let them flow

and wash away the discouragement and despair rise shake off the dust lift

your arms to the sky and Shout with joy the victory that is yours by Faith remember your past

triumphs and victories but from today onwards greater things shall you accomplish because you have given me

your life and submitted to my will I love you and embrace you with great

affection you will never be defeated or or overcome be filled with courage and tell

me that you believe your past and your wins and losses do not matter to me what matters

is your heart as you come to me today with the conviction that you need me and cannot continue carrying those burdens

that weigh down your soul in despair I desire your repentance it is

time to change course never look back right now I will lift you up extend

my hand and guide you on the right path in Freedom on the horizon the light of my

truth shines I am waiting for you with open arms ready to surround you with my

grace and offer you forgiveness for your mistakes providing you with a new and great

opportunity I want you to live in my love renew your health and strength I wish for you to decide to

stay in this word which will provide you emotional stability to face the years ahead I will increase the blessings in

your life and do not forget this moment Etch in your heart the day and the hour

you received this message marking the beginning of a new chapter in your life

today you embark on a life of Miracles and wonders written with the power of my

blood and sealed by my resurrection you will discover new

dreams return to my eternal purpose many doors are opening the destiny I

have reserved for your family and you will become a reality despite the problems still present in your

home I continue working in your hearts molding you like a Potter molds clay the

people you see today in a few months will be different Brave Hearts full of

faith will live in your home the families around you will be amazed by the powerful changes I am bringing to

you and all the Miracles that that many will witness accept it recognize it believe

it you need a change in your life and your home it is something I can do there are

no impossibilities for me change your way of thinking and believing the people making mistakes

today can be transformed your character your way of

being your way of speaking your vision of the future your spiritual maturity your entire being will be renewed

starting tomorrow you will wake up thinking of me full of Courage recalling the victories

I have granted you and forgetting the failures and defeats of the past you will treat those around you with

patience and kindness speaking to them sweetly refraining from raising your voice or hurting your loved ones with

insults belittlement or shouting joy and Harmony will return to

your home happiness will flourish I am giving you the faith and

determination to overcome the symptoms of illness to wait for your healing with hope I want you to follow the wise

advice of the doctors I have placed in your path I will guide them to use their

knowledge and health will return to your body I will perform the miracle you seek

in my perfect timing for now do your part immerse

yourself in these promises listen to my messages persevere every day to keep your faith active help me spread these

words to those who need them bless everyone you can even amidst your struggles and

trials extend your hand and offer blessings support and decide to do it

now as you do you will witness my powerful Glory manifest before you

welcome to a new spiritual level prepare for a supernatural life with wonders you

have not seen or heard before Miracles will come to fruition in you

and your family you will receive provision and abundance pouring out in your home there

will be no scarcity sickness will not enter through your window nor will tragedy knock on

your door my child I will continually remind

you that your heart’s devotion your unwavering loyalty and your commitment

to believe and follow me until the end are essential act with Mercy seek Justice come before

my presence with humility as you have done today I await your return let us talk





[Music] a




n tomorrow cry out to me with faith

prodigies and miracles you have not yet known will be revealed to you you are not imagining this these words you hear

confirm many things this is also a great miracle today I have written conviction

in your heart affirming that you are neither belittled nor abandoned I tell you again feel it I love you and you

will always be exceedingly important and valuable to me believe in my word your past will be

left behind the sadness you feel today will disappear and never return if you

believe I have the power to work Supernatural Miracles hold on to this Faith ask and I

will give entrust your plans desires and dreams to me and I will help you cry out

to me and I will answer you take refuge under my shadow and when you are filled

with tension I will remove your burden and bring peace to your heart do not view me as a distant friend

you are very valuable and important to me when you go outside look up at the

Sun that illuminates you and the clouds that Shield you from the heat they were

created because you have great value to me the sky the Earth the universe the

Stars everything was created for you to enjoy and feel truly

blessed at times you may feel like you are not progressing or your life may

seem senseless there will be moments when You Face seemingly insurmountable challenges

and you may even mistakenly believe that there is no way out you might think that

no matter how much you pray and plead you do not receive the promised

blessing give me all your remaining doubts rest your head on my shoulder my

love will heal your sadness and erase your anxiety my love will cleanse your eyes

opening your spiritual vision Harmony will reign in your home I will reveal a

future of peace and Tranquility many of the problems you face will serve to strengthen you and

your belief helping you to know me better and understand that I am a real and omnipotent god with no

impossibilities in my death on the cross and my resurrection I have granted you

Eternal salvation you are are seated at my right hand in the spiritual realm

receiving the inheritance and the tools for a blessed life nothing and no one can stop you

from reaching your plan and Destiny which I have already prepared for you I

call upon you now to believe and look forward with faith the adversary uses guilt and

remorse to haunt you for past mistakes but know this you have laid your

transgressions before for me and my mighty blood has cleansed you with my

word my grace and the power of my resurrection have pardoned you if you

stumble again fear not for I am your Advocate defending you against all

accusers prepare for a wondrous Revelation for you shall witness it with

your own eyes many around you will be amazed and fearful realizing that I am truly with

you do not fear those who challenge my [Music]




I will silence those who seek to drag you into the abyss of Despair with accusations from the

past I will quiet the tongues of slanderers who aim to tarnish your future pay no heed to the words of

others and do not entertain gossips that divide families refuse to Harbor lies

spread slander or speak ill of anyone keep your soul pure from the negativity

of others bring within you lies a Wellspring of beautiful emotions born

from my Holy Spirit it is a tonga to bless and uplift to offer love to those

you hold dear to provide encouragement to those in distress and to prophesy Miracles and

healing if you heed my counsel you will find the inner peace to conquer life’s

challenges my words nourish your soul making you stronger to face trials

they are a sharp sword that can defeat the enemies that rise against you trust in me even in the darkest of

times for I am always by your side giving you the strength to persevere I admire your unwavering

spirit and faithful demeanor in the face of conflicts your determination inspires

those around you you’ve been tested by unexpected difficulties and obstacles

yet you’ve never let them defeat you your faith in me and your connection to my spirit Elevate you to a higher

spiritual plane than you can fathom have faith rest fill yourself

with peace and approach each day with faith and courage today I have wiped

away your sorrow and granted you great assurance that all you undertake will

flourish write these words with your own hand I believe it for what I have

prepared for you cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything this is a covenant between you

and me be strong and courageous Envision a future filled with Abundant

Blessings there is no crisis scarcity or Affliction for you do not grow weary I

do not want you to worry leave behind Despair and sleep in

Tranquility for I am your Shepherd your lord your savior I send you these words from my

holy throne treasure them as a precious gem in your heart if you ever feel weary come to me

and I will grant you rest I ask this with immense love if you

are overwhelmed by countless problems do not struggle in your own strength cease

your endeavors kneel and I will Infuse your life with the spiritual strength you

need then you will rise with your sword unsh sheathed to confront the forces of

evil no one can harm you no evil spirit can touch you the sun will rise each

morning to light your path signaling my presence with you from the first Ray to the Setting Sun you will see and feel my

encompassing presence and Supernatural events will unfold around

you do not yearn for sin or return to the place where you were humiliated do

not yield to those who once trampled upon you move forward toward your dreams

for with me you shall attain them walk beside me take my hand and when

obstacles arise call upon me for a miracle I assure you you will receive my

response I will be your support and your friend through all your Journeys step by step hand in hand you

will witness Many Wonders with your own eyes your past errors will be rectified

those who felt wronged will forgive you your paths will straighten and your enemies will

tremble chains will be shattered and you will live in joy and freedom for every minute you endured

shame you shall be rewarded with peace and prosperity I aim to protect you from

evil to prevent your fall into the abyss of sin and death and to keep you close

to me my light shines upon your life preventing the enemy from leading you

astray Into Darkness and error seek not Revenge but find strength in my word which I

offer to help you withstand attacks and remain steadfast do not Harbor anger Rage or

resentment in your soul forgive those who wrong you and pray for them press on without

hesitation for blessings await you on your journey remember that everything you

receive is through Grace and Faith I surround you with blessings and Gifts be

grateful and remain loyal seek me at the start of each day and do not rush

decisions call out to me and I will answer with

wisdom your Victory relies not on your strength or cunning but on my power and the guidance of my Holy

Spirit hold this truth in your heart and you shall prosper with Abundant

Blessings do not waste your time dwelling on threats from malicious individuals do not let yourself be

isolated or weakened by their schemes your enemies seek only to

distance you from my presence to make you feel alone and weak and to turn you

away from my name let them believe you are unaware of their minations and be as gentle as a

lamb I will meet out what they deserve do not yield to those who aim to

humiliate you use my word as your shield and sword keep all I have spoken in your

heart and use it from this day forward my word imparts life and wisdom guiding

you in times of adversity doubt not for I will never forsake you I understand what you have

endured and I acknowledge your steadfastness in challenging circumstances all will be well your life

Health finances dreams and family are in my hands covered by my power write it

down shout it out I accept and receive it I love you my promises do not falter

and my word is fulfilled the blessings you have longed for will soon be yours I will place them

in your hands and all anxiety will vanish your anguish and worry shall be

no more you have trusted in my word and from the moment I heard your voice I

answered your fervent plea [Music]



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